The Big Birthday Surprise

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2011 by Crisscross

Erotica Sex Story: Man decides to do something special for his wife's fortieth birthday, finds out he has given her the gift that keeps on giving.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Light Bond   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Sex Toys   .

The big day had arrived, my fortieth birthday, I was lying in bed enjoying the thought of not having to go to work, it being Saturday. How could I be so lucky to have it land on a Saturday. I'm Sandra Jennings, My husband of sixteen years, Jimmie Jennings, had just gotten up to go make coffee. I laid there thinking what it was he was going to surprise me with. All he would divulge was, it was going to be a big surprise.

Jimmie had turned forty seven his last birthday and after being married for sixteen years, his sex drive had fallen off sharply. Oh he still managed to get it up, but sometimes it was a couple of weeks between times. I tried talking him into seeing a doctor but he kept insisting he would be okay. It was after a night of me begging to be fucked and him not being able to get it up enough to use, that he brought home the first of many toys. Everything from dildos, vibrators, interracial porn movies, to cock rings and penis enlargers. Nothing seemed to help him, but it sure did help me. The more things he brought home trying to satisfy me the more I wanted to be fucked by a real cock.

Shortly after this began, I began thinking more and more about how it would be with other guys. Rather than buying all of these toys, I should find someone to satisfy my needs. When I subtly brought this up to Jimmie to see what his reaction would be, he said he didn't like the idea of me being with other men and for me to hang on, just give him a little time and he would think of something. Shortly after that, he brought home the first strapon and life like cock that fit through the belt and fucked me with those. I liked those better than any of the other toys, except I did like my ribbed vibrator once in awhile, to get me off real good. It seemed almost natural to have him pounding into me and me being able to hold him in my arms.

It was a couple of months before my birthday, that he started talking about giving me a big surprise. The closer it got, the more he talked about it. I couldn't imagine what it might be, except that maybe, he had secretly been seeing a doctor and was able to perform on his own, instead of relying on artificial devices.

Jimmie holds the Friday night poker game at our house, every other week, there's five of them that play, they all work together so are good friends. Brad is around Jimmies age sort of tall and thin. Gregory is closer to my age, about the same height as Brad, but broader built. Bobby is barely thirty and stocky built. Jefferson is in his late twenties and has a very athletic body. Broad muscular shoulders, narrow waist and the cutest butt you ever saw. They're a good bunch of guy's, always polite to me, they talk a little gross once in awhile if they had been drinking a little more than usual, but were still fun to be around. I usually fixed them snacks, picked up there favorite beer and stocked the fridge, the day of the party. When they start playing, I leave and go to my friend's place. We usually take in a movie or whatever. Once in a great while we go have a drink or two and dance, if the place we went too had music.

The guys were always raucous when they first started playing. talking loud, kidding each other and so on, getting hyped up for the game. The last couple of game nights pryer to my birthday. I picked up on what seemed like a lot of talking in low voices and when I entered the room, the talking seemed to stop altogether. I began to wonder if my surprise somehow involved his buddies. I knew he would never involve them in anything sexual with me, so I knew it wasn't that. But what kept him mentioning he had a big surprise for me. Almost every night at bedtime, he would mention the surprise he had for me, telling me how much I was going to like it. I tried several times to guess what it was. I guessed trips to most of the Islands. A cruise. A cross country vacation trip with him, but he claimed none of these were his surprise.

My birthday was the day after poker night at our house and for some reason there seemed be a lot of excitement in the air. A lot of laughing and joking, except when I got to close. I'd called a couple of friends and we had decided to go have a couple of drinks and dance. We picked a bar we knew would have music and dancing and settled in for a girls night out of fun.

I'd forgotten how men are such whore dogs. They all commented on how much they liked my breasts and tight ass and thought I was the hottest woman in the bar, some referred to me as, the hottest slut in the bar or the sexiest broad they had danced with in a long time and all of them invited me to stay the night with them. There were a couple of them I was tempted to go outside with and get my luck changed, but by the dance ended, I changed my mind.

I wasn't drunk when I got home, but Jimmie said he knew I'd been drinking for sure and wanted to know where I'd went and what we'd done. I told him we'd went to Teasers, had a couple of drinks and danced. I told him I thought most of the men there were whore dogs, they couldn't just dance, they had to have there hands everywhere. This seemed to excite Jimmie. He'd had plenty to drink himself and the way he was acting all excited and horny, I thought maybe this was what he needed. Maybe in his mind, he imagined he was going to fuck some bar broad. We made out for awhile and nothing happened. Nothing I did, got Jimmie more than semi hard. I sucked his cock until my jaws hurt, but it wouldn't get hard and after sucking him, I needed a hard cock, not a semi hard cock, and wished I'd went to the car with the guys that had asked. I told Jimmie I needed to be fucked and soon. He said, "I'd like you to try something different tonight."

"What is it that's got you so excited Jimmie." I said with a touch of sarcasm. "I Thought maybe your big surprise was, you had found something to make you to get a hard on.

He got out of bed with a big smile on his face, went to the closet and brought out the goody bag, taking out artificial cocks of all different sizes to use in the strap. As he was doing this he said, "I want to blind fold you and then as I'm fucking you with these different sized cocks. I want you to tell me who you think that particular cock should belong on. I have them all named and want to see if you think it belongs on the same guy, I think it would. He came leaned over me and kissed me long and hard, using a lot of tongue. Then he took a cloth and blindfolded me. We kissed again then he said, "lay down baby and spread your legs. I laid down spreading my legs. I moaned as he entered me with the first make believe cock. As he fucked me he asked, "are you thinking who it might be?"

"Yes, I think it's Brad Pitt."

"No, no honey, not Brad. He would have to be much larger to satisfy his wife."

"Oh honey, keep going, oh ya, I think I got it, Johnny Depp."

"No baby be serious, how about you chose among the guys that were here tonight."

"The guy's who play poker?"

"Ya, lets try that."

Taking a few minutes to think who may have a cock like this I said, I think it's Brads cock. Jimmie eased it slowly out of me. It wasn't long until he was entering me with a different sized cock, this one longer and a little thicker. As he fucked me I closed my eyes and thoughts of Greg came to mind. I was about to orgasm when I said, "oh my god Greg, yes, yes, do it harder.

"Jimmie said, oh, so you think it's Greg huh, what makes you think so?"

"I don't know, he's the one that came to mind is all."Okay, lets try another one."

This one was hard to get in, it was so thick, not as long as the previous one, but quite a lot thicker. Once he got it all in he started fucking me nice and slow until I'd stretched to fit it. I almost felt guilty as Jimmie fucked me. It felt so good I had two orgasms before I told Jimmie, I thought it was Bobby.

He sounded surprised by my answer, "what makes you think it was Bobby?"

"Well mostly because of how thick it was and how stocky built Bobby is. I thought it matched his body"

"So you think the size and shape of a mans cock, is determined by the way his body is built. A tall thin guy, has a long thin cock and a short stocky built guy, has a shorter, but thicker cock and so on?"

Laughing I said, "if only it were that easy, women would have no trouble at all deciding if she wanted to be with a certain guy or not. No of course not, I'm just guessing remember. I gasped as he pushed the last fake cock deep into my pussy. Uuhhgggee "Oh baby do it, fuck me good Jimmie, the way you used to."

"You like that don't you baby? I know who you're thinking it is and you're loving his hard young cock stretching your hot pussy, tell me how much do you like it Baby."

"Oh my god Jimmie, I love it, that big cock feels so good in deep like that. Do it harder Jimmie. Oh my god yes, yes, like that, fuck me good Jimmie."

"I'm not Jimmie, I'm one of the secret lovers, do you like how I'm fucking you Sandra?"

"OOOOhhh my gawd, my gawd, do it, do it harder, oh oooohh I'm going to, yes, yes, like that, oh my god don't stop Jimmie I'm cumming ugh ugh ugh I gasped, as he rammed the huge fake cock in and out of my pussy until I laid there half lifeless gasping for breath. Oh my god Jefferson I've never been fucked like that, not ever."

"Jimmie said,"I didn't know you had a thing for young cock Baby, He seemed to really turn you on, it's been a long time since I've seen you cum like that."

Oh god Jimmie just thinking of his hard young body on mine, his hard young cock pounding my pussy, made me crazy. After that Jimmie took the blindfold off and put the toys away, then came back to bed. Taking me in his arms he said, "are you satisfied baby?"

"Uuuumm you know I am honey, it's been a long time since I got it like that."

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