Steve and Chuck Go Sailing
Chapter 32

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 32 - Steve and Chuck sail off to to Europe with their families for business and pleasure. This story will be better understood if you have read the other stories within Florida Friends.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  


Oh my, for no apparent reason, I'm beginning to ache in the morning. I haven't done a real day's work for a month or more. That's probably the problem, I'm not working out and I'm getting lazy.

Mercy kissed me sweetly, and said, "You'll have to get some more exercise, my stallion. We must keep you fit to keep up with your ladies." She hears me thinking before I'm even awake.

When I didn't pop out of bed, Mercy reminded me, "You and Dewey are going to take the boat into Limón with the band this morning. I'll bet they are getting up and getting around by now."

The clock said six fifteen, but I knew time would rocket by if I lay around. With some nice kisses, I was up, showered, dressed, and downstairs by six thirty. Dewey waved me into the big living or family room area that had the bar. He said, "Hey, Kemo Sabe, they have the fixings for a liquid breakfast. Want some?"

"Oh yeah, Dewey, make me a tall one and we'll take them out to the porch for some of that killer coffee."

As soon as we stepped out on the porch, Taiying and Sing brought us big mugs of coffee. As we alternated between the Bloody Mary and the coffee, several more people began showing up. Chuck wandered out, looked at our tall drinks, and asked, "I'm going to get me one, do you guys need refills?"

Kenny, Dan, Fred, Carlos, Jack, and the ladies all came out about the same time, and had heard the offer. They all were in agreement that a kicker this morning would be good. Dewey and I waved off more as we were now ready for a real breakfast.

Carolyn, Chuck, Lisa, and Julie came out, carrying trays of drinks to serve everyone who wanted one. The rest of us sipped our coffee as Taiying and Sing brought more mugs filled with the life giving substance to the new arrivals.

We began being joined by several of the island residents. We were told that it was the custom for them to have breakfast at the house before they went to Limón and the market on Saturday. The mood was festive, as the father of the bridegroom found a place next to Chuck. I could tell the man was having an intense conversation with Chuck, but couldn't hear any of the details. Knowing Chuck, he was stashing everything in one of his mental bins for later use.

As breakfast came to an end, and most of the people were preparing to go into Limón, I announced that all were welcome to ride with us on Chuck's big sailboat. There was an instant anticipation of being able to get on the patrón's boat. Dewey and I were taken to the boat in a cart and began getting it ready to sail.

When Chuck came to the boat, he said, "I'll call Dino to make sure the slip on the other side of my big motor yacht is empty. When we get into the lagoon, just turn around and back us in. They will have plenty of fenders out and shore attendants to gently dock us. I know they have the shore facilities out there, since that is where the big yacht is.

By seven fifteen, the boat was loaded with people and their baskets of merchandise they were going to barter with at the market. It wasn't that far, but we did raise sail and shut off the engines to give the people a real feel of the big boat.

We started turning in the lagoon by eight fifteen, ready to back into the slip. Dewey did a great job of gently slipping the boat backward, coming to the dock at the stern before cutting the engines and letting the bow come to the dock. All of the lines were secured and the gangplank put out, then the island residents poured off the boat.

Chuck's boat girls fought the traffic and came aboard, demanding Chuck give them a tour. Chuck and Lisa took them throughout the boat before bringing them back on deck. He explained that they came early to practice some special music for the wedding. That brought Lisa and Chuck a lot of hugs and kisses.

I watched them go with the band, carrying their instruments to the yacht club. They sure were dedicated to get started practicing so early. The cute three, Bonita, Liz, and Corine were also carrying their guitars, violins, and a handful of music that Jack had passed out. Since I liked some of Santana's music, I expected that night would be interesting.

Dewey and I took care of getting the tanks emptied and flushed. The yacht club manager came by with a few men to scrub our decks with fresh water. About the time the men finished with the bow and worked their way toward the stern, several women came on board to polish brass and chrome. None of it was bad, as the kids had kept up with it all the way here.

We walked up to the yacht club and were told it would be fun for us to walk a few blocks to the market to get a feel for the area. Some of the island people were watching, and invited us to walk with them. The market was a very large area with stalls, some covered, and some open air, selling almost everything imaginable. There were fruits and vegetables, as well as some sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens, both butchered and alive. Dewey and I were fascinated by the variety of goods offered. The only thing we bought was an apple each at a stall that featured mostly apples from the U.S.A.

After a couple of hours, we walked back to the yacht club to see how the band and folks were doing. They were taking a break for a snack of fruit and fruity drinks. The three little people were all grins to have been included in the special practice. We hung out in the club having a beer, listening to the band become good at playing some of Santana's better music. Chuck was amazing in that he could play Santana's style so easily. It seemed he was doing more teaching toward Lisa, Fred, and Bonita, than he was playing. I suppose that's how musicians get better. They learn from their peers.

Near three, the island people began coming to the docks for their ride back. They all had traded their big baskets of what they had grown for baskets of fruits, coffee beans, and other items they bought and bartered for.

At three, the band, Chuck, Lisa, and the three kids were ready to go back to the island to get ready for the wedding.

Miguel made a cursory check to make sure everyone who came with us this morning was on the boat now. With little effort, we were motoring out of the yacht club lagoon. We were able to raise sail for about a half hour before having to start the engines and line up for the dock at the island.

It was fun watching the exodus of all of the island people as they made their way off the boat and up the hill to their homes. Miguel got in the big bus and began picking up the people until he had them all and took them back to the top of the hill to the community area.

The rest of us commandeered the carts left from this morning and rode back to the house. There, we were requested to get to the porch for the evening meal, so everyone would have enough time to get ready to go to the wedding.

Our Irish friends had been having a great time walking around the island and swimming on one of the sandy beaches near the runways. With their red faces and shoulders, some looked as if they might have gotten a little too much sun.

By five thirty, we were getting onto the Irish Bell to go back into Limón for the much anticipated wedding. It was nice to be with the groom and his family as they excitedly awaited the coming service.

At the yacht club, Chuck took over hosting people to their seats for the service. I saw him talking to a robed man who was obviously the priest who was going to perform the service.

As the hall filled with far too many people, but who were reasonably quiet and solemn, despite being excited for the occasion, I watched as the bridesmaids disappeared, along with Chuck.

Dan, the keyboard guy, began playing some soft organ music accompanied by Fred on guitar and Caroline on a piano keyboard. These guys were doing it up nice for Chuck and one of his boat girls.

The music tempo changed and the first bridesmaid came down the aisle. Each came along, carrying beautiful flowers, until a couple of cute kids carrying pillows with rings taped to the top of them came down the aisle. As soon as they turned, the groom and his best man were standing at the small altar. The groom was wearing a traditional Costa Rican elaborately embroidered shirt that had been hand done by the bride and bridesmaids.Dan began the wedding march. He did it with so much enthusiasm I thought the crowd would begin cheering.

Chuck came down the aisle with the beautiful and youthful Rosalita. It occurred to me that if it was not for Chuck, this beauty could have been fish food by now at the hands of the tyrant Chuck rid the village of. I was shocked to see her wearing a black wedding gown, though with a white lace veil, but Sue whispered to me that this, like the groom's embroidered shirt, was the Costa Rican tradition.

The wedding was pretty standard with the vows, the kneeling, the blessing of the rings, the final vows, and the kiss, but with a Costa Rican twist. I was surprised once again, when the groom gave the bride thirteen gold coins, signifying his intention to be a good provider for his family. The more devout say the number symbolizes Jesus and his twelve diciples, though why they include a coin for Judas escapes me. Everyone witnessing this wedding felt the pair would be together forever. When the couple had walked back up the aisle amid applause, all of the people inside the yacht club seemed to act as one, and took up all of the folding chairs or moved them aside.

A reception line developed where everyone filed past the bridesmaids, the father and mother of the groom, and of course, Chuck. The man was getting far too much attention from the locals considering the men were rabidly pumping his hand with the occasional male hug and the women were hugging and kissing him. I wonder how he kept his perspective with the adulation he was being shown.

As the reception line dissipated, the band began playing. The first song they played was very soft and sweet, with a slow Latin beat. The new couple began dancing along with the father and mother of the groom. Lisa made Chuck dance with her, moving to the music played by their cohorts in the band.

When that piece was over, Chuck and Lisa joined the band to help entertain the people. The next thing they played was Black Magic Woman. Chuck did a phenomenal job on that with the others backing him up. Carlos was going nuts using all of his different drums to amplify the beat.

After the band had played for nearly an hour, they took a break so a big table and the wedding cake could be brought onto the middle of the dance floor. Everyone was served cake as the couple lovingly fed each other a bite of cake. The couple did the tossing of the garter and the wedding bouquet, amid a great deal of applause and cheering.

The band played several high energy pieces followed by slowing it down with some gentle music. The crowd's mood went right along with them. They were frantically dancing, then mellowing to slow dance to the gentle music. I was able to dance with all of my ladies, enjoying their closeness, along with the happy occasion. I think it is times like this that I realize how much of a good man Chuck is. He's always trying to help others and has used his talents and lucky gains for others.

Around eleven, the newly married couple vanished to wherever couples vanish to in Limón for their wedding night. Chuck had a silly smile on his face, so he probably knew. The rest of us, including all of the island residents that had come with us, boarded the Irish Bell for the trip home. It was a festive mood, kept going by the people of the Bell serving us drinks all the way home. Chuck had brought his condo housekeepers, and the three remaining boat girls with him, so that may be clues as to where the new couple might be.

As we neared the dock, Chuck announced to everyone, "Remember that tomorrow afternoon, about three, will be the after wedding party. I'm sorry to say, the kids are not allowed to come to this one, but will be entertained at the house, along with all of the island kids. Kathy, Juanita, Beth, and Missy have volunteered to be the chaperones for the kids' big party. The rest of you folks should be ready to have a good time, and the guys should be sure to guard your women."

This after wedding party must be something. I can't imagine it getting so out of hand, considering how important the wedding was to the community. I suppose I will see.

Bed time was nice, as always, snuggling with my ladies. They did make me dig for some reserves before all were satisfied and smiling.


Lisa was acting like Tiani, trying to use my body for a mattress. Of course, it could have been that Julie was on one shoulder and Gina on the other, with the Asian sisters, my four condo women and three boat girls on the other side of Sing. It's hard to believe, but the two king sized mattresses were overfilled.

When we went to bed, before going to sleep, Lisa had made sure the mass of female fun was sufficiently mixed up so that I never knew who was busy being lovingly connected to me. Taiying and Sing alternated trying to smother me with their pleasure centers, but I think it was mostly so I couldn't tell who was doing what. It didn't make a difference, as I thoroughly enjoyed the contact I had with them all. I did reserve my releases for Julie and my last lover, Lisa. I wonder why she always ends up last. By the time she and I were making love, with kisses and touches from the rest of our bedmates, I had stored up a load big enough that the splashes were enough to populate the island.

Nice memories, but I was in need of getting up and doing something. I managed to dislodge Lisa and the two heads from my shoulders to get up. Before I could even slip my peg on, two of the condo girls were helping me to the bathroom. I really enjoy the attention, but those four girls were almost too much. If you want some privacy for bodily functions, you have to shoo them out of the bathroom.

My morning shower was busy, as three boat girls and four condo girls filled the shower stall to the max, leaving hardly any room for me. The slippery soap kept hitting the floor of the stall, and that required someone to bend over to retrieve it. That was fun, as each of the retrievers managed to back up onto my very happy, excited pride. I wonder if it was just the way it happened, or was it planned to drop the soap seven times, with a different girl retrieving it each time.

Our loud laughter and fun woke up the others, who were grinning at the seven girls as they enthusiastically came from the shower. Lisa observed, "I guess you didn't have any trouble turning down the girls' offers this morning, did you?" She was smirking at how the girls were all excitedly talking in their native language.

On our way through the kitchen to the porch, the seven new girls with Gina, Taiying, and Sing, stopped to fill the kitchen with help for Mina. They ended up bringing coffee for all that had begun showing up at the tables on the porch.

After breakfast, Lisa wanted to take our seven special girls up for an airplane ride. She wanted to use the pontoon plane, but wanted me to ride with her on the first trip. Mark came down to the hangar with us, and after pushing the aircraft out, he rummaged in a pocket in the rear of the plane. He produced the complete four page Cessna 172 checklist. He said, "Let me go over the differences in the nose inspection for the engine oil level, and other under the hood stuff." He explained, "This is my new engine, instead of the standard for this aircraft. It looks similar, but this aircraft is considerably more powerful.

You'll notice that on takeoff Lisa just like Chuck did when he flew it. Oh yeah, that's right, you did get checked out by Sue."

When we finished the exterior preflight and were in the cockpit, Mark was leaning into the door, "This is almost identical to the 172's setup for instrument instruction. Do all of the pre-start functions the same way, going through the steps. It never hurts to do it by the numbers. Have Chuck read them off and check them."

Lisa quickly went through the procedures, calling them to me as I mentally checked them off. Lisa must have done these thousands of times as she hit every one almost in order by the time she toggled the master switch, then adjusted the throttle to a thousand RPM. The avionics came up as she went through the balance of the check items before she released the parking brake and rolled down the grade into the water. We taxied to the marker buoys, turned and prepared to take off. We were soon in the air, circling the main island first.

It was neat to see the terrain from above, as it gave you a better feel for how big the island really was and how it was divided up into garden, farming, and livestock. We noticed some workmen at the site of the duplexes that were being built. I'm sure Mark and Terrell wouldn't make them work on Sunday, so the ones working must anticipate moving into the nice homes and were pushing to get them completed.

We circled the middle and smallest island, where I pointed out and told Lisa and the passengers what was planned for where.

We next took a path right down the center of the biggest island and sighted a house or large cabin tucked down in some trees. I pointed at it to Lisa and she circled around and was at about five hundred feet. I could actually see some faces in two of the windows, but also noticed some movement back among the trees.

We flew out from there and were making a tour from offshore of the island when I spotted several boats and the houseboat from a long time ago under the canopy of some shoreline trees. I wouldn't have seen them directly overhead, but because we were about a mile off the coast, they were easy to spot. Lisa could see me tense up as I saw the watercraft and must have figured that I knew something was wrong.

Shit! Now what, should I call Giovanni, or go handle it myself. If I did that, would I be stepping on Giovanni's toes? Damn, this one is tough. If these were the same guys as the ones we just gave to Giovanni's men, they were going to be dangerous and would definitely offer resistance. Considering they had been hiding on the island for so long, they obviously didn't want to be discovered. I wonder why?

I pointed out the general areas of the sites for the three resorts, and had Lisa head back to the landing area at our island. Lisa smoothly set down and taxied right up the ramp. I helped the four condo women out of the plane and told them to tell the boat girls that we would go up later to give them a ride. I watched as the girls used a cart to go back up the hill.

As soon as we were alone, Lisa asked, "What, or who, was that on the island? You acted as if you had just seen a pack of rats or a bunch of terrorists."

I told her, "I'm pretty sure it was more of Dominic Martinelli's bodyguards. Let me tell you about my first trip to Limón and what happened Friday."

When I was finished, Lisa said, "Let's go get our equipment and take them. We can turn over any that survive, but we need to get rid of them before you go over there to look around. Sure glad you put it off until Monday."

I told her, "I think I should call Giovanni and let him make that decision. He might want to do this differently. He was very interested in the two I gave his men Friday, so I'm sure he's interested in the rest."

Lisa was nodding in agreement as I made the call. Again all that was said when the phone was answered was, "Yes?"

When I identified myself, Giovanni actually laughed before asking, "Are you trying to become one of us, Chuck? I think you should stay on your side of the law."

I started right in, telling him what I had discovered and that I was certain the men on the island were Dominic's men who had been on the houseboat. Giovanni said, "Let me call my man in Limón. I will call you back to tell you my answer. I don't want you to go there and eliminate all of them before we can talk to them, so I will send my men to do that. Let me ask, are the boats there of value to you or do you think they are probably all stolen?"

I told Giovanni, "They are probably all stolen, except maybe the houseboat, as I have no idea where that came from. The people who were on the boats that are there now were probably killed when the boat was taken. They have probably killed the man on the smaller island, as well as a family that had previously lived on the big island. It had been thought they had left after a fire. These men should probably be turned over to the police."

There was a pause before Giovanni said, "I'm sure I can satisfy you that the men will be punished. These men are probably the ones who have intercepted some of our shipments through your area. Please let me send my men to gather those from the islands. We will dispose of the boats and houseboat for you. We will attempt to get the stolen boats back to the families they came from. I think some of them are mine that have been lost in your area."

I asked Giovanni again, "Are you sure you don't want my help with this? You know I have experience doing these things."

After another pause, Giovanni said, "No, don't go. My men do not need to know to what extent you can operate and what you can do. It is best they think of you as a gentle person, although you have already shown good judgment and no fear of others. Please, Chuck, we will do this in our own way. Stay away from the island today. Tomorrow, it will be clear. I will call you tonight your time to advise you."

Before he hung up, Giovanni asked, "Would it be possible for my wife and I to visit you in Tampa? I promise there will be no business conducted while I am there. We just miss our daughters and grandchildren. Would that be agreeable?"

I smiled, "Yes, Giovanni, come, but do as you said, no business."

Giovanni laughed again, "I would not want to be hunted by you. I think you would find me very fast."

When we hung up, Lisa asked, "I guess this means we don't do any shoot 'em up today."

"You're right; we will enjoy our day and ignore what may or may not happen at the other islands. We may have to be careful on that island until we are assured there are no escapees from what Giovanni has decided to do."

Lisa said, "Let's clean up the plane and tell the boat girls we will come get them and fly them around Monday or Tuesday. They won't mind. I have a great relationship with them. So much so, that I think you may lose two more of them to local men who want to marry them. The blonde, Denny, from the states, Philadelphia, is going to be the one you can't get rid of. I think she might be a little older than we are, but that could be from a hard life. I can tell you that she wants to be a part of our family and is willing to be a part, but down here to do it. She says she has a good, dependable crew for the boat and may even try to rescue a few girls who have, in her words, become fallen women. She thinks that if she offers them an alternative, they might respond."

I told Lisa, "We need to caution her as some of those women may be dangerous or have become animal like or thieves while trying to survive."

Lisa nodded, "I will have a talk with her about that. You might want to join me in talking to her."

"We'll do that," I said, as we finished up pushing the aircraft into the hangar.

Up at the house, we found the boat girls a little disappointed, but understanding there was reason to wait. They were excited about the day after party, knowing how spontaneous it could become, or usually became.

I heard from Sue that her mom, Beth, had decided she wanted to go to the party with Ben, as she said it sounded like fun. Ben said, "We will go to the condo and bring Carlotta with us. She will probably have a great time."

Lisa and I were sitting out on the porch, sipping a spiked fruit drink, with the condo girls, the remaining boat girls, Julie, Gina, Taiying, and Sing. Lisa said to the blonde boat girl, "Denny, you told me yesterday that your two friends here may have found prospective husbands. Is it close to the time we should plan more weddings?"

The blonde, Denny, said, "You will have to ask Lilly and Adrian. They are the ones who know whether they want to marry."

Lilly was smiling, "Rosalita introduced Adrian and me to young available men who live on your island. They have asked us to marry, but we wanted to talk to you first. You have surprised us by being so generous and open to us. We both hope the men do not hear we slept in the same bed with you last night."

Adrian said, "They know we are not pure, not virgins, but forgive us for that as it was forced on us. They are good men as they have not used that information to make us do anything with them before our marriage. You, Chuck, have been good to us. You have helped us learn the English and have supported us, as well as paid us to work for you. I would hope Denny would take the offer of one of the many men who ask her, but she insists she will be yours forever. Think about taking her home with you so we know she is happy."

Lisa asked the two girls, "So how close are your proposed weddings?"

Lilly answered, "Maybe next month, maybe six weeks. We want the excitement of Rosalita's wedding to settle as Adrian and I want to marry the same day. You see, our prospective mates are twins."

I was smiling, listening to the girls tell their stories. I asked the condo girls, "Aren't you girls envious that these girls are finding mates?"

Maria said, "No, Chuck, we are very good friends with each other and enjoy living together. We truly love for you to visit us, but we are content to live in your home. It will be even better when your home is expanded even larger. We are like the girls you brought before. The ones you call the Fab Five. We enjoy each other."

Lisa asked, "With the larger house, will you girls need some help with housekeeping?"

The three other girls, Minell, Flori, and Mertine, assured us they could easily handle the condo for us. Minell asked, "We like to drive the big car, but we would want a smaller car to travel to market or the stores of greater Limón. It would be better than our scooters, and you could use it when you come to visit. If you were to get one of those little vans like you have in America, we could bring many from the airport, along with their luggage, and a van like that would still be small enough to enjoy driving here."

Maria joked, "Just like Minell, thinking of something else to drive. You need to buy her a new vacuum so she learns to help clean more."

Minell said, "Maria, speak the truth, who is it that always cleans the bathrooms, I do. I always do that and make sure everything sparkles while you girls push a vacuum around and occasionally mop the kitchen floor."

The four girls got into a spirited discussion of who does what. Julie told them, "It is nice you four enjoy living together so much, but have you thought of having children, babies, before you get older?"

Flori said, "I want a baby and so does Mertine, and we will have them. We became housekeepers when the first man opened the condominium you have, Chuck. We have all become what you say, fallen women, already. The boat girls were forced, we were not, we chose that life, but have since found happiness being your women."

Lisa caught me rolling my eyes at Flori's response. She said, "Well, you girls need to consider when you want to become mothers and plan it so Chuck can assist you. Chuck and I have something to do for a bit, so why don't you two find your prospective husbands and visit with them. They probably will enjoy visiting with you."

There were several giggles from all of the ladies at that point. Lisa told me, "Come on, Chuck, Michael and Chanda asked us to come down to their boat for a few minutes." She turned to Julie, "We'll be back soon, this is about what you and I talked about before."

Now I was curious.

We rode to the Irish Bell in a cart and walked onto the deck. One of their maids met us as we walked up the gangway, and directed us to the upper lounge where they said Michael and Chanda waited.

Inside the lounge, Michael was smiling broadly while sitting on a stool at the little bar. Chanda was sitting with him and got down to come to us as soon as we entered. Chanda was wearing, or should I say barely wearing, a filmy evening dress or gown that was beautiful and displayed all of her considerable attributes. Chanda kissed Lisa, then came to me and hugged me, pressing all of her body to mine. She looked up at me and pulled my head down to her for a steamy kiss. She said, "It's time, Chuck, I am so ready and Michael is beside himself wanting to watch us breed. My ladies await us in our cabin; come, it is time."

How about that? Sex or juice on demand. I always wondered how those guys that were sperm donors felt, but I figured I was getting the better deal. I had a lovely lady and a few helpers to bring the lady happiness.

In the big master cabin, Margaret, Lucille, and Serene waited for us, sitting on the big couch next to the bed. The three got up and came to me for kisses. Serene said, "You gave us these big bellies, now you must give Chanda one as well. Lucille, Margaret, and I know the pleasure you brought us, do that for Chanda."

Lisa was undressing me, as Chanda undressed Michael. She must have known his excitement as she dropped to her knees in front of him and had him groaning in seconds. After she swallowed several times, then pulled from him with a pop, she rose and kissed her husband passionately. She told him softly, "Thank you for allowing us another baby, and for allowing me to partake of this man, Michael. I know we have all played together, but this is more serious. It's real, Michael, Chuck is going to put his magnificent cock into me and fill me with his warrior seed. We will have this baby as ours, raising it to be as strong as Chuck."

Michael was already getting hard again, but was taken by his other three ladies, as Chanda took a drink of wine before reaching for me.

As I lay Chanda on the big bed, Lisa came beside us and helped me get Chanda out of her gown. Somewhere along the line, Lisa lost her clothes too, so we were all skin to skin while initiating this exciting event.

We made love to Chanda. I mean she was kissed and licked over every inch of her body, and twice in all of the important areas. I think Lisa brought Chanda to a couple of orgasms before I was even able to give her some nice kisses and titty sucks.

The first time we made love, Chanda demanded I enter her completely and give her what she called, "a proper fucking." When I had filled her to the brim, Lisa was kissing her where we had been joined as Chanda kept me rigid with her mouth. Our next time was slow and sensual, with Lisa continuously kissing both of us. We were soon joined by the three other women, who began touching and kissing Chanda and me. Michael was behind Lucille, pounding into her for his third or fourth pleasure of our time together.

When Chanda had screamed her last scream, and I had filled her with my third offering, we all collapsed on the bed. Chanda kept turning from me, to Michael, and back to me, luxuriating in her bliss. Lisa excited me one more time by telling me, "You know I'm always last. Get up here, big boy, and make me a baby too."

That shocked me into a good stiffy and we rutted through a fourth ball-busting orgasm, kissing the whole time.

As we lay in our juices, Lisa said, "Not yet, my love, but soon. I think I will have all of our women help me so they know that when we have done the deed, I am yours forever."

Now that excited me, except for the fact that I had too many women.

As we dressed, Michael couldn't quit shaking my hand. He kept saying, "If this didn't take, Chanda and I will fly to you so you can do it again. We are both so excited to have our baby with your blood. Thank you, thank you."

What do you say to a guy after you have thoroughly fucked and probably knocked his wife up?

Lisa and I were given many kisses, as Michael and his four women lay down for an afternoon nap.

We found our way off the boat and back up the hill. We had a nice lunch, visited with everyone, and discussed what we would play with the band today. Mina told us that we should only play for an hour or so, as they had a local disc jockey for the party. She said the man needed to make a living too.

When I had the chance, I cornered Miguel and Mina in the kitchen at the same time. I asked them about the two young men who were interested in Lilly and Adrian. Mina immediately said, "They are two good boys, or rather men now. Their parents have raised them well."

Miguel said, "You don't have to worry about your girls not being pure. Because they were forced, they are considered still being pure. These two men will be good for those girls. Both have already begun building homes, rather a single house for both of them. Remember, they are twins and are seldom ever apart. They will want to remain together, even married. All of our island people will help them, and you will see, your big island family will grow happily with you as our patrón."

Julie had joined us and told me, "That's about as good a recommendation as you can have. I know those two boys very well, and know they are hard workers. With your plans, Chuck, those two will be an asset.

My cell phone rang and I stepped out onto the porch to answer, "Johnson."

Giovanni's voice said, "My man in Limón may need your help. He only has three more men as his other men are busy with a delivery. I want to do this quickly. Can you help?"

Without hesitation, I said, "Yes, Gio, tell me where to meet your men so I can lead them."

Giovanni said, "You are not to lead, you are to help. Stay safe, Chuck, you are important to my family."

"Let me decide what is best, Giovanni. I know how to do these captures."

The voice said, "I'm sure you do, Chuck. Be careful. I will have my man call you."

Before Mina could set a mug of her special coffee in front of me, my phone rang again. "Johnson."

The voice said, "You helped with the pair on Friday and now Giovanni said you will assist with our problem on your big island. How should we do this?"

I asked, "Tell me what experience you and your men have and what kind of weapons."

The voice said, "All four of us were Italian soldiers and two of us have experience in Iraq. We have our favored rifle, the AK47, and our handguns, of course. Is that enough?"

I told him, "It is if you bring along several magazines of extra ammunition. Do you have a boat or should I arrange something?"

The voice said, "We have a thirty foot open fishing boat that I thought would be best. The appearance of that kind of boat will not raise much interest. I think we should take them from two sides at once, one group from the east side, and one from the west where their boats are. If we have to, we will blow up their boats so they cannot escape. We have many hand grenades."

I asked, "So you are not that interested in talking to these men, are you?"

"We should talk to as many as are remaining. If some should pass while we approach them, that is life or, as you say, collateral damage. What I really mean is to make sure you don't get hurt, and take care of any adversary very fast."

Lisa was with me and was pointing at her chest mouthing, "I'm going, too."

I told Giovanni's man, "I will be bringing a woman soldier with me. She is very valuable in a problem situation such as this."

The voice said, "Giovanni said you might do this. That is fine, we will be good to have one more. We will pick you up at your runway dock in about thirty minutes."

I told him, "Make it about forty five, as we both have to change clothes and go get our weapons."

His only response was, "We will wait."

Lisa didn't even say anything; she just headed up to our room to change into jeans and hiking boots. She did say, "Too bad we don't have any cammies, it would be better in this terrain."

Without telling anyone what we were up to, Lisa and I took a cart to my boat, got our weapons cases, put on our armor and field vests, made sure we had extra ammo for our sidearms, and took off. Instead of riding back up through the main village, we rode around on the new road, past the new buildings, and on down to the hangar area. We were parking the cart when a big open fishing boat docked.

As soon as Lisa and I approached, a man stepped onto the dock and held up his hand as if to stop us. He said in good English, "No names, I am one," he pointed at the other men and said, "That is two, three, and four. You will be A as in Alpha, and you," as he pointed to Lisa, "Will be B or Bravo." Let us check our watches so we are synchronized if needed."

I told the leader, "Keep your cell phones on, but put them on buzz. We can use them to contact each other as needed. If you get in close, text me if you can do it in English."

The man said, "Good idea, I see my cell phone has all the bars. This is our plan; we will put you on the island near the boats. You find a position between the boats and the structure you talked about. We have flown over the island and have seen the structure and where to land on the other side. We will come up on the far side and attempt to capture them. You two will be our safety so they cannot escape. If they are running from us, they will probably be armed and firing, so do not miss."

Sounded like a decent plan to me, as they wanted to attempt to capture the men first.

In a few minutes, they dropped us at a beach about a half mile from where the boats were. They went back out into the water and went around the island, far enough offshore to not attract attention.

Lisa and I quietly, or rather stealthily, made it to the boat area. I kept thinking it would be important to get there first. When we were within about a hundred meters from the boats, I saw movement and motioned for Lisa to get down. We watched as one man got up from a lawn chair and walked out to the boats before coming back to the chair. Then we heard two men talking. Lisa said, "They are not speaking Spanish, it's Italian."

I texted Number One, "Two men by boats."

He came back with, "Can you take them?"

I texted, "Will try."

Lisa and I discussed how to do this and I said that I would circle the men and come from the other side. She should try to get in close so she could use her silenced Glock if she had to. I screwed my silencer on and began making my way around the men as Lisa crawled toward them."

I kept thinking, "This is nuts, I'm putting who I think will be the mother of my children in harm's way. What am I doing?"

I mentally thought of Lisa telling her, 'I love you, be careful.' She talked back to my mind, 'I will, you too.'

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