More Than I Bargained For

by Sly Dog

Copyright© 2011 by Sly Dog

Sex Story: A brother and sister story of plans gone wrong.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Brother   Sister   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Food   Pregnancy   Caution   .

Editor: Old Boy

My baby sister Lora had been a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember. I was 3 years older than her. I decided to get a little revenge when I was a junior and she was a freshman in the same high school. An opportunity came when our parents told us they were going out of town. They would be leaving Friday and not returning until Monday afternoon. So that Friday I decided to get some big guys from my class to scare her into leaving me alone. They were on the football team and thought it might be fun. Only it didn't go the way I had planned.

Lora and I were walking home together the way our parents had demanded because of the park that was between the school and our house. A lot of crime went down there and they hoped that I would be able to protect my sister. I would have if it wasn't me who set this up. Anyway we were walking by the park when 3 big guys in Clinton masks jumped out before us. One grabbed my sister and the other 2 grabbed me. They dragged us into a secluded portion of the park where no one could see us and they warned us not to scream. Once there I saw an old mattress lying on the ground. This wasn't part of the plan and I wondered what these guys were doing.

They dragged me over to the mattress telling me to strip. I started to protest when the one holding my sister pulled a knife and held it to her throat. Reluctantly I removed my clothes stopping when I was only wearing my briefs. When the guy holding my sister nicked her throat I knew exactly what he wanted and I removed my briefs. My sister Lora was crying as she felt the blood run down her neck. Apparently the knife was so sharp that she didn't even feel it cut her.

Then the guy holding my sister said, "Get on the mattress on your back, Walter." He made a motion to cut my sister again and so I laid down.

When I was on my back, one of the other guys pulled out a video camera and the other pulled a gun, and both were pointed at me. The guy holding my sister said, "If you take as long as your brother did Bitch, then he's going to get a bullet in one of his major joints. If you don't think we will do it just take your time stripping."

Even though Lora and I had our differences she didn't want to see any harm come to me. In less than 2 minutes she was naked, and added her clothes to the pile of my clothes. At 14 years old she was a knockout. I had never really appreciated how she had grown into a beautiful young woman. Being 17 myself, I couldn't help but look at her and have the natural reaction. My sister gasped as she saw my cock lengthen. I was blushing as the guys were laughing and saying I had the hots for my sister. That's when they had Lora sit on my face and made me eat her out. When her pussy got close to my nose I couldn't help but smell and see the evidence of her own arousal.

She started blushing when one of the guys said, "Look at how wet she is. She's as hot for her brother as he is for her." Then there was more laughter as she made contact with my tongue and lips as she moaned out her excitement. That was all it took for me to lose myself in pleasuring my sister. She was sitting facing my cock and without having to be told she leaned over and began to suck me. I couldn't see anything but my sister's ass but I could hear the guys whispering. I couldn't hear what they were saying but it didn't sound like they were going to be satisfied with an impromptu '69' show.

I was right as the one that had grabbed my sister said, "Well it looks like you're both ready for scene two. Get up Lora, get on your back and spread wide for the camera."

As the guy with the camera got a close up, he yelled out, "You have got to see this. We have ourselves a virgin. Looks like big brother gets to have her cherry."

The one with the gun said, "Just as long as we get a piece of her after she loses her ass cherry also."

The first guy said, "Oh she will give it up if she doesn't want her brother going home in a pine box."

My sister started crying knowing she was going to have to do whatever these guys wanted, or else she would end up an only child. I got mad and took a swing at the guy with the knife but all I did was make him mad.

The guy stared at me like I had just killed his dog and said, "I was going to let you take it easy when you popped her cherries. Now she will feel the pain as you fuck her fast and hard, or you both die. You first and then your sister, after you watch us have our fun. By the time we're done with her she will beg us to kill her."

"Why the fuck are you doing this?" I asked.

"Because we like little girls. Just be glad we don't want a piece of your ass too, pretty boy."

"I'd rather you do that than make me hurt my sister."

"Look, Stupid. Either you get down there and fuck her, or get tied up and watch us have some fun. Your choice."

"Fine. But I'm doing it my way. I don't care how much you hurt me, I'm not going to hurt my sister."

"You should have thought of that when you asked us to scare her."

"I never told you to make me rape her and let you rape her."

My sister sat up and yelled, "You told them to do this? How could you, Walter? Why would you want something like this to happen?"

"I didn't want this. I just wanted to scare you into leaving me alone, and stop getting me into trouble. Do you know how annoying you are when you start talking and won't shut up?"

She started crying and said, "You don't love me. Just get down here and rape me so we can go home. I'll never talk to you again, Walter."

By this time I had lost my erection. I knew this was all my fault, and that knowledge killed my hard-on. They all started laughing at me including my sister as they saw my soft cock. Lora reached out and grabbed my cock saying, "Now I have to get you hard so you can rape me. Get over here and I'll suck you hard again."

I couldn't believe that she was doing this. I would have thought that after knowing I had asked these guys to scare her that she would let them kill me. She did a great job of sucking me hard again and then she pulled me down lining my cock up with her hole. I leaned in and whispered so only she could hear, "I do love you, Lora."

I slid in slow coming to a stop when I felt her hymen. She winced as I began to kiss her, then thrust through her maidenhead. She grunted into my mouth and her pussy clamped down on my cock, keeping me from going any further. I held still even when one of the guys picked up a thin branch and started to hit my butt with it. I didn't move until I felt her pussy relax, then I slowly slid the rest of the way in. I was still an inch from being fully seated in her warm wet slot, when I felt her cervix on the tip of my cock. We both groaned as I kept pushing to get the last of my cock into her.

She clamped down again and held me as deep in her as I could go as she whispered, "I know you never wanted this. I forgive you and love you too. Now, make love to me."

That was one request that I couldn't refuse. I slowly slid back causing her to gasp as the head of my cock brushed her G-spot. I couldn't believe how making love to my sister for the first time felt better than any other girl I ever had sex with. Even with the situation and being hit with branches, I wanted this to last forever. I kept pumping in and out increasing speed as I went, and even when she climaxed I continued to pump. She had at least 3 orgasms before I thrust in her as far as I could and filled her with my cum. I slowly let my weight down on her just enough so I didn't squash her. Most of my weight was on my knees and elbows.

It wasn't very long before one of the guys said, "Get off her so she can roll over. Get up on your hands and knees, Lora. Now lower your head to the mattress. Ah, look at that ass, Walter. I can't wait until she feels my cock sliding in there while one of the others fucks her cunt."

I couldn't help but get hard again looking at the most perfect ass I've ever seen naked. Lora looked over her shoulder and smiled as she winked at me. Then she shook that magnificent ass as if we were alone. I dipped 3 fingers into her wet pussy. I gathered as much of her juices as I could then slowly one finger at a time began to stretch her ass-hole. She grunted as I added each finger and pumped them in and out loosening her ass for my cock. I guess I wasn't fast enough for our observers because they again took turns swinging limbs at my ass, hitting the back of my legs and lower back as well.

When I was certain that she could take at least the head of my cock I pulled my fingers out then plunged my cock into her pussy. I wanted to make sure I was slick enough so she could enjoy this as much as I would. After more than a dozen strokes I was slick and she was close to another orgasm. I lined up my cock with her tiny back door. She groaned at the feel of my cock touching her ass. The guys were still laughing at how the both of us were getting excited about making love to each other. I applied pressure and watched as her tiny hole opened. I slid the head and about an inch more into her before her body reacted to the intrusion by clamping down on the tip of my cock.

I heard her whimper and I leaned over whispering, "I'll go slow. Don't worry. Just relax and it won't hurt so much. Just remember that I love you, Lora."

She looked over her shoulder and gave a weak smile as she tried to relax. The guys continued to whip me with the thin branches, although now they were just hitting my ass and not my back and legs this time. I could feel blood running down my legs as I could feel open cuts across my butt cheeks. As she relaxed I slowly began to push in about an inch or two before pulling back half the distance then pushing in further. I held still when I had buried my whole cock into her ass so she could get used to it. When her body relaxed I pulled back slowly and pushed back, in long stroking in her ass.

As she got more and more used to being ass fucked I was able to speed up. When I heard her breathing change I reached around and gripped one nipple with my left hand and her clit with my right. I also plunged the other 3 fingers into her pussy just at the same moment she came with a loud squeal. The feeling inside her ass while she came caused me to fill her ass with cum. We both slumped to the mattress, while we were trying to catch our breath.

When we had, the guy who seemed to be the leader of these three said, "Now, you little slut. Suck his cock clean and be quick about it so we can have our turn."

I glared at him and was just about to take them all on in a fight to protect my sister. But then she took my shrinking cock into her mouth licking and sucking all of her and my mess from it. I turned and watched her adoringly as she performed this task knowing that the smell of her ass couldn't be that appetizing. When she was done she made a slurping sound as she pulled off my soft cock.

She looked around and said, "They're gone! Let's get dressed and home before they come back." Just then we heard some kids coming our way, laughing and playing. I suppose that having a bunch of kids discover what the guys were making us do scared the high school guys off.

I agreed and helped Lora get dressed before I got dressed. One of the young boys discovered us and called out to his friends as Lora was getting her panties on. By now several boys about 10 years old were staring at us with open mouths, seeing her bare tits and me totally naked. I shooed them off as she got her bra on. The boys ran away laughing about what they had seen.

I made sure she couldn't see the damage that had been inflicted on my ass, so she wouldn't worry. After getting dressed I noticed that the guys left the camera on a tripod and it was still recording. I turned it off and grabbed our book bags as we headed home. When we got there Lora led me to her room and shocked me when she pulled me into a very passionate kiss. She reached around me and grabbed my ass, causing me to wince as the pain from the cuts and welts were aggravated. She pulled back and looked at me with the same look Mom gives us when she knows we are in pain.

She reached for my pants and I stopped her. She glared at me the same way that Mom does when she wants you to know it is going to be her way. I let her loosen my pants and then she removed my t-shirt. After my shirt was off she unzipped my pants and pulled them down, taking off my shoes and socks before pulling it off. She turned me around and gasped as she saw that the blood had glued my briefs to my butt. She also saw the welts on my lower back and legs.

I heard her begin to sob as she said, "I never wanted this. They were only supposed to get you to fuck me, not hurt anyone."

I turned around and pulled her to her feet and asked, "What do you mean? I'm the one that asked those guys to scare you. What the hell are you talking about?"

Lora wiped her eyes, then explained how those guys told her about the ambush, so she changed it so I would have no choice but to have sex with her. I looked at the camera closer and noticed the markings that Dad had engraved on the mounting plate, for identification purposes. I also found the matching markings on the tripod. I frowned at her as she took the memory card out of the camera and placed it in her computer. At the beginning it showed her with the three guys as she told them the new plans. When it got to the point where the branches had cut open my butt cheeks she stopped the playback and started crying again.

When she calmed down she put on a serious expression as she gathered items to treat my wounds. When she came back she had the first-aid kit, a bowl of warm soapy water, a pair of scissors, and a cloth our mom used to use to wash us when we were babies. The kind of cloth that is so soft it wouldn't hurt our delicate baby flesh. She was hoping that the cloth would be soft enough to clean the cuts caused by the branches. She used the scissors to cut the cloth of my briefs on each of my hips all the way through the waistband.

That caused the front to fall between my legs and hang there due to the back being stuck to my cuts. She then cut the crotch panel to lose the loose fabric dangling between my legs. She got up and laid two large thick old towels on her bed and had me lay face down on them with my waist near the top edge of the towels. She set up the folding card table we used to use to put puzzles together on, so she could lay out the things she would need to care for my cuts.

She sat in her desk chair and slid over to the head of the bed saying, "Walter. I'm going to have to pull the cloth off your butt. Since it is stuck it is going to hurt when it comes off. Do you want me to pull it quick or slow?"

I looked over at her and said, "Do it any way you want. Either way is going to hurt, so use your best judgment."

She leaned in and kissed me before moving down by my waist. She grabbed the far side of the fabric and made sure she had a good grip. She decided that because it looked like a large wax strip that fast would be the least painful. She told me to brace myself then yanked the cloth off my ass. Even though I had endured the whipping, the pain from the cloth opening up the cuts was worse and I couldn't help but yell out. I buried my face in her pillow because I didn't want her to see the tears running down my face.

Lora didn't waste any time in working to wash me, then applied hydrogen peroxide to kill any germs that may be in the cuts. After removing the residue of the peroxide, she began to bandage the cuts. She used two large gauze sheets with triple antibiotic cream on them, then made sure that they wouldn't get in the way of going to the bathroom. In order to make sure they stayed in place she used inch wide athletic tape because it was designed to stay in place even if it gets wet.

When she was done she helped me up and sent me to my room to get some clean underwear and my robe on. She busied herself putting the supplies away only keeping the first aid kit handy because the bandage would need changing after my shower in the morning. When she was done she went down and ordered my favorite Chinese food for dinner.

When it arrived she called me down to dinner and shocked me by only having on this shear violet Baby Doll nightie with nothing over or under it. Even though I had seen her naked during our attack, she looked even more sexy than before. The Baby Doll looked like one that Mom would wear around in the evening but she also wore a matching shear robe. The only thing is that Mom never had one in any shade of purple.

I gulped and asked, "Where did you get that, Lora?"

"What? You mean this little old thing?" She smiled when she saw my cock had made its way through the pee hole in my boxers and decided to split the robe I was wearing so he could take a look at what I was seeing.

She walked over to me and took hold of my cock as she used her other hand to pull my head in to a very passionate kiss. By this point I was no longer reluctant to show how I felt for my sister. I wrapped my arms around her drawing the back of her Baby Doll up so I could cup her naked ass. As I squeezed she moaned into my mouth as our tongues twisted and twirled to show each other how we felt.

When our kiss broke she had tears in her eyes as she said, "Now I know that you love me."

She laid her head on my shoulder as I held her. She was still holding my cock and was sliding it up and down with my foreskin. I whispered in her ear, "Lora? Maybe we better eat before we get too hot and heavy. That way we will have the energy to last a while."

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