Mom on Film

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Carol makes her vain declaration of servitude to her husband, who eventually is turned off by it but Travis, her son, is watching all the while and steps in to fill the void.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   MaleDom   .

J.J's involvement began quite by accident. But in a way that's not true. He was involved for a long time. For just a long time he had eyes for his lovely Mom, watched her, appreciated her, reveled in this rare occasions, when he'd catch her around the house, quite by accident not fully dressed.

There was even one occasion about six months ago, when she was in the laundry room. He went with his own laundry and stopped dead still in the door way. There she was leaning over the washer wearing a pair of white, cotton bikini panties and a bra.

"Mom," he said, the surprise overtaking him.

She let out a sound that was something like a squeak or a squeal or 'eeeeeek' and held up a tee shirt. He grinned at her only as he turned away and said, over his shoulder, looking at her again, since most of her was still on display, including, he noticed, some dark curls that were sticking out of the lower front of her bikini panties.

"Lookin' good, Mom," he said, with what he thought was great presence of mind, and being really thankful that he didn't do anything idiotic, which was surely one of the possibilities of the situation. "Lookin' foxy!"

She blushed, and started to emit a sound like a soft giggle. (Carol Swain was a giggler, when she was pleased, you see.)

"Get out and let your old Mom have some peace; I thought you were gone to school," she barked, with a smile on her face.

"Don't see nothing 'old' from where I'm standing. Just foxy, Mom," he said, grinning.

"J.J Swain!" she barked again.

He left with a laugh, singing bits and pieces of the song "I'm too sexy for my clothes!"

"J.J," she exploded again, barely able to hold in her own laughter.

"I'm goin', Mom; I'm goin'" he said, walking away.

As he left that morning, he went into the kitchen, where she was but in a robe this time. He approached her and gave her a kiss:

"Got to go now, have a 10 AM class," he said, and then:

"Sorry, that I surprised you this morning."

She looked at him with lovely eyes, which he'd always thought was her best feature, until he saw her ass that morning; she said:

"That's okay, honey, I'll be more careful!"

"Don't on my account," he said then and started moving away, waiting for the explosion. He wasn't disappointed:

"J.J Swain!"

"Goin', Mom, goin'; enjoy your day." He said leaving. "Love you, Mom."

"I love you too, honey," she said and jus sighed, when he was gone.

That certainly peaked his interest but she was very careful after that. It all settled down into their routine: school for him, the local jr college, while he decided what to do, Carol taking care of the house and family and working at Verizon, and Tom doing his usual amount of traveling for his job.

It all settled down until a few days ago. Carol had asked him, when he got a chance to install a new program on her computer. He was the guru of the family and was seriously thinking of computer science as his major. He was just good at it.

He was off that morning, and went to her computer in her sewing, computer, craft and everything else room, to check on an update. Quite by accident, her computer opened to her saved history files and he noticed a saved log of conversations from one of the major online web sites. They'd been sent, at times, from her computer at work. J.J looked and his world changed.

Carol Swain was 39. ("Too old," she thought "To have a son as old as J.J, who," she also thought "Was at 19 remarkably mature.") She'd been married to Tom Swain, a good man, good father, good provided, for 20 years. He was her 'vanilla sweetie', as she called him.

And then there was Tom. Devoted to golf and his job. In his middle years, getting a fair amount of fat around his stomach from the kind of life he treated himself to, when he was on the road. Tom was, indeed, as he was described by Carol a 'vanilla' individual. Those sexual fires had burned brightly at one point but now there were just other things that were taking their place, and Carol became, for the most part, one of the comforts of his life.

For most of those years, especially the early years, sex with Tom had been good and refreshing. Carol's problem was her own imagination. She'd grown up wanting, as long as she could remember, being the woman captured by the indians. A strange, strange thing but a powerful one. She even remembered a scene in a western, that was burned into her memory, where a woman was indeed captured and surrounded by indians, who began to roughly strip off her clothes. The first time that she saw the scene, Carol could hardly even breath. She was 14 at the time and remembered the date as the very first time that she masturbate. Her disappointment was that they never took all of the woman's clothes off, and killed her instead.But she knew that it was just the way that movies were at the time.

Carol played the scene over and over in her mind and always, she was the woman and always they stripped her, but in her mind it was always naked, and always they let her run away, her shimmering nakedness brilliant under the sun, only to capture her and subject her to every kind of sex imaginable. That was Carol's passion, hidden away these many years of her life with her 'vanilla sweetie'.

She actively sought out internet sites where she would be able to read stories that fed her still active imagination. She came upon one site that fed her needs constantly. In the process of making her usual and frequent visits to the site, she read the stories of a single author, who had a flair for stories of submissive women. Carol was all but hooked immediately. His stories became her passion, fed her secret fantasies. She loved them, and decided, after a month or so of paying attention to his writing, to write to him. She began a correspondence with him, and loved it. It even extended into on-line chatting, while she was in her office at work. She loved the chats and what happened. It was these chats that J.J inadvertently found that morning.

J.J couldn't believe his eyes. The more he read of the conversations, inadvertently saved, the hotter they got. He had to move and make room in his running pants for his stiffening cock.

Here was his Mom, lovely Carol, asking to be the on-line slut of the writer, and enjoying being called special sexy names by the writer. In some of the conversations, she was at work in her office. The writer told her to pull her skirt up to her waist and sit on her chair on her panties. She obeyed with a 'yes, sir' or even an occasional 'yes, master!'

J.J was thunder struck. He sent the files to his own computer, and went back to his room to continue reading. He listened carefully but his Dad was on a trip and his Mom at work. He released his prick from his pants and idly stroked it as he read the conversations.

On one occasion, his Mom, in obedience to the command of the writer pulled her skirt up and her panties down to her knees but was allowed to 'touch' herself only once.

J.J was struck by his Mom's compliance, and her obvious willingness in the situations that were described. She constantly, daily, reported what panties she was wearing to the writer, now her 'on-line Master'. He sensed that she did it with a fair amount of joy.

One thought that went through his mind was that "Old Tom"or, as Carol described his Dad in the conversations 'Vanilla Tom', was missing out on a lot.

Then toward the end of conversation's files he came to one that had him rooted to the spot. He even stopped his jerking off, when he read it.

In that conversation, the writer was ordering Carol to have a steamy sex session with his Dad; he mentioned sucking his Dad's cock and kneeling submissively to do it.

J.J was rooted to his chair. He finished jerking off, just getting out a handkerchief in time to catch his cum. When he'd cum, he sat and thought. A project that he'd toyed with, ever since the laundry room incident came back to his mind, and in the end, he was smiling broadly.

He worked all that day to get it set up, and tested it very carefully. In the register for the heat and air, in the master suite, he installed a small camera that would broadcast to his computer. It was motion activated. He disguised it, and put tape over the ready light. He ran the camera system over and over and it seemed all set. In addition, with the camera system that he bought he had other 'pods' that would broadcast to his computer as well. He wanted to be able to use the system for more than just the bedroom but he was determined to scan the bedroom.

He was pleased with the quality and the vision scope of the camera system. He had the whole room very well covered. If anything happened; he'd see it. His object was to try to get a glimpse of this new side of his Mom. It was, in his mind, the logical extension of the view of her in those pretty white cotton bikini panties. The very thought of getting a glimpse of her in some of the panties that she kept describing to the writer in their chat sessions, was a total turn on for him.

And so, he became 'the Watcher'. He was eager for that night, his Dad would be home, the night on which his Mom was supposed to, in obedience to her 'Master's' command, do it.

His Dad came home early that evening. Carol had a lovely dinner all ready and J.J made excuses early in the evening to go to his room. A little later, he went and said good night to his Mom and Dad, giving Carol a cheek's kiss. She gave him bright eyes, and a return kiss, and he went to his room. He activated the system, and waited.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Carol, nervous about what was supposed to happen but with the script from her 'Master' the writer, running through her mind over and over again, got up to get herself ready.

"Tom," she said, brushing his lips with her own, "I'm going upstairs. Give me about ten minutes and then please follow me up."

"What?" he asked. "Why?" But the look on her face was enough to spark his interest and get him ready to do so.

J.J watched impatiently and was suddenly rewarded. His Mom came into the bedroom and went into the bathroom to change. Before going off of camera, though, she retrieved from her bureau a white nightgown. She held it up, almost as though to show him for his approval. It was diaphanously white with spaghetti straps. And it would be clingy, although reaching only down to a little past her hips, where it flared a bit.

"Wow!" J.J said to himself, "Watch out, Tom, here she comes!" He laughed to himself.

Then the scene became livelier. His Dad entered the bed room and almost as soon as he had, his Mom came out from the bathroom. J.J' eyes were glued to her figure. She wore nothing under the white gown, and was gorgeous, generously gorgeous. She had large breasts and big nipples, and a strip of hair, what modern women call 'a landing strip' above the prominent lips of her vagina.

J.J groaned; the sight, his Mom, was gorgeous beyond any expectations. At the sight, any thoughts that he had about hesitating to watch, and film this were just gone. He also noticed that his Dad had the same reaction. She smiled across the room at Tom, and unwittingly at J.J, who was watching. She had a paper in her hand and dropped it, said a soft "Oops!" and turning, bent from the waist to pick it up. Her ass was beyond description. J.J was left with his mouth hanging open.

"Carol..." Tom croaked.

But she stopped him with a: "Hush, and let me." That's all that she said as she approached and went to her knees.

J.J' view point was perfect. He watched, looking a bit upward, as his Mom fished Tom's cock out of his pants and began to lick the head.

J.J, almost involuntarily, said to himself: "Hey, mine's bigger than that!'

The 'show' that he watched and recorded was wonderful beyond any dreaming. Carol licked the head, and the underside of the head; she sucked on the underside of the head and then she took the head into her mouth, quickly sliding her mouth down and down until the entire cock was in her mouth. She stopped long enough to grin and say: "Welcome home, Tom."

"Carol," he croaked then, "What's ... what's gotten into you?"

"Your cock in my mouth," was all that she'd say, grinning at him and going back to the cock sucking. Her head became active, bobbing up and down; she made deep throat noises of contentment and went at the cock sucking with a will. Slowly, with patience and verve, she sucked Tom off, until he exploded into her mouth and then she swallowed it.

Tom was still amazed, and said: "But you've never ... never done it that way before."

"But I have now!" she replied with a smile.

That was a revelation to J.J, who was learning more and more about his Mom. She was avid at it; that much was beyond a doubt. Tom didn't know quite what to do about it.

She took the lead in this also. "Tom, you don't mind terribly do you, if we make love now?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"Not sure if I can do it again, after that," was his reply.

J.J was beside himself with his father's obvious lack of real appreciation for what was going on.

"I'll do the work, honey!" she said, and then she did what J.J had been hoping for all along. She took off her gown, and stood naked before Tom and J.J' camera.

They moved around just a bit, as Carol aimed Tom at the bed. In the process she had her back to the camera, giving J.J a full view of her ass.

"Ohhhhh," he quietly moaned and, unable to stand it any longer, jerked off, while lying on the bed.

The camera continued to capture the scene in his parents' room but switched off, via presetting, when it became dark, after Carol, astride Tom, after sucking him to erection again, rode him and brought the two of them off again.

J.J, as he stripped for bed, promised himself to review that part of the scene tomorrow, that he missed by giving in to his need to jerk off. He slept soundly. He was up fairly early the next morning and at his computer to review the footage.

To his surprise, one of the other bots that he'd planted started sending a signal. He looked and watched as his Dad, just before going to work, pushed his Mom onto and over the kitchen table, hiked up her robe and roughly fucked her then and there. She sighed her way through the fucking and was grinning as she kissed Tom goodbye.

J.J wasn't sure if this was a real turn around for his Dad or just his strong reaction to a new phenomenon. He was determined to find out though.

He came back from school that day and went to his computer. There were new saved files from her work computer. She was apparently excited enough to be sure to send those chat files to her home computer. She also had them protected but not enough. At least not enough for J.J, though he doubted that Tom'd find them at all.

He read avidly. The writer, now taking on the role more of counselor than anything else talked to his Mom about her desire to make a declaration of her intentions to Tom. Carol said that she was scared about it, that she'd wanted to do this, and had done it for so long in her mind. It would happen that night.

She was quiet, but obviously, to J.J, excited. It seemed like a major step for her. He excused himself from a movie that they were watching and went to his room. He turned on his device and was rewarded soon by the image of his Mom in the bedroom heading for the bathroom. His Dad entered the room and shortly after that, Carol emerged naked from the bathroom.

Tom sat on the edge of the bed and Carol, her nakedness splendid, knelt between his legs.J.J was awe struck at what came next. Calling him 'sir', she told Tom of her long standing desire to be a sex slave, and wanted to dedicate herself to him that way.

J.J could tell that Tom was surprised and certainly pleased. But he could also tell that Tom was not as into it as Carol was. He watched with fascination as Carol sealed her declaration with what looked like a delicious blow job. She stopped often to stroke Tom's cock a bit and look up at him with smiles, almost, J.J thought, smiles of gratitude.

They put the lights out then but there was enough streaming moonlight in the room that J.J was still able to watch Carol mount Tom, and, once again, do all the work of fucking him.

In the situation, J.J was really surprised by his Father's lack of zest for what was happening. He thought that there was a kind of bored fascination that he was displaying, and he couldn't understand it.

He stroked his own cock as he watched and heard her cumming, calling Tom now 'Master'.

J.J also noticed from that time on that Carol began to be less and less involved with the writer. Her obvious focus was on her newly made declaration to Tom.

The next week provided J.J, in his capacity as the 'Watcher', with some really hot events.

Carol began to wear, in the bedroom, a dog collar. That almost made J.J cum as soon as he saw it. Tom was kind of amused by it but it seemed real and important to Carol. She also began to wear an ankle bracelet, which she described as her 'slave bracelet'. She also began to prepare in the bathroom first, before Tom, and then, when Tom came into the bedroom from the bathroom, he'd invariably find Carol kneeling against the foot of the bed, naked, her dog collar on, her hands calmly folded in front of her, waiting.

It certainly got a response from Tom initially, and Carol was fucked, for a while regularly. As a bit of time went on, Tom began to simply tell her to get into bed. She'd obey of course, and, since he was tired, would suck him off before he went to sleep.

J.J found himself jerking off all the time, just thinking of what he was seeing and how downright sexy his Mom's submissive side was. Tom seemed to be enjoying it, and Carol continued to do most of the sexual work.

At times, J.J simply shook his head and called Tom a 'fool' for not reacting more strongly.

The revelations continued also, and J.J was always the watcher. His relations with his Mom had always been close and special but these days she was positively bubbly. His morning hugs were always now accompanied by her specially glowing eyes.

He'd whisper into hair, as he hugged her in the morning: "Hey, Carol! How's the special lady of the house!

She'd squeeze him and say softly: "J.J, my J.J; how's the lovely man J.J?"

"Good now!" he'd invariably say.

"You make me feel so good," she would invariably say to him.

In those early weeks of the new relationship J.J also caught on film his Mom offering her ass hole for fucking for the very first time. She apologized and told Tom that he'd have to go gentle. He didn't seem to like the warning, and told her that the next morning she'd be spanked before he went to work.

The ass fucking scene was a truly hot one. J.J got it recorded and watched as his Dad put on a condom and then greased his Mom's ass hole before fucking her. He was astounded by the fact that his Mom came with only the ass fucking going on, no other stimulation than that.

He moaned to himself: "Love to do that to her! Beautiful ass on the woman!"

And the next day was the spanking. It happened. J.J watched, and was appalled that they didn't even, or at least Tom didn't consider that he might catch them. J.J was glued to the computer screen as one of his bots showed his Dad waiting in the living room and in came Carol totally naked with a kitchen chair. They knew that J.J wasn't scheduled to be up for another hour and a half.

Without a word, Carol draped herself over Tom's lap, and he asked her why she was being spanked.

"Because I had the temerity to instruct my master on how to fuck me in the ass!" she said simply.

"Yep!" was Tom's reply and then he laid on with a will, spanking Carol, until she was crying outright. Then she was off of his lap and sucking his cock before he went to work.

J.J watched and jerked off, as he was watching.

The ass fucking scene, with its accompanying naked spanking were exciting incidents and they seemed to keep Tom buoyed up for a number of days, for each of those night, with J.J watching, Carol, kneeling patiently waiting for Tom to come out of the bathroom, was ordered on the bed and was fucked either in the pussy or sometimes in the ass.

But J.J, with his watching, was also aware that Tom's interest was waning and beginning to break down. Over the course of the weeks that ensued, Tom more and more just went to bed. He'd allow the blow job that Carol'd give him, once he was in bed but seemingly made no allowance for what she might want.

"Stupid ass!" J.J would say to himself, thinking about it, or watching what it looked like on his computer. "The submission is her doorway, the way really to get inside of her and he doesn't see it, doesn't want to or is too dumb to notice!"

It got to the point where Carol herself was wondering. There was a particular night, when Tom came out of the bathroom and Carol was not kneeling naked at the foot of the bed but sitting on the bed in a common night gown.

"Good," Tom said, with an obvious amount of relief, "You're dressed normal tonight. That other crap is getting pretty old."

Carol said nothing at all to this but just climbed into her side of the bed. To J.J it was painfully obvious that she was really hurt by what her unfeeling, sensually blind husband had said.

"Oh shit!" J.J said softly to himself. "He's torn it this time."

In the morning, Tom was already gone and his Mom was wearing an old robe in the kitchen, when J.J entered.

"Hey, pretty woman!" he said, and she sighed and went into his arms for the morning hug.

"How's the gorgeous Carol of this house?" he breathed into her hair.

"Oh, so-so," she answered. She sighed again and said: "You are so good for me, for my morale."

"Glad that I can do my part," he answered her, continuing the hug, which she seemed in no mood to end at all.

He left it there but was pleased that she reacted so positively to him and what he had to say to her. He kept his strict watch and saw things go back to what he was assuming, not having been watching all the years, was normal for Tom and Carol.It was obvious that this 'normal' is what Tom sought and was fulfilled by.

Carol kept now and then trying to ignite the spark between them again but J.J' Dad was just not interested somehow.

There were times that Carol would assume her place by the foot of the bed again. Dog collar around her neck and hands demurely resting on her naked thighs or behind her head, prisoner fashion. At first this caused Tom to react and there was fucking. Still it was pretty clear that he wasn't paying attention to where Carol was coming from. J.J could see that.

It even got to the point where, when he'd come into the bedroom from the bathroom, and found her kneeling naked at the bed waiting for him, he'd get a little annoyed. Finally, one night, as J.J watched, and recorded, Tom found his naked wife in that position and he just lost his cool:

"Stop this foolery and get into bed; how long does this go on, Carol? We're not teen agers here! What the hell is wrong with you?"

She began to cry and went into the bathroom. Tom just sighed and got into bed himself, apparently thinking nothing more of it, and went to sleep, snoring softly in a very short time.

It was only later, and J.J was still watching, that Carol came out of the bathroom, wearing an old flannel gown and got into bed. There was no attempt at a blow job for Tom that night. J.J was painfully aware that the old 'status quo ante' had been reached again between his hot Mom and his clueless Dad.

The next morning Carol was downright morose, when J.J appeared in the kitchen. He gave her a hug and spoke kindly to her but she was down and not in the mood apparently even to be cajoled out of the mood. He kissed her and left but came back shortly after that, having gone to a florist nearby and bought some flowers for his Mom.

She broke into tears, when he gave them to her.

"Oh, my lovely, lovely, lovely J.J! You make this old gal feel so nice, so good! You're tonic for my ego."

"Mom, Mom," he whispered into her hair as she hugged him and shook from sobbing. "You are the essence of perfection for this guy and that is never going to change!"

She looked at him through the tears and said softly: "What a lovely thing to say! What a lovely thing!"

"I'm sorry, Mom," he said then, kissing her forehead, "I have to go; I have a class."

"I know, honey," she said, "You just make me feel so good."

It wasn't too long after that, when came what apparently, at least for his Mom, was the last straw. She and Tom had had a talk about renewing the efforts that were being made as a result of Carol's declaration. A weekend away was agreed upon, kind of a romantic weekend for the two of them. It was almost at the last minute, at least only with a two day notice that Tom told her that he had been asked to make the fourth on a golf foursome for that weekend and he'd decided to go.

Carol was stunned; too stunned to make a fuss. She even quietly agreed to his half hearted cant about just putting the romantic weekend off for one week.

J.J found out about it, when his Mom told him that she'd be home that weekend after all. He knew right away what his Dad had done.

"Fucking idiot!" J.J said, and thought long and hard about what was happening and what this was going to do to his Mom.

It was that very incident that made him finally put together what he hoped would be a plan worth trying. He thought about it a great deal and planned out just how he would approach her and what he'd do.

That night, when Tom had gone, Carol was about as low, as let down as it was possible. Now she felt that she'd made a total fool of herself, and had failed at what was for her a very important matter. She was depressed and listless.

She took a shower and got into her flannel gown; she sat on the edge of the bed and talked to herself for just a bit. Her dominant thought was one of almost rebellion just then.

"I swear," she said to herself, "If anyone came through that door and wanted me, I'd give myself, and my servitude completely to them."

The thought, frightening as it was, was the first bright part of her day, she almost giggled. She was in the midst of this reverie, when she heard J.J' voice at the door:

"Mom, I need to come in and talk to you."

"Ohhhh," she said, and then a quick "Yes, dear,"thinking about what she'd just said, and giggling about it to herself. The door opened, and Carol's life changed.

J.J took a deep breath before knocking on the door. His determination was shorn up by watching his Mom take her clothes off before her shower. It was a final thing for him. He knew that he'd either succeed or would probably have to look for a place to live instead of at home. But he had the courage of what he was about to do.

When the door opened, he stood there wrapped in a towel.

"Oh, J.J!" Carol said in a reflex action. (Her face was red, remembering again what she'd just been thinking. But the thought flashed across her mind that he looked grand in that towel. She pushed the thought from her mind, when he began to talk.)

"Carol Anne Swain," he said, "You are the walking image of perfection. I don't understand him, I don't understand Dad and his rejection. I just don't."

"Honey," she put in, "How do you..."

"Mom," he said severely, "I'm talking! Don't interrupt me; wait until I'm finished."

"Sorry," she said in a small voice, his very tone pushing her buttons.

"Good," he said and continued. "I'm not going to let this continue; I won't see a beautiful woman like you waste herself on someone who doesn't care, and who doesn't appreciate and is the world's largest fool. I won't allow you to see the failure of your sweetest desires!"

She was moved by that and was about to speak up but he held up a hand, and she nodded and stopped. Her hand went to her mouth because she was trembling and really affected by what he was saying, and what is more, the image of him standing there in the towel filled all of her mind at the moment.

The thought flitted across her mind to get up and pull the towel off of him and she almost giggled.

"What?" he said, interrupting himself at her smile.

"Sorry, honey," she said. "Truth?"

"Truth, from now on!" he said.

"Yes," was her answer, "I'm sorry but I thought of pulling your towel off!"

"Bad girl!" he said grinning.

"Glad someone notices," was her answer, with a rueful smile.

Then he went on: "Mom, like I said, I'm not going to let this continue. I know who you are and what you are. I'm going to give you a few gifts that I have for you."

At this point the hand was in front of her mouth again, and she was smiling broadly at the thought of his bringing gifts, when he was dressed in this sexy way.

He continued then: "Gifts for you; I want you to wear them; I'm going to shower and, when I come out of the shower, I want you in position, wearing my gifts. I'm going to treat you like you need to be treated, like you want to be treated, like he can't or won't treat you. Just know that. But decide, while I'm in the shower. Here."

He handed a bag to her. Her reactions to what followed were probably produced by the depth of the rejection that she felt from Tom and his attitude, after she opened her very inner longings to him, and was so willing to serve him. The rebellion though was more than half real for her, and she knew it. This new possibility simply crowded whatever reluctance, common sense or hesitance she might have had right out of her head, and her mind was filled, just filled with the way that he looked in that towel.

She opened the bag and took out the items one at a time. First, was a pair of lovely black shoes, with six inch heels.

"Oh," she cooed, "'Fuck me's'!"

She turned red from saying that, involuntary though it was, and he laughed. She joined his laugh. "Sorry," she said contritely.

"Sorry, Bad Girl?" he said, his eyebrows raised.

She giggled then and said: "Not really!"

He laughed with her.

She paused then and said to him seriously:

"J.J, I'm swept away here by how stunning you look. I've paid so little attention to the way you've been growing and developing, and now here I am faced with an adonis!"

"Thank you, Bad Girl!" he said with a smile.

Then she went on and next she pulled from the bag a pair of delicate pink panties. They had lace trim and were soft and satiny, pretty much see-through."

"Oh, J.J!" she said. "How did you know that I love panties, especially like this?"

"I just know, Mom," he said.

"This is so exciting," she went on, "Especially being so bad like this."

"Keep looking," he said, his eyes boring into her, "It gets a little better."

Carol giggled, "I can't imagine."

"Oh yes, you can!" he said.

Then she reached in the bag, looking up at him with a face full of surprise and a kind of subdued joy that he'd hoped to bring to her face. She pulled from the bag a dog collar. It had the initial "T" suspended from it. She held it out and stared at him. All of it, all of what he was doing, at that moment was absolutely clear. Previously she might have misunderstood by mistake but no longer. Carol surprised herself with her readiness for what he was telling her with these gifts.

"Oh, J.J!" was all that she could mention, holding the dog collar in hand.

"Mine, not his!"

"Yes, honey," she began, "Yes, I, uh know."

"Thank you!" she said. Then asked "May I, please?" (She realized that the word 'sir' was just about to trip off of her tongue.)

"Yes," he said, giving her permission.

(It was all affecting her; the gifts, the way he looked in the towel, his granting permission and treating her so firmly. It was pushing her into her dream place. Thoughts and reflections of where her comfort was lately, namely in his arms, with his calming effect, flooded her senses, and she spoke.)

"I can hardly believe the timing of what you're doing," she began.

She paused and he said: "Tell me!"

"Truth?" she whispered softly.

"Always with us!" he said.

"Just before you entered I wished that someone would come and get me, someone who would appreciate, someone who would know, someone who would want what I want to give and be ... it seemed so futile at the time." All this was said in one breath and left her with tears on her cheeks.

"It's time, Mom," he said softly but decisively. "I'm going to shower now and when I come out, if you're wearing my gifts, I'll know, we'll both know. If not then I'll deal with that too."

"Yes, love, ... uh ... sir!" she allowed herself to say.

Then the world took a turn for the better. She was waiting for him to go to his room to shower and get on with this decision but suddenly the decision was made for her. He swept the towel off of his waist and threw it to her.

"Get me a clean towel!" he said.

She just stared, only stared. He was beautiful, muscular, well formed, lovely head of hair, all curls, and he had the biggest and most gorgeous cock she'd ever seen.

"J.J, honey," she rasped, saying it before she could or even wanted to stop herslf, "You're so big! So beautiful! Bigger than..."

She didn't finish but put her hand to her mouth and whispered a 'sorry'.

"That's fine, Mom," he said, his eyes penetrating hers, "Towel for me."

She moved then to do his bidding, realizing that, at least for tonight, what he wanted, was proposing was absolutely what she was going to do. She never took her eyes off of his bobbing cock, as she walked to the linen closet to get him a towel.

She came back with the towel and was still staring at his nakedness, as she handed him the towel.

"May I, will you let me touch it? Him?" she asked.

"No, not until you decide," he said calmly but firmly. "Then you get your fill and we'll let old Vanilla Tom get his monthlies and to heck with him."

She giggled, and said a quiet 'yes, sir', and she realized, as she stared at again that the decision was already made, pretty much.

Carol had never felt such a pull, such heat or longing. Not in a long time. Not when she was busy creating sexy scenes and being wanton and slutty in a way that 'Vanilla Tom' didn't want or appreciate. She watched him and sucked in her breath, as she realized that he was going to shower in her shower. And watching his ass cheeks, as he walked away was another utter revelation. His ass was gorgeous! Just round and firm and muscular and gorgeous.

"J.J, honey," she said softly, and he turned around in profile letting her see his cock and his ass. "Lovely, lovely ass! I'd like to ... love to touch, uh, I don't know, kiss it maybe..." Her voice trailed off as she simply blushed but kept staring at his naked ass.

"Hold that thought, Mom!" he said moving off to the shower.

Without much thought she prepared. She got lipstick and wrote across the top of her breasts "J.J' Bitch". On her forehead she wrote 'Carol Anne' and on her chin she wrote 'Is'. She put on the new dog collar and the 'fuck me's' and waited.

The shower was turned off and she heard him drying off.

J.J was nervous now, as he came into the room but there she was. She wore the heels, panties and the dog collar. She was kneeling at the foot of the bed, her hands behind her head, in prisoner fashion. She glanced at him and said not a word.

He walked to her and said, as he ran his hands through her hair: "Nice sign, Bad Girl! 'J.J' Bitch'. Is that what you are, Mom? Is that what you want to be?"

Carol's reaction was at first to kiss his hand. Then she spoke:

"J.J, honey, it's as though I have no moral direction here any more. What just happened, what you just did is so overwhelming that I am simply going to let it happen, for right now. Anything that you want, that you wish, is fine, and we'll talk later."

"Agreed," he said to her.

"I'm going to be bold now," she said, "Can I touch it now? Hold it in my hand and do other things? Will you let me, allow me to maybe kiss your ass, honey?"

"All in good time," he said. "Remember this is not Vanilla Tom and you having to run the show to keep him involved. I'm in charge here, and you're wearing the dog collar. Keep that in mind."

"Yes, sir," she said, "I certainly will; just tell me what you want or how you want it and I am at your disposal."

The fleeting thought invaded her mind: "If only my friends could see me now." But then came the counter thought: "But if they could see him now, they'd understand."

She giggled at that, and he asked her to explain. She did and he smiled, and she waited.

He didn't make her wait long. "I've thought about this for so long and thought and planned!"

He went to her; took her by the arm and raised her to her feet. With a few quick motions he moved the things at the top of his Dad's armoire until it was empty.

"The very first thing is to stake my claim, to show my Bad Girl whose she really is."

She let out a loud 'eeeeeeeeeeep', as he grabbed her by the waist, and with little or no effort raised her up and sat her up on top of the armoire. It had the effect of putting her at face level with him.

"Please," she almost squealed, as he pried her knees apart a bit and skinned the panties down and off of her, "What are you going to do?"

"Don't you know?" he asked, smiling, and taking her legs, and putting each of them over one of his shoulders, and then leaning in to kiss her now naked, glistening, hairy pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she let out in a long sigh, "That! Are you? That? Really?"

She sounded confused but was so completely taken off guard by all of this that she couldn't really manage to make sense but then all of it was lost in the feelings and emotions that accompanied his eating her pussy, and eating it well.

He licked his way up and down her outer lips and then invaded her pussy with his tongue, moving it around from side to side, and sucking on the lips of her vagina.

She held back as long as she could and then let out a long and rather loud:

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

She clamped her hand over her mouth right away and said: "Sorry," in a breathless voice.

He looked up, his face wet from her pussy. "Why?" he asked

"Your fat ... Tom doesn't like my noises!"

J.J laughed and said: "Noises, Mom, that's just you singing my song!"

"Oh, J.J! This can't be real! This is ... you are too wonderful for words!" she said, stroking his hair with her hand.

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