When Friends Meet

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

True Sex Story: Teenage Years in the 60's

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   True Story   Petting   Big Breasts   .

It was a hot summer evening. My buddy, Tom and I were cruising our neighborhood after our fruitless double date with our steady girlfriends. We had gone from a movie to a park to make out with them, but it just wasn't happening. The girls were eager to kiss and cuddle, but wouldn't allow any form of petting. Of course, we came away with a severe case of blue balls, severely frustrated. That's how we found ourselves. I was driving and Tom riding with me, talking about our bad luck with the girls, feeling sorry for ourselves. As we approached a corner I spotted a couple of girls walking towards us on the street. One of them looked amazingly like my girlfriend, the one that we just dropped off a few minutes earlier. I started to get pissed since our girlfriends told us that they had a curfew and had to get home, cutting our date off early. It was dark outside, but Tom recognized the girls, who lived close to his house. He said that they were easy. I pulled over to the curb next to where they were walking and started to strike up a conversation with them in an attempt to pick them up. Their names were Kathy and Lynne. Kathy was average height (about 5'4") with flaming red hair and blue eyes while Lynne was taller (about 5'7") she had brown hair and large boobs. As it turned out Lynne resembled my steady girl except she was larger and had those awesome tits.

We talked for a while and discovered that we were in front of Kathy's house. I didn't feel comfortable dealing with the girls so close to the eyes of their parents. So I invited them to go for a ride with us. Tom got into the back seat with Lynne and Kathy sat with me. We headed out to the cruising strip with the girls. After a stop at one of the local drive ins for some drinks, we headed off to the park to try for some loving. As we parked, I looked into the back seat to see Lynne with her top completely undone, those large tits in Tom's hand as his tongue was down her throat. I felt encouraged as I set off to do the same with Kathy. Although her tits were smaller, she was as eager to swap spit as Lynne. We parked there for almost an hour when the girls needed to find a restroom. We headed off to the nearest gas station and got the restroom key for the girls. They scampered off to do what girls do in those places.

Tom and I were proud of ourselves as we talked about the fun we were having with the girls. We decided to swap girls for part two of our encounter at the park. As they came back to the car, we traded places and the swap was in place. They seemed surprised but displayed no resistance as we headed back to the park for some more making out. Lynne was just as much fun as Kathy had been. But I had the added good luck to now be in the back seat with her and Tom, in the front seat with Kathy. I relished Lynne's large tits and went straight for them, squeezing and sucking her nipples, in between kissing her all over her face, neck and chest. She was heating up rapidly and I had a screaming hard on as I manipulated her smooth body. It didn't take long for me to cum as I dry fucked her, and shot my load all over the inside of my Levies.

Tom and took the girls home soon after that as he got himself off with Kathy too. We marveled at our good luck with these girls. They were a couple of years younger than us but were happy to go out and ride around, cruising the scene before they got their driver's license.

Tom and I started to hang around with the girls more often and would take them out after we took out our steady girls. The steady girls were still acting pure, but it mattered less to us since we knew where we could get off. As school started, we arranged to meet Lynne and Kathy at Tom's house. In his basement, he had a pool table and a couch that we would use as a clubhouse. Both of the girls lived close to Tom and eagerly agreed to meet us there for a couple of games of pool after school. Lynne and I would sit on the couch and make out while Tom and Kathy played on the pool table. We would cover up under a blanket and I would strip most of her clothes off and pet her smooth body for hours. Tom would feel up Kathy right in front of us, right at the table. She was embarrassed at first but soon became accustomed to her partial nudity as Tom molested her as she tried to line up a shot. Soon, we could do almost anything to those two girls except put our dicks into them. We could get an occasional hand job from either of them but they would not let us get our dicks inside of them. Lynne and I would go hot and heavy and I would end up dry fucking her and shooting my load all over her stomach. Kathy would give hand jobs to whomever she was with. Of course, we would still swap the girls all of the time, as the mood struck us. It was fun and kept us excited. Neither Tom nor I ever got bored with our make out partners. As soon as the sessions got predictable, Tom and I would mix things up and continue on. The most memorable occasions were when Tom and I would start to make out with our girls then switch right in the middle of the session. Lynn and Kathy took most everything that we did to them in stride until we swapped them right in the middle of one of our sessions. Both of the girls were nearly naked as we played with our respective partners. Then without warning, we swapped our hot and nearly naked girl for the other equally turned sex toy. They were embarrassed to say the least but the crowning touch was yet to be discovered.

As time progressed, the girls started to feel that they were the girlfriend of each of us. That is, Lynne thought that she was mine and Kathy thought that she belonged to Tom. We let them think and acted that way but would continue to swap occasionally. On the day in question Tom and I had swapped Tom with Lynne and Kathy with me. Of course, we held nothing back as we kissed and sucked on each other's bodies. As was usual we swapped, but this time we exposed our "girlfriends". They each only had their panties on and red splotches all over their tits and upper bodies. As I examined Lynne and Tom looked over Kathy we noted what sluts they were for giving it up to the other guy. They were embarrassed by our comments as we each started in feasting on their nudity. Forcing climaxes from their unwilling bodies.

We started seeing even more of our new friends, abandoning our steady girlfriend cock teasers as time progressed. Who could resist a couple of slut girlfriends who would refuse you nothing (well, we could do anything, but we still couldn't get our dicks into them.) They sure kept our horns trimmed.

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