Meg's First Time

by Anonymous Bosch

Copyright© 2011 by Anonymous Bosch

Erotica Sex Story: Meg and Matt hook up through his sister's intervention. She figures it will help him get over his first time with Lynne.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

I was in the common room eating my lunch when I sensed the atmosphere change. I glanced up and saw Naomi. Everyone was looking at her. The guys had their tongues in their laps and some of the girls did too. There were a few girls in school prettier than her, but it was her figure that really set her apart. She was built like Barbie. I was jealous.

Then I wondered if it was fun or a drag to be stared at like that all the time.

She walked right up to my table. "May I join you?" she asked.

"Um, sure." I was surprised that a senior would want to sit with me.

She sat across from me. "Wow, she's dazzling," I thought.

"Last week, I heard you say that you thought my brother was really cute. Is that true?"

"Well, I, uh, yes he is." I stammered.

"You meant for me to hear that, didn't you."

"Um, Yes."

"Over the weekend, it became clear to me that Matt needs a steady girlfriend. Interested?"

This was not the time to be shy, "Yes."

"Good. I think you'll be good for each other. I'll tell Matt you like him. The rest is up to you."

Naomi got up and walked away. Every eye was on her as she left. "I wonder what that's like?"

I left. I didn't realize how many eyes watched me too.

Weeks later.

Matt and I had started 'going steady.' He was very sweet and I really liked him. We had kissed and felt each other in room 451, which was an unused room at school. He had a way of turning me on so easily. The last time we were there, he had slid his hand up the back of my thigh and rubbed my lips though my panties. It got me so hot that when I played with myself that night, I had to muffle my cries using the inside of my elbow. I was slowly talking myself into having sex with him. I had a couple of long talks with my friend Anna, who was very liberated. We talked about a lot of things, how much the first time hurts, giving and receiving oral sex and even what she called rim jobs. I mean really, licking someone's anus? She said it felt amazing. I had also seen the NudesPaper, which was published in the Village. Every type of sex possible between adults was shown in it. In glorious black and white.

We went on dates. My parents liked him and so did my older sister. I got more popular and I soon realized it was status from dating Naomi's little brother.

One night, we went to the movies. We told my parents we were going to see the "Godfather." We had already seen it. Matt bought tickets for us and we snuck in to see "Fritz the Cat." and "Heavy Metal" in a double feature.

Matt's family had recently moved to Waverly Place and Broadway, which was a block south of 8th street and at the northern boundary of Greenwich Village. Washington Square Park was two blocks west of where he lived and it was the coolest place to be. They had a huge loft, which was very cool. The theater we were at was on 8th St., which is pretty much the northern boundary of the Village. It's also just a block north of Washington Square Park. We sat in the back row. In fact the theatre was pretty empty and there wasn't anyone within 10 rows of us.

Fritz picked up 3 chicks in Washington Square Park. He fed them a line of BS about his existential pain and got them naked into a bathtub with him. When he was fucking one of them in the tub, Matt put his hand on my knee. I was getting turned on and I squirmed. The thought of fucking anywhere turned me on. I fantasized that somewhere in a 3-block radius, Fritz was balling those chicks. I felt moisture inside me and my nipples were poking out of my blouse. He looked at me and smiled. His hand caressed my knee and moved up my thigh. Stroking softly, his fingertips lightly grazed the skin of my thigh.

Involuntarily, I shivered all over.

"Are you okay?" Matt asked me.

"Yes, I'm fine." I whispered.

His fingers continued to lightly stroke my thigh. It felt wonderful. Goose bumps flared all over me. I shivered again. I felt myself getting wetter. Matt stroked up my thigh, ever higher and closer to my panties. It felt like my nipples itched, pressing out of my blouse.

"I hope he sees them," I thought.

When Fritz was all over the female crow, Matt's fingers slid back down my thigh. I almost groaned from frustration. I wanted to feel him on my pussy lips again. Then his middle finger slid gently up the "Vee" where my thighs met. His other fingers brushed up the tops of my thighs. I shivered again and then his fingertip was directly on my clit.

"Oooh, " I hissed. Matt knew right were it was. He rubbed it in circles and I softly moaned. He stroked and rubbed gently and it felt wonderful.

"Babe, why don't you slide down a bit?" Matt whispered to me. I felt a burst of heat and electricity ran from clit to tit to tit.

Casting caution to the winds, not to mention modesty, I scrunched down in the seat until my butt was right on the edge. He gently rubbed me up and down, along my slit. My legs seemed to open up all by them selves. I gripped his biceps and dug my fingers in. He cupped me, probing into me through my panties. It felt like electricity all through me. I shivered again. When Fritz began to fuck the female crow, Matt moved up and slid his hand under my panties.

"Oh yesssssss," I whispered. Then, "I wonder what he feels like?" I reached over and caressed his thigh.

His middle finger parted my wet lips, went down and circled into me. Fritz was involved in a race riot. My libido was rioting too.

"Heavy Metal" started. The girl riding the flying creature was really sexy. I imagined it was me, thigh high boots with the black bra and panties. She went into a bar. Men tried to pick her up. They wanted to rape her. She killed them all.

Then he had two fingers inside me, right up to my hymen. I clamped my mouth against his arm and moaned. Suddenly I wanted to touch him, touch what I had felt pressed against me in room 451. I stroked up his thigh and found his hard cock. I traced the shape of him through his shorts. It felt huge. I shivered again and imagined how it would feel in my hands, or my mouth, or inside me. I felt him quiver.

"Mmm, yes Meg, touch me." He whispered close to my ear.

He reached over me and his fingers were on my hips. He was taking my panties off!

"Matt, I don't, um. Please, don't..."

"Shhh. Let me make you feel good."

As they slid down, my legs closed. He twisted his body, knelt and got them off of my feet. He sat down and put his hand between my knees and moved up. My legs just fell open for him. He cupped my bare, wet pussy. Two fingers pushed their way into me, right up to my hymen. He stroked in and out with ball of his thumb rubbing my clit.

I spiraled up and up until I had my first orgasm from a guy in the back row of a movie theater, my bare ass rubbing the seat and my dripping pussy leaving a skid mark. It was the best orgasm ever. I saw him lick his fingers. I think the movie ended. When we got to lobby, I saw the teeth marks on his arm. I also realized I hadn't gotten my panties back.

We left the theater and started walking. I was acutely aware of not having any panties on. So was Matt. As we walked, he would sometimes caress my buns. Once his finger ran up and down my ass crack.

He whispered to me, "I want to eat you, Meg. I want more of what I licked off my fingers."

A bolt of lightening raced through me. I shivered. "Eat me? He wants to eat me?" Anna had said it was the best feeling ever and that I would come soooooo hard.

"Where can we go?" I finally managed to ask.

We got into the elevator in his building. The second the doors closed, we were all over each other. We kissed, tongues busy and then he slid around just a bit until his hard cock was pressed against my hip. I was having trouble breathing. Matt ducked down a bit and then he had one hand cupping my naked pussy and the other squeezing my naked ass.

I decided having no panties on was really sexy. He squeezed both in rhythm together, masturbating me. If his building had been 20 floors high, I'd have come again. Walking the streets with no panties with my boyfriend stroking my ass had made me wild. I kept thinking, "Oh, he can see me, or him..." In the Village anything was possible. Matt had told me had guys walk up to him and offer to suck his cock. He said he'd turned it down.

I moaned, "Oh Matt, that feels so good." and rubbed his cock through his shorts.

We rode the elevator to the top floor of his building and got off. Matt led me up the stairs to a landing above the top floor. He tore open the garbage bag lying there. In it were two moving van pads. They looked new.

"Planning ahead?" I asked, a little angry that he assumed he'd need them.

"No Meg, hoping ahead."

He opened the door and we went out onto the roof.

"Matt, on the roof? Someone might see!"

"Look around." He said, wedging the door shut with a piece of wood and laying the pads right next to the little building that housed the landing. I looked. West, east and south the buildings were far away or not as tall. To the north, the little building housing the elevator shielded us. It was amazingly private and the lights of New York were bright and beautiful.

We kissed again, endlessly. Then his hand slid up my blouse and squeezed my breast. He stepped back and started to unbutton my blouse.

I had to feel him. I reached out and cupped his balls, caressing. He groaned.

I rubbed his hard shaft. It was long. The idea of it in me was a little frightening. Anna had told me not to worry, "We were designed to fit each other." I ran my hand up and down it some more, liking the feel and the thought that I could make him get hard.

Suddenly, I had to see it. I had seen crappy black and white photos in the NudesPaper, but I wanted the real thing. I unbuckled his belt. He slipped my blouse off. I unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and they fell to the moving pad. I ran my fingers along his long bulge, sparks flying through me. He reached around me and my bra flew open. Distantly, I realized all I had left was my thin skirt. Something ran down my inner thigh. It tickled and I realized I had juice running of me!

Matt said, "Meg, you have beautiful tits." He reached up and cupped them, stroking my nipples with his thumbs. He pinched and pulled them. I arched my back with delight, leaned forward, kissed him and slid my hand under his waistband.

"Oooh yes, babe, touch me." He moaned. I found it pulsing, warm, and long and the core was rock hard. The skin was so soft. I stroked it and he groaned again. I ran my hand over the soft and spongy head. There was moisture on it. Anna had told me about pre-come. I smelled him then. The smell shredded any last thoughts I had of stopping him tonight.

I wanted to see it. Badly. I slid down his torso to my knees and rubbed that hot shaft again. I pulled the waistband away from his belly and slid the underwear down him and off. I ran my hands up his hard, muscular thighs, until there it was. I leaned back a bit and looked, my hands resting on his thighs. I glanced up and he was looking at me and smiling. Now the smell of him was intoxicating. It was pink and quivering hard. There was a mushroom cap with a cleft in topside. I could clearly see the slit where his pre-come was oozing out. Underneath was a sack of wrinkly, hairy skin and two balls the size of golf balls. It was ugly and beautiful at the same time. I reached out and ran my fingers along the shaft. I wrapped a hand around and started stroking. He groaned, threw his head back and inched forward. I knew what that meant. I could just get two hands on it at once. I stroked him and more juice oozed out. I pulled him down to me and licked his shiny mushroom head. It tasted like he smelled.

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