Steve and Chuck Go Sailing
Chapter 7

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Steve and Chuck sail off to to Europe with their families for business and pleasure. This story will be better understood if you have read the other stories within Florida Friends.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  


We had dropped sail and started our engines before we entered the harbor area of Dublin Bay. It was only about 8:30 local time as we motored toward the yacht club where we were to dock. Everyone on board rushed to the port side of the boat to point and exclaim at a large sign on top of some buildings on shore. The large S&S Enterprises sign looked pretty good to me.

Dewey said, "Kind of neat to see your company here, isn't it?"

"Sure is, Dewey, the building nearest us is the super-lift rebuild and cart plant. We're closing the cart plant to expand the rebuild area. All the cart plant equipment will be sent to Germany for the expanded operation there. The building behind is where we build the regular forklifts."

Dewey smiled, "I didn't know you were making this a business trip too. I was hoping you might go up to the Netherlands with me for a day."

I answered, "I probably should be able to go with you, Dewey. I only need to check on the people here and in Germany. I won't need to stay. You have some things to do in London and Paris, so you do those while I take care of here and Germany, then we can go see your people in the Netherlands afterward."

Pulling my cell phone out, I could see I had coverage, so I called Mac's cell. "Hey Mac, we're just passing the S&S plant right now. It's your guess as to when we'll reach the yacht club."

Mac said, "I'll have the club send their welcome boat out to guide you into your berth. You'll be berthed next to the kids' boat. There is a large welcoming committee to greet you. I think everyone in the house, including the cook and chambermaids, are here to meet you. It looks like a great many from your plants are here too. We'll see you in a few minutes."

I looked at Dewey, "You're going to really like these folks. You remember the young couple is a little off the wall, but Mac and his wife are good people. You'll also like Mac's man, Brutus. He may be a domestic, but I can tell you, he is more than he appears to be, and he and Mac are real friends."

Dewey laughed, "You don't know any normal people, do you?"

Sue was standing with us and elbowed Dewey, "What do you mean normal people? You're normal; Chuck's normal, right? We know lots of normal people."

Dewey just rolled his eyes as Sheila and Sheena snuggled against him,


There was a lot of ferry traffic coming out of and going into the channel where the ferries docked. That was the least expensive way for folks to travel back and forth to the United Kingdom from Ireland. The kids were all out on the deck with binoculars, checking out the people on the decks of the big boats.

A small boat flying the Irish flag came out to meet us. Over our radio, we heard them hailing us to follow them into our berth at the yacht club. When we reached the yacht basin and were shown our berth, I slowly turned the Lucky Lady, and even slower, began easing her into the berth, stern first.

There were several attendants ready to catch our lines as we settled next to the long broad floating walkway between the Irish Bell and the Lucky Lady. There was a bunch of people milling around on the dock in anticipation of our arrival. I recognized Wanda and John, Jan and Don, and Marie and Dennis first. I could see Mac and Brutus standing with Mac's wife, Lorna. Next to them was Michael, Chandra, Lucille, Margaret, and Serene, and their kids, the twins, Cory and Corinne, the boy from Lucille, Sean, and the boy from Margaret, Mike. There were also several of the people from our rebuild and lift manufacturing plant waving at us.

As soon as Chuck put the gangplank in place, customs officers came aboard to clear us into the country. After a brief inspection of the boat and a review of our boat documentation and our passports, the officers welcomed us to Ireland. The officer waved at his cohorts on shore to let the people waiting on the dock come aboard.

The people from the dock flooded the deck of the Lucky Lady. Chuck was busily trying to introduce his folks to Michael and his family, while being introduced to Mackenzie, Lorna, and Brutus.

I noticed Mackenzie spent a few minutes with the customs officials. Probably thanking them for their speedy inspection. I'm sure it helped that S&S is a big employer in the area.

It took a half-hour before everyone had been introduced to each other. Mac announced that he had hired a large bus to take us all to his home. He had also hired a large package van to haul our luggage to the house.

The kids were crowding around Chuck and Lisa, then scattered below deck.
My ladies had prepared everyone to have their bags packed, knowing we would be staying with Mac and family. When the kids began reappearing, they were carrying their guitar cases. Bonita had her guitar case, her violin case, and a backpack. I asked, "Bonita, what's in your backpack?"

Bonita said, "All of my music. I have some CDs of our fake books too, but most of it is my music."

Greg spoke to Bonita and was soon carrying both his and Bonita's guitars. Chuck told me, "Brutus said he would wait with me and take me to the house when I'm done shutting down the boat. I want to wrap the sails and cover the salons. The yacht club said their people would scrub our decks for us, so that'll be done. This won't take long. You go ahead and get settled."

I noticed Lisa, Taiying, and Sing stayed with Chuck to help him close the boat. He had all the help he would need.

With all the family on the big bus, we left for what I considered a castle. It was just a huge stone home that had the general appearance of a castle, but wasn't really one. It didn't have a moat, drawbridge, or battlements, but it did have a couple of towers with windows that looked out on the land surrounding the home.

As soon as the bus parked in front of the huge rock home, several people came to the bus and package van to help the people out of the bus and unload the luggage. Dewey and I followed everyone inside and were immediately ushered into Mac's favorite garden area to be served a drink. Mac, Lorna, and Michael held up their glasses to us while Mac said, "It is such a great pleasure to have you in our home again, Steve. To you, Dewey, and your families."

We all took a drink and I said, "Thank you for welcoming all of us into your home. Your hospitality is very heartwarming."

Lorna said, "When your friend, Mr. Johnson gets here, we'll do this again. Michael, you might want to get Chandra, Lucille, Margaret, and Serene in here for our toast, as well. It will mean even more with them here."

Michael left, while the rest of us sat on some chairs out in this beautiful garden atrium.

Mac said, "Your businesses have been a boon to our economy, Steve. I have a proposition for Sue and will speak with the two of you about it. You know, if you want, you two can be even bigger employers here in Ireland. I think you'll like what the Irish people are proposing."

How do you respond to something like that? Whatever he was proposing had to do with Quality Wear, and Sue felt she was pretty maxed out right now. Hopefully, the locals had a good plan that would make it possible to work with them.

We chatted for a while before Michael showed up with all of his women. My ladies, and all of Chuck's, accompanied him. The garden sitting area, although very expansive, was getting crowded. Introductions were made again to help everyone remember who each person, and what their relationship, was. When all of the names were given a few times again, Lorna said with a big smile, "Mac, my husband, I suppose I should find a couple of more women to tend to you. I feel very strange being an only wife among these folks who have multiple partners."

Mac pulled Lorna from her feet onto his lap. After her screech, Mac said, "I'm a very happy man to have you for my wonderful wife. I think you are all I could want."

There was some gentle applause by everyone else in the area as the older couple kissed. Chandra looked on with a big smile.

Chuck, Brutus, Lisa, Taiying, and Sing came into the garden area. Brutus went to a tray and handed the newcomers a glass and took one himself. Magically, several ladies in domestic clothing handed all the others a glass containing an amber liquid. Brutus raised his glass and said, "As the spokesman for Mac and Lorna, welcome to our home. We are very excited to have all of you. The excitement you bring us is wonderful and welcome. Enjoy your stay."

The crystal flutes contained delicate champagne. I noticed that three of Michael's ladies, three of Chuck's, and one of mine, Mickey, didn't take more than a small sip from their glass. They were all watching out for their belly baggage.

As if there was a silent command, almost everyone left the area. Only Mac, Brutus, Chuck, Dewey, and I were left. We drew our chairs to a table and settled down for a more comfortable conversation. We had not been talking long before Bonita and Michael's Cory came into the garden. Bonita whispered something into Chuck's ear and was grinning at him.

Chuck stood, "It seems my presence is needed by the children. They want to show me something. Please excuse me."

Chuck left, with the two kids pulling him to hurry.

Mac said, "Remember how quiet this place was when you were here before. I'm sure you remember how silent it was almost everywhere you went. Now it's different, noisy, fun, happy, full of life, and soon it will be even more so. With all three of Michael's and Chandra's ladies preparing to bear us more grandchildren, this place will become a haven of happy sounds. I think when they are gone with you to Italy and the Riviera, Lorna and I will be very lonely. We've almost decided to travel with you."

"You should, Mac. If your boat doesn't have the room, ours, or rather Chuck's does. We would love to have you with us." I hoped I was as sincere as I meant to be. It would be neat to have this man travel with us.

Michael had come into the garden area and sat with us. "Dad, Chandra and I have asked you many times to come with us. Please come with us. That huge boat you gave us for a wedding present can hold many, many more than we ever carry. You need to get your sea legs anyway, as you and Lorna are planning to sail with us to Florida after the babies are born."

Mac said, "Speaking of babies, you made a great selection to sire your offspring. Chuck looks enough like you to almost be your twin."

Michael smiled, "It is uncanny, isn't it? And the man is of good character. You've heard all of the tales of his deeds. I'm told he has been through a great deal more since his return from Hawaii."

Mac looked at me, "You don't think Mike and Chandra are strange, do you, Steve? They wanted more children, and with the addition of the lovely Serene, Michael needed some help. He was a little quick to have a snip job, and discovered his couldn't be reversed. We'll probably have to borrow your friend for Serene in the future, as she's told all of us she wants several children. Chandra and Mike want more too. What do you think, Mike, are Lucille and Margaret done after this go around?"

Michael laughed, "For babies, yes; but from the way they speak of Chuck, I think they would like to simulate the making of more."

"My children are so naughty," Mac laughed. "Lorna and I raised a quiet, gentle daughter who has become a worldly lady after marrying what I thought would be a calm, gentle, husband. I don't think Michael encourages her, as Chandra has become a beautiful temptress all on her own."

Michael was staring at his drink, "She is a wonderful wife, Mac. I'm lucky to be her chosen man. She is a little wild, but nothing is wrong with having a torrid woman at home."

Brutus got up and excused himself.

Mac said, "Brutus has assumed a new role in our home. He still considers himself a domestic, but let me assure you, I do not let him chase after anyone or me. He is in charge of the home and the personnel. He rules over the home with a firm hand, but makes the others lives very enjoyable."

Mac sipped his whiskey and added, "Since you've begun doing business with us here in Ireland, Steve, my own business has prospered. You have brought luck to me, as well as to Ireland. You've allowed me to have more than I deserve in this life."

Michael said, "That you hired me to oversee many areas within your company was what I needed to become more of the man I had always wanted to be. I've learned to bring people together for a common goal. I've learned to strive for the perfection S&S has demonstrated. And now Mac is using me more and more to help him in his operations."

I nodded, "I'm glad to know you've been able to work toward keeping the business flowing here. I'm sure you are a big reason we're expanding our rebuild plant and relocating the cart plant."

Lamenting, Michael added, "I wish you didn't have to move the cart plant. I think Ireland could have supplied the labor to keep both operations going. I do realize the economy is slow enough to keep the plant sizes about what they are." With a sigh, Michael said, "It's always difficult to hear of losing a plant to another European country, especially Germany."

I told the others, "We'll watch the demand. If there is sufficient demand, we'll build another cart plant here. We may have something new to begin building here. We are working very hard to develop wind turbine electric generators. Our goal is to reduce the size of the turbine and to build a more efficient generator. We've accomplished a lot toward our goals, but I think we can do more. Right now, our generators can be run by steam, water, wind, or fuels. Michael, if you want to know more about our successes, talk to Dennis. He's one of the R&D engineers who is close to the projects."

Mac said, "You must bring one or some of your wind turbines here for me to test for you. Electricity is one of our larger costs here at home. With the welcoming of more people, we use more electricity and a lot more hot water."

I told them, "We're working on efficient battery operated vehicles too. We want to break the hundred mile barrier. If we can store power for a three or four hundred mile range, an electric car can be the answer to high fuel costs."

Mac laughed, "If you think you pay too much for gasoline, think about us. We pay almost as much per liter as you do a gallon. Let's see, doing the conversion, we pay about nine twenty-five a gallon. You build me an affordable electric car with some range and I'll buy it."

I told them, "I don't want to be the manufacturer of the electric car, I just want to sell our technology to the big 3 or 4. If we can develop better energy efficient electric motors and battery storage, we will have accomplished one of our goals. The other goal is to capture energy from the wind and store it for our use."

Michael said, "I'm with you, Steve. Develop what you can and let us build it for the European market. If the luck of the Irish is green, then let green energy be the luck of the Irish."

Mac laughed, "Good one, Mike. I'm betting on S&S helping us out even more."

Michael asked, "What's this about all the kids on your boat playing music?"

"It's Chuck's boat, Michael," I said. "This boat is all his. He bought and paid for it, modified it, and has learned to captain it to sail over here. Chuck and his family are all becoming proficient sailors and also learning to captain the boat."

Michael asked again, "Okay, so what about the kids playing music?"

I smiled, "This is a continuation of our Hawaiian trip, when Chuck began teaching the kids guitar and some piano. I remember that Serene helped with the project, as well. Some of the kids have become more talented since then, and on the trip over; Chuck and Lisa began working with them to play as a group. They sound pretty good too."

Michael said to Mac, "You won't believe how talented Chuck is. The girl with him, Lisa, came to Hawaii with some other musicians for Chuck's birthday. The music they played was very professional. Those two are really good." Michael said to me, "Perhaps we can have all the kids give a performance."

Mac said, "We've remodeled the lower children's area so they have a place for their guitars, as well as a piano and a couple of keyboards. Corinne has been taking violin lessons for a couple of months. I hope she continues with the guitar and piano, as she has progressed very well. Serene has become a very popular instructor for all of the instruments here. Michael and Chandra chose well when they made her part of the family."

I told the others, "I'd bet that's where Chuck is right now. Everything Bonita gets excited about has something to do with music. She does enjoy riding her dirt bike and likes to play ball, but music is what she really loves."

Mac said, "It's getting close to the evening meal. Why don't we all wash up and meet with our womenfolk in the big lounge, what you call a family room."

Michael said, "Let me show you where your rooms are. We've put you two on the third floor, and Chuck and his family on the fourth floor. The three couples that flew over are also on the third floor. The fourth floor is a little smaller, but fits Chuck's family very well."

We were led to a hidden elevator. Mike said, "You can use the stairs, but this is faster. Even with the car on another floor, it is still very responsive. Chandra had to use it for a while after she gave birth to Cory and Corinne. She had a hell of a time giving birth. Mac was glad he had the elevator then."

The third floor was as enormous as the floors below. I think half the trailer park could have been housed on the floor. The door to Dewey's suite was across from the door where my family was to be housed. When we walked into the suite, we were in a sitting area, complete with two couches, several big chairs, tables, and a large TV. Going off this room were several doors that were all open. Sue came from one of the rooms, gave me a quick kiss, and said, "I think I have the kids unpacked. Glenda, Mom, Barb, Kathy, and Juanita helped out. Mercy and Missy were shanghaied into demonstrating their mental talents to Lorna and the household staff. They have a maid who has some of these same abilities and want her to learn to use them more."

Dewey had diverted to his suite, but came into ours with Sheila and Sheena. Sheila said, "Whew, that's done. All the clothes are hung and put away. Lucille sent a maid up to help. How do you handle so many kids? You always seem so relaxed and organized."

Kathy answered, "Easy, there are five of us to take care of the kids, so it really isn't a big deal. We also have Glenda, and usually, Beth, hanging around. There are only ten younger kids. Barb is really like another of us, helping to get things done when we need her."

Barb was standing with her hip cocked to the side and her hands on her hips, "Perfect, I get all of the wifely responsibilities without any of the benefits. If I'm going to be a surrogate mom around here, I expect some of the good stuff too."

Kathy laughed, "As if you were excluded from the hot tub fun the other night."

Barb's face flushed, "Well, we were all together. With both Steve and Chuck there, it was an opportunity, you know."

That caused the moms and mature women to all laugh heartily. Beth said, "We do love those hot tubs, don't we?"

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