Steve and Chuck Go Sailing
Chapter 11

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 11 - Steve and Chuck sail off to to Europe with their families for business and pleasure. This story will be better understood if you have read the other stories within Florida Friends.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  


As soon as we all made it back to Mac's after the kidnapping, Sue, Mercy, and Kathy cornered me. Sue said, "You shouldn't have been involved in that. You are the father to a bunch of kids with another on the way. What in the world were you thinking?"

Before I could answer, Mercy said, "I know you felt you had to help Chuck, and we all love him, but you have to be careful, Steve. We need you, we don't need you hurt."

Kathy actually defended me, "Steve is a man. He has to defend his friends and Chuck is our friend, too. Just look what Chuck has brought to us and what he has meant to all of us. Steve was just trying to help his and our friend."

Sue still wasn't convinced, "There were all kinds of special agents wandering around over there, and Steve had to get in the middle of it with Lisa. Lisa is a pro; she's been trained to do this stuff. Steve wasn't."

Kathy came back, "Steve was trained as a Marine. He hasn't forgotten how to act like one. He'll always be a Marine. He will always adapt, improvise, and overcome."

I hugged Kathy and said, "Semper Fi."

She smiled at me and softly said, "Oorah!" Kathy hugged my arm before saying, "That was for Jake."

As a close to the conversation, Mercy added, "Our guy needs to be careful. There are a lot of us who depend on him. Steve, you are our guy. Be careful, Honey, don't put yourself in harm's way. There are people that do that for a living."

Thank goodness that was over. The three of them were really into me. At least Kathy was at my defense.

As we assembled in the big library lounge, we began deciding how we would proceed from this point. It was decided that Chuck's boat would leave tomorrow, and Michael and Chandra would leave the day after. They would probably pass us in two or three days, since they would be traveling about ten knots faster than the big sailboat.

We all enjoyed some liquid libation and celebrated our longevity and existence. It took a few good scotches to get this accomplished. Before I could get totally blitzed, my ladies led me off to bed. They were more interested in getting me away from the bar than anything else.

In bed, their attention made me feel like a king. Mickey was held apart and given some first class attention, along with a thorough thumping by yours truly. The other ladies demanded some equal treatment, so by the time I had worked through my lovelies, I was totally sober and totally worn out.

I woke before five to sweet kisses from Mercy and Mickey. The two were giggling while teasing and kissing me. It was very early when we all got up, showered, dressed, and attacked the kids to get them going. When you have so many, it can be a chore to get them all dressed and herded toward an early breakfast.

While the kids ate as a group, some of the men gathered in Mac's atrium to enjoy an early morning Bloody Mary. We were all excited about getting back on the water. Mac toasted us men and wished us good winds.

The ladies were already repacked, so after eating, all of the luggage began appearing out at the bus. You could tell we all wanted to get back on the water by how fast the loading was going. Everyone spent a few minutes hugging, shaking hands, and wishing each other a safe and happy trip.

Just a little later, we were carting the luggage to the boat to be taken to the various rooms. There was an air of excitement in getting ready to depart. I was standing on the deck, looking toward the area where our plant was, and felt a little disappointed that I didn't get a chance to spend more time there. I would have to make sure I came back soon to look over the expanded big lift repair area.

While we were loading, a redheaded lady came up to me and said, "I recognize you from a few days ago. You and your crew helped get my boat back to me. There aren't enough words to thank you for your help."

"It was our pleasure, Ma'am. I'm glad we could help."

While I spoke with the woman, my ladies, and some of Chuck's, began coming over to the lady and me to see what was up. You know how curious women are.

I turned to the ladies and said, "This is the woman from the boat that had those Irish Republican pirates on it. She's out early today like we are."

Sue immediately went to her and gave her a hug, saying, "I'm so glad you and your children were not harmed. Had we known you were on board like that, we might have been a little less destructive. I'm sorry we messed your boat up so badly."

The lady said, "Let me introduce myself. I'm Coleen Murphy. Those two kids over on the boat are Sean and Tara. As you can see, the boat looks as good as new. Several good boatmen who know us, helped me to get my boat in shape so I can do the coastal tours that bring in money. The cash I took from the fish bait was enough to cover the repairs. We are back in business now and have an early cruise this morning."

She smiled at all of us, lighting up the morning, "I'm just grateful to have run into to all of you. I saw how the women on your boat were holding weapons when the firing stopped. When you began shooting, I went to floor to stay out of the line of fire. You made short work of those cutthroats, a fitting end to them."

When I looked at her boat, the large dark green letters that said the "Green Four" told me it was the same boat. Thinking of what might have happened when she docked, I asked, "Was there an inquiry? How did you explain the damage on your boat?"

"I told the truth. When a constable came to discuss the bodies they found, they asked me what happened. I told them a crew from a large sailboat defended their boat and offed those jackals. Some of those men were apparently wanted by the authorities for pirating, so there really wasn't any problem. I'm just glad they decided to go after your boat. Who would believe that a boat load of women could take care of a problem so fast?"

Julie had walked up and said, "We women are a dangerous crew. We will protect our families at any cost. I'm sure you know the feeling."

Colleen nodded, "That I do m'lady, I would have died to keep those bastards from harming my kids."

I told the redhead, "We're about to sail for Italy. If you would like, let the ladies give you a quick tour of our boat while we finish loading. We're very proud of it. That guy up at the wheel owns this one, and was instrumental in organizing our defense when your boat came into play. Say hi to him. His name is Chuck."

The lady called her two kids and went with Julie, Juanita, and Mercy to say thank you to Chuck and to tour the boat.

Chuck had the outdoor helm open even though it was cold and windy. He said, "I want to get us out of the harbor first and heading out to sea. I'll go in then, but it's too important to be able to see and hear from here while we get going."

When Colleen and her kids came from the big salon on deck, she was saying, "Now I know how the other half lives. You Yanks sure know how to live. It looks like you have a full boat, though. Your craft is big enough for all of them, and I'll bet you have a lot of fun."

Chuck had joined everyone and said, "We have a great time, sailing, visiting, and entertaining each other."

Colleen said, "I noticed a lot of musical instruments stacked up to be taken below. Are you an orchestra?"

Lisa, who was next to Chuck, laughed, "I suppose you could say that. The kids are all learning to play various instruments and we all practice and play some popular music. We do have a good time."

Colleen sighed, "Ah, but to be able to take some time to just be carefree. We would all enjoy that. I know the kids would love to learn to play an instrument, especially the guitar or piano."

Brandy was standing very close to the beautiful redhead and said, "I'm sure if you wanted to join us on our trip to Italy and the Riviera, there is more than enough room for you. I'm sure you would fit in very nicely with everyone."

Colleen became flustered, "Oh my, what a proposition. I swear, if I knew the whole bunch of you better, I would take you up on it. Come back and visit with me so we can get to know each other, and we'll take a ride on your magnificent sailing craft."

The lady and her kids were given hugs by all of the women on deck before they walked down the gangplank to go to their own boat.

Everyone went back to loading luggage and more instruments. Bonita was being protective of her violin case and immediately took it to her quarters.

The timing was perfect and we were leaving right at eight in the morning. Mercy, Sue, Lisa, and Kathy were at the four lines holding us to the dock. Chuck hollered to pull the lines and when all reported back, I felt the transmission shift into gear and the boat begin to move. We slowly made our way out of the yacht club basin, heading out of the harbor area. We soon were in the channel leading toward the open sea.

When we were able to raise sail, there was a good southeasterly wind that was good to go south southwest around Portugal, toward Gibraltar on the southern tip of Spain. If the wind held, we should make Gibraltar in less than five days. From there it would be about three to four days to Italy.


I stayed at the outdoor helm until we cleared the channel, and when we hoisted the sail, I switched to the warm main helm in the front of the salon. All of the monitors were reporting water traffic, with the long-range radar looking for weather. We had the satellite weather service on a TV monitor and the navigation monitor tracking and projecting our course south. We were on our way.

My watch at the helm was until noon. While I was checking the instruments, Wanda and Jan came to visit and keep me company. Jan was fascinated by all the instrumentation. She commented, "This has almost as many instruments, gauges, and switches as one of your jets. How did you learn all of this? Did it take a long time?"

I smiled, "Not as long as you would think. All of Steve's ladies are qualified captains. Mine are ready to take their exams as soon as we get back to the US. If you want to learn, just stay up here with any of us and we'll get you started. There is some reading and studying involved, but you can learn to sail and navigate just like the rest of us."

Dewey was sitting nearby and said, "I taught Steve and Sue. They became sailing addicts on my boat and Chuck became enamored with sailing from Steve. So, you see, we all just pass on the excitement and the knowledge. If you want to learn, join some of Chuck's ladies while I'm on watch. You need to try to stand watch at all hours of the day and night to give you an idea of the nuances of sailing."

I mentioned, "It looks like we'll be hitting a little weather in about twenty-four hours when we pass that front. They have small craft advisories out for the coast of Portugal, but we should be fine. They're only predicting seas up to eight feet."

Frieda had come up from below and said to the girls, "On the way over, we had some weather that had waves of over twenty feet. The waves would break over the bow and come all the way back to wash down the windows of the salon."

Dewey, Jan, and Frieda were involved in the discussion and had migrated to the bar, leaving Wanda and me alone. Wanda asked, "Do you think the incident in Dublin will be the end of it?"

I smiled at her, "Who knows. It all depends on whether some of Martinelli's relatives think I'm worth pursuing. If they are underworld characters and do business in the states, they might. If they are just average folks, I'm sure they aren't too surprised by old man Martinelli being arrested. The Martinelli in Costa Rica is not officially dead yet. He's just missing, the same as his men."

Wanda said, "You did get off on the wrong foot by putting Poppa and all his associates out of business. Although I wasn't there when it happened, the guys at the station all believe you made a hell of an impression on the mob community. You even came back from the dead to help bring down that organization. As time passes, your rep gets spread and embellished. That's why you need to keep a low profile. Stay off the radar. I think John is about ready to put you on a very long leave of absence to get you out of any spotlights. You know, out of sight, out of mind."

"I'll tell you, Wanda," as I looked around at the others talking, "I won't put up with anyone harming any of my people. All of you are too important to me. Anyone comes after you guys, I'll finish it. My people will not be in danger."

Wanda smiled, "I know, everyone on this boat knows. You and Lisa are probably two of the most deadly people I know, and I've known some of the bright stars in the Marshal Service and the Bureau. I've known a bunch of Secret Service guys that are not even close to you two. I guess you're one of those guys now too, but I still consider you a Deputy Marshal."

"Maybe John's right. Perhaps I should take a leave and just work on helping Steve and taking care of getting the island in shape. I can't wait for you and John to come see it. You are going to be very impressed. I've not been able to spend a lot of time down there yet, but I will."

Wanda leaned back in her big chair, "Sounds like a plan. Take some time off and I'll take a leave with you. Now that you are so heavily involved with the air charter service, you probably need to pay attention to what's happening there. I know Steve pretty much shoved it all off on you, but you do have a good crew running the operation for you."

"That is a fact, Wanda. The people out at the airpark are a great bunch. They handle the everyday stuff easily. All of them want to fly more and they all want to fly the jets. The instruction part of the operation is going well and is bringing in some good bucks. I think it's crazy that I've learned to fly helicopters along with jets. I can't believe it was such a short time ago that I was wondering what I was going to do to earn a living when I was pushed out of the Marines. Now look at me; I've got it made with friends, a great job, a wonderful home, and great housemates."

Wanda laughed, "And money. You seem to stumble into more good luck and money than anyone I've ever heard of. Everything you touch turns to gold, whether it's for your friends or for yourself. And housemates? You don't have just housemates; you have a rather large harem. With ten or more women believing they belong to you, along with an older lady that idolizes you, you are well taken care of, my friend. Shoot, if not for John, I would be cued up to be number eleven or twelve, whichever it is."

I chuckled, "I do have quite a group, don't I? It looks like Lisa has become that special person in my life. She doesn't want exclusive rights though. She's just as fickle as the Fantasy Five."

Wanda elbowed me, "Don't let their proclivity to enjoy pussy make you think they aren't committed to you. I know, for a fact, that your Funny Five are very serious about being your women. They all want children and they all want you to be the dad. Then there is Tina, who is going to be a doctor one of these days, and she'll want to have a more committed lifestyle.

Meanwhile, your Fickle Five keep picking up more helpers. You have a couple of Asian beauties, along with a really choice Latino. Of course, you also have the giants at home, Lena and big Tina, to worry about, as well. Those sisters may have something to discuss with you when you get back."

All I could do was to shake my head in wonder. Wanda leaned over close to me and asked in very soft voice, "Just how much money do you have? Lisa said you just made a deal in Amsterdam worth millions. Julie said you set a pile of money aside in a trust for the island and the residents. I know you have the condo there, along with a big boat that you got from that gangster, but what about the stuff in Hawaii and Alaska. Steve said you now own the majority share of the charter service and that is no small amount. Give me hint, how much do you really have?"

I just stared at Wanda, "I don't know, Wanda. It changes. Ben invested the money I received from Rocky both times. Some of his investments more than doubled in value. They were risky capital ventures, but Ben seems to have a knack for finding successful risks. How much do I have? I have no idea. I know that every time I have an opportunity to do something like getting this boat, it turns out good. Every time I get involved in busting up some kind of bad guy scheme, I come out ahead. You know I don't spend a lot of money personally, except for the house, but that is really paying for itself with everyone paying me rent. You handle that for me, I don't even have any idea of how that's working out."

Wanda was sitting back again and said softly, "You are amazing, Chuck. You stumble along, helping others, and come out with more than when you started. This has been going on since you got out of service, right? You went to work for the employment people who bought you all those nice clothes that you started with. You found a lady who helped you buy the best for less than a quarter on the dollar. Next, the Marshal's Service hijacks you. You get together with Bobby, who leaves you for an idiot, and instead of you going to pieces, the idiot gets to pay you. He tries to hurt you again and you get a whole lot more for your trouble. From there, who knows? You've made something off that gangster in Costa Rica, along with the boat. Who knows how much that was? You picked up some cash somewhere else, though. I don't know for what, how much, or from where, but you've been able to put together some big deals."

"Like I said Wanda, Ben Phillips is one hell of an investor."

As if by magic, Ben came from below with Beth on his arm. He came over to me and said, "You're gonna shit when I tell you about the investment I made for you."

I looked over at Wanda, "See what I mean?"

Ben looked puzzled, but continued, "There was another Mexican oil deal that needed funding. These are the same people that we're still involved with in that gold mine deal. Anyway, they needed exactly what you had available, and I put it all in, thinking I'd split the risk with you. I never got a chance to give half of it back to you. The deal blew up. It blew up in a good way and we were able to sell out to International Petroleum for over eight times the investment. How about that, I used your money for less than a week and made you eight times what you invested."

"You should get half of the profit, Ben. You were going to stand for the loss if it turned out that way, weren't you?"

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