Guy Line

by Olderneighbor

Copyright© 2011 by Olderneighbor

Erotica Sex Story: My new friend Lisa provides her accomodations for a poker party. Then she provides even more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Size   Big Breasts   .

"Okay, then, guys, here are the rules. As each of you loses the game, you get to be next to do what I want you to do with me. As you come into my bedroom, you must strip and show me your cock, hopefully already hard seeing my naked body there waiting to be fucked," Lisa giggled. "Hmm, I may ask you what you like or I may just tell you to continue what the previous guy started. That again depends on me."

She continued with the rules as we stared on, "Steve gets to be first obviously, because he already lost. Also he gets to be last because he's my guy. So don't the rest of you get any ideas. By the way, Steve, are you sure you want me to do this? I am up for it, but it's still up to you." I dumbly nodded.

"Okay, what else?" she pondered. "Oh, never will there be more than one of you in the room with me at the same time. I don't want there to be any distractions from my own pleasure. Of course I don't mind if you are having some too. I just don't want more than one of you to have it at the same time. But that would ruin me stretching out my own," she giggled again.

"Let me think some more here. Oh, as each of you leaves after your turn, you can't tell the others how you had me. If I even suspect that you have, it all stops, ruining it for the others and me, of course. Also about the game, tee he, I mean the poker game, just in case one of you decides to lose early to be next, I'll add some incentive to win. Each new 'loser' gets to have me longer, if you can last that is, or maybe do something better. I don't know that part yet. That I'll figure out during the Lisa Bedroom Game. Hmm, might have to work on a better name."

Some of the men came out of their stunned silence to offer suggestions: "Gangbang Lisa, Lisa's Guy Line, Lisa's Bedroom Game, Lisa's Excellent Adventure."

"Okay, okay, stop!" Lisa interjected. "Later for that. I can think of only one more thing. The winner obviously should get something special. That, however, will be my surprise. What do you all think?" Before we could all stammer at once, she turned to me, "Steve?"

All eyes turned to me. I wondered if I should tell them all that I wasn't up for it any more. I quickly rejected that idea, seeing as how Lisa seemed to be getting into it as well.

"Well, Lisa, I am not going to object if that's what you want. It excites me if you really want to know. In fact, I think I'm ready for you to check my cock right now." That brought laughter all around, if a little nervous from some,.

Lisa, not nervously at all, concluded, "Okay, just let me have five minutes to get things ready." Just as she was about to disappear into her bedroom, she turned and added one more stimulating thought, "I don't think I mentioned this, guys, but some of you I will let cum in me and some on me. If you do that, you must clean me up before you leave, however." Then she vanished.

I should give you some background information now. I was in Northern California visiting some friends I went to college with. After graduating, some of them had stayed in the area, while others, like me, had moved elsewhere to work. We tried to get together at least once a year, though this was my second time visiting this year. Now that I met Lisa, I would consider more.

I had met her after my last visit, on my way home actually. In fact, I wrote about that in another story, "Hitchhikers," so you might want to read that first. I don't think it matters that much, however, as it stands on its own, too. If you decided to skip it and read this one first, I will briefly summarize.

I had picked up Lisa and her girlfriend, Chelsea, as they were hitchhiking to San Francisco. It turned out they were bi-sexual, and we ended up having some fun on the way there as well as in the hotel room. We stayed one night.

As we parted, they asked for my email. That's when that story ended.

It turned out that Lisa, surprisingly to me, had already sent an email. And for the next few months, she and I both communicated by email, and she even started sending me 'intimate' photos of herself that Chelsea had taken. Actually, she sent some of Chelsea too.

Anyhow, I told her I was visiting again in the summer, and she made sure I knew that she was dying to see me. She also made it clear that she was dying for my cock again. I, of course, assumed it was more that than me, so I was at least a little taken aback when she, during her 'rulemaking, ' had implied that I was her guy.

I had planned on staying a week, but she had offered for me to stay with her in her house, so that became adjustable. She had a day job, so I would see my friends during the day, and we would fuck at night.

Sometimes I would meet with my friends for dinner, too. I asked her early on if she wanted to come with, but she made some excuse each time. I suspected she might feel uncomfortable being with a bunch of people she didn't know, and I thought I would have felt the same, more for her sake than my own.

My friends up here were all married, by the way, four couples. Three more single guys, like me if I did not mention that, were arriving on Friday for the weekend. We guys were trying to arrange a poker game night, Texas hold'em since there would be eight of us. We were having a rather difficult time of it, however, since all of the couples' houses really didn't have the space.

I had told Lisa ahead of time that I would not be with her on Saturday for that reason. Later I told her about our difficulty finding some room for poker, and mentioned we might just get together at a bar or something.

And that's how we ended up at Lisa's house. Chelsea and Lisa, along with some other girls, had rented this large house not far from campus. I had not seen its expanse before, having spent all of my time either in her bedroom or the kitchen.

"What do you think, Steve?" she asked as she showed me a large dining area with a large table.

"It's perfect, Lisa, but are you sure you want to have a bunch of old, drunk guys making a ruckus in your house. Not that we get all that wild anymore," I added, since we were all in our fifties.

"Well, I am offering my place, not me. So don't let them get all horny on me," she said, almost sounding a little mischievous. "And also don't plan on me cleaning up after you."

Just a little bit more about Lisa before I get back to the poker game. She was a short Asian girl, Japanese in fact, though you had to listen very carefully to catch any accent in her English. I guessed her height by my own, 5'8", to be about 5 foot even. Her hair was jet black and her boobs were humungous in comparison to the rest of her. In fact, with her muscular thighs and calves, she looked like she could have been a gymnast or figure skater. Except the boobs, of course.

Her boobs also had huge areolas, the kind that get my dick hard with the slightest glance. If the moment was right, she liked them to be treated rather roughly, but just enough to bring on another orgasm. It also invariably brought on my own.

I just realized I might be making it sound like I have had Lisa a lot more than I have. Counting my last trip plus this one, I guess I had cum in or on her maybe ten times? I don't know.

Anyhow, because Lisa made the rules as she did, I was obviously not present during her massive sexual undertaking. She would tell me about it later as I wrote it down. So I guess you could say this story is a collaboration.

I know I am now getting anxious to get to that part, and I hope you are as well, so I'll get on with it.

When I told the guys about Lisa's offer for us to use her house for our poker party, they were of course thrilled. They were also anxious to meet this hot, young chick I had lucked into, as some of them so aptly put it. We arranged the party for the following evening.

I'll just pass over the boring introductions and all. I will mention that as each of them met Lisa, they had amazed if not lascivious looks on their faces over her beauty. She couldn't help dressing sexy. That came no matter what she wore. At any rate, any time she would leave the room, all eyes followed, along with some comments to me about my luck.

During the game, she would hang out watching or not, though she seemed to become more interested as we began running out of beers. Each time one of us would start getting up to get another, she would make us sit and get it for us. After awhile, she noticed when one of us was ready.

I guess we were only on our third beer each, well maybe Gary was on his fourth, when I was the first to go 'all in' and lose. It took Lisa a few more hands before she realized that I was the only one not to be dealt cards.

"Why aren't you getting any cards, Steve?" she asked. As I explained the game to her and that once I lost all my chips, I was out until the next game, she sat on my lap in apparent remorse. Her "awww" plus her slight pout sent shivers through me straight to my cock.

"It's okay, Lisa, I'll get them the next game. That is, if there is another game."

"What do you mean 'if'," she asked. And again I explained that the game could last for quite awhile, perhaps too late for another. In fact, I already knew any revenge I may have would have to be another time.

"Now let me up, Lisa, I need another beer." She offered to get it, but I ignored that and started for the kitchen. She ran ahead of me and quickly to the kitchen. I arrived just in time to catch her place something inside the fridge before grabbing me a beer. Looking at her curiously, I stopped the door from closing.

Turns out Lisa was sneaking sips of wine coolers each time she got a beer for one of us. By quick calculation, I figured out she could easily have had more to drink than any of us. I turned to say something to her, but before I could speak, she flew into my arms and started kissing me. I kissed her back and enjoyed a few boob grabs before pulling myself free.

"Lisa, you naughty little girl, you," I pretended to reprimand. "But did you think I would be mad with you? You could have brought your coolers to the table too."

"Well," she started, "I didn't want those men to think I was going to get drunk and let them all take advantage of me. And then when I would think that, I started to get horny. Come to the bedroom and fuck me now, Steve. That's all I need." Back in my arms she flew.

Somehow doubting something about the way she said it, I replied mischievously, "Are you sure you don't want me to bring you back in there, throw you on the table, rip off your clothes, and let them all fuck you?"

She hit me and answered, "Stop that, Steve. Now I do need you. And you have to fuck me eight times, at least now too." This of course had my cock hardening uncomfortably, and I briefly considered vanishing to the bedroom with her. I knew the guys would understand, but I became naughty instead.

"Sorry, Lisa, gangbang or nothing," I teased, though really not seriously. "Otherwise just go to the bedroom and have fun with yourself until they leave. Then I'll do the best I can do to pretend I am eight guys, even if I die trying." I was smiling now.

Lisa was not amused. She just stormed out of the room and into her bedroom. That's where I expected her to remain as I finally returned to the dining area.

"Damn, man, I've been dying for a beer," Nick exclaimed. "But I didn't want to disturb whatever you two were up to in there." Several others made comments too as he went and picked up several beers, including the one I had forgotten to get myself.

It turned out Mike and Jim had also lost while I was gone, and Bill and Gary were not looking too good with their pile of chips. I even began thinking we could get another game in. That's right when Lisa came walking casually back into the room carrying a wine cooler. She had also changed into one of my jerseys, which was large on me even, so with her, it covered her body all the way to her knees. Couldn't deny she looked extremely sexy in it.

She sat right in my lap, both her legs draped over mine and her arm around my shoulder. She took a large swig from her wine cooler and announced, "So is this game almost over? I'm so horny I could let my guy here do me right here in front of all of you. And then let the rest of you have me too."

She whispered in my ear to put my hand under the jersey and, after taking a long swig of my beer, I did just that. I slid it all the way up and found her pussy very wet already. I maneuvered a finger inside.

She hugged me tighter and turned to the stunned looks of seven older men, "Well, isn't anybody going to answer me?"

Nick stood and offered quickly now, "Hey, guys, we best be off now. We can finish or split up tomorrow or something." Several of the others began to stand up too.

Gary, however, as usual drunker than any of us and never very subtle about it, slobbered, "Hell, boys, why leave? If this little slut wants to give us a show, why don't we go ahead and let her. Shit, I wouldn't mind taking her up on that offer of a gangbang too."

I didn't even have to move myself as several of them came to Lisa's and my defense, even though Lisa had suggested a gangbang herself. I even continued to finger her pussy as they roughed him up before sitting him down and making him apologize. Gary was actually used to that as we had, over the years, made him do it often. He now sat forlornly and quietly as the others glanced to me for a decision.

"All of you just sit and continue the game while I sort it out with my girl here." I picked her up then and carried her to the chair on the other side of the room. As I continued to finger-fuck her, we had a conversation.

The result of the conversation was her suggesting the game I explained earlier, the one yet without a title. The mere suggestion caused me to finger-fuck her hard right there and she soon had her first orgasm of the night. She was able to stifle her usually loud response.

That's when we got up, approached the game, and Lisa interrupted it with her rules. "Steve and I have decided that we were being unfair to you guys just now, and that he would let you all fuck me. But only if you all follow my rules."

They did not even move or say a word, all looking to me for confirmation.

Lisa continued, "Okay, none of you guys have left yet, so I am at least assuming you are considering it. I don't know if any of you have ever done something like this before, and don't want to know. I do know I am drunk enough to give it a go. Any of you can leave anytime you want, of course."

Lisa and I now both waited and, as no one moved or even knew what to say, Lisa began with the rules. Please review them now if you so wish. Okay, then, if you're ready, Lisa's account of the events now follows, even the ones involving me. We also later decided she would tell me about what happened with each guy through emails rather than in person.


Hi Steve. Well, here is my first email about my (our?) sexual adventure the night of your poker party. I have decided that each one would be in a separate email. I kind of want to hear your reaction after each one.

So when I entered my bedroom after making the rukes, I quickly got the items I thought I might need. I got my two dildos from the dresser, my one vibrator, and a few lingerie items I might want to wear during my gangbang. (Smile), I don't know why I like the sound of that word, but I do, Gangbang, gangbang, MY GANGBANG! (Laugh).

Anyhow, I had wanted to put on one of those sexy pieces before you came in. Oops, sorry. You wanted me to write this as Steve. I'll try. So my guy, Steve, arrived before I had a chance to change. It didn't matter as it turned out. I guess he was horny from just having finger-fucked me to orgasm and would have made me take it off right away anyway.

Steve followed my rules perfectly, removing all his clothes and displaying his already hard cock to me. I was going to ask him what he wanted, since he is my guy, but decided instead to remove his jersey to be fully naked for him. Then I quickly got down on my knees, grabbed his big cock, and started pumping it like crazy.

I don't know if he was playing the game too well, the part where I told them each next guy would get me longer than the one before, but I could tell he would cum soon. So I quickly closed my mouth around his cock and started sucking it as fast as I had been pumping it before.

Sure enough, it did not take him long. He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth, then throat for maybe only five or six strokes before holding it deeply and shooting his load down my now choking throat. He pulled back quickly, allowing me to swallow most of it. Then I lovingly (he is my guy, you know) sucked his cock clean.

He got up to leave, I kissed him, and told him to send the next guy right in.

I had just sent her a reply telling her I loved her calling me her guy when her next email already arrived.


I told the next guy to go ahead and undress as I went to the kitchen to get the timer. I had planned on just approximating each guys' time, but then thought the timer might be better. Sort of random, I know. Anyhow, the guys outside the room got a good look at my bouncing boobs and tight butt as I ran to get it.

Back inside the bedroom, this guy was naked and busy stroking his cock. I set the timer for five minutes and told him that. Random again. I figured to add five more minutes each time, not thinking at the time that by the last guy, it would be up to 35 or 40 minutes. After this guy, I figured it out to be a total of 140 minutes, not including any time I needed for breaks. I remember it sounded exciting to me to be fucked for that long and by that many guys.

So anyhow, this Mike guy (I asked his name) started to complain about only five minutes. I looked at him and set the timer. "Well, that's my rule and if you break it, the game stops and you'll have some pretty angry guys mad at you."

He quickly accepted his fate and asked me what I wanted him to do. I thought quickly too and decided to have him fuck me just missionary style, but with his hands on each side of me and his body raised. So I laid on the bed and raised my arms, grabbing the headboard and told him to come and get me.

His cock was not that big, but he put it in fast and hard. He made some exclamations about my wonderful, bouncing tits and fucked me even faster and harder. I guess he liked watching them bounce so much that I could tell he was going to cum. I told him to go ahead and cum inside me and he burst.

Looking at the timer, I saw he did it with one minute to spare even, so I told him he could massage my tits (I used his word, you know I call mine boobies). It was just feeling good when the timer went off.

I told him to again send the next guy right away. Ha-ha, I wanted more boobie massage.

I replied that I liked giving her boobs a massage too. The next email came a few hours later.


So in walked the next guy just as I had set the timer. He quickly removed his clothes, and I stood and watched with my arms raised again. His cock, bigger than the last guy but still not as big as your, I mean Steve's cock, sprang out of his shorts. I told him he had ten minutes and first he had to love my tits (I decided to use that word the rest of the night because I know guys like to hear when girls use it).

So I had him squeeze and kiss and lick my tits all over, and used some dirty talk while he did. "Yes, squeeze my tits, oh, what's your name? Yes, Jim, I like that when you kiss them too. Oh yes, suck my nipple. Suck it harder even. Now grab both nipples and pull them hard. Fuck yes, Jim. Maul my tits now, slap one, then squeeze both hard!" I actually had a tittie orgasm then.

Looking at the timer, I saw that only took about 4 minutes so I quickly grabbed the lotion and handed it to him. I told him to rub it all over my tits as I backed up towards the bed. When I felt the bed, I said, "Now push me down on the bed hard, Jim, and fuck my big titties."

That was pretty exciting too, as he pushed me roughly and put his cock between my tits, then pushed them together hard! "Damn, yes, Jim, fuck my tits. Fuck them and cum on them." After that, it was not long before he did just that, oozing his cum (I like cocks that ooze their cum too, by the way. It can be even sexier to watch it that way than having it shoot all over. I told him he could rub it all over my tits (I loved watching it), and then he had just enough time to get a warm wash cloth and clean them up.

I think he liked that part too, as of course I did. Timer went off and I told Jim to have the next guy wait 2 minutes before coming in.

I replied that I could hardly wait to fuck her titties again and had already jacked off thinking about it. Her next email came the next morning.


I asked the next guy his name as he undressed for me this time. I told him I was setting the timer to 15 minutes and he said, "Timer? We have a time limit?" I reminded him about the part where each guy gets more time with me, and suddenly laughed because I remembered my rule that you guys could not talk about what each got to do. You were all being so careful that you weren't even mentioning the timer LOL.

So anyhow, don't get mad at me, Steve, but I won't lie and not tell you that I was not impressed by Bill's cock. Not too much bigger than yours, but thicker. It kind of scared me at first, and I thought maybe just to jack it off and have him cum on me. So I had him lie down on the bed and started to do that.

But my curiosity got to me, and I decided to be on top, That way I could control how deep it went in me. So I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly watched his big cock enter my pussy. That was very exciting to watch. I got to a point where I was thinking that was deep enough, plus the feeling good part, so I leaned my pussy forward and started fucking it, in and out, in and out.

Of course, now my clit was in contact with him too, so I was getting very hot and making sounds. I started going faster too. When I told him to fuck me, I had my first orgasm with him. I had my second when he fucked it all the way in, and I thought about how filled my pussy was.

That got me so excited that I raised myself up and started pounding my pussy on Bill's big dick as he pounded it up. Damn, I almost just came thinking about it. I'm finishing this and taking a break for sure.

So I was bouncing, my tits were bouncing, and Bill was bouncing. I put my hands behind my back and enjoyed the ride. I told him to grab my bouncing tits, and as soon as he did, I had my third orgasm with him. Luckily, that made him cum too. I relaxed and just enjoyed the feeling of his cum shooting out, then oozing.

The timer went off and I rolled off and just lay there. I told Bill to please set the timer for the next guy. I couldn't remember but heard him say 25 minutes and start it. I was hoping the next guy, or me for that matter since I was at least partially to blame loving it so much (GANGBANG LISA!, ha-ha), would not take that long. I expected that asshole Gary next, too.

I was typing my reply that I was again beating off when I saw her next email arrive. I put my reply on hold to read.


But I was wrong about Gary being next! He told me his name was Nick (funny because besides Gary, his name was the one I remembered with a face). I was actually happy to see the shortest hard cock of the night so far. It made me try to think how many left, and I reviewed in my head.

"Let me see, Steve, then Bill, no Bill just left, Mike after Steve, then Jim, then Bill. Now Nick is five. So damn, three more after this one, and then Steve again? Maybe I need to rethink this."

I was startled back to reality when Nick made a sound. I decided to ask him what he wanted to do to me. I had to remind him that in my rules I told you guys that I might bend the one about me always choosing, so he stood there beating his meat in deep thought.

"Well, come here with that cock anyhow, Nick. At least I can take over for you while you're thinking." He seemed to like that so I did not push for an answer when suddenly I got my wish and he came. Usually I can tell when that's going to happen, but not this time. He didn't moan or anything. It just came shooting out, pretty far I thought for the size dick. I guess size does not matter in this case (Laugh).

Anyhow, I was happy because the timer had not moved past ten minutes even yet. Poor Nick did not look too happy, however, even if he had just cum all over my tits. He went to get a new warm washrag and I let him take his time wiping my tits.

He told me as he did this that he was thinking to ask to fuck my ass and just the thought of it made him cum. I smiled and lied to him that I thought it would have felt good, but added that he knew my rules. "No second chances. Cum early and thems the breaks."

I knew he might get a ribbing from the others about the time so I told him not to feel bad and besides, they would never know he had cum quickly because it was now 15 minutes. "Now go tell the next one to wait five minutes before he comes in."

I was really thinking the next one just had to be asshole Gary, but still decided to put on some sexy lingerie for him.

I waited a little bit before sending my reply, but since her next email did not arrive soon, I took the opportunity to finish my own cumming, then sent her telling her what I had done, thinking of the cum all over her tits.

Her next came two hours later, time enough for my own recovery too.


I was just finishing up in the bathroom freshening up when the next guy came in. "Lisa?" he called, and right away I knew it was not Gary, thank god. Except the part about the length of time. But I then remembered about how drunk he was. He's sure to have had more while he waited and be passed out by now. But then how could he still be in the game?

I was leaning on the counter staring at the mirror while I was thinking all this when I got an idea. I called to the guy, asking his name and told him to wait just a sec. I turned around and jumped on the counter, then spread my legs and put my pussy to the edge. The counter was a little cold, but I thought if Robert was the right height, he could have me heated up in no time.

I called to Robert and told him to come into the bathroom, and there he saw me, leaning against the mirror and wearing very sexy lingerie and very sexy matching panties. I hit the jackpot, I felt, as he followed the rules and showed me his cock and waited for instructions. You might think I'm weird thinking the jackpot was some guy whose cock wasn't even hard yet, so I guess you could say I was still putting coins in the slot (I am too clever sometimes).

So I was watching his cock now, admiring its non-erect length and the bobbing it was doing as it tried to get hard on its own as Robert stared at me patiently awaiting directions. I decided to tease him a bit and put a finger in my mouth and sucked it. I moaned for further effect and saw his cock grow a little more.

I pursued the tease further (later he told me he enjoyed it too and never did worry about his time) by taking my other hand and slowly caressed my neck, then just below my neckline, then held it over a boob. His cock just kept slowly getting harder and longer and rising. Damn, it looked so sexy!

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and grabbed one tit hard then, and gasped! When I looked back to his cock, jackpot! It was sticking out and still bobbing slightly but perfectly hard. I suppose you're wondering the length (Smile). Big like yours, Steve. Not as big as Bill's he-he.

Finally, I had his cock where I wanted it, well I mean as far as hardness, so I told him to pull my panties down and check me for wetness. Of course, I knew I was wet, very wet by now, but I wanted him to finger me too. I figured we still had a long time before the timer went off and I also felt like I could go all night now.

After he put in one finger and used it awhile, I told him to put in another. Oh, let me try to recreate what I said. "Yes, Robert, finger my cunt. Do it with two fingers now. Yes, good, harder. Now try three fingers, more gentle first. Oh fuck, yes, harder again. Damn. Stuff that last finger in my wet cunt and fuck it. Harder, fuck yes. Lift my butt off the counter fucking my cunt with your hand." I had an orgasm as his four fingers fucked my pussy hard.

He seemed to notice by his own words, "Damn, Lisa, you are gorgeous when you cum!"

That statement should be coined by all men, ha-ha, especially if what they really want is to cram their hard cocks into a sweet pussy and make her cum again.

"Now for your reward, Robert, for making me cum so well." I leaned back against the mirror again and pinned my raised arms against it. "If you want to see my tits while you fuck me, then go ahead." I didn't have to say my "if not" as he immediately reached into my lingerie and lifted them out.

I didn't have to tell him to cram his big cock in my pussy either as he apparently lost all comprehension for my rules anymore. I didn't have the time or desire to complain, however. He slammed that nice hard cock into my pussy all the way with one hard thrust and held it there. I gasped from the force. But feeling it held there a moment, I only slightly pushed my cunt against him and shook in orgasm.

I'm surprised we did not break the mirror with his forceful thrusts becoming increasingly faster. That plus the fact that I was wildly pounding on it with each orgasm I reached, seemingly non-stop. I know they weren't that often. I guess I'm getting carried away with my recollection. Oh, Steve, I wish you were here to take care of me right now.

So anyhow, I was having frequent spasms of orgasm, along with moans, groans, and cries, but somehow had the wherewithal to think of where I wanted his to occur. I caught a vision and moaned (more of a growl, I think) to him, "Cum on me, Robert! When you feel it, pull it out and cum on me!"

I don't know if it was my own commanding growl or not, but I had my best orgasm right then. Then I pretended he had his best ever too as he absolutely covered me with his cum. And he certainly was a shooter too. I leaned forward as much as I could and it shot onto my hair, face, titties, and tummy. I could hardly believe the timer went off just then. It seemed like now I was just getting going.

I told him not to bother having to clean me up. He tried to argue but I insisted. I think he was really surprised when I told him to have the next guy wait just one minute before he came in. I didn't even care now if it was asshole Gary. In fact, I was almost sure it had to be.

I replied that I was a little jealous that we had never fucked on any counter yet, but happy that she had wanted me there then.

Her next email was again delayed until the next day.


I'm sorry I made you jealous, Steve, but I will make it up to you on your next visit. How about that dining room table too? And the floor? And the kitchen table, against a wall? OMG, please come to me soon, Steve.

Anyhow, back to my account of the gangbang train. By the way, I just learned from one of my roomies that's what it's called when you get guys to fuck you in turn, a train. Sounds kind of funny, don't you think?

So, I was covered in cum by the last guy. I quickly removed my baby doll and jumped into the shower. I put shampoo onto my hair first to get the cum out, then lathered my whole body with soap. I didn't want asshole Gary, if it was him, to know I had let some guy cum all over me. I guess I had visions of him treating me like a slut, not that I wasn't feeling like one by now. And enjoying it LOL.

I heard a voice, not Gary's, call innocently into the bathroom from outside. My first thought, of course, was oh my god, Gary won. My second was he'd certainly be too drunk. My third was to tell the guy to go set the timer for 30 minutes. I giggled to myself that it started sounding like too small a time now.

So this guy again calls from outside the bathroom and I tell him to come on in. When he tells me his name is Dick, I laugh inwardly and say, "Well, Dick, get in the shower with me and let me have a look at it." As he entered the shower, I noticed his cock was the limpest I had seen all night. Maybe this guy was too drunk too. What a bad way to end the evening!

Thankfully I was wrong. He was just a little nervous and came around pretty fast, I'm proud to say. I handed him my scrunchy and told him to lather me up good again (the shower running, you know). I turned around so he could get my back and, as he did, I reached back to check his cock with my hand. It was already almost hard already and it took only a couple of strokes before I had a nice, hard cock in my hand.

He found my pussy with the scrunchy and rubbed that nicely for awhile as I slowly stroked his cock. Then I decided, "Drop the scrunchy, Dick. I want my tits played with." I loved how he began at the bottom and lifted them, like he wanted to point my stiff nipples at something. Then he jiggled them up and down, lifting them high and letting them drop. It was like he was experimenting, and I was loving it.

In fact I was loving it so much that I was leading his cock closer and closer to my pussy. I leaned forward then, allowing him to cup my full breasts and squeeze. I put one hand flat on the shower wall, then guided his cock right to my labia. Feeling he knew what I wanted, I took my other hand away and put it on the wall too.

Then I spread my legs wide as Dick rubbed my labia with that nice hard dick (he-he). Up and down it went, feeling so good until I must have pushed my butt back a little. He took the hint and slid the head in slowly. Then he pushed a little more in. Then just a little more before he pulled it almost all the way out and slowly pushed it back in to about the same spot.

A few more times of this, as I was moaning, mind you, I started to wonder if he thought his cock might be too big for my cunt. I mean it was big and hard, but not as big as Bill's. Finally I just got too impatient, "Come on, Dick, don't worry. My pussy wants your big cock (I let him think) all the way. Go ahead and fuck me as deep and hard as you want."

I braced for him to slam it in hard, but was actually pleasantly surprised when he basically continued what he had been doing, slowly in and out, except he did go deeper now with each thrust. I guess when he was sure, I could feel his balls start slapping me so I knew he was now fucking me as deep as he could. Now if he would just do it harder how I like.

"Fuck, yes, Dick!" I groaned. It's almost like my thoughts went straight to his cock because he started ramming my pussy hard now. I braced myself even more as he slammed and pounded his cock deeper and harder, even hard enough to cause my feel to leave the shower floor on each thrust. And thankfully not faster yet because I was enjoying the good, hard fucking.

You know, sometimes I have wished I could have an orgasm without the guy knowing it, since usually my cumming causes the guy to figure he's done his job and soon cums too. Or maybe it excites him to do it. I can see that. So that's my lead-in to letting you know I screamed a terrific orgasm right then and expected Dick's soon.

He did start to fuck me faster then, but damn he lasted pretty long doing it and had me moaning, screaming dirty talk, and basically being a wild woman. In return, he was being a wild man, thrusting and lifting me from the floor. Finally he slammed his cock hard and deep into me, my feet off the floor as I felt his first shot flowing into my pussy.

He then eased me down as he pulled his cock out quickly, and I felt him shoot the rest onto my back. I just continued leaning on the shower wall as the water cascaded over my back. Then I felt the squishie on my back. Dick was kind enough to be washing his cum from me.

He was also the first guy to thank me for the sex. I thanked him too as we both dried ourselves. We walked back into the bedroom as the timer clanged.

I told Dick he could go ahead and send Gary in. I still wanted to fuck but was hoping Gary had left or passed out, and it would be my guy who walked in. I felt unlucky in that regard but it turned out okay.

Steve, I'll let you think about this and Gary's turn next until tomorrow. I kind of have to take care of some bodily needs at the moment, he he.

I replied that I would be doing the same, maybe several times thinking about her shower fuck too.


Good morning, Steve. I hope you're well-rested and ready for my Gary episode. Here it is:

I had slipped on my silky robe just as Gary entered. I looked at him and said rather wryly, "So you won the game after all, Gary. I suppose you want me to be a slut for you?"

"I thought you were the one making the rules here, Lisa?" he inquired seemingly sober-sounding. He seemed to be hesitant as well, forgetting that he was supposed to strip and show me his cock.

I reminded him of that and, as he stripped, I also reminded him that the winner would get something special. I mentioned that my thought was that the something special would be to let the winner do whatever he wanted to me.

"Whatever I want?" he wanted clarified, and I saw his cock start to grow with the thought. I started to worry what he might be thinking.

"Okay, with at least one limit. You can't fuck my ass." He looked a little disappointed with that but I noticed his cock keep growing. And the more he saw me stare at it, the bigger it was getting. I started thinking it wouldn't stop. When he stroked it a couple of times, my face must have looked shocked, if not worried.

"Well, Lisa, most women won't let me fuck their ass with this anyhow. Sometimes I'm lucky if I even get their pussy." My god it was huge, both in length and girth. I had to know, he-he.

"I'll be right back, Gary." I ran to one of my roommate's bedroom and went to her sewing drawer. I found the tape measure and, on my way back to my bedroom, I saw Steve fast asleep on the couch. I briefly thought to wake him to let him come to the bedroom and watch, but thought better of that idea.

Back in the bedroom, Gary was holding the timer, looking quizzical. "Oh, shoot, I forgot to set the timer. Please set it for 35 minutes. And then get your hard cock over here." It had actually slumped a little, but as I got down on my knees, it sprang back to life.

I measured 11 inches in length and 2 and ½ inch diameter. "Is this as big as it gets?" I asked him.

He laughed, "Why, would you like it bigger? Most girls don't like it that big. The ones that do, however, really like it," he added slyly and his cock bobbed as if he was thinking of those latter girls.

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