Glory Hole

by Anne N. Mouse

Copyright© 2011 by Anne N. Mouse

Erotica Sex Story: A short violent story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Snuff   Black Male   White Male   Oral Sex   Caution   Prostitution   .

Jamison P. Mathias called The Chicken Ranch and asked if Jade was available. Madam Vera said that yes she would be in her usual location. "Why can't I get more than a blowjob from that ho?" JP as he was known to most people asked.

"Our girls choose how and where they work," was Madam Vera's short answer.

"Still I'll pay extra to fuck that ho. If she fucks like she sucks it would be worth a lot to me. I'll pay double the regular price for any of your other girls," JP said hoping to add incentive.

"I'll ask but I'm certain that the answer will be no. In fact as usual she won't come out of the booth," Madam Vera stated firmly.

"Fine I'll be there in an hour. But that ho better think, I might just decide to buy your house to get her in my bed," JP threatened.

When she got off the phone Vera called her accountant into her office and said, "John I should have never allowed you into that booth. JP Mathias is asking for Jade in his bed. And to be honest if he finds out that you're Jade I think he will kill you."

"Vera, If I wasn't addicted to the money I can make giving blow jobs I'd still do them 'cause I discovered I love to suck cocks. Doing them here in your glory hole is the safest I can be and still take as many cocks as I want," John said. He looked at the hard faced woman and knew that he would have to say more so he added, "Maybe if I hadn't been so desperate when you first had an opening in the glory hole I would never have overcome my caution to try what I'd been curious about ever since I was about 11 years old."

"Still I don't want your murder on my hands."

"This is my choice Vera; I know that it is dangerous. Now let me get myself together so that pig doesn't see me going into the glory hole."

Madam Vera frowned and said, "one of my friends with the city police says he's under investigation in the killing of a transvestite working the streets. I don't think he knows about you but some of the girls are saying he's offering them money to get information on Jade," she looked into John's eyes and still saw nothing but resolution so she waved the slight young man on to get ready. He really looked more effeminate every time he showed up asking for a few hours in the glory hole at the chicken ranch. She didn't often let herself get emotionally involved with her employees but for some reason John had captured her heart strings.

John slipped into the glory hole making sure that the door was locked then stripped. He laid out a large bath sheet towel over the foam pad that made kneeling in the small space less uncomfortable and arranged his other items on the small shelf that put them near at hand, a shallow dish received a dollop of vegetable oil some of which he slathered on his lips to make sure that they were as soft and sensuous as possible.

A short while later eight inches of black cock was shoved through the hole in the wall in front of his face. "Suck this bitch!" a rough voice that John recognized as JP growled.

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