Innocent Indian Mother

by Mother fucker

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Erotica Sex Story: Indian son seduces mother

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This is a true story that happened 3 years ago.

My mother is a typical Indian woman, I never thought of her as beautiful, just normal, she always wore sari's that were quite baggy, she was 36 years old and I was 19, she had brought me up by herself as my father died before I was born, due to a accident at work, She was a dutiful mother and at no time did I see her show any interest in another man.

We had our own business dealing in groceries, the shop was very profitable, and we had no money worries.

One day I was sitting at home watching the television when my mother came home form the shop and informed me that she had been invited to a banquet to honour her achievements in the grocery business, she said that normally she always refused the yearly bash, but as she was to be honoured thought that she should attend, I was sort of half listening and half watching the TV, my mother raised her voice and asked what I thought, I replied I thought she should go, at which she then informed me that she would need a escort for the evening, I questioned who she was thinking of taking at which my mother said I was hoping you would come with me, as I would not dream of going with another man, and more important I know of no men, I'm still married to your father and that would be disrespectful, I said but mother he has been dead for nearly 20 years now, don't you think you are entitled to some fun in your life,

My mother pleaded with me to go with her, I told her I didn't really want to spend the evening with loads of old people talking about shops, she then said that if I didn't take her then she wouldn't be going, I tried to make her see sense but she would not listen to me, going as far as telling me that I was selfish as she had never in all my life asked anything of me, and the first time instead of her doing everything for me, I would have to do something for her, all I did was argue.

I sat and listened and realised that what my mother said was very true, I then replied to her that I would be glad to escort her to the banquet. She in formed me that I would need to get a dinner jacket sorted out as it was a very posh do. This news made me want to go even less, but I couldn't tell my mother, so I decided that it was only one night and would just have do just put up with it.

The next night my mother came down in a long dress, that was split at the side, it was quite respectful if she didn't move to quick, she asked my opinion as this was the dress she would be wearing to the banquet, I asked my mother to do a spin so I could see how the dress fitted her, this was the first time I had ever seen my mother in anything but a loose fitting sari, my mother turned around and modelled the dress, I told her that it was a very good fit and showed her figure off, rather then hiding it, I realised as I said this that I'd never noticed before that my mother had any kind of figure, as my mother turned I told her that the underwear she had on was to big and bulky and was showing though her dress, I suggested that she would have to buy some more modern ones that weren't so bulky, my mother then told me that she wouldn't dream of going into a shop to buy anything like that, as she did all her shopping for those sort of things with a respected Indian catalogue company, and then said that if she couldn't wear her own things under the dress, then she would wear one of her sari's to the banquet, I then told her that if she wanted to go to this do dressed as a frumpy woman then I wouldn't be going, as I would have to be dressed in a dinner suit with a bow tie, I suggested that I would go to some shops the next day and buy some more modern under garments for her, after some debate my mother agreed with this idea.

So the next day I went shopping for my mother, I had been to a couple of shops and not found what I thought she needed, when I arrived at the 4th shop, I was looking around when one of the assistants came over and asked if I needed any help, I was a bit embarrassed to be talking to a very pretty young lady, I told her that I was taking my girlfriend to a banquet and she needed some underwear that wouldn't show though her dress, I couldn't say I was shopping for my mother I would have been to embarrassed, the young girl went off and brought a set back that she said would be perfect, they consisted of a very sexy thong and a skimpy bra in black, the thong was so thin that I wondered how it could hide anything, I paid for them and returned home, placing the bag in my mothers bedroom.

Later that evening my mother returned from the shop and I informed her I had brought some things for her and they were in her bedroom, she went off and within 2 minutes I her her shouting come here NOW, I went to my mothers bedroom and walked into a very angry woman, she was spitting with rage and told me I was some kind of pervert if I thought she was going to wear something like that, only sluts would wear those things, I tried to calm her down by telling her the story of the shop girl and how I had pretended that the things were for my girlfriend, because I was to embarrassed to admit I was shopping for my mother, and the girl had said they would be perfect for the occasion, she calmed down a bit, but said that there was no way she would wear anything like those things, I told her again that if she wore a sari I wouldn't be going, I said that nobody but her would know what she was wearing underneath the dress, and like the dinner jacket and bow tie, it was for one night only,

She said she would think about it.

Two days later on the evening of the Banquet I said to my mother have you decided what you are wearing, because I don't want to bother getting showered and dressed in the dinner jacket if she was wearing a sari. She informed me that even though she was against it she wanted me to escort her there, so she would be wearing her dress, I had had a shower and was just returning to my bedroom to get ready when I passed my mothers bedroom, the door was slightly ajar, as I passed something caught my eye, I stopped and looked though the crack in the door and could see my mother standing with her back to me wearing nothing but the skimpy black thong, what made me stay there and keep looking was the shape of her arse, it was perfect, a bit like j-lo's not massive, not small, it was just a perfect size and shape, and seeing her with such a sexy thong on made my cock twitch, I had never looked at my mother sexually before in all my life, but seeing her standing there was so horny, just at that moment my mother turned around to get something, the sight was the horniest sight I could ever of dreamed of, her tits were big and heavy, but completely firm, no sag whatsoever, they turned upwards making the shape perfect, as I looked down her perfect body I got to her cunt which was encased in the skimpy thong, there was jet black hair poking out both sides of the thong, her bush looked think and lush, I was looking at her perfect body and realised my cock was the hardest I'd ever known it, I couldn't believe that for all these years my mother had been hiding this perfect body, I had to take my cock out, which I must point out is very impressive, as hard as was right now it reached nearly 9 inches and was very thick, I carried on looking at my mothers body while stroking my massive cock, it didn't take long before I could feel my cock about to explode, I rushed to the bathroom and let rip, I didn't realise I had so much spunk in me, it just kept spurting and spurting and all the time I'm thinking of my mothers body.

The time arrived for us to leave for the banquet, my mother came down the stairs looking stunning, her body was showed off to it full potential with the dress, I asked her to turn around slowly so I could pass my judgement, as she did my cock was getting hard again I could just make out the thong under her dress, and if she moved to quick the split opened showing her legs right up to her cunt.

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