Steve and Chuck Go Sailing
Chapter 14

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 14 - Steve and Chuck sail off to to Europe with their families for business and pleasure. This story will be better understood if you have read the other stories within Florida Friends.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  


When Sue and Don relieved me at midnight, I went down to the office to check the rings I was going to hand out later that night. I separated eight of the rings, along with the special one I had made up for Lisa. The only difference between the special one and the others was that it had two brilliant blue diamonds on each side of the big diamond while the other rings had two bright red rubies on each side of a big diamond. The bands were wide, much wider than what a normal engagement or wedding rings would be, about the size of a very wide, thick wedding ring. When I had the rings made up, I had plenty of gold and the jeweler sold the diamonds and rubies back to me at a good price.

I stared at the rings I had set out on the desk, hoping this wasn't rushing some of the women, and that it wouldn't chase some of them away. I suppose it would be good to know now rather than later. I'll have to wait to give Tina her ring, but she's so busy she won't even know it's Valentine's Day until someone gives her the card I left for her.

I put the rings back into a larger ring box, one the jeweler had given me. It was only for eight rings, but I was able to fit nine in it. I really like the rings, hope the girls do too, and that it brings the commitment I feel we need. I remembered when I was little and hoped to one day have a wife like my mom and have the loving relationship she and dad had.

That made me think of them and my little sister. I try to never dwell on losing them. Maybe that's why I enjoy all the attention from so many women. Perhaps I'm trying to make up for the hugs and love I missed.

I did have a fleeting memory of Bobby. She had been so much a part of me, someone that I thought would become a permanent part of my life. I shivered, thinking of how easily she left for someone else. The group I had around me now sure didn't appear that way. The five were all flakes, but loving flakes. Even though they are so independent and such a closed group, they make me feel loved and cared for all the time.

I put the box of rings back into the safe, noting that the safe still had multiple bundles of hundred dollar bills in it. I had never taken it all out and counted it. Oh well, there was enough there for emergencies if it was needed. I should probably convert it to gold so it wouldn't continue to lose it's value.

I took the cards with me as I would give them out at breakfast. When I went through the galley, Frieda was waiting for me. She said, "I was about to come looking for you. You were done with your shift at midnight. It's after one, are you okay?"

I smiled, "I'm fine, Love, I had to do some things downstairs."

Frieda noted the cards in my hand, "You're so conscientious and loving to remember that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Come to bed; your admirers are probably all asleep, but you can snuggle with me."

The other girls were all asleep, so Frieda moved some bodies over and I slept on the outside, hugging her back. The wanton bulging lady, reached between her legs to stimulate me into fitting inside her. Once joined, she whispered, "Hold me just like that. Don't move, just stay there. I love it when we're like this."

We went to sleep snuggled together, joined at the hips.

I woke precisely at six. I could hear some faint sounds of activity in the galley. I rolled, sitting up remembering how Frieda and I had gone to sleep. I slid my peg on and went to the head to do the triple S before the menagerie awoke. I had just put my leg and clothes on when the door opened and Mercy stuck her head in. "Steve wants you to come up to the helm. He's worried about the Irish Bell. They're not catching up to us. He wants your input."

I grabbed my stack of Valentine's Day cards before going through the galley, saying good morning to Glenda and Julie. Glenda handed me a mug saying, "You're just like Steve. You're now one of my morning coffee buddies."

"Thanks, Glenda. Steve told me that's how you two met."

Up in the salon, I went to the helm where Steve was. When he saw me approach he pointed at the short range radar and said, "We've only been averaging about eleven to twelve knots, but the Irish Bell has not caught up with us. I've set up a tracking history on them and they're only moving at maybe twelve to thirteen knots. Something has to be wrong for them to travel that slowly. What do you think, should we call them?"

I said, "They're within radio range. Let's try the radio before the sat phone."

Steve picked up the primary radio microphone, "Irish Bell, Irish Bell, this is the Lucky Lady, come in." Steve waited a few seconds and repeated, "Irish Bell, Irish Bell, this is the Lucky Lady, come in."

The Irish Bell's captain came over the speaker, "This is the Irish Bell. How can I help you?"'

Steve looked at me funny, "Are you having a problem? You should have passed us last evening and you're still not catching up. Are you in trouble?"

The captain's voice responded, "We've lost an engine and have not finished repairing it. We should be at full power in an hour or so."

Steve asked, "Do you need assistance? We have some capable hands on board."

The radio came back with, "No, we're fine. We have mechanical people on board for just such an emergency. We should have contacted you when we lost the engine. I've slowed down to keep from overworking the single engine we are operating with. We should be up over twenty knots in about an hour."

Steve said, "We've trimmed our sails back to wait for you. Perhaps we'll hoist more sail to pick up some speed. Give us a call when you're moving with both engines."

"Roger, Lucky Lady, will do."

"That's a load off my mind," Steve said. "I was worried there might be some other crazy reason they were plodding along behind us, but there just aren't any problems out here in this part of the Med. I would worry if we were farther East, but not where we are."

When my cup of coffee was empty, I said, "Everyone must be up by now. Do you want to go down and hand out your stuff? I'll watch the helm and come down to give out my cards when I'm relieved."

Steve nodded, "Thanks, I need to run get all the necklaces and coins. For some reason, everyone seems sluggish this morning. I'll be surprised if everyone is up yet. Let me run get you a refill on your coffee, and I'll check to see who all is up."

As soon as Steve left, Lizzy, Trixie, and Dixie came up to say good morning. The three almost looked embarrassed before they all brought their hands from behind their backs and handed me cards. Lizzy said, "I know you are all of your women's Valentine, but can you be ours for a little while today?"

How do you refuse a request like that? I said, "I'll always be your Valentine if you'll be mine too. Wait for me at the breakfast table, okay. I'll be down in a few minutes."

The three little girls no sooner left than Bonita came running up the stairs, heading for me. She jumped up on the captain's chair and handed me a card. With a big grin, she said, "See, we're Valentines. We have to find some music for this."

I smiled, "We'll look for something this morning. I'll bet there is either something in the fake books or on the internet. We'll find something."

Bonita left happily and went down the stairs. Dewey came up the stairway and said, "Let me relieve you so you can give your cards out. I've given my stuff out and Steve is still giving out his presents. Steve will be back up as soon as he's done."

I told Dewey about the radio conversation we had with the Irish Bell and he said he would watch the radar and collision avoidance system to note when they got back under way.

In the big galley dining area below deck, I was confronted by all of the women admiring their commemorative necklaces. Lisa gave me a hug and said something that shocked me. "These aren't as important to us girls as what you have for us later."

I looked at Lisa, shocked at what she'd said. She covered her mouth and whispered, "Oops, I suppose I shouldn't be probing around in your head. I'm sorry if I took something from you."

Shaking my head I said, "That's okay, I hope you didn't mention anything to the others."

"I wouldn't do that, Chuck," Lisa said softly. "They are all as much my ladies as they are yours. Come on, give out those cards you're squeezing so hard."

I went to each of my ladies and gave them a card along with a kiss and hug. Maria and Nancy were the most emotional having some wet eyes as I came to them. After my ladies, I gave out cards to all of the little kids, even having extras for Corine and Cory. Lastly, I gave out cards to the other ladies, giving Julie a hug when I gave her the special card I had found among Steve's cards. When I sat down, Mercy said, "Now you have a whole boat load of Valentine ladies. Liz, Trixie, and Dixie said you were going to be their Valentine too."

Bonita stood up and said, "Chuck's all of our Valentine, the same as daddy and Mr. Dewey."

I looked around and said, "That about sums it up, don't you think?"

There were chuckles and some outright laughter as I sat to eat. We had regular sausage, eggs, grits, and toast this morning. When I was done, I suggested, "How about you kids come out on deck with me this morning for some exercise. Let's walk a couple of laps to loosen up this morning. Perhaps Don, Wanda, Lisa, Taiying, and Sing will be ready to give us some instruction."

That was a good starting bell, as the table of kids cleared in seconds. As the adults I had mentioned began going up the stairs, Don said, "I sure would like to spar with someone later. As soon as my breakfast settles, whoever would get on the mats with me would sure be appreciated. How about it, Chuck, go a few minutes with me?"

Wanda spoke up, "How about after playing with Chuck, work out with me or Lisa. I'm due for some workout time myself."

Don said, "If Chuck doesn't do me in, I'd be up to work with you, Wanda. I'd like to do what Chuck has done and spar with both you and Lisa."

Lisa was with us as we exited the salon into the fresh morning air, and said, "Are you that good? You know Wanda and I can be tough by ourselves, but together, we are more than a handful."

Don said cockily, "Perhaps I should take you girls on before Chuck so I'm fresh."

Jan was in the mix of adults now leading the kids walking around the deck. "Don, you might want to reconsider what you're proposing. You know Wanda is a very strong belt, as is Lisa. You might embarrass yourself."

Don laughed, "Oh come on. I've been working and teaching martial arts all life. I should be able to handle a couple of women."

I was near Don, and said so only he could hear, "You need to listen to Jan. Those two are really good."

Don was cocky again, "Just because you couldn't handle them doesn't mean I can't."

He said that too loud, and Wanda said, "We didn't take him. He put us both down and pulled killing blows. Don't underestimate our one-legged friend."

Don didn't look apprehensive and kept right on walking. Wanda and Lisa passed looks between them nodding at each other. Oh boy, this guy is gonna get a wakeup call.

After our walk, I led the group through some forms, this time with some slow, peaceful, oriental music playing over a portable boom box. When that was done, the adults acting as instructors began teaching the kids various attack and defensive moves. After an hour, Don said, "Let's get these mats put together for some sparring. Who's first, you, Chuck, or the girls?"

Lisa spoke up, "You might want to warm up with us, Don. Chuck isn't easy."

Don again made himself a target by saying, "Sure, this shouldn't take long. How about until I put you both down with potential strikes held at bay?"

Wanda asked, "So what puts you out? Just down or should we hold back a killing blow?"'

"You guys and your killing blows. Are you all bloodthirsty or what?" Don was really making himself look like a newbie.

Lisa told him, "We didn't learn hand to hand as a game, we learned it as a means to stay alive and to defend others."

Wanda jumped in, "I was originally taught as you have been, but was later taught at a dojo to become more offensive and deadly in my attacks. The game is fun, but the way I was last taught is faster and takes more concentration."

Don was in the middle of the mats and assumed a proper beginning pose, "Bring it on, Ladies, I want to see this for myself."

It took less than thirty seconds for Don to be down and the side of Lisa's hand to stop just before his Adam's apple and Wanda's palm to stop just before his nose. When they pulled back, Don leaped to his feet and said, "You're better than I thought. Will you let me try again?"

Lisa and Wanda looked at each other and nodded to him. This time when the girls posed to begin the match, Don broke his pose and attacked Wanda. Don went flying over Wanda's head as she whirled on him to hold him down to deliver a killing blow. Don was stunned to be on the ground so quickly and gasped at how close Wanda's hand came to finishing him.

Lisa said, "You called this match and set up the pose rule when you set up the first time. If you break that rule, you are subject to injury. Better be careful with someone like Wanda."

Wanda said, "That's enough for today, I think I should quit for now so I don't hurt someone."

Don was up on his hands and knees. I walked over to him and was going to help him up but he brushed my hands away from him before saying, "Who would believe a couple of girls could take me. That last time it wasn't both of them, just Wanda. How in the hell did you take the two of them on?"

I said softly so only he would hear, "It's not shameful to be overcome by experience and technique. It is shameful to be boastful before you've tested a talent."

Don rolled over and sat with his legs crossed. He said, "I guess I'm the grasshopper that needs to learn, Master. Bring them back and let them teach me."

Lisa smiled at Don, "Way to go. That tells me you are worth something. Humility is the first thing you teach in the arts. You didn't display that before our time with you; therefore I think Wanda and I were ready to take you down."

Wanda came back more composed now, "I see you've assumed the position of student. I admire a man who recognizes he may have been wrong. Do you still want to spar with Chuck?"

Don looked at me appraisingly, "No, but I'd love to see you three spar together."

I told him, "There really isn't enough room here to do this right. We'll do it for you one of these days when we have enough padded room, perhaps at your dojo."

Don immediately said, "If you'll do that, I'll have my students come to witness the match. I'm sure it will be very instructional, a one-legged man against two very talented women. After playing with you two women, it doesn't seem like much of a match to me but time will tell."

When we had put the mats up and gone back into the salon to rehydrate, Dewey said, "The Irish Bell is underway and should catch up with us soon. I've deployed a lot more sail to see if we can get our speed up again. I'd like to make Italy early tomorrow."

There seemed to be some excitement in the women in the salon. They were talking about the Irish Bell tying up with us for a few minutes. Cory and Corine were up in the salon too and Corine said, "I'll be glad to see mother, Lucille, Margaret, and Serene. I've missed them."

Cory said, "We've had a good time with all of you, but we do miss our folks."

Steve suggested, "How about we take some field glasses out on the poop deck, you know the rear sun salon that we call a sun deck, and watch to see if they are out looking at us too?"

Steve pulled a dozen pair of good binoculars from a cabinet near the salon helm and told Dewey, "How about opening the outdoor helm? The weather is too nice to be inside."

Dewey smiled and said, "I think some of the women are already up on the sun deck." At that moment a very nude pair of Chinese sisters scampered up the stairs from below and climbed the ladder to the sun deck."

Steve said, "Ah yes, the wonder of women on the open water."

I went with Steve to see how close the Irish Bell was. She was probably only three miles behind us. I considered dropping sail and putting out fenders so we could get this party over with and back to sailing toward Italy. Going back to Dewey, I said, "Let's drop the sail and put out fenders so they can tie up. They will be on us in just a couple of minutes if we do."

Dewey nodded and said, "Open the helm outside and I'll shut this one down as soon as you ring. I'll let the ladies know we're going to get ready for the Bell to board us."

That's one thing that happens fast. When the sail begins to come down, heads and naked tops of women appear over the rail of the sun deck to see what's going on. As soon as they saw how close the Irish Bell was, there was a mass exodus of naked women coming down the ladder from the sun deck heading below to get clothes on. The ladies who had not participated in the morning sun were bringing up sandwiches and snacks for the folks about to come aboard.

Julie came out to the helm and sat with me, "This is all so nice. Sailing with you reminds me of the many good times I had with my husband. We did have some good times, even away from our island. I think I will often be a visitor to your Florida home and to the island. I think my kids and grandchildren can only take so much grandmothering. I'm sure I'll need some breaks from being a grandmother as well. Will you mind if I visit you often in the states?"

"Of course not, Julie, please come anytime you wish. All the girls love you and enjoy you being around."

Julie smiled, "I enjoy being around all of you as well. The liberties allowed are most satisfying." With that she chuckled, and when I blushed, it made her laugh out loud.

Lisa came to be with us as the Irish Bell slowed to drift up next to us. I said, "Let me go help tie up. Watch the wheel. I've started the engines in case we need to maneuver. Shut the engines down when we're tied up, but keep the generator going. The mast turbine isn't generating enough power for the demand right now, and I want to save the batteries."

When the Bell came along side, lines were tossed fore and aft. Steve and I caught the lines and tied them so that the two boats were joined securely. All of the folks from the Bell were out on deck, as anxious to see their kids as the kids were to see their folks. Mac and his wife were there, helping the mates to get the gang plank in place. Their deck was higher than ours so they had to lower a ladder to make the access easier. The folks from Ireland were soon coming on board the Lucky Lady.

There was a round of hugs with a lot of attention paid to the two kids. They were very happy to see their mom and dad, as well as the ladies who acted as surrogate moms. Dewey went up the ladder, saying he was going to talk to the captain of the Irish Bell.

We all went into the lounge where there were huge plates of cold cut sandwiches, some fresh vegetables and fruit to dip, as well as coffee, tea, and soft drinks on ice. The folks from the Bell instantly began eating. I'm sure they have been well fed and attended to on their boat, but the relaxed atmosphere on the Lucky Lady quickly had our guests at ease.

Mac said to me, "Everything at home is peaceful and quiet. In a way, I'm glad that you left so life could get back to near boring for everyone. I'm thinking that you caused too much of a stir for you to be someone unimportant. Just what have you been up to over in the states?"

"Nothing unusual for my kind of work, Mac. I'm just a Deputy Marshal in charge of a regional office and have some responsibilities to all the other offices." I really believe this.

Lisa was beside me and said, "I think some of the people from some past actions think Chuck is the mastermind for all of the captures and investigations that take place all over the US. They are only partially correct, as Chuck always involves every agency he can in all of his activities. He's known for joint task forces."

Mac blustered, "Well, whatever you've done, keep it over there and don't bring it to us when you visit. I love my boring lifestyle. Brutus may enjoy the occasional jousting match, but not I."

I noticed Serene cornering Sue and having an intense conversation with her. They disappeared below deck, so it must be something important.

Steve came to me and said, "Serene has an idea for Sue that sounds pretty good. If Mac knows of the idea, I'm surprised he's not telling us all about it. It must be something Serene wants to keep to herself until Sue hears her out. I'll tell you about it later if you don't hear first."

Chandra came to me and said, "I see you still wear the watch we gave you. That makes me happy we could give you something special. You gave us a lot for bringing Serene in front of us, and for helping Margaret and Lucille to achieve their goals of becoming mothers."

Chandra looked around and pulled Lisa into her to have the three of us be able to have a private chat, "Michael and I want another child. He is going to ask you to make it possible. Will you?"

While I was choking, Lisa was saying, "Of course, he will. All we need is to know your special time and a few minutes to perform the deed."

Chandra laughed, "Oh no, if I'm going to conceive, I want it to be a long sweaty bout with lots of loving, perhaps from the both of you. Could we do that instead of a sterile coupling for the singular purpose?"

Lisa laughed, "You are a lusty wench, aren't you?"

Chandra blushed. "I am definitely lusty when it comes to some of the antics of your group. Michael is too, but I think when he watches me conceive, he's going to mess himself without being touched. His women will have him in hand, I'm sure, but the man has told me he fantasizes of watching me conceive."

Lisa grinned, "My goodness, you Irish are a sexy group."

Chandra held my arm and rubbed a stiff nipple on my arm, "Will you? Will you do me with my husband and our women as an audience?"

Before I could answer, Lisa said, "I think there will be a larger audience than that. As soon as Chuck's women hear of what you want, they will be all over you and your women, wanting to watch and participate. Now they are a bunch of lusty women."

"I can tell," Chandra sighed, "Three of them are obviously with child, and I'll bet our Chuck has maybe helped even more to swell. Am I right?"

Lisa laughed, "He is a very potent man, Chandra. He should be able to help you and Michael."

When Chandra left to join the others, Lisa looked up at me and grinned. I said, "You just like to watch, don't you?"

"Of course, I like to watch. I like to help get them ready for you too. That is my specialty, you know. One of these days, one or more of your women will get me ready, and you'll shoot your stuff way up inside me where your sperm will attack my egg or eggs and give me a little Chuck."

Oh man, that will get your temperature to rise.

Lisa and I joined the rest of my women as everyone ate and snacked. Soon, there was a consensus for us to get back underway and reach Italy by tomorrow morning. Michael said they would go ahead of us and meet us at the special yacht club at the marina we had been to before. It was just south of the airport and less than ten miles from Rome.

As our guests prepared to leave, Sue and Serene came up from below. Serene went to Michael and Chandra for a few minutes, then went back to Sue. Sue and Serene went below again as the rest of the guests were gathering to leave.

We helped get the folks from the Bell onto their boat. Cory and Corine were going to go with them, but decided to stay with us as they knew we were going to have some special music tonight.

As soon as the ladder was removed and the lines released, the big Irish Bell used their bow thrusters to push away before beginning to move ahead of us. Steve began raising sail to get the maximum from the available wind. We had almost every piece of sail up to catch the wind and were soon moving along at almost fifteen knots.

The ladies wasted no time cleaning up the mess from the visitors and soon the parade of naked ladies began going back up to the sun deck. I was with Steve at the outdoor helm watching the female traffic. Steve said, "You know, that'll get your juices going. All of them look good, even Beth, Missy, and Julie. My, oh my, what a display and just look at those little girls. Your two Asian beauties are darling. They don't have great bosomy figures, but they are exciting. Man, oh man, I need to visit with one of my ladies."

I laughed and said, "I'll take the helm if you think you can get one of them off the sun deck."

Steve chuckled, "I wouldn't do that to them. They haven't had much sun since we left Florida and they all love to lay out. Let them be. I'll get plenty of attention tonight."

I went into the salon and found Lisa and the kids looking through the fake books. Bonita looked up and said, "Help us find a Valentine song."

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