Cuckolding Dad

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Romantic Sex Story: A teenage boy's secret infatuation with his beautiful mother blossoms into a passionate romance.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Jesus, she made my cock ache. Just walking past her, seeing her gave me a serious boner. All I could do was go to my room after school, close the door a little and jerk off. I'd do it hoping she'd walk by, catch a little look at me as I stroked my dick as slowly as I could, but it always got faster. I couldn't ever hold off for long. And I'd be thinking of her when I shot my load into a pair of her panties that I'd swiped from the dirty laundry. I'd cream in the crotch and wipe my cock clean and put them back in the hamper later, hoping she'd find them.

But it wasn't all about lust, not at all. I really loved my mom too.

I loved her the way a guy is supposed to love a girl. Like we were meant to be together, I could feel it in my gut. In my heart maybe, but I wasn't much for that stuff, the pretty words and poetry, but you know what I mean. I didn't see Mom like I was her son, I saw her like a man would, a stranger. One of those guys at the mall who was always watching her, checking my Mom out.

Mom was hot, no doubt about that. My friends at school would say stuff, like how they wanted to fuck her, but they didn't say it around me. Not since I'd kicked Dean Harmon's ass. I didn't want to hear that stuff. She was my mom, but more than that, if anyone was going to fuck her it was going to be me. Not one of those punk idiots.

And I'd come home from school, being just 15 which has to be the worst age in the world, I'd come home and she'd be there in the kitchen, cooking something up. Wearing those old faded tight jeans and a little t-shirt maybe, showing off her perfect ass and sweet tits.

Or maybe she'd be out by the pool, in that little bikini she liked, bright blue with the thong back wedged tight between her round tanned ass cheeks, her top untied if she was on her stomach. Right outside on the big patio, right outside my window, and I'd jerk off looking at her.

She was the most beautiful woman in the world, so far as I could tell. A few inches shorter than me, like 5'3" maybe and thin, but not skinny, she was nice and soft and round, and all of a hundred pounds I bet. Mom had blonde hair, straight and silky soft to her shoulders, and bright blue eyes. I loved my Mom's eyes, especially when they looked at me.

The only problem with the whole picture was one, she was my Mom. And two, she was married to my dad. I suppose there was our ages too, since I was 15 like I said and she was thirty-three then. But people said I looked older, like 17 or maybe even 18 years old. And my Mom didn't look her age, that was for sure. She looked twenty-eight maybe, or probably even younger than that. I had a hard time guessing how old people were, but even I knew she wasn't like anybody else's Mom.

And I think she noticed me too. I'm not a brainiac or anything, but I'm not dumb and I know when a girl's interested. I had my first girlfriend when I was 13 and she was a real one too, and older girl who was supposed to be babysitting me. Like I needed a sitter, but my parents had taken off for a weekend together. So this girl had stayed over, my cousin, like a third cousin that I barely knew. She was eighteen and sort of big, not really fat, but healthy, and she'd taught me all about kissing.

We didn't do anything else, except she rubbed my cock through my pants, and I felt her big tits a little under her sweater. But she was my first and we saw each other for about 3 months, until she left for college and even then we wrote each other for awhile. Lori ... That was her name and she'd never thought of me as a kid.

After that I had my own girlfriends, from the high school mostly, and I fucked for the first time when I was 14 and it was great. It hurt her a little, a girl named Sandy who was seventeen and a virgin, but she didn't cry or anything and we did it again a few days later and it was better.

All my girlfriends were older than me and I tried to get the ones who looked mostly like my Mom, because I'd think about her while I was making out with them. I wasn't like a big stud or anything though, not like girls were crawling all over me, but I'm good looking enough, and outgoing enough, and that's all it takes.

Most girls really want a guy to talk to them, any guy really. They might not want to kiss him, or fuck him, but they like the talk, the attention, and once you give them some you got a chance, you know? That's what the guys in school never figured out. Most of the boys I knew who were 14 or 15 even the high school guys, they acted like saying hi to a cute girl was a death sentence.

But that's why I had girlfriends and they didn't. Talking to a girl didn't kill you. Even being laughed at just hurt for a few minutes and there was always another girl. But not like my Mom. She was the one, you know? The only one, all those other girls, the 4 really serious ones I went all the way with by the time I was 15, almost 16 years old, those girls were just practice.

Sometimes I figured my Mom knew about me too and that's why I was trying to get caught. Why I was leaving my sperm in her panties for her to find. Cause she was leading me on, or so I hoped. Like sunbathing outside my window? She coulda done it anyplace, why there? And when she kissed me, like in the kitchen if she was there when I got home, she'd hug me tight. It wasn't a kiss on the cheek, it was a kiss on the lips and a nice long hug. No tongue or nothing, but still.

It had to mean something.

And she'd look at me, like during supper when we were sitting at the table. She'd look at my dad too, but when she looked at me, when she asked me about school, or my new girlfriend maybe, she'd turn those blue eyes on, man. Like laser beams and she'd smile, her beautiful heart shaped face nodding slowly like she was reading my mind.

I got the worst boners during dinner.

And Mom liked asking me about my girlfriends. That was one of her favorites and she'd ask me what I liked about her, what made the girl special, stuff like that. Sometimes she'd ask me if I was being careful too, like if I had condoms, which totally embarrassed me at first, but she didn't even blush. She even gave me some of my dad's condoms, telling me to keep them handy because I never knew when I'd need one.

I beat off three times that night.

My dad wasn't like that, I mean cool and open about stuff. He just liked to work. I mean he'd work all day, come home and eat, and go work on his computer half the night. He wasn't even looking at porn, or ripping music, or anything. He was just working and then maybe he'd have sex with my Mom, but mostly he went to sleep.

If I was my dad, I'd have fucked my Mom like four times a day, easy. We'd have like ten kids probably, because I wouldn't wear a rubber with her. I'd love to knock her up, just to know I did it and see all those guys checking her big tummy out and knowing some other guy had fucked her good. But all they had was me and I figured my dad was an idiot just for that.

But I liked the guy okay. He couldn't fish, didn't know a thing about cars or sports. But he paid the bills, put food on the table, and he loved us, me and my Mom. He just didn't seem like he oughta have her though. Mom deserved better, and that might have been my jealousy talking, but I couldn't help how I felt, right? I just didn't get it sometimes.

"Hey, Danny, what are you working on?" Mom always called me Danny, but I didn't let anyone else do it.

"English." I looked at her and my dick was already getting hard. She was just wearing a sweatshirt and some jeans cutoffs, some old shorts that really showed off her legs. God, I loved my mom's legs.

"Oh yeah?" She smiled, the way she does, like biting her bottom lip. It makes her look like a high school girl, I swear. "Let me see."

She sat down at the kitchen table with me, leaning on her elbow so her hair was in my face practically. Mom smelled good, like baby powder.

"I gotta find quotes and stuff, like about women, or by women, or something," I shrugged.

"Hmmm ... That sounds like fun," Mom said and sometimes I wondered about her ideas of fun.

"It's boring." I was looking through this big book of quotes my dad had, but it was hard finding anything good.

"How many do you need?" Mom leaned over a little more, reaching for my book and I felt her tits against me, just a little on my arm, but definitely her tits and she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Just, uh ... One more." I scratched my head, moving that arm so I had an excuse to brush her boobs a little more.

"Oh. Well, let me find one, okay?" She giggled, and I almost creamed because Mom's giggle is like she's saying 'come fuck me!' or something, I swear. At least it sounds like that to me.

"Sure," I swallowed hard and I was getting warm, but Mom didn't even notice what she was doing to me.

"Here we go..." she smiled at me and I just looked at her blue eyes and it was like a little staring contest. We weren't blinking and Mom just scrunched her pert little nose. "I'll read it for you. You copy it down."

"Okay." I blinked first and she giggled again and I forgot to breathe.

"Um, okay... 'Woman's destiny is to be wanton, like the bitch, the she-wolf, she must belong to all who claim her.'" Mom read it slowly for me, in a soft voice and got as far as the word bitch when I stopped.

"What?" I stared at her, not really believing she'd just said that.

"What?" She widened her eyes. "It's good, I like it."

"I can't hand that in!" I protested, still trying to understand exactly what it meant, but I thought I had an idea.

"Well, sometimes you have to be brave." Mom shrugged, standing up and putting her hand on my shoulders, rubbing me for a Moment and then leaning down to whisper in my ear. "And sometimes you just have to take what you want."

She left me there, rubbing my aching dick and rereading the quote, by somebody named Larry or whoever. She must belong to all who claim her? That sounded pretty ... intense. And Mom told me to take what I wanted? I was going to cum, so I grabbed my stuff, using my books to shield my obvious erection, and went to my room so I could jerk off.

And like I said, I wasn't getting straight A's in school or anything, but I was pretty okay in the brain department and my mom, she didn't just pull that out of thin air. That quote, I mean. She knew what it meant, even if I just barely did. Mom was smart. She didn't do stuff for no reason, or just to be cute, not like that.

Fuck, I came hard and all over my t-shirt too. I probably shot like a quart, it seemed like and it was a pain taking my shirt off without getting that gunk in my hair. And I was so totally in love. Not just with my dick, with everything. I wasn't thinking like I was her son at all. I wanted to ask her out, you know? Take her to a movie, make out with her, like ask her to marry me even. I was in love all over with her.

But she was my mom! Why did she have to be my mom? Why couldn't she be someone else's Mom? Like one of my friends. I mean yeah, it would be weird asking some other kid's mom if she wanted to go out, but I'd do it. If I loved her like that. I wouldn't care, especially if she was saying the stuff my Mom was.

I didn't care how old she was, in fact I liked it a lot that she was thirty already. It just made it better cause she was so beautiful and smart and not anything like any girl I knew. The girls my age, I couldn't stand them at all. Bunch of cloned rugrats. The high school girls were sort of okay, but they were pretty stupid, most of them.

An older woman though, sort of serious but playful, sexy and still really gentle, really motherly in some way. It was weird, like Mom was everything all at once for me and I wanted her like that. I wanted her to be my mom, but I wanted her to be my wife too. Jesus, that crap is confusing.

All I knew for sure was that if something didn't change, I was going to go crazy probably. I'd end up in a rubber room, jerking off while I beat my head against the wall. That's what it felt like I was doing anyway.

Two days later I had a day off from school, which was always cool. It was a teacher work day, whatever that was, so I got to sleep in. I woke up with a big boner too, like I always did, and I grabbed it because it had pushed out of my boxers in the night and I was rubbing it, which always feels good in the morning.

"Hey sleepy head!"

Then Mom opened the door, like she'd just been waiting for me to really start getting into it, and I turned over real quick, turning red and I know she caught me. She must have known.

"Hi, uh, morning, Mom." I sort of turned my head, just a little.

"Just you and me today, huh?" Mom was walking around my room, picking up dirty clothes. "You wanna do something?"

"Huh?" I turned over a little more, as I pressed my cock flat against my stomach, like I didn't have a huge hard-on hiding under my sheets at all.

"Me and you?" Mom smiled, "Do something together?" And she was wearing that big old Minnie Mouse t-shirt that she liked to wear around the house. It came down halfway to her knees and she was totally fuckable like that.

"Uh, yeah," I nodded.

"Or are you going to see that girl today?" Mom pouted a little, like frowned with her soft bottom lip sticking out just a little. "What's her name?"

"Denise," I nodded. "Um, no I don't ... we're not doing anything today."

"Good!" Mom's little frown turned into a smile. "I was thinking we'd go to the mall..." she caught the look on my face cause going to the mall sort of sucked, " ... just a little shopping, I promise! And then maybe we can see a movie if you want, we haven't gone to the movies in ages."

"Yeah, that sounds like fun," I nodded, feeling my dick throb. Seeing a movie with my mom sounds dumb, like the last thing a 15 year old would ever want to do, but I thought that almost sounded like a date, kinda. I mean a movie, sitting in the dark, close to her, God ... Where do I sign up?

"Good!" Mom smiled. "I'll just do a little laundry first and you can get ready, okay?"

"Sure," I nodded, wanting to rub my dick hard right about then.

About an hour later we were both pretty ready to go. I looked like I always do, some jeans, a Huskies t-shirt, my brown hair sort of combed. It was getting long, around my collar and over my ears and I knew my dad was going to make me cut it soon. Mom always wanted me to grow it out, not too far, but a little.

Mom came downstairs and she looked pretty hot, but she wasn't dressed sexy, just casual, but still. She had on a dress, one of those light cotton kind, that look nice, real girly, but innocent too, you know? Mom looked good in a dress, and that one was yellow and white, with little daisies on it.

And our stairs, up on top the wall has a big window, a huge one and the sun came though and it was like that dress was transparent. I could see right through it as she moved. I mean I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, for one thing. But sometimes she did that because her breasts were perfect, like firm and pointed up, you know what I mean? And she was wearing a thong too, I could see it because it was dark. Like black maybe and that dress being yellow, it just seemed to glow with sun behind it, lighting up everything.

I had to turn around, seriously, my cock hurt and I had to adjust it a little. And I heard her laughing lightly, her heels clicking, not real high heels, but heels definitely, pushing her gorgeous butt out a little. It was totally unfair.

"How do I look?" Mom was looking down at herself, turning a little this way and that.

"Great, Mom." I cleared my throat. "Really uh ... Great."

"Good!" She touched my shoulder, since I was still kinda turned away with my hand in my pocket. "This will be fun, kind of like a date almost."

"A date?" I looked at her quickly then, wondering if she knew what I'd been thinking somehow.

"Well, yeah!" She giggled. "Sort of. I know I'm not as young and pretty as your girlfriend, but..."

"You're a way prettier than her," I said, without really thinking about it.

"Really?" Mom looked into my eyes. "Thank you, Danny."

"Yeah, I mean ... sure, Mom." I didn't know what I meant now, or what was going on.

"Why don't you call me Lisa today?" Mom suggested, "Since it's just me and you."

"Lisa?" I thought my heart stopped.

"Well, that's my name," she kind of sang, like she was teasing me. "Do you want to drive?"

"Uh, yeah!" I grinned, because I had my permit, but I hardly ever got to use it.

"Well, let's go then." She kissed me on the cheek and I was dying inside as she took my arm. "It'll be nice having a boyfriend again."

A boyfriend? I almost crashed us like eight times, even though I was going super slow and extra careful. I couldn't help it. My dick hurt, I was on a date with my Mom, and she was sitting next to me with her dress blowing around because it was a nice day and we were in her convertible. I swear I saw her panties three times, like black shiny tight and tiny nylon or whatever they make those things out of, pulled tight, and tiny, did I say that?

Mom wasn't even nervous and I was sweating like I was running a hundred yard dash in the Olympics. My heart wouldn't slow down. I couldn't catch my breath. I was like in heaven, except it wasn't.

"You're getting better." Mom smiled as we walked to the mall. She was holding my hand and hers felt smooth and dry. Mine was damp and it was embarrassing. None of my girlfriends ever made me feel like this.

But I wasn't in love with any of them either.

"We'll just go in here real quick, then we can get some lunch," Mom was saying happily, obviously enjoying herself and it was like she was a high school girl instead of a thirty year old wife and mother. But I liked it, yeah.

"In here?" I looked at the big poster of some supermodel in some seriously sexy underwear. "Victoria's Secret?"

"Sure, come on," Mom giggled and I would have followed that sound anywhere. "You can help me find something."

I was blushing and wondering if any of the other women thought it was weird me being in there. A 15 year old boy walking around a lingerie store ... with his mom. Except they didn't know she was my mom. She didn't look like my mom, or especially act like it. But maybe they suspected and I wasn't feeling guilty really, just nervous.

"I want to find something nice, maybe something..." Mom was saying. "What's your favorite color, Danny?"

"Mine?" I blinked for a second. "Um, red, I guess ... Lisa." I added my Mom's name just because a saleslady was nearby. I wasn't gonna call her Mom, not in that store.

"Oh, red's nice," Mom smiled. "What do you think of this?"

Mom held up a red lace bra on a little hanger that looked pretty sexy, but it was just half a bra at the most, like the top part was missing, you know? It was seriously sexy in fact and Mom was holding up to her tits like she was wearing it, daring me to imagine her in it.

"Uh..." I just nodded.

"There's panties too, see?"

Mom held up the matching panties, red and lacy and I could see through them and they weren't much more than a thong really, except the back was a little wider, with wavy lace sort of flowing along it.

"Yeah, that's nice." I glanced around and adjusted my dick real quickly while my mom was looking at something else.

"Or how about a teddy?" Mom held up a lacy teddy thing, and I had no idea what a teddy even was until right then.

It was black and the stomach and back was all see through lace, but the bottom and cups for the breasts were solid, with little red roses around them.

"It's got a little snap at the bottom," Mom smiled, showing me exactly how the crotch opened and I licked my lips.

"Excuse me, do you think I could try this on?" Mom was asking a sales lady.

"No, I'm sorry," the woman replied. "Not the lingerie."

"Aww..." Mom frowned a little, looking at me apologetically, as if she were disappointing me. "Well, I'll just have to chance it then. I'll take these."

Mom handed the bra and panty set, along with the black teddy, to the sales woman.

"I'll try them on later, after we get home," Mom whispered to me as we followed the woman. "Then you can tell me what you think."

"You're going to show me..." I was almost going to spill in my pants.

"Of course!" Mom giggled. "You'll tell me if it looks good or not, right?"

"Yeah," I answered, smiling like an idiot and wondering how it would ever not look good on my mom.

"Did you use that quote I found for you?" Mom asked me while we had lunch, some Chinese food at one of the few real restaurants at the mall.

"Oh, yeah," I nodded. "My teacher didn't say anything."

"I didn't think he would," Mom giggled, but I didn't know what she meant by that. "Teachers never read that stuff anyway."

Mom leaned over so that the blouse of her dress fell low and I could almost see her nipples.

"Right," I nodded, trying so hard not to stare, but I couldn't help it and my mom didn't sit back up right away.

"Did you think about what it means?"

"Yeah, a little," I nodded.

"And what I said to you?" Mom's blue eyes were looking right into mine when I looked up.

"Yeah Mom ... Lisa," I corrected myself.

"What do you want, Danny?" Mom asked me softly, like I didn't hear it with my ears at all, but just in my head.

I didn't answer though. How could I? What was I going to say? I want you, Mom. I want to kiss you and hold you, and have sex with you? I want to make a baby with you? Jesus, I couldn't say that stuff, not then, not there. We were in a restaurant, eating chop suey and my mom's perfect tits were falling out in front of me and she was looking at me and my cock was so hard I thought I was going to explode.

Mom let me go finally, and that's what it felt like. She let me go, sitting up straight again, brushing her blonde hair back. She was smiling and eating her lunch and talking about what movie we were going to watch.

And in the theater ... We had our popcorn and our cokes and we sat down, kind of towards the back, on the side away from other people. But there weren't that many anyway, being a weekday, and the middle of the day, like just 12:45 in the afternoon when the movie started.

The lights went down and halfway through the previews my Mom was leaning against, smiling up at me in the flickering light of the projector, and she took my right arm, lifting it over her head so I could put it around her shoulder.

"Yeah, like that," Mom sighed. "I like watching movies like this, don't you?"

"Uh-huh," I nodded.

She had her head on my chest, I mean her cheek right over my heart and I didn't know how she could see the screen. I let my hand dangle, for a few minutes, but soon I had to touch her. I put my fingers on Mom's shoulder, and then my whole hand and she was so nice and warm and soft. I was stroking her side, like just behind her breast because Mom was leaning over more, bringing her right arm across her body to rub my thigh.

"Mmmm ... That feels nice," Mom whispered. "I like it when you touch me like that."

"Me too." I swallowed hard and she was moving her hand up and down my thigh, getting a little higher sometimes, and my cock was hard, but turned down, curled tight under my jeans. So I had this big round bulge and Mom's hand was getting closer to it, and my fingers were brushing the side of her breast, lightly while I held my breath, wondering if she could feel, knowing she could, and waiting for her to get mad.

"Danny?" Mom whispered and I looked down, thinking that was it, I was busted.

"Yeah?" I blushed and closed my eyes, waiting for my Mom to ask me why I was touching her boob, because I definitely was now.

"Do you want to kiss me?" Mom asked and I opened my eyes and if I was going to say yes, or if I was going to say no, it didn't matter. Mom reached up and pulled my head down and she was kissing me.

Her mouth opened, my Mom's mouth, and her tongue was like a warm thick feather, just light across my lips and then inside my mouth. I'd kissed a lot of girls, but my Mom was the best. She was perfect and I just stopped breathing, trying to understand how she could make me feel so good with just her tongue.

I was going to cum, I squirmed and squeezed her, my hand moving to really cup Mom's right breast now, like she was my real girlfriend or something. I felt her nipple and it was hard and her body was hot. Mom moaned softly, her head moving, her face turning a little this way and that as she Frenched me deep, getting her tongue so far in my mouth I could have swallowed it.

And while she was doing that I realized her fingers were on my pants, unzipping me. I lifted my hips, groaning and making soft muffled noises into Mom's mouth while she freed my aching penis. And almost before I realized we'd stopped kissing, I felt her taking my cock between her warm wet lips.

"Oh God..." I gasped and Mom lifted her head.

"Shhh ... watch me..." She smiled and I did watch as she slid her mouth over the head of my cock, going down slowly, gently and taking half of my cock while her hand squeezed the three or four inches she didn't suck.

"You have a beautiful cock, Danny ... so nice..." She was looking up at me licking my penis all over like an ice cream cone. "Nice and big ... so big..."

Then she was sucking me again, bobbing her head up and down slowly while I did my best to keep from cumming. But it was impossible, Mom had had me on edge ever since I'd woken up, hours of torture, and now she was sucking my cock in a movie theater! I lasted about two minutes, tops, before I was cumming hard.

Mom didn't even lift her head, if anything she took even more of me. Swallowing with noisy little sounds, wet slurping sucking sounds that had people turning in their seats to see what was going on. And I was breathing hard, lifting my ass off the seat, my balls emptying into my Mom's sweet sucking mouth.

She didn't choke or gag or cough. Some of my cum spilled down my cock and Mom licked it up, licked me all over, cleaning me while she smiled, not pissed at all that I'd cum in her mouth. The only other blowjob I'd ever had in my life had come from a girl named Kathy and she'd about killed me when I shot in her mouth.

Mom loved it and so did I.

After she got me cleaned up and we got my still mostly hard cock put away, which was just in time too as an usher came walking through with a flashlight, Mom washed her mouth out with coke. Sort of swishing it around and swallowing it and then she kissed me hard, so we were making out again. I would have kissed her even if she hadn't washed the sperm off her tongue.

"You're my boyfriend now, right Danny?" Mom was giggling softly between kisses. "My lover, aren't you?"

"Yeah," I nodded, breathing hard. "I love you so much, God ... You have no idea, Mom."

"Lisa, I'm your Lisa now." Mom kissed me some more. "You're going to fuck me too, aren't you."

Yeah Lisa." I stared at her. "I'll, uh fuck you."

"I'm going to sleep with you, every night. Me and you." She was all over me while we talked, practically sitting on me, almost fucking me right there in the theater.

"What about..."

"We'll tell your dad when he comes home tonight..." Mom promised me, kissing my neck, rubbing my hard cock while I played with her pussy, my hand between her spread legs, stroking her.

"He'll kill me," I groaned.

"No he won't..." Mom giggled, " ... He's a pussy, a wimp. He never fucks me and his cock is too small. He'll watch us, I promise, he'll watch you fuck me. You'll see ... I'm yours now, Danny. I'm your wife, not his."

Mom was pulling my cock out again, all that talking and kissing and rubbing driving us both crazy, I thought. I pulled her thong aside, feeling her cunt hot and wet, running with juices and I slipped a finger inside the pussy that I'd come out of 15 years before.

"Do you have a condom?" Mom asked me.

"Uh ... No..." I groaned, thinking I really screwed up. But how was I supposed to know I'd need a condom? I was at the mall with my mom, you know?

"That's okay..." Mom giggled, seeing the look on my face in the dim light. She moved so she could sit on my thick hard cock, turning her back to my chest and straddling my thighs.

"But..." I was never so excited, or nervous in my whole life. I could feel the heat of her pussy as Mom reached down, rubbing the head of my dick across her dripping wet folds.

" ... I waited so long for this ... ohhh fuck me ... fuck ... me..." Mom moaned softly while my cockhead opened her greasy lips, swollen and soft.

I held my breath as Mom let herself down on cock slowly, arching her back a little, rocking her hips as it split her sex, those wonderfully tight warm walls squeezing my dick. I wrapped my arms around her narrow waist, pulling her back as I lifted myself, driving the last few inches home so that I was as deep as possible and making Mom gasp.

"Jeeze Mom ... You're tighter than Denise!" I whispered, and that was the truth. Denise wasn't a virgin when I'd met her, I knew that, but she'd never had a baby either. Mom was like a virgin almost, but she wasn't feeling any pain, that was for sure.

"Am I?" Mom turned her head slightly. "God, I love you Danny..." She was kissing me, wrapping her arms around mine so I'd hold her even tighter while we fucked.

"I love ... ummm ... you too Mom ... oh ... more than ... ugh! ... anything!" And I was pushing my hips up, kissing her neck and cheeks, her lips to when she'd turn her head for it.

"Yeah ... make me cum ... oh shit ... make me cum all over your big cock!" Mom was grinding herself and we were making a lot of noise, but how could we stop?

People were looking at us, watching us more than the movie and my face burned, but I kept fucking my mom. She was leaning against me totally now, her head back, on my shoulder so she just stared straight up with her mouth open and I could feel her hot little pussy squeezing my dick like a fist, like it was milking my balls. She really was cumming, no doubt, and that was the first time I think I ever made a girl cum just by fucking her.

"I'm gonna ... cum too ... Mom..." I was gasping.

"Yeah in ... inside me ... ohhh God, cum ... inside me now..." Mom fucked me harder, if that was possible, not letting even an inch of my penis slip out of her. I was all the way inside and Mom was keeping me there, rolling her hips and working my cock with her pussy muscles as she had another good cum.

And then I lost it, I was shooting hard right into my Mom's womb. My balls just jumped and my cock throbbed so hard it was almost painful, like the very first time I ever came in my life, and I was pumping my own Mom full of incestuous sperm. I stopped moving, I couldn't move, I just held her tight with my face in her soft hair. Mom was doing all the work, really fucking me nice then, moving gently, slowly and it was like her womb was drinking my semen.

"Oh Jesus, Mom ... I love you so much." I was kissing her and Mom was kissing me back.

"I love you too Danny." She was smiling and licking her lips. "I tried to stop but..."

"Hey!" An usherette was shining her flashlight on us and I mean right where my cock was still inside my Mom's pussy, her thin golden pubes matted with our juices.

"Turn that off!" Mom laughed at the girl. "We're going already."

"You can't, um ... You have to go..." the girl was saying. She was short and round and probably even more red in the face than I was.

"That's what I said," Mom told the girl, then looked at me and rolled her eyes so that we both laughed.

We made out at every stoplight on the way home. I mean I was begging for red lights, you know? We kissed and touched each other. God, it was like my Mom was totally my girlfriend, except she was the hottest, coolest girlfriend ever.

And we talked too, of course because this was so weird. I didn't really know what to say at first. I'd just fucked my Mom in a movie theater. That took a little time to get used to, but I figured I'd come right out with it anyway.

"Mom ... I mean, Lisa ... I love you." I said, and she started to say something, but I kept going. "No, I mean I love you like you're my real girlfriend. And not just a girlfriend, but like if I could marry you, I would. I hate having you for a Mom!"

That sounded a little wrong, not like what I meant to say, but Mom was alright with it.

"Danny, oh that's so sweet," she smiled at me. "And such a relief!" she giggled.

"Really?" I sort of blinked at her.

"Oh yes, dear," she nodded seriously. "I've been in love with you since, well, for more than a year. Since before you started leaving me those little love notes, anyway."

"Love notes?" I looked at her, but it was a red light and she was already kissing me. Her hand was on my cock, on the lump in my pants, and her soft sweet tongue was all over inside my mouth. Until the car behind us honked.

"What, uh..." I licked my lips, " ... what love notes?"

"My panties!" Mom laughed, seeing my face turn red. "Why are you blushing? You must have known I'd find them, all wet and gooey with your fresh cum. I licked it sometimes..."

"Licked it?"

" ... sometimes I rubbed your cream all over my pussy, fingering myself with my dirty panties." Mom blushed too, just a little. "Am I a bad girl?"

"No." I swallowed thickly. "I just thought you'd be sorta ... mad."

"With you? Never." Mom was kissing me again because the light was red.

"I wish I could marry you, Mom ... Lisa." I laughed. "It's hard to remember that."

"I know, Danny. You can call me whatever you want. I'm yours now." Mom was rubbing my leg. "And if I cold marry you, I'd divorce your father today, believe me."

"You would?" I was a little shocked at that, since he was my dad. It wasn't like I didn't love him, I just ... Wanted to steal his wife.

"Oh yes," Mom nodded. "I'm sorry, I know he's your father, and he's a good man. He tries hard, but we're just not right for each other. Not like you and me, Danny."

"But he loves you," I said, part of me trying to understand, and part of me feeling hurt, and a lot of me feeling guilty and happy that Mom loved me more than him.

"And he'll keep loving me," Mom nodded. "This is going to work out fine for all of us. Once your dad gets used to it, you'll see. I've been married to him for 16 years, I know your father inside and out."

And then we were kissing again and it was so good I didn't feel all that bad about my dad anymore, in fact I mostly forgot about him for awhile.

"Make love to me ... In here, in our bed!" Mom was giggling like a school girl, leading me into her bedroom, her and my dad's bedroom, and onto their bed.

"This is Dad's bed," I protested, but Mom grinned and shook her head. "Not anymore. This is our bed, mine and yours. This is where we'll make love every night." She was undressing me, undoing my pants and pulling them down.

"And every afternoon too?" I smiled at her, because it was just barely three o'clock.

"Whenever you want ... Give me that beautiful cock of yours..." Mom pulled down my underwear and my hard cock sprang out, slapping my belly hard and Mom giggled. "Your dad's cock is so small..."

"Dad's got a little dick?" I laughed. "Really?"

"Yeah," Mom nodded, stroking my penis while I tugged off my t-shirt, getting all the way naked.

"So mine's big?" I kind of looked at it, not knowing if it was big or not. My girlfriends said it was nice, but most of them didn't know anything anyway.

"It's big," Mom was nodding and giggling. "Bigger than most grown men, at least that I've been with."

"You've been with other guys?" I asked my Mom. "I mean besides Dad?"

"Before we were married, yeah," Mom nodded. "But I never cheated on him ... Not until now."

I groaned as Mom took me into her warm wet mouth again and it was better than the first time she'd sucked me. Now she had room to do whatever she wanted and first thing she was playing with my balls, which felt nice.

"Oh Mom, that's great..." I nodded, propping myself up on pillows just so I could watch her beautiful mouth on my dick.

"Let me polish the family jewels," Mom giggled and then she was sucking my nuts!

Mom took my balls in her mouth, sucking each one so softly it wasn't like anything, it was like everything. I don't know. She was stroking my cock slowly and just mouthing my balls and I should have had a girl doing that a long time before then, I thought, cause it was good!

"Jesus..." I thought I was in heaven.

"Have to take care of those balls..." Mom sighed, kissing them, " ... They're going to give me a lot of babies."

"Babies?" I nodded. And I laughed. Whatever you want, Mom, I thought. Whatever she wanted was fine with me right then.

"Mmmm ... Babies," Mom cooed and then she was lifting my legs. "Let me show you how much I love you, Danny..." Mom breathed and then I felt her tongue on my ass, like on my butthole.

I'd never even heard of anyone doing that before! But my Mom was licking and kissing my asshole like it was candy. That felt really good too, better than I'd ever have believed if someone told me. I was almost shaking because Mom kept fisting my cock and her nose was pressed to my balls, and her tongue was trying to get inside my ass!

She did it a long time too, occasionally pausing just long enough to lick her lips, catch her breath, and say stuff like...

"I'll lick your asshole anytime, Danny. I'm your slut, your cock slut. Your ass slut. You can make me do anything you want in this bed ... Anything at all..."

But I couldn't think of anything I wanted her to do right then except lick my asshole because I was going to cum the way that felt. Especially once she got her tongue inside, just squeezing it in and it seemed like that oughta be seriously bad, like nasty bad, but I was stoked! I was ready to blow my wad and I think Mom felt it.

"Cum on my face, Danny. I want to feel it. I want you to see it ... On my face." Mom was moving quickly, pulling me so I could kneel over her face as she lay on her back.

She was jerking me off and I just stared at her, watching and holding my breath. And then I arched my back as my balls jumped and my hot thick load shot out of my cock and Mom pointed my cock around like a hose, so my cum sprayed all over her gorgeous face. That just made me cum even more and by the time I was finished she had long creamy gobs of it painted across her cheeks, her nose and lips, even her chin and especially in her blonde hair. It was messy and everywhere!

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