Steve and Chuck Go Sailing
Chapter 23

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 23 - Steve and Chuck sail off to to Europe with their families for business and pleasure. This story will be better understood if you have read the other stories within Florida Friends.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  


I woke being hugged between Julie and Brandy. The two were really hanging on, but I needed to offload pretty soon. Sliding from the grasp of the two women, I saw that Lisa was sleeping with her head on Gina's cushions.

I was going to go back to bed after using the head, but saw it was five fifty already and we were going to shove off early this morning. Instead of going back to bed, I hopped back to the head, showered, shaved, and quickly dressed to go see if anyone else was up.

The galley was empty but someone had made coffee, so I poured a mug before going up to the salon. There, Steve was enjoying his morning coffee, watching a BBC news broadcast. "Morning, Steve, ready to get out of here?"

"More than ready, my friend. It's really difficult to live on this boat and be tied up to a dock. Boats like this need to be out on the water with the sails catching the wind." Steve took a drink of his coffee, "What do you think, want to get out of here? I've already been up to the yacht club and squared our stay here. A couple of attendants are hanging around to help us cast off. Do you need to say anything to the security people before we leave?"

I was nodding that I probably should say something to them. Perhaps say thanks for watching over us.

Outside on the dock, one of the security guys was talking to the attendants when I went up to him. "Good morning," I said, and when I had his attention, "I wanted to thank you for watching over us while we were here. We're about to shove off, so you guys can go back to doing whatever it was you were doing before."

The guy said, "Most of the time we're on a security detail with the embassy staff. This has been a nice diversion. It's pretty cool to be out here with all of the fancy yachts." The guy motioned me off to the side and said, "You're going to the Riviera, Nice, right? I was told to make sure I confirmed where you were going. You're supposed to know that you'll have people meet you when you get there."

When I told the guy that I figured we would have babysitters there, he said, "We observed a couple of guys watching your boat, but found out they were sent to be guard dogs for two women and their kids you have on board. They were sent here by the man you visited with in the restaurant across the street, Giovanni Martinelli. You know, that guy is like the head of a pretty serious group of Italian underworld. Usually when they watch someone, it is just before that someone disappears. We found out they are just additional security for the man's two girls and his grandchildren. Be careful with those two ladies. They have a very strange father."

We heard the diesel engines start, so I said, "We're shoving off now. Tell whomever that we should be docking in Nice in about twenty to twenty-four hours." I shook the man's hand before going back aboard."

Just then, Eduardo was walking fast down the dock. He waved at me and as he approached he said, "Sorry I'm late. Who would have thought it would take so long to get a taxi this early in the morning."

I told him, "Take your bag on deck and we'll find you a cabin in a little bit. Have some coffee in the salon. We're casting off right now."

I had forgotten that Sue wanted Eduardo to help us get around on the Riviera as he had done before.

Steve told me, "Take the gangplank down and have the utilities removed. I've already converted from shore power to generator. You can have all of the middle springer lines taken down. As usual, leave only the bow and stern lines."

I dismantled the gangplank and stored it back into the slot under the deck while the attendants disconnected the utilities. Just as everything appeared to be ready, Mercy came out on deck smiling. She said, "Hey, how about me helping with the lines. It's a bitch to do both ends at once."

I looked at Steve and he was waving for us to release the last two lines. Mercy went aft while I went to the bow and waved at the attendant. He released the big line as I pulled it in. I quickly coiled the line and watched as Steve used the inside propeller, or screw, to bring the bow away from the dock. As soon as there was good separation, the attendant released the aft line and Mercy lugged the big line up and coiled it like a good sailor.

I stayed on the bow, making sure no smaller boats were about to cross in front of us. We wouldn't be able to stop, but we could always be of assistance in rescuing them.

Since we had been tied up right in the middle of the marina, it was easy for us to motor straight out the opening to the artificial lagoon. There wasn't much turbulence around the opening this morning, and that also meant there wasn't much wind. Steve kept the engines at a fairly high RPM as we made it out toward open water. I was looking at the anemometer on top of the forward mast and saw that it was beginning to spin fairly fast. You could feel the cooler breeze picking up from the cooler water we were moving into.

We were only a couple of miles out when I heard the electric motors begin to lift the sail. I went back inside to find the salon filling up with people watching our departure. Kids were coming topside, still rubbing their eyes while getting plastic glasses of juice.

Steve said he needed to use the head and asked me to take over, so I took the helm and began going over the gauges and electronics, checking that the radars were working and pulled up the international weather channel. We were on our way.

Lisa brought me another mug of hot coffee as I sat back in the captain's chair. There isn't much to do after you set up the auto controls. There are a lot of little islands off the coast of Italy as you head north toward Nice, sailing between Italy and Corsica. You have to aim at the big channel for easy passage. The wind was picking up, so I had to pay attention to the line gauges and figured we needed to do a visual check of the lines out on deck to make sure they were all secure.

When Steve came back up, I told him I would go check the lines, but Sue jumped down from her seat at the bar saying, "I'll go out with Steve. I need some fresh morning air."

The band members were coming up to the salon, waking up from the motion of the boat. Dan said he sometimes got motion sickness, but he said he was doing really well so far. Lisa began fixing Bloody Mary's for everyone who wanted a morning kicker. The helm or bridge area was getting crowded, as all of the band members wanted to peek at the instruments and look out the window at the forward sails. It was crowded because all, and I mean all, of my ladies were up at the helm huddled around me, excited about getting out on the water again.

Gina was very excited, saying that this was her first time out on a boat like this. She said she had been on a big motor launch before, but nothing like this. Gio was equally excited, joining my ladies near the helm.

The kids were all up now and were going in and out of the salon, checking out how nice it was outside. The fun five disappeared, saying they were going to help get breakfast ready. Taiying had taken my mug and brought it back with hot coffee. She sat up in the captain's chair, looking regal and smiling at what she probably knew was a unique sight, a tiny creature in the big captain's chair in front of the big busy console.

The Italian kids came up to look at everything, and Gina's daughter asked me, "Are you going to be my Papa?"

Gina heard her and tried to shush her. I smiled at the girl, and asked in return, "Would you like that? Would you like to be around all of these other kids?"

The little girl said, "But these other children are not your children, how would I be around them?"

Trixie and Dixie were up with me and told the little girl, "We all live close together, and we are with each other almost all day long every day. We go to school together, we eat together, and we all play together. There are a lot more kids at home to play with too. I miss them and wish they could have come with us. You would really like them."

Gina's two kids were talking between themselves as Gina looked on, embarrassed that her daughter would ask a question like that.

Just as Tiani came to the top of the stairs to announce breakfast, Bonita told Gina's daughter, "You should get Chuck to be your dad. We could have a lot of fun together at his house. He has a really neat place to play music."

I suppose it's better to be popular for having a studio than not being popular at all.

I scooped Bonita up and told the amazing little girl, "You know kids can't just pick out a parent. These kids' mother is the one to help make that decision, Bonita. Gina and I have a lot to talk about before anything like that can happen."

Bonita's next statement zinged to my mental being. "You have so many women that one more won't make a difference. You could have two more kids, too."

Gina, Tina, and Lisa were laughing, but Bonita added the kicker, "I'll bet daddy even thinks about Gio for another momma for us kids."

Lisa and Tina were standing right there, and they both put an arm around Gina. Lisa said to the Italian beauty, "We're working on him. You have a good chance if you want it."

Gina was grinning as she hugged Lisa back and said, "It is so strange for your man to have so many women. Don't you get jealous?"

Tina and Lisa looked at each other and actually had to think about it. Tina said, "We share Chuck because we like each other almost as much as we like him. All of us enjoy being around each other, and Chuck is sometimes not home a lot, so it's nice for us to have each other."

Frieda was listening and said, "Yes, it is good to have so many close friends that we live with. I guess we should be jealous of you, but we are all attracted to you. You seem so sweet and maybe even innocent, or what we would call naïve. You can't be too naïve with two kids and the way you act with us."

Gina had a solemn look when she said, "When Gio and I were young, we had no one else but each other. We learned to give pleasure to each other and to enjoy each other the way I enjoy all of you girls. Girls make me feel different than a man. All of you girls have been very good to me, made me feel special, and you share your man with me. Your man makes me feel wonderful because he isn't rough and when we have loved, he makes me feel like I'm the only one in the world.

That made the other women around the helm close in on us to hug me, along with Gina and each other.

Julie gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and turned to the girls, "Come eat, one of you can bring Chuck some breakfast after a while."

In about twenty minutes, Steve came up and told me to go below for breakfast. When I sat down next to Wanda, I asked her, "How come you and John didn't go with the Bell? You could have had a couple of more days in Nice."

Wanda replied, "John and I are enjoying sailing. It is really laid back. The trip from Ireland was nice and we're leaving for home after the Riviera."

"What about you, Jan, you could have gone with the others?" asked Chuck.

Jan said, "Chuck, Don and I are enjoying being with you and Steve. This setting is so much more relaxing than what we do for work. I'm really enjoying being out on the water too." Jan looked at me and asked, "Could you do us tonight? You know marry us out at sea? This will be the last opportunity to do it when we are sailing."

I smiled at my good friend, "You're on, how about right after supper?"

Jan hugged Don, looked at him to get his agreeing nod, "That would be great, Chuck, you are the perfect person to do it for us too."

Glenda had been listening to the conversation and said, "I'll make a cake. I've always wanted to make a wedding cake and what a place to do it, on a big sailboat out in the Mediterranean."

The kids seemed to be pretty hyper this morning, and I told Lisa, "What do you think about running the kids around deck this morning, then getting out the pads for some martial arts training?"

Turning to Don, I asked, "Are you up for some Sensei responsibilities this morning?"

Don said, "I'd love it. We haven't had much exercise lately." He asked Wanda, "How about it, want to help me teach this morning?"

After breakfast, Lisa took the kids out on deck and they began walking around the boat. In very little time, most of the boys were running, enjoying the exhilaration of the wind from the sea as well as the fun of the pack running around the deck. Some of the little girls didn't run, but walked in bunches talking about whatever little girls talk about. Bonita, Lizzy, and Corine had become fast friends and enjoyed hanging out with each other.

Wanda, Jan, Don, and I pulled out the mats and soon had everyone who wanted to join us doing Tai Chi forms to stretch our muscles. When Lisa, Wanda, and Don began going through the instructional phase, I noticed the four Italian kids with the others, learning some basic moves. Both Gio and Gina were with the kids, learning as well.

Steve and I swapped to the outdoor helm and enjoyed the warm morning sun. As it got hot, we put up the sunscreen. That's when we became aware there was a parade of women going up to the sundeck. The kids were inside playing, or should I say mimicking, the band guys while their women sunned themselves.

I could hear Bonita was getting the band guys to play the songs they knew, but after a while, Kenny and Fred were the ones teaching the kids some new music. Greg came out and asked, "Would you come in and set up the Roland drums. I want you to play them for a little while so I can watch to see how you do some things.

I asked him, "I thought you were more interested in bass?"

Greg answered, "I am, but I want to learn drums too. I've been practicing the rudiments you taught and I'm getting pretty smooth doing them, but the drum set is a whole different thing. I want to learn."

Steve told me, "Go in, play with the kids. I see Lisa in there, so teach all the kids; they will enjoy it."

Inside, Kenny exclaimed, "Hey! Our drummer is here. Do a couple with us while we teach these kids a new piece. Jack ran off some copies of the score he made up on the midi. He says you have a fancy office with a copier on the bottom deck."

The band, Lisa, and I worked with Kenny and Fred to get a couple of pieces together. The kids were doing really well reading music to play their parts. I mentioned to Kenny, "We need some brass, we can't continue to just play rock blues, we need some brass to get real funky."

Kenny said, "We've tried it several times, but side guys just don't want to work as hard as we do. I have almost all of our music with scores for trumpet, trombone, and sax. All I have to do is to find the players."

Lisa asked, "Why don't you have Rags' people play with you. I know two trumpets, a trombone, and two sax players came down with them. I'll bet they'll work with you. You guys need to come over and we can work some stuff up in our new studio."

Dan was in agreement, "We should do that. We might be getting stale working out only in our place. A new studio might be a way to get inspired for some new music."

By noon, the kids and the band were playing together like a well-oiled machine. Jack was busy adding some flavor with the controller, but I think he was also making sure he recorded every note and musical phrase coming from the mass group.

Fred had Bonita to the side teaching her some very complicated riffs. It was not any surprise to hear her mimicking her present mentor, while adding to each of the riffs with some fingering and picking of her own. Carlos and Lizzy were having a good time complementing the music with their harmonicas. Actually, the place was almost just a lot of noise, but there were many instances that some really good blues came from the accumulated kids.

After lunch, the kids settled down a little and played out on deck. This only lasted as long as it took the band to catch a quick nap. The couples were enjoying some private time on the boat, with the portholes open, listening to the boat slide through the water.

Some of the women wanted to get some more sun and I only lasted up there about twenty minutes. I said I was going to get some exercise, so I headed down to the sports room.

Below decks, with my sports leg on, I ran on the dreaded treadmill for a half hour, followed by another fifteen minutes on the elliptical. The elliptical is tough as I can't put the necessary pressure down with the one leg, so I have to over use that arm. I spent fifteen minutes with the multi-station machine, emulating lifting, before I called it quits.

In the cabin, I was just getting into the shower when the Asian sisters came in with Frieda and Gina. They said for me to get the water ready as they would join me. Oh man, more teasing.

Frieda hugged me as soon as she got in, pressing her bulging body into me. We kissed until we were being mauled by the Asian sisters. Sing was the first to kiss me. She was funny as she climbed my body and wrapped her legs around me and put her arms around my neck to hold herself up.

A mysterious hand grasped me, making sure I was hard and directed me inside the tiny girl. The little woman grinned up at me with her narrow slanted black eyes and mouthed, "Give it to me, give it to me, give me a baby."

Considering the squeezing Sing was doing, it didn't take but a short while until I was filling her small body. I was wondering if this was practice or if it was for real. When Sing's shudders had calmed, she pulled free of me and before she let go, she whispered, "That was fun; that might be the way I want you to do it for real."

Frieda gave me another loving kiss and said, "I need you, but I can't do it in the shower. Save some for me when we're done."

Taiying imitated her sister by climbing my body and wrapping herself around me. Another mystery hand placed me to slide deep within her. Taiying went through a bunch of gyrations and squeezing that had her panting as pussy drool ran down my leg. As she shivered through her orgasm, she kissed me deeply before she leaned away from me smiling. She held out her left hand, showing her ring and kissed me again.

I guess I did good to give the rings.

As I tried to wash, another set of hands began stimulating me. It was Gina who was becoming very amorous. I clutched her luscious body to me and said, "You must be careful, Gina. I could easily make you a mother again." The beautiful Italian shuddered and shook through a kiss as I think she climaxed or orgasmed just thinking about our joining.

Gina kissed me and took hold of me. When she looked at me, I could see her desire. As gently as I could, I turned her and had her lean against the shower wall. As slowly as possible, I eased my way into her. She was tight, extremely tight and kept gasping, exclaiming alarm and pleasure simultaneously. In a very short time, Gina was slamming her body back into mine trying to achieve what she had not had in a long time. When Gina came, she was nearly screaming, almost falling as I caught her around the waist. Surprisingly, I was able to hold off and not blow a huge load into her fertile chamber.

When Gina turned around and kissed me passionately, she held my hardness and began slipping to her knees. I kept her up, kissing her and telling her, "Save some for Frieda. She is waiting for me." Gina smiled and we finished washing.

As soon as I hopped from the shower, I was attacked by Brandy and Tiani, who literally dragged me to bed. Nancy was between Frieda's legs and rose up with a wet face and glazed eyes, "She's ready, do her, make her a mommy all over again."

I was welcomed into Frieda's arms, and remained there as we made love, until she said, "Let me turn around and do me on my hands and knees, I mean really do me. I need to feel you slamming into me."

That worried me as I don't know how women are when they are pregnant. Will that hurt them? Will that hurt the baby, or in her case, babies?

As soon as Frieda was on her hands and knees, I was inside her and she was lunging back at me exclaiming her pleasure. In seconds, or at least not longer than a couple of minutes, Frieda spasmed, screamed into a pillow, and collapsed. She rolled over and hugged me to her; she whispered into my ear, "I love you, I love you, Chuck."

My, oh my, my funny five may not leave me to be by themselves after all.

I lay on my back relaxing after the exertion Frieda had just put me through. Nancy wouldn't let me be and sat on my stomach, leaned over and kissed me while I was fitted into her welcoming receptacle by one of her cohorts. She worked herself up and down with her eyes closed. I could feel her insides clutching and internally caressing me, as she squeezed her eyes tighter and shivered. She came down to me to kiss me, squashing her belly into me. She said, "This is so special."

With Nancy resting beside me, I was very satisfied, satisfied until Judy lovingly took me into her mouth and gently sucked me a little. She came up, kissed me and asked, "Please, I need you in me but I don't think all of you will fit. Please do me, but be gentle and don't put everything into me."

How could I refuse? We made love. I was gentle and she was receptive until she groaned from the pleasure of orgasm. Judy kissed me passionately; smiled and mouthed that she loved me. I was touched.

Of course, Brandy needed some loving, followed by Tiani, then Maria wanted me to give her a dose. As I was lying on my back, trying to recover, a mouth was gently sucking me back to attention. Lisa kissed me and said, "You have two more of us, Lover. Julie is waiting and I'm going to be right behind her. Do her, make her a mommy too."

That is always a stimulant and I was soon thumping Julie until she nearly screamed her way into unconsciousness. I was amazed at how responsive she was knowing, or at least thinking, that she was beyond child bearing age.

Lisa was gently kissing and caressing Julie, calming her. With gentle pleasure, I made love to Lisa. She made it special as I knew we were so right for each other. When I couldn't hold it any longer and began groaning, Lisa tensed and came with me, shuddering and shivering, squeezing the stuff out of me.

As I rolled over on my back, little Tiani sucked me into her mouth before rising to kiss me. She said, "You are our stud. You did us all, every one of us, and I think you could do some more." The little pixie kissed me, as a head came to rest on my right shoulder, while another, Julie, laid on my left.

The right shoulder person rolled to me and I felt the heavy breasts of the only one it could be, Gina. She said, "You make me feel good. You make me know I am a woman."

All I could think of was how gorgeous Gina is, but is this going to be the right move for her to leave her home and family?

I really didn't think about it for very long as I drifted off to a well-deserved nap.

A voice was calling me, "Wake up, Honey, you need to come up and play with the kids. Kenny thinks he can put something together to have a set with the kids in Nice. That would be a hoot to have the kids up on stage with us. I think they're almost good enough and it would give the group a lot of points with their younger listeners."

I smiled up at Lisa who kissed me warmly. She said, "You proved you are the stud of the week this morning. You did all of us and Taiying said you did Gina in the shower. I hope you were careful or you'll be taking another woman back to the states with you."

I smiled and pulled Lisa down to me. After some kisses I said, "Yes, I was careful. No way or no juice to make babies. She was tempting though."

Lisa said, "I know, I can't get enough of her either. The other girls and I have been face deep in her since you fell asleep. She just left to go up to see if her kids were all right. I think I want to keep her."

I smiled at Lisa, "Then you better get someone to help out. I don't think I can handle another. As it is, it's almost impossible to work my way through my lovelies, or would that be lovers."

Lisa said, "Lovers is what we are. Some are pregnant lovers, and some hope to be pregnant lovers. You are going to be the proud father of many very soon. But don't worry about needing help, not in our house. We girls enjoy taking up the slack." She kissed me as she laughed

Lisa repeated, "Come on, get up, we need you up top."

I did get up and the two of us took a quick shower. Just looking at the sweet Lisa had me hard as nails all over again. Lisa said, "Save it for later. I'm flattered, but let's wait."

Up in the salon, the band guys and kids were playing some good music. Bonita had a class going with the four new kids that were older than she is. She was teaching them the basics of guitar playing. The little one was amazing as she had the four doing some basic fingering and strumming. It made me realize how far the original kids had come.

When Kenny and Fred saw me, they met me at the bar where I was having some juice for energy. Fred said, "Look at that kid, she's actually teaching those four kids how to play the guitar. They are already doing some basic chords. She is amazing."

I nodded, "That she is. I'm thinking she is some kind of alien that has come down to taunt us with her ability. She's going to be better than any of us soon." I looked at Kenny, "Did she play the violin for you yet? She's even learning some country stuff on it while she's learning the bass, and has also been practicing drums. You two have to get her to show you some of her original music. She's composed it on the piano and used the midi to print it out. She's even used the controller to dub a couple of pieces with the guitar accompanying the keyboard."

Kenny said, "She played a couple of CDs for us. One had the other little girl, Lizzy, playing the harmonica with her. That sounded really good."

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