Steve and Chuck Go Sailing
Chapter 12

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 12 - Steve and Chuck sail off to to Europe with their families for business and pleasure. This story will be better understood if you have read the other stories within Florida Friends.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  


A few days later, we were passing Gibraltar. Everyone on board was out on deck to view the sight that was so familiar from the kids' geography books, the thick yellow National Geographic magazine pictorials, and advertising. The iconic view we all remember from the Prudential Insurance ads, though, is visible only from one angle, on the Mediterranean side of the Rock. Fortunately, our course kept that view in sight for quite a while. Gibraltar looks unrecognizably different from almost every other angle.

I think most everyone, including the kids, had cameras, so the monumental rock was photographed several hundred times. Lisa, Maria, Taiying, Sing, Julie, and the Fab five were standing with me at the helm as we passed. All of them gave me a hug, telling me how great it was to be traveling together and seeing the wonderful sights we were seeing.

After leaving Gibraltar in our wake, I was relieved by Sue so I could enjoy the afternoon playing music with Lisa and the kids.

Corine and Bonita practiced their violins in the crew quarters this afternoon, while Lisa gave some keyboard and guitar lessons and I gave some drum lessons. While we were all busy playing various instruments, Bonita came to me. "Come down to the crew quarters, Chuck. Corine and I want you to hear what we're doing. We've been practicing how Leonard Skinner plays. Come on, you have to hear this."

Lisa cocked her head in our direction and told her students to practice by themselves a while so she could join me. In the crew quarters below, on the bottom deck, Bonita and Corine were grinning with their new accomplishment. Bonita began, "Corine was learning some Mozart that had some of the dissonant notes that are so common with his music. When I heard what she was playing, I watched the way she was using her bow with loose strings to drag notes from two strings at once. She showed me how she could even get tone from three strings at once as well. She tells me that's called 'double stop' and 'triple stop' bowing."

To demonstrate, Corine used her bow to play a couple of strings at once. She said, "Bonita got real excited and ran off to get some of her mother's CDs. She brought back a Charlie Daniels album that we listened to and tried to imitate. Listen, we'll play it together."

The two began with the lead into "The South's Gonna Do It Again."

When they finished the lead, they looked at Lisa and me as if to ask, well?

I said, "It sounded really good. There's not a lot of double string on that one, but I'll bet you could really surprise the folks if you were to get the others to back you up with bass, drum, guitar, and keyboard. You'll have to learn the words too."

Bonita said, "We've already learned the words. The song isn't very long." She turned to Corine and said, "Let's get the others to come down here and practice with us."

Lisa asked, "How about coming up to the salon and we'll all practice together. That will be fun."

We went up to the salon, stopping by the big lounge to get the other kids to come play with us. We soon had the kids surrounding the main keyboard so they could hear the CD we wanted to learn. Lisa set up the Midi to capture the music, while Bonita produced and handed out several printed versions of the lyrics she had already prepared.

As the music played, the kids became excited as this was a different kind of music, something with a different flavor and tempo, along with a catchy title.

Lisa handed me a printed score, separating the harmonies and had me run down to make some copies. After bringing them back to the kids, we separated the kids into groups for acoustic guitar, a couple of bass players, an electric guitar, a drummer, and Lisa playing the B3 Hammond organ on the keyboard. I was only going to be the conductor, but Lisa said, "You have to be the front man and do the singing. We'll back you up on the chorus, but you get to do the main."

I didn't know the lyrics, so I had Bonita and Corine go through the lyrics with me a couple of times. I told the two, "You two get to sing it through at least once by yourselves the way you showed Lisa and me. You have to show off a little for us."

The two girls were excited to show off in front of the adults. It took an hour or so before we were able to play together. It took another half hour to get us sounding like we knew what we were doing. Lisa suggested we play through some of the pieces we had learned so we would remain proficient at what we had already learned.

Surprisingly, we were able to practice without giving away what we were really going to do. There was hardly anyone in the salon, so only those passing through heard any of our practice, and only a part of it.

Bonita said, "I wish we had practiced some more tunes like this to show off what we learned to do on the violin."

I said, "Not to worry, little one. You have a few days to learn some more to surprise everyone. But remember, you need to learn the classics too."

When Lisa and I were sitting at the bar before supper, she said, "You know Charlie Daniels' band has done more than country. They have some jazzy stuff too, like "There's No Place Left to Go." That is some rock jazz with a blues flavor. My daddy loved that piece. There is also the "Birmingham Blues" that was something recorded by the "Electric Light Orchestra." It's a combination of jazz and blues. Everything comes back to what we love, blues and more blues. We'll raid Kathy's collection to see what she has. If nothing else, we'll download a bunch of stuff from "You Tube."

Lisa leaned back, sipping a drink, "If we do much of Charlie Daniel's stuff, you're going to have to take over on bass. His music has a lot of really heavy bass. I don't think the kids are up to it yet, but you'll do it proud."

She was grinning at me when she said, "You know we should probably drag out and play some real oldies, like an instrumental of the "Wichita Lineman." Something like you did with "Somewhere over the Rainbow." That could be almost a closing lullaby. All the kids could help and it could all be done with acoustic or electric."

I laughed, "Can you imagine that group we ferried around for concerts hearing us play that? They would bust a gut laughing."

"Not hardly," Lisa said, "Good music is good music and that has a gentle melody that I've heard as an instrumental. I think it was played by Johnny A, you know, the guy who does all those cool jazz guitar instrumentals, like 'Hip Bone, ' 'Two Wheel Horse, ' and 'Get Inside'. I know you've heard him. He was some kind of child prodigy with the guitar."

I nodded, "Of course, I know his stuff. I try to copy some of his riffs all the time. The guy plays clean, all real clean notes and doesn't use that many effects, just good guitar playing. He reminds you a little of Les Paul's style."

Lisa was grinning, "That's what I like about your playing. You play that way too, but you can use effects to get that fuzzy, funky sound for some raw blues. But you do a damn good job with just one of your acoustics."

"You're blowin' smoke, Baby," I said, waving off Lisa's compliments. "You're the blues queen around here. Your daddy, along with Pop and Rags taught you to play pure. You do it great on that old Gibson SG you have."

Maria came to the top of the stairs to tell us it was suppertime. We finished our drinks and headed below to the big galley dining area.

While we were eating, John said to Steve, "You know I think this is going to be the longest I've ever gone without flying. This is kind of going cold turkey."

After some laughing, there was a lot of chatter because Lisa and I were used to flying almost every day as well. Steve said, "Maybe we'll rent something so we can all fly a little around Italy. I know that I'm going through withdrawal."

That evening, while we were sailing toward Italy, the kids put on a performance that had everyone on board applauding. Kathy couldn't get over Bonita and Corine playing some real bluegrass.

As the kids were putting their guitars and equipment away, Lisa handed me some music and said, "Now, play this through once with a slow tempo on your Les Paul to get the feel. After you feel good with it, play it with some feeling and let your fingers mellow everyone out. I'll bet you can sound almost as good as Johnny A."

I read and played the piece through a couple of times with almost no volume on the amp as I became more involved in the music, hearing it in my head before my fingers played the notes. Lisa turned the amp up a little and I slowed the tempo down a even more. The piece was sweet and did come out almost like a lullaby. While playing, I realized that the three free fingers of my right hand were plucking strings while I picked with my thumb and forefinger. When I played the ending notes the last time through, my eyes were closed as the music was in my head moving through my hands and fingers. The applause from our friends surprised me, startling me from my reverie of the music. When I placed the Les Paul in its case, Lisa hugged me, as did Bonita. The little girl said, "I want to play with that feeling you have. I feel it sometimes, but I'm so busy trying to learn that I don't let myself go. That's what I want, I want that feeling."

It was time for some strong refreshment. While I was enjoying a drink, the kids were sent to bed below decks. The adults not tending to kids were all in the salon talking about Italy. Steve said, "Sue contacted Eduardo, the guide we had when we came last time. He knows his way around Italy and the Riviera, and is keeping our dates open so he can show us around. If it looks like the group will split up and go into two different directions, Sue says Eduardo has some peers that will be happy to drive us around."


Sue came from downstairs and whispered into my ear, "How about getting Chuck, Dewey, Dennis, John, and Don to come to the hot tub for a while. I talked to Brandy and she said her group wasn't up for a group grope, but she said they would make sure Chuck and Lisa came along with their junior Juanita and the Asian sisters."

I laughed, "That tub isn't as big as the one in the park. How many do you think will fit?"

Sue nudged me, "You five guys should take care of a lot of itches, but trust me, we girls know how to occupy ourselves when we're a couple of guys short. Just talk it up a little. Glenda and Martin are going to bed, and I think Missy might be spending the night with mom and Ben. I'd love for them to spend an evening in the tub with us, but that might be too much for Ben."

While Chuck and Lisa were sipping their drinks, I softly said to Chuck, "I think Sue is organizing some fun in the hot tub tonight. She told me your Frivolous Five are going to bed early and don't want to participate, but she did invite whoever is left. You know who, the cute little sisters and your darling Maria."

Lisa's eyes glazed over in anticipation of a Roman style hot tub orgy. She whispered to Chuck, "Just what I need, a room full of chorine scented pussy. Dessert is going to be served."

The cute girl hugged Chuck's arm and said, "Save me some, will you? When I get done going through all of the available pussy, I'm gonna need some dick."

I even blushed at what Lisa was saying. She gave me a wink and said, "You may not be first with your delectable Sue." Lisa thought a second, then added, "You may not be first with any of them. I might try you out again later to get my motor running."

Chuck laughed at the lustfulness Lisa was displaying. I spoke briefly to John and Wanda who gave each other a lusty look and each took another sip of their drinks. Lisa was already talking to Jan and Don, so I didn't have to broach the subject with them. Dennis and Marie were giggling with each other at the end of the bar, so I went next to Dennis and mentioned, "It looks like we're going to have a genuine hot tub party in a little while. You two are definitely invited."

Marie leaned down to look at me and said, "We'll be there. I'm going to take him to our cabin first to fluff him up. Hopefully, he'll still have some left for the other ladies. Make sure I'm in line for you, Steve, and I definitely want to use an opportunity to play with Chuck."

Dennis groaned, "R&D can be tough, but this babe is one hundred percent worth studying on a daily basis. Only trouble is, she wants to play hourly, not daily."

Marie elbowed Dennis as he laughed at what he had said.

A few minutes later, Dewey was being relieved at the helm by Kathy. Chuck's Frieda and Nancy, with their bulging bellies, were with her for instruction as the rest of us headed below deck.

I guess the crew or group of friends were primed for a party, since they were coming down the gangway in robes and towels as I headed for our cabin. As soon as I entered, I was met by Mickey who said, "I don't think I'm up for a lot of what's going to happen. You might send Lisa to see me though. We really do hit it off."

I was undressed and on my way to the tub when who should come in but Missy, Beth, Julie, and Ben. Beth said, "If you think you're going to have a prick party without us, you're nuts. Come on, Missy, let's sample some son-in-law." Ben shrugged his shoulders, but it was evident by the protrusion in his robe that he was interested in the fun.

Well, John and Ben were quickly done looking on at the revelry. Chuck, Dennis, Don, Dewey, and I were done when we all had gone through the available consorts the first time. I was balls deep in Missy while sitting on the side of tub, as I watched Chuck put some finishing strokes into Beth. The man was grinning from ear to ear as he withdrew, then plunged into Juanita, who was being held by her look-a-like, Maria."

Dennis and Don were sitting on the side of the tub, with their loves nursing on their soft appendages, trying to get them back up. Dennis looked at me and said, "I hope you and Chuck did Marie at least once. That girl has been after me to take her to one of the park's nightly parties for a long time."

Sue and Mercy were hugging me and Sue said, "We don't go up there much anymore. but Kathy and Juanita go up with Shawna and Ruth. There seems to be a pretty steady group that does go there at night."

I told Dennis, "The variety is fun, but it's even more fun to come home and love your lady one last time. Kathy and Juanita always wake me up for one last loving when they get home."

Mercy said, "That one last time is often from Sue or me. They just want to be sure we all love them."

Chuck and I were back to back, so I said to him, "What do you think, have we done enough damage?"

Dewey, who was sitting on the other side of Chuck, said, "This is one way to see how wild my women are. I think they spent more time getting me fresh pussy than they did for themselves. Man, I just love fulfilling all of my fantasies on a night like this. About that time, Dewey said, "I need to relieve Kathy. I'll bet she'll be hot to trot in about five minutes."

Well, not only was Kathy in heat, Frieda and Nancy were steaming with lust. Chuck and I finished our women in grand style. He ended up doing both Frieda and Nancy from behind as they leaned on the lip of tub. Chuck and I were side by side as I took care of Kathy's itch."

When I finally made it to bed, Sue and Mercy hugged me and both said quietly in my ears, "Now, make Mickey happy and fill her with whatever you have left."

Poor Mickey, she almost didn't get anything. I was toast, but her active hips did produce one more orgasm that put a little bit of the good elixir deep inside her.

"Wake up, Honey," Sue whispered in my ear. "You're due on in a few minutes."

I looked at the clock to see it was almost four. I moaned, "Didn't we pass a time zone so I can sleep another hour?"

Sue jabbed me in the stomach, "You know we pull duty on Greenwich Mean Time. We just change the hours for two or four hour duty, depending on when the sun comes up. Now get up, I'll make you some fresh coffee."

As I tried to get up, Juanita pulled me back down for a kiss, "Oh, Steve, you made love to me so nice last night. I want more time so you could do that again."

Mercy pinched one of Juanita's extended nipples and said, "Let the man get dressed, Sue and I will take care of you. Let him go."

I did make it to the head to wash my face in cold water. After I was dressed and up in the salon to relieve Dewey, I said, "Let me tour the deck first. Sorry I'm late. That party was a good one."

"Don't I know it," Dewey said, with a sigh. "My ladies were still hot and bothered by the time we were back in our cabin. I didn't get any sleep at all. Those two are total teases who are able to keep me up at will until they are satisfied. See you later, Cowboy, I'm goin' to bed."

Sue brought me some fresh coffee and started another pot at the bar before giving me a kiss and saying, "Honey, I'm bushed. I need to get some more sleep before the kids get up."

As soon as Sue walked downstairs, Chuck came up and said, "Why don't you go back to bed. I'm wide awake thinking about things. You might as well get some sleep."

I told him, "I'm not going to refuse that offer. I'm still really tired. I'll see you in the morning."


As soon as Steve went down the stairs or ladder, as they called it all the time, I poured myself some coffee and settled down in the big captain's chair.

I checked the radar and the weather before settling down to enjoy the shift. When you have a night shift that isn't demanding, you have a lot of time to think. There were a lot of things to think about that kept my mind busy.

The ladies were always on my mind. Lisa seems to be the one, at least the one who is my main squeeze. I laughed to myself at the crude reference. Tina was a conundrum, a mystery. She was always loving when she had time, but she was so focused on becoming a doctor that she didn't spend a lot of time with me. She spent more time with the other girls than she did with me.

Ah, the Fab Five, they were actually first, even before Bobby. They've become closer to me than ever lately, but that may be because three of them are going to hatch pretty soon. Wow, I'm going to be a dad. I hope they let me be a dad and not just a father figure. That does make me consider how Brandy and Tiani are treating me lately. They have been making love to me more often than usual. We've coupled at least once daily, always getting Lisa or one of the others in the mix. I wonder if they could be trying to get like Judy, Nancy, and Frieda, pregnant? They did say they wanted a baby as soon as the others gave birth. Should I broach that subject with them? Probably should so there will be no misunderstanding. I already promised to help them have babies, so that shouldn't be a problem.

So, why in the world do I need two Asian sisters and my cute wetback? I guess she isn't a true wetback, since she is in the process of becoming a citizen. The sisters are too, but they might have more reason. Maria was the fun five's housekeeper and they brought her to my old house to help clean. She didn't speak English that well back then, but has really progressed. She hardly has an accent any more. I'd bet the Asian sisters have a lot to do with that. I've seen Brandy and Frieda working with her as well. But still, why would she want to hook up with a guy that already has a pile of women? She does fit with the rest of them, considering her interest in the same sex activity that is prevalent with all of my women. She was strange last night in the hot tub. She avoided all the other guys and was on me every time I was free. She did seem to enjoy the ladies, especially Juanita.

Speaking of women, there is the southern group, four in the condo and four on the boat. Hopefully, more of them will find potential mates and want to get married. That would really be a great way to resolve the bunch down there.

At least the boat girls keep the boat up. The condo girls have said they go out with them often, as well as go out to the island fairly often now. That's what I need to do, spend some time out on the island, enjoying those peaceful ocean breezes and the laid back atmosphere.

Oh yeah, then there's Julie. I wonder if she'll be able to remain in England instead of out on the island that has played a part in so much of her life. The lady is amazing for her age as she is as warm as Beth and Missy. I guess she's about their age, so it's reasonable she is as interested in a little loving.

I wonder how Mark is doing down on the island. The man has some good ideas. Actually, he has a lot of good ideas, and he's able to incorporate a lot of them into what he's doing at the time. He had Terrell get right on the modifications he wanted. That was a good idea he had to get some of those mobile homes from the government. I'd bet the formaldehyde problem is not anything to worry about. If it was, I'm sure Mark wouldn't consider using them.

A quick scan of the instruments and the auto guidance system told me all was well. Another cup of coffee and I was back deep in thought.

John said that he has enjoyed weekends on Key West and almost a full week down at the condo in Costa Rica. I'll bet the girls treated him and his family like royalty. Tiny said he was going to go down for a couple of long weekends down there, so the boat will get some use. I'll bet anyone who goes down there from S&S will go out to the island and see Mark and Shirley. They are all curious about the island.

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