The Fantasy Story (By Amara-Rau-Story and Hungry Guy)

by Hungry Guy

Copyright© 2011 by Hungry Guy

BDSM Sex Story: Story co-written by Hungry Guy and Amara-Rau-Story. Celina seeks a mistress to face-sit and smother her, but the mistress she finds keeps her permanently against her will, and has other uses in mind that Celina finds disgusting.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Slavery   Lesbian   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Black Female   White Female   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Scatology   Spitting   BBW   Caution   .

For the last five years, Celina had tried every method she knew to try and make her fantasies come true. She posted adult personal ads on Craig's List, Collar Me and Fet Life, advertising herself as a trample slut, and answered as many. Her fantasy was to be smothered for prolonged periods under the voluptuous ass of a heavy woman who would use her many pounds of beauty to trample her. Celina didn't care how nasty the Mistress was because she wanted to be used and ultimately humiliated. Over the years, the few who answered her ad had lost interest in using someone as a mere object. Those whose ads Celina answered, likewise, wanted more out of a D/s relationship than merely to "own" an objectified person. Just as Celina was about to give up due to no responses, she received an email via Collar Me.

To: Celina

From: Mistress_D

Hello slut. I am responding to your request for a BBW

Mistress. I will allow you the privilege to show me

what you have and worship me. I'm a heavy black female.

Reply immediately like a good skank and we will set up

a meeting.

Celina's excitement grew and her heat became wet as she read Mistress D's email and she viewed the photo attached to the email. Celina found herself excited that the Mistress was black. She appeared taller than Celina, dark cocoa colored skin, soft brown eyes and very large curves. She estimated the woman to be about two hundred fifty pounds. With thoughts of what was to be in her future, she responded to the strong Mistress.

To: Mistress_D

From: Celina

Slut thanks you ever so much for your time and the

graces to allow her to pleasure you. Slut will ask

for nothing else other than for you to smother and

trample her.

They exchanged a few more emails about safety and signals, and a meeting time was agreed upon. They decided to meet at the Mistress' home as she commanded that it is her new slut's job to come to her. So, Celina drove right over without hesitation. Pulling into the paved driveway, she found herself before a large modern McMansion with ornate trim. Stepping out of her car, Celina and made her way to the double entry door. She rang the bell and waited.

As the door opened, a wave of heat accompanied by the unique smell of cocoa butter, leather and spiciness filled her nostrils. In front of her stood a black woman in a blue silk blouse and tight fitted dark jeans. Mistress D gestured Celina inside with a sinister grin.

Celina stood motionless in the large entry foyer motionless, not even moving her eyes from the floor inches from Mistress D's feet, not wanting to give the wrong impression. The dominant female gazed at her, looking her over and in an instant, she snapped her fingers. Almost as if possessed by that snap, Celina dropped to her knees and knelt at Mistress D's feet. She let out a cackling laugh and said, "Well, quite the submissive bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress," said Celina in a soft tone.

"And who told you to speak slut?" the Mistress bellowed as she grabbed Celina by her hair, jerking her head back. Celina winced but keeps quiet. Mistress D released her grip and shoved the girl onto her hands and knees and pushed her towards the living room. Quickly, Celina moved by crawling on her hands and knees. Once in the living room, she kneeled down near the couch awaiting further instruction. "Undress now. No little slut is worthy of clothing," said Mistress D.

Knowing she was not to speak, Celina first pulled off her red dress shirt up over her head, laid it on the glossy marble floor, then she sat on the floor and removed her white sneakers, placed them on top of her shirt and lifted her butt up a few inches to pull her jeans down. She sat back down on the cold stone, finished taking her pants off and placed them in the pile as well. Once finished undressing, she returned to the kneeling position.

"So you want to be smothered by all this?" Mistress D cooed as she ran her hands up and down her body. "Speak, slut!"

"Yes Mistress," said Celina.

"Well, I am going to let you but know that you deserve no comfort and you will do as I say when I say. Follow me."

Celina followed Mistress D through the large home and into an intimate room paneled in warm wood and plush carpeting. "Get on your back in the middle of the room now!"

Celina crawled over and laid down, the carpet somewhat itchy against her bare flesh. She kept her arms glued to her sides and her legs out straight. Mistress D smiled happily and pointed with a single word and finger, "Stay!" and walked out of the room. Celina stayed still, as she had no idea if she was being watched or not but her mind raced of what her Mistress was up to.

Moments later, Mistress D returned wearing bright red leather stilettos and carrying a plate full of chicken wings, fries, baked beans and a large slice of yellow cake. Celina was confused but said nothing. Mistress D placed the full plate next to Celina's head and stood with her feet beside both of Celina's hips. Without warning, she stepped onto Celina's crotch, driving the heel of the stiletto into her clitoral hood. Celina's body tensed at the feeling but she tried her best not to make any reaction. More pressure was added, the toes of the boot now dug into her pelvic mound and a small yelp of pain escaped her lips.

Mistress D laughed and said, "Well you do seem to handle pain fairly well. I hope your body can withstand anything I dish out to you. As you can see, slut, I brought food with me as it is lunch time and I do not want to have to get up while I'm sitting on that pretty little face of yours."

Mistress D walked away from Celina and rolled out a low platform about 6 inches high and as wide, and about 5 feet long. "Lay on that!" said Mistress D.

As Celina did so, Mistress D produced a few lengths of cotton rope. She tied Celina's wrists and ankles to eyebolts on the sides of the platform. She then grabbed the remote for the TV from on top of the coffee table and straddled Celina's head. Celina gazed up in amazement as the Mistress' ass seems to block her view of anything else in the room. Celina took in a few long breaths and prepared herself to be smothered. Not even saying a word, the Mistress lowered herself onto Celina's face, spreading her cheeks first and then releasing as Celina's entire face is deep within her ass. Mistress D sighed softly and wiggled a little. She locked her thighs around Celina's head, turned on the TV and picked up her plate of food to eat lunch. Celina could see nothing but darkness and the weight of the Mistress made it very difficult to breathe. She could only hear the muffled sounds of the television and only felt movement from the Mistress either when she lifted her ass a few inches to let air in or to eat some more food. Her pussy made the experience intense with heat through her pants and the smell a very strong musk, making Celina want to gag a little. This feeling did not last very long as Mistress D did allow her some fresh air every 2 minutes. As time passed, she felt the moisture soak through the tight pants and yet a firm grip was kept. Celina's heart raced and she felt like she would die until the finally, the Mistress rose up and peered down at her.

"All right little slut, sit up, take my plate into the kitchen and come right back," she said as she untied Celina's wrists and ankles and pointed toward the direction of the kitchen. Celina was completely out of breath and struggled to get going but then she remembered she must always be pleasing so she takes a few long breaths through her nose, takes the plate and puts it onto her back, making her way slowly by crawling to the kitchen. In the kitchen, she knelt up slightly with the plate in her hand and placed it carefully into the dishwasher.

Crawling back into the other room, Celina knelt back in the spot where she had been laying, serving as a seat for her Mistress. Keeping her bright green hues cast down to the floor, she listened carefully as Mistress D gave her the next instructions. She was told to get dressed and get home. Once home, she was to practice holding her breath by weighing pillows and blankets over her head for as long as she can. She was also told when she takes a shower, to sit in the tub with her mouth open wide to see how much of the water she can swallow before either chocking or spitting any out. Though Celina was unsure the purpose of these instructions, she whispered "Yes Mistress" before leaning down to place careful, soft kisses on her new Mistress' boots. Mistress D smiled and caressed Celina's long, dark red hair before letting her leave. Celina smiled back sweetly and rushed to get dressed before walking out the door and driving home.

Once at home, Celina sighed heavily and pondered the experience she just had. Being very obedient, she wasted no time in doing as her Mistress' told her. She took off her jacket off first, hanging it on a hook by the door, then her shoes and socks and placed them on the mat by the door. She rushed to her bedroom with excitement, peeling off the rest of her clothing and tossed them into the laundry basket. She stood at the foot of her queen sized bed for a moment, thinking and looking over her pillows and blankets. Two pillows and one large quilt did not see like enough weight, especially in comparison to her Mistress so she made her way swiftly out into her living room. From her couch, she grabbed two of the cushions and threw them onto the bed. She grabbed two more heavy blankets from the linen closet and carried these with her back to the bedroom. She smiled to herself about what she was about to do, she crawled onto the bed and pulled all the cushions, blankets and pillows close enough to be within her reach.

She laid down in the center of the bed on her back and took in a deep breath before she pulled the first pillow over her face. The weight was like nothing and her breath continued to be at a normal pace. Cool air came to her face as she moved to place on of the cushions until all were balanced directly over her face and she turned her head towards the material. The air became limited, all was dark and her chest began to feel heavy as her lungs strained. She closed her eyes as she tried not to panic under the limited amount of oxygen but then she began to fantasize. She pictured that it was her Mistress' wet, pink pussy pressed against her nose and mouth. Reaching her hands between her legs to her heat, she rubbed two fingers quickly against her clit, feeling it harden and become sensitive to her touch. It took no time at all before she felt very hot, her hips bucked up and down on the bed and she knocked everything off her face onto the floor. As she laid there, she slowly removed her fingers from between her legs, her chest heaved up and down and she thought to herself to never touch herself during face sitting as it made the task really hard. After another minute or two, she rose off her bed and headed into her bathroom. She figured that now that she had an orgasm, it was time for a shower and to move on to the second instruction her Mistress gave her. She bent down to turn on the water, turning both knobs until the temperature was just right before turning to shower mode. Stepping inside, she tilted her head back towards the streaming water letting her hair get soaked and her body become completely moist. Once all wet, she first washed her hair and then her body. After rinsing off, she thought of how ultimate her next task would be if the water was as hot as she could stand. Getting on her knees on the floor of the tub, she leaned forward and turned the hot water up until she began to wince and she nudged the knob down just as a tad so she didn't burn herself or her throat. Being on her knees under the water, made her visualize her Mistress urinating on her. She felt a sudden rush of humiliation as the liquid streamed down her face and in her hair. Her heat pumped involuntarily with excitement. She lifted her head towards one shower stream that seemed to be the steadiest. She then opened her mouth wide, the water pouring into her mouth with a unique swishing sound. Her throat muscles contracted quickly as she did her best to swallow every drop and only after about fifteen seconds, she choked, spit up the remaining water and turned her head down. She was amazed how incredibly submissive it made her feel so she tried two more times, the length of her doing the task increasing. She then turned off the water, dried off and headed to bed for the evening.

Early the next morning, her phone rang. On the other end, her Mistress told her to prepare to stay with her for a week and to come over promptly. Celina packed clothing and personal items in her suitcase, finished getting ready and headed over to her Mistress' house, ready to tell Mistress D what a good slave she was last night. Upon entering her Mistress' home, Mistress D, took Celina's suitcase and snapped her fingers. Celina stepped forward enough for the door to be shut and then she dropped to her knees in her typical slave position. Mistress D put the large suit case in the closet, locked the door and turned back towards her slave.

"You know by now what I require of you right slut?"

"Yes, Mistress," said Celina.

"Then get to what is to be expected and then come kneel by my feet. Hurry!"

Quickly, Celina rushed to take off her clothing and shoes. She put them in a neat pile on the floor she scooted on the floor until she was merely inches in front of Mistress D's boots and in her kneeling position. Mistress D, lifted Celina's chin until her face was very close to her own and she spoke to her softly.

"Slut, open your eyes and look at me. I need you to understand what your life purpose is now. I brought you back here as you are not staying a week with me. You are to stay forever. You will do literally everything I tell you. You came to me wanting to be a stool and to be trampled on. I believe you are worth far less than anything else, so you will do those things. You will also be my toilet, a toy, slave and seat whenever I see fit. Even if that includes doing so for any of my friends, which in fact today, three of my lady friends are coming over for dinner and a get together party. I was nice the first time by douching and shaving for you but now you can be my douche. You are mine to do with what I please. You are just an object and you own nothing anymore, not even your name. I am going to place a collar around that pretty neck just so all can see you belong to me. Now you best stay there while I get your collar."

Celina's eyes widened at all she was being told and a few single tears streamed down her face as she listened to her fate. She did not want this at all.

Mistress D returned with a black leather collar about two inches wide and long enough to fit Celina's neck and a silver O ring in the center front. The Mistress, put it carefully around her slave's neck, pulling it tightly until snug against her flesh and putting a finger between the skin and material to make sure not to choke her. Celina stayed perfectly still as she heard a sudden clicking sound and she knew that her Mistress had just latched and locked the collar. She then attached two pairs of leather shackles and locked them around Celina's wrists and ankles.

Mistress D stepped back and smiled. Celina turned and bolted for the door, when a terrible pain stabbed her throat, wrists and ankles.

Celina turned and fell to the floor, withering in agony to see Mistress D holding a sort of remote control. "Slut," said Mistress D, "those are electric shock devices attached to your collar and shackles. And I only set the intensity to 5."

Waving the controller menacingly, she asked, "Shall I give you a taste of 10?"

"No Mistress!" pleaded Celina. "Please don't!"

"If you try to escape again, or disobey me at all, I will not hesitate to kill you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," sobbed Celina.

Without any notice, Mistress D attached a leash to Celina's collar and led her to the couch. She commanded her to take the cushions off the sofa and set them in the corner beside it. Celina was actually shocked by what she saw. Instead of a flat surface under the cushions, there was a hole about the size of a person lengthwise in the center of the couch. Mistress D pointed and Celina crawled up into the sofa and laid down on her back. Saying nothing but waving, the Mistress put the cushions back on to the couch, covering her slut in total darkness. Moments seemed to last forever as Celina laid there alone until she heard a faint knocking on the door. Silence was broken by three other female voices other than Mistress D's. Sweet bubbly voice muffled behind the cushions and she had no idea what they were talking about. A few heavy footsteps got closer until they stopped very close to her. She suddenly realized what was about to happen and she wanted to cry but before she could even whimper, a large weight landed on her stomach, covering her naval and her pubic mound. She wanted to squirm to get comfortable but she was already pinned down. Next, another weight was on her stomach, pinching part of her breasts in an awkward position and lastly, a weight covered her enter head. She tried very hard to breath but there was no use. Sucking what air she could in through her mouth until she passed out under all the weight on her small body.

She was awaken by a hard slap across the face, making her jump and opened her eyes to a very bright light. She blinked a few times before remembering where she was and seeing four large black females standing above her. She couldn't make out how they looked and she was quickly dragged to her feet by one of them to the bathroom. She woke up even more as she had a sudden urge to pee, her body ached and she realized the one pulling her into the bathroom was her Mistress. Saying not a word, she was forced on her knees in front of the toilet. A long heavy chain was coiled around the base and the lose latch was hooked to Celina's collar. There was only about five or six inches of lag for Celina to move but she certainly could not go far. Mistress D opened a drawer near the sink and pulled out a long piece of white rope. With this, she pulled Celina's arms behind her and bound her wrists and arms tightly.

Mistress D spoke with sternness unlike before and told Celina, "Slut, you are a toilet for my guests and I tonight. I want the commode you are chained to spotless so you better think of a good way to get it cleaned. How about you show me what you are going to do to please me slut."

Celina leaned down to the rim, then gagged before her lips even touched the porcelain.

"Please mistress," begged Celina. "I can't to that. Please don't make me lick a toilet."

In an instant, Celina was writhing on the floor once again in total agony.

"That was level 7, slut," screeched Mistress D. Every act of disobedience will increase it another level. Level 10 will kill you."

Celina brought her lips against the porcelain and just before going to stick her tongue out to lick it, she asked very softly for permission to speak. She was granted a yes and she asked if she may pee before cleaning the toilet. Mistress D, sneered evilly and gestured wait, stuck her head out the door and in seconds, she had a clear wine glass in her hand.

"You can, but in this slut and drink every single drop."

Taking the glass, Celina held it around her heat and squatted nervously until a stream of golden nectar filled the glass half way. Jiggling her hips slightly, to make sure every drop was savored and she picked the glass up near her face. Taking a deep breath, she tilted the glass up to her lips and began to swallow. The liquid tasted like nothing at all going down her throat but once she finished the pee and she breathed in, the taste made her want to puke. Her eyes watered and the salty, bitterness was overwhelming. Mistress D must have taken notice of her reaction and she clasped a hand tightly around Celina's mouth and shook her head no. Taking her hand back off Celina's mouth, she pointed back to the toilet.

"Now that you have peed, get back to showing me how you plan to clean that, slut! And hurry it up, I have my guests waiting."

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