Her Social Life

by Prince von Vlox

Copyright© 2011 by Prince von Vlox

Sex Story: Her friends don't think Devlin has a social life. She does: swingers parties, not high school dances, as she comes to realize. Another Devlin "short" story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"You need a boyfriend," Sandy Jacobs said. "You need to get out and date. You know, have a social life." She and Devlin McCabe were walking slowly down the hall of their high school. The school buses were lining up out front, though Sandy lived across the road and walked home.

"I have a social life," Devlin said. "Okay," she added when she saw her friend's face, "I don't date much. But frankly, what are my prospects around here? Guys look at me, and their eyes don't get above my shoulders, or below my waist. My boobs have had plenty of conversations with boys. I'm not sure they even know the rest of me exists."

"I wish I had your problem," Sandy laughed, "but yeah, you've got a point."

"I suppose you've got someone you want to introduce me to."

Sandy, a thin, short-haired blonde who had occasionally worked as a model, shook her head. "Not really. Certainly my brother is out. I saw him in the hall yesterday. You walked past, and he got this mindless look on his face as he stared at your chest."

Devlin grimaced. "Typical. I'm hoping I'll meet someone in college who'll get past the packaging."


"Not really." She sighed. "A girl can hope, can't she?"

"Always. Sometimes that's all we have. Look at the divorce rate. How much of that is caused by spouses not living up to expectations?"

"And how much is caused by the constant drumbeat of articles in women's magazines about finding Mr. Right? And don't forget the romance novels; the heroines are always finding their true love. They marry the guy and live happily ever after. I've wondered how some of those marriages work out. What happens after the looks go away?" She gestured at her front. "That's always a worry for girls like me with big bosoms. Gravity isn't our friend."

"Yeah, I don't envy you that way." Sandy stopped as several cars turned up the road across from school. "I hope it isn't another party," she said.

"Oh? Noisy?"

"A couple of weeks ago the people who live behind us had a party. It lasted way late, and I was kept up by the noise of cars leaving. At least they weren't playing loud music. That's way better than some of the parties I've heard about."

Devlin had been at that party, so she didn't say anything about what had happened. "I went to one last month—yes, I do go out—and the music was almost too loud to bear."

"I bet you danced your legs off. A couple of people have said you really like to do that."

"I didn't do that much dancing,. I wish I had, but ... I did a lot of socializing, but not much dancing."

"What else is there to do? Well, except drink."

"No, there was very little drinking. The times I've gone out I think I've seen only a few drinks. My Mom took me to a Christmas party where she works, and someone had some 'near beer'. That was as close to alcohol as I've gotten at a party."

That wasn't quite true, but nobody went to the parties she attended to drink.

Sandy nodded at the poster next to the door. "Coming to the track meet tonight?"

"Next week," Devlin said. "In the meantime, I've got some things I've got to do."

"Huh. More babysitting. Girl, you'd better be making a fortune off of that."

"I'm getting paid," Devlin said. "Don't worry."

Sandy shrugged. "I'll see you on Monday. Have fun with your babysitting."

"Oh, I will." Devlin smiled wanly. "Well, kind of."

Three hours later, as Danny's car made the turn past Sandy's house, Devlin wondered if her friend was at the track meet, staying at home, or out on a date. Probably the latter, she thought. Sandy liked to go out, but her parents only let her go to school related activities. Devlin went to more parties than the other kids at school realized, but they were the kind of parties you didn't talk about.

"I'll be glad when Tim and Emma finish remodeling their house," she told Danny. "I'd rather party there than anywhere else."

"You had fun the last time we were here."

Devlin smiled. "So did you."

"Well, true." Danny parked the car. "No party next time," he said. "Think you'll miss it?"

"No more than you will." She smiled up at him. "You be good."

"You, too."

"It's easy for me. I don't have a license, so I can't drive yet. And since I don't put out for the boys at school, where else could I go?"

"And your period is coming up."

"It's convenient this time. You'll be on your business trip while I'm out of service."

He laughed. "That's one way to look at it."

"It just means we'll both have a lot of pent up urgency when you get back."

There really wasn't an answer to that. They knocked, and went in. Devlin glanced over her shoulder at the school. There was a dance after the track meet. There were rumors that a couple of her friends were going to have sex with their boyfriends tonight, though the boys in question didn't know that yet. The girls had been thinking about it all day, and were probably going to be all wound up about it.

She'd been thinking of sex all day, too, though she didn't feel the urgency of her friends. Having sex with Danny every weekday evening probably had a lot to do with that. Someone had said you should never know when you were going to have sex next. She did, which made her different. Every other Friday night she would have sex at a party, like what was going to happen tonight, and every weekday night she and Danny would get together.

Fifteen minutes later she squeezed both breasts around a guy's cock. He sawed back and forth, his cock looking strange against the soft white flesh of her breasts. She liked rubbing a guy's hardness against her soft female flesh, almost as much as she liked taking those same hard cocks into her depths. There was nothing that felt as good as that.

There were guys who wanted their first climax to come quickly. They claimed that meant they lasted longer later in the evening. As usual, nobody had asked the women who helped them get off. Devlin, for example, thought a guy only had so many climaxes in him, and no amount of teasing or sucking could get a guy up after that. Two years of coming to these parties had given her plenty of opportunities to test her theory.

Taking a guy like this did feel good. Unlike teenage boys, guys at these parties didn't pay enough attention to her boobs. Of course that was because they would have regular sex with her. When you could get some you didn't pay attention to secondary matters.

She looked down at his cock. Its pink head had turned dark, and the hole in the tip was larger. She could feel his balls; they' drawn up so they were rubbing the skin right between her breasts. He wasn't far from his peak. Did she want him to come this way? Sure, why not? Some guys got excited by seeing someone else's come on a girl's boobs.

He began to moan softly. Devlin smiled as she felt him tense. She opened her mouth to catch any if he really shot. Some guys did, others just sort of welled-up and the come dripped out. She was never sure what a guy she'd never met would be like.

He gripped her shoulders. He was really moving, and the head of his cock had turned nearly purple with blood as he fought it. But finally it was too much. He groaned, and come shot up to her face. She caught some of it in her mouth. The rest spattered across her face. His next few spurts landed on her chest and boobs. She could feel him losing the tension. He kept it going as long as he could, but after one last half-hearted dribble, he collapsed away from her. His cock still momentarily hard, bobbed up and down.

"Question for you, Devlin," a woman said from behind her. She looked distracted, her face was flushed, and her fingers wet. Devlin could smell the woman's juices from her arousal.

"Oh?" Devlin scooped up some of the come decorating her breasts and licked her fingers clean.

"Why are most of the most important fluids in a woman's life white? Shampoo, toothpaste, hand lotion, soap, and come. They're all white."

"I hadn't noticed," Devlin said. The woman's name was Gloria, and she openly admitted she came a dozen times a night, usually with the help of her fingers while watching someone else do it. It looked like she'd been doing so just now.

"I was just wondering." She sighed. "Well, that was good. I think I'm ready for a man."

"Me too," Devlin said. She looked around. Parties at Tim and Emma's were inside. Here they were in a backyard surrounded by a hedge. The sun was still up, casting all of the naked bodies in a golden light. There were plenty of naked men, some of them unoccupied. A girl certainly didn't lack for opportunity at parties like this.

She said the same thing to herself a few minutes later when a guy she'd seen at the party the last time they'd been here, and even at Tim and Emma's, spread her legs and bent over her. His cock was parallel to her body, and she grasped its hardness. It was nice and solid, and it was going to feel so good going up her channel.


"Put it in!"

He smiled and pushed the head of his cock down through the folds of her sex. She caught her breath when she felt him at her entrance. She took her hand away as he thrust.

There was absolutely no feeling like a man sliding into her. She arched, murmuring wordlessly as he slid over every secret nerve inside her.

"So good," she said as he thrust a second time.

He braced himself over her. She looked down between them. She could see the base of his cock and its nest of dark hair. She wanted to shove up on him, to take all of him, but she didn't want to interrupt his penetration, either. Some guys got spooked if a girl was too aggressive at the beginning. She wanted to laugh. The things you learned at these parties!

He shifted his weight, causing his cock to stir. He bent down to kiss her, and Devlin wrapped her arms around his neck. Their tongues dueled briefly. His entire body was touching hers; it was like a full body caress. She smiled, and kissed him again.

He finally broke the kiss and began thrusting, just short, gentle movements, getting them both used to it. She ran her hands over his shoulders and down his back. She squeezed his butt, urging him a little deeper.

"You're tight."

"I was a dancer.

"In a bar?" He frowned.

"No, years of ballet. But you don't dance with boobs like this. A ballet dancer has a chest like a 10-year-old girl."

"Think some of the fans of ballet are closet pedophiles?"

"I've wondered if some of the people in the gymnastics world are."

"You may have a point."

She was going to say more, but a clever thrust rubbed some of her nerves just the right way, and she gasped, pressing up against him. "Do that again,."

He did, and contrived to kiss her breasts at the same time. That feeling shot straight to her middle. She moaned, tossing her head back and forth as the feelings built.

"You're wound up," he said.

"You should try it from this side."

He chuckled. "No thanks. I'm liking it too much from this end." He sped up, and for a couple of minutes they were silent except for the occasional moan, the noise of their bodies against each other, and the liquid sound of his hardness in her channel.

He was doing everything right. Devlin knew she was going to come. She'd heard other girls at school complaining that they never could unless it was in the privacy of their own room. She'd never had that problem, and...

Her thoughts faded away as she arched up into him. Her whole body was rising, straining for its release. She tried to hold on; this was too good to end.

Her body took over, soaring up as she stopped breathing. She shuddered through a climax, and then again, a longer one that drew everything out as pulse after pulse filled her.

He came moments later, slowing to a stop even as Devlin relaxed. They stared at each other, caught up in the aftermath, drifting out on a sea of bliss.

"Have to try this again," the guy said. "Maybe we'll last longer."

"I could go again."

"Yeah, but I can't. Not for a bit." His voice was thick, and his eyelids were drooping.

Devlin got him to roll off. His cock slithered out, leaving a wet trail across her thigh. She could most definitely go again, but there weren't any viable men around. Or were there?" She saw a guy sitting on the edge of the pool. She sat down next to him, her feet in the water.

He glanced, first at her breasts, and then at her face. It was funny. At school she resented that, but here she didn't.

"I assume those are real," he said. "Now days you can't always be sure."

"They're all me. Look at my nipples."

He got a gleam in his eye. "Ever done it in a pool?"

"In a shower, yes. A pool? 'Fraid not."

He slipped into the water and spread her legs enough he could stick his hand between her legs. "I think you'll enjoy this."

She was still aroused enough it didn't take long. In what seemed like no time at all she closed her legs around him and shuddered through a climax. Then he pulled her in beside him.

"Brace yourself," he sati as he turned her to face the side."

The pool was heated and felt like bathwater. He slid into her from behind. His skin was wet, and that made it a little more interesting. He didn't move as sharply as other guys, but somehow that made this memorable. She came after a couple of minutes of steady thrusting, and then used her muscles to help him come.

When they were done they both leaned against the side of the pool. The last time she'd been here she'd done it on the diving board. She liked this better, and said so when they got out.

"There's a joke about this pool," he said. "By the end of the night there's so much come in the water that a woman had better be on birth control or she'll get pregnant."

"I'm not sure if that's funny or not."

"I don't think it was meant to be humorous, just another of those unfunny jokes around here."

She put her hand between her legs. Usually she felt a guy's come oozing out of her. That didn't seem to be the case here, so maybe the guy was right.

"I'd have thought the chlorine would protect you."

"Would you really want to take the chance? Anyway, I think it makes a nice story. I think it's like doing it in a shower, a clean way to have dirty fun."

"Well, that's one way of looking at it."

She needed a break, gave him a peck on the cheek, and got up and left. She felt kind of loose and open, and she could swear she could feel the lips of her sex rubbing together. She'd noticed this before. You normally didn't feel much down there. But after an hour or so at one of these parties you imagined all sorts of feelings. Some of those you didn't imagine. She'd lost track of how many times she'd been standing somewhere at a party, and she'd felt semen slipping down her leg, or dripping, on her leg, it depended on how she stood.

There was a woman standing at the hedge, looking at the school. "Something interesting?" Devlin asked, going over.

"My neighbor's daughter goes to that school," the woman said. "She's at a dance there tonight. I was just wondering what she'd think if she saw me now."

"She doesn't have to," Devlin said, taking in the come on the woman's belly and legs, the grass sticking to her back, and the way her hair was messed up. "Why would you tell her?"

"I wouldn't. I was just wondering, that's all"

"Probably everyone would say they were scandalized," Devlin said, "and then they'd want details." She made a mental note to be careful. She didn't want stories to get out.

The woman laughed. "I think I'll use it in a story."

"A story?"

"I'm a writer," the woman said. "I write porn, not great literature. You just made me wonder what it would be like if kids had sex freely in school. No, go beyond that. They were encouraged to have sex in school."

"You'd end up with a lot of babies."

"Mandatory birth control."

"The social cliques. If I recall right, they're very important."

"True, but this is porn, you can ignore things like that. After the big game they don't go to a dance, but have an orgy instead, and the class nerd can do it with the head cheerleader."

"That doesn't sound too likely, even in fantasy."

"What if he has a 12" dick? If everyone is having sex all of the time, that would trump nearly everything else. Or I can make it trump things."

"It's my experience that a guy with a big dick isn't automatically a better lover."

"Mine, too, but porn is fantasy. Of course he's fantastic in bed. The size of his dick mandates that."

"You'd really write this?" Devlin asked.

"I make $25,000 a year from porn. Of course I'll write it. I'll probably call it Slut High, too."

"So women get the blame."

"Stud High doesn't quite have the ring. Most of the people who purchase my books are men, so calling promiscuous women sluts is the proper thing. After all, nice women don't."

"I think we're all nice, just not here."

"My grandmother told me a woman is a whore in the bedroom, and a lady everywhere else." She looked around the yard. In the twilight the rising and falling bodies really stood out. "I think she'd accept this as a bedroom, though we don't get much sleep out here."

"I never liked the phrase 'sleeping together'," Devlin said. "When I'm in bed with a guy there isn't much sleeping going on,."

"But it's a lot more acceptable than 'screwing like a bunny in heat', which is more accurate."

"Yeah, I guess so." Devlin faded back. "Well, good luck with that. I'm not sure I'd read the book, but it sounds interesting."

She wandered over to the buffet table. It did sound interesting in a way. She wouldn't have open sex in the halls, but would have a class where everyone could screw. Shared locker rooms, of course, and group showers so everyone could be naked and in close proximity. And if it was socially acceptable to have sex ... Knowing her own capacity, she wondered what it would really be like. Porn was supposed to be demeaning to women, but some of the romances she'd read were descriptive enough they should be considered porn, but for women.

There's a double-standard, she thought. If it's for men, it's porn; if it's for women, it isn't. She wondered what that said about the view of women as sexual creatures. The obvious norm was that it was something done behind closed doors and never talked about, especially if you liked something other than men and women in the missionary position. If you watched daytime TV you could only conclude that women didn't have a sex drive. An hour at a party like this would change anyone's mind; men sought out women, but better than half the time it was a woman who initiated things.

She'd no sooner reached that conclusion than she felt a male hand on her bottom. She turned to press her body against his, and reached between them to take his dick.

"Hi there."

He smiled. "Why is it every woman immediately grabs my dick?"

"I don't know about other women, but I'm fascinated by the things. I don't have one, and yet a guy who knows what to do with one can give me a great deal of pleasure."

"Well, that's direct. You want to go find a spot and we can give each other pleasure?"

"You're direct, too."

They did, a spot on a towel near the hedge. Devlin could hear cheering in the distance, and fantasized that people were cheering them on. She pictured some sort of sex contest instead of a track meet. That could be fun in it s own right. She'd have to mention it to the woman writer. Or maybe not.

He was the first of three men in a row without cleaning up. By the time she went for a wade in the pool, and was mindful about the amount of come floating around in the place—she was tired. She was sore between the legs, something that didn't happen very often. She had to wear her panties, her mother would notice if she didn't. That was the curse of visible panty lines under her jeans. She'd want to get out of them as soon as she could when she got home.

"Busy night?" she asked Danny as they got dressed a little later. His cock looked wrinkled and hung straight down.

"Busy enough. Fun, too."

"So what time's your plane on Sunday?"

"9:30. That means we'll have to be at the airport about 8:00, and that means leaving here no later than 7:00."

"Good. I'll be over about 6:00 to take the last edge off before you leave."

"Devlin, you don't have to."

"Did I say it was for you? I have a sex drive, too, a pretty ferocious one."

He laughed softly. "Yeah, and you hide it pretty well. Okay, I'll see you Sunday morning."

"Warn Sue."

"Oh, I will."

So just before 6:00 on Sunday morning Devlin used her key to let herself into Danny and Sue's house. She was dressed, but quickly changed to her robe. She could hear movement at the top of the stairs, and then the whine of the lift as it brought Sue's wheelchair to the main floor. Devlin took the opportunity to climb to the second floor.

Danny was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. He looked up as she appeared in the doorway.

"Close the door behind you," he said.

She did so, and dropped her robe. She knelt in front of him and pulled his shorts down. He hadn't shaved or anything else. She liked the idea of him being so hairy. He also smelled musty. She licked his cock as a way to get started.

Danny pushed her onto the floor, then lay down. She knelt over his face and resumed sucking his cock. It was coming up nice and hard, but unlike the men at the party she knew he didn't like to come from a blow-job. She didn't have any problem coming on his tongue, and after a bit she just lay her head on his thigh and gently sucked and kissed his balls as his tongue drove her over the top.

Then, of course, came the fun part. He rolled her over and mounted up. She hissed in pleasure as his cock slid into her soaking wet depths. He wouldn't get off with a blow-job, but that didn't mean he wasn't close. He started thrusting sharply, making her breasts bounce up and down hard enough to almost smack her in the face.

She'd come once, and the way he used his cock quickly drove her back up that slipper slope. About the time he bathed her insides with his come, she shuddered and bit down on his shoulder to keep from waking the baby.

"That was good," she gasped in the aftermath. "Think you could go again?"

"You're insatiable this morning."

"Just the horniness I get before my period."

He nodded. "I've noticed that a time or two."

She glanced at the clock. It was barely 6:15. That first time had been quick. "Let's get you up again. I'm feeling the need for your cock again."

He chuckled, but didn't say anything as she knelt across his body and began sucking. She liked doing it this way because she got a thrill out of exposing all of her 'womanly charms' to his gaze. And his fingers. While she sucked and licked, he probed her entrance, first with one finger, and then two. They weren't a substitute for a cock, but he had a way of crooking his fingers and touching all of the secret spots inside her.

She got him hard enough, and he slid out and got behind her. His first thrust practically drove her into the floor, and the next dozen weren't any gentler. Her nipples were standing out as her breasts rubbed back and forth on the carpet. That sent little jolts of feeling into her middle.

Danny could get really deep doing it this way. Twice she convulsed around him as she felt a touch deep inside her. Some men were long enough they could hit her cervix, which hurt. Danny was that perfect length where he just brushed it, and each time he did it sent a flash of heat through her.

Danny thrust until he felt her come. Her muscles down there were strong enough she really gripped him with her contractions. When he felt them, when she finally regained her composure, he flipped her over. He liked going deep, but he confessed he liked watching his partner's face when they did it.

She pulled him down for a kiss. "Ah, just the way I like it." She wrapped her legs around his and hooked her ankles behind him. "Now don't go away."

"Wouldn't think of it."

They began to move together, sweat-slicked skin sliding back and forth, his chest hair scratching her nipples delightfully. His whole body felt like it was hers to command, all focused on the magical moments rapidly coming.

Devlin moaned softly in time to his thrusts. Danny's breath caught a couple of times as he held back. But finally she dug her fingers into his shoulder. He began to move faster, snapping his hips at the end of each thrust. She timed her squeezes so she was tighter going in. It made him feel bigger and longer, and she wanted that.

He sped up, his balls bouncing off her bottom. Devlin stopped breathing as the moment approached. She strained up into him, trying to draw him deeper, every muscle tightening in those last few critical moments.

Then she felt it, a faint touch deep inside her. Everything tightened down in one unbearable point that seemed to last forever, and then everything relapsed in a flowing outward, time after time, pulse after pulse that she strained to continue.

She finally relaxed, totally spent. She hadn't come that hard at the party. But Danny had a way of doing it that swept her way.

Danny had totally relaxed against her. They lay there for a bit, but finally he stirred.

"Don't take— Oh."

"I know, that's your least favorite part."

"It just feels so good in there."

"Start thinking of the way it'll feel when I get back."

She nodded wordlessly. She gave him a kiss, collected her things, and did a quick clean-up in the bathroom. It wouldn't do for her mother to smell Danny on her.

"Thanks, Devlin," Sue said when Devlin came down the stairs. "You know how he gets on these long business trips."

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