The Best Birthday Present Ever

by Anonymous Bosch

Copyright© 2011 by Anonymous Bosch

Erotica Sex Story: I was smoking hash with my older sister and her friends. Whenever her seriously hot best friend Lynne passed me the pipe, I got a look right down her blouse. After about 5 tokes, I announced to everyone that she had beautiful tits. Later that night, Lynne decided to visit me in my bedroom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   .

We sat around the dining room table. My older sister's friend Dan lit the hash pipe. Next to him was his girlfriend Nancy. Everyone called them NanDan they were together so much. Next to Nancy was my sister, Naomi. And next to her, Naomi's best friend and the love of my young life, Lynne. Man, did I have a boy crush on her. She was slim and sleek with curves in just right places. She had reddish-blonde hair and the BEST pair of tits. When she laughed it was like bells ringing. I was thrilled to be breathing the same air as her. I was also thrilled to be allowed to smoke hash with them because I was 16 and they were 18. That is a huge gulf in experience, all the more so in 1974.

We lived in a penthouse on Park Avenue in NYC. It would have been a lot more impressive if it had been at 59th, 69th or 79th. We lived at 96th & Park. In NYC in 1974, the north side 96th was the beginning of Spanish Harlem. We never went north. Still it was nice. We had a balcony that wrapped around three sides of the apartment. The south side faced a building one story taller so it was a brick wall without windows.

My sister, her friends and the oh-so-sexy Lynne had never let me party with them before. I had turned 16 the week before, so they declared this was my second birthday party. I decided it was kind of like second breakfast for the Hobbits in LoTR.

In NYC during the early 70's, almost everyone young smoked pot. I had been smoking pot since I was 13 with my buddies, Eddie and Ian. We had been sneaking beers just as long.

Dan lit the pipe and toked. He sucked on it for an impressive time, inhaling hugely and passed it to Nan. I watched him hold it in forever. Nan toked. Then Dan exhaled a gale and pronounced, "That is some really good shit." I hoped one day to be such an expert. I was really excited to be at the grown up table, so to speak. My sister Naomi took the pipe and toked long and hard. Damn, she was good. She passed to Lynne. I had been sneaking peaks at Lynne all night, so I was happy to have an excuse to stare at her. She toked long and hard too. Then she stretched out and passed to me. Lynne was wearing a disappointingly long peasant skirt and a loose, white linen blouse. She was also wearing no bra. Not that the goddess needed one. I caught a nice view of the upper slopes of those magnificent tits as she leaned forward to hand me the pipe. I was so distracted I almost missed the pipe handoff. If I'd been older, I'd have caught the amusement in her eyes. I took the pipe from my goddess, put it to my lips and toked. It was smooth and sweet. I took as much as I could and held it. I passed it on. I held it as long as I could and exhaled. Everybody had heard, "Don't Bogart that Joint".

"Way to go Matt" said Dan as he took the pipe from me. He stuffed more hash into it and lit a match, toking it alight. I sipped my beer proudly. I was hanging with the big kids! I glanced at Lynne. She was so sexy and I zeroed in on her nipples poking proudly out of her blouse. Oh man, I was going to jerk off about those tonight. Dan passed to Nan and she toked.

"Danny, this is some serious shit. Where'd you get it?" She said.

"I ran into a new guy. Syrian." He said.

She passed it to my sister. She toked and held it in. I noticed it did really nice things to her tits. They strained against her blouse wonderfully. I had peeked at Naomi many times. Our bedrooms faced the blank wall and sometimes it was easy to forget to close the curtains tightly enough. I had sneaked and peeked enough to see her tits many times and even totally naked a few times. She's really sexy too. I sometimes jerked off thinking about my sister. The real bonanza was the time I got home from school and dying to piss, barged into the bathroom. There, in the tub together, were my sister and Lynne. Naomi saw me and yelled, "Get out!" To my everlasting devastation, all I saw of my beloved goddess was her back. (I got an eyeful of Naomi's tits though) The bonanza was jerk off fantasies that lasted for months after that. I fucked them both. One sucked and me another fucked me. And so on and so on.

Lynne leaned to me and passed the pipe. I tried not to zero in on her tits, but I glanced at the slope of those beautiful mounds and squirmed. I took the pipe and toked, peeking at my goddess. I passed it to Dan, exhaled and I felt heavy and light at the same time. My mouth was very dry. I sipped my beer.

Dan toked, looking at me. "Hmmm, I think the hash has smashed the kid." All of us laughed. The pipe went round again and then Lynne was passing it to me. I tried not to stare, but I saw the tops of her tits again. I toked and held it in as I passed to Dan. When I exhaled, I started floating away. Distantly, I saw Dan stuff more hash into the pipe. It was hard to hold my head up. My neck felt like rubber. I saw movement to my left. My queen leaned forward with the pipe, smiling. I saw her nipples under her blouse. I took the pipe and toked. I passed the pipe. My head floated off my neck. I smiled at Lynne and pronounced, "Lynne, your tits are beautiful."

My sister cried, "Matthew!" Dan burst out laughing and said, "Out of the mouths of babes." Nancy frowned at me. And Lynne? She smiled at me.

"I think Matt has had enough." Said my sister.

"Oh no, I want to see more of Lynne's tits," I thought.

Naomi pulled me up and led me to my room. I felt like Gumby.

Sis hustled me to my bedroom, talking at me. I have no idea what she said. I flopped on the mattress and floated.

Back in the dining room.

Dan said, "Damn, what a horny little kid."

Nancy burst out laughing, "Coming from you?"

"True. But I remember being 16. I got a hard on if the wind blew."

Nan said, "You still do!"

"I can't believe he said that." Naomi said.

Dan, looking at Lynne said, "Well, you do have great tits! Can't fault his taste."

"How do you know? You've never seen them"

"Neither has he."

"Well, maybe he should."

That comment was greeted with silence and incredulous looks.

Nan asked, "Are you serious?"

Lynne giggled, "I think a kid that bold should get rewarded." She raised an eyebrow at Noami.

"What are you going to do?"

"Show him my tits. And if he's not a jerk, maybe more."

When I woke up, I lay on my bed seeing two mounds capped with nipples and wrapped with white linen.

The visions of beautiful Lynne and her wonderful tits were seared into my brain.

It had just popped out of me. Fuck. It would be a long time before I partied with the big kids again. My cock stirred. I took off my clothes and returned to bed. Had I really seen paradise?


My cock started to grow. I pumped it and instantly it was as hard as steel. I threw the covers back, grabbed for my underwear and put them on my belly to catch the come.

Lynne unbuttoned her blouse as she smiled at me. One button at a time, she revealed her awesome tits to my experienced caresses. She crooned at me, "Take me. Fuck me. Anything."

My hand was beating my cock slowly. I wanted this to last.

I didn't hear the door open at first. When I did, I pulled the covers up as fast as I could, blushing furiously. I didn't have any tights on, but there was a lot of ambient light in NYC.

It was Lynne. "Oh shit! I can't do anything right tonight." I thought.

I managed to stammer, "Lynne, what, um, why..."

"I wanted to say I'm sorry." She walked in and closed the door.

"You're Sorry? I'm the one who couldn't keep his mouth shut." I raised my leg to hide my boner.

"I was flashing you glimpses of my tits. On purpose."

"What? Why?" I asked.

"I know you have a crush on me, and you're a nice kid and pretty cute ... Oh shit, I'm not really sure. Maybe I am just too stoned.

She walked up to my bed. "Oh she is soooo fine." I thought.

"Scoot over, Matt." Scoot over? Was she going to get in bed with me? I scooted.

Lynne sat on the edge of my bed with her hip pressed against mine. My heart rate spiked.

"I saw you jerking off when I opened the door."

"Oh shhhhitttttt." I hissed.

"Were you fantasizing about me?"

Unable to say it, I finally nodded miserably. My cock wilted.

"It's okay, Matt. I figured you were. It's normal. Healthy. And in a way it's a compliment."


"Really. My way to say I'm sorry is to offer you a birthday present."

"You really don't have to."

"Matt, would you like to unbutton my blouse?"

My eyes bugged out of my head. "Uh, what did you say?"

"Unbutton my blouse." She took my hands and put them up to her blouse.

"Don't you want to?"

"Yes, oh yes I want to!"

"Sit up." I slid back and leaned against the headboard. She moved up too. Our faces were about a foot apart.

"Is this really happening?" I wondered.

The first button to be undone was right between her breasts. My fingers were shaky. As I unbuttoned it, I brushed the insides of her tits. My cock rocketed to full, painful erection. I undid the next one and she was smiling at me. The next button was at about her belly button. I could see half of each tit. I undid another one. And then the last. My mouth was so dry.

"Open it, Matt. I want you to see them."

At the doors of Paradise ... I opened her blouse and there they were. I almost came on the spot. They were large, high and round with little round patches around her nipples...

"Oh Lynne..."

"I guess you like them then."

"Like them? I'm in Paradise."

She chuckled. "Since you're so sweet, take off my blouse."

"Uh, okay, I mean sure!" I took the two halves of her blouse just above her breasts (Oh so close to Paradise) and slid them back and then off her shoulders. I had to lean forward to slip it off her arms. She pulled her arms back and let it fall to the ground. They were inches from my face. I straightened back up and she was smiling wider. Then she leaned forward slowly and kissed me. I knew how to kiss, (I thought) and I kissed her back. Then her lips parted and her tongue slipped between mine. I opened up and touched mine to hers. We were French kissing! I was French kissing the goddess! She put her arms around me so I did too.

After a few endless minutes kissing the goddess, she pulled back a bit and whispered, "Would you like to touch them?" And then kissed me some more. With elated joy I slid my hands around her silken torso. Then I felt the full, firm flesh of the sides of them in my palms. I was afraid that I would come when I touched them. My hands slid further around and then they were in my palms. I was trembling with desire.

Lynne said, "Squeeze them gently." And kissed me again. I squeezed and she exhaled into my mouth. I explored around them. "I'd like to see you better," I said. "Can I turn on the light?"


Lynne pulled back, smiling. I reached and turned on the lamp next to my bed. I could see my saliva on her lips and chin. I looked down in wonder at what my hands held. I cupped them from underneath and through instinct, rubbed her nipples with my thumbs.

Her eyes closed and she whispered, "Very good ... ooh that feels good." I gently squeezed and rubbed her nipples and she shivered. I started to breathe really fast. I felt an orgasm was coming soon.

Her hands covered mine. She looked me in the eyes and asked me, "Are you about to come?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, I can't help it."

"You'll make a mess. We can't have that. Slide down and put your head on the pillow." I did. She took the covers and started pulling them down. I felt hot all over. She was going to see my boner. I watched her looking at my body as it appeared from under the covers.

"Nice cock, Matt." My face heated.

"Uh, thanks."

"Lynne likes my cock? What did thank mean?" I wondered.

Then she stood and pulled the covers all the way off the bed. I was naked and quivering hard. Lynne moved to the foot of the bed and gently pulled my feet apart. Then she crawled up between my legs. I spread wider to give her more room and she smiled up at me.

"What are you going to do?" I managed to whisper.

"Make sure you don't get messy when you come." She laid her shoulders on my thighs and leaned forward. I could feel her breath on my cock and balls. Then a dream came true. She wrapped her hand tightly around my shaft.

"Ooooh Lynne, that feels so good," I quivered all over, trying not to come. She slid her hand down until only her forefinger and thumb were around the base. Then, to my eternal delight and gratitude, she swirled her tongue around the head and fed me into her warm, wet mouth. I felt her nose against my quivering belly. Her lips were tight around me and she pulled up, sucking. She was watching my face. I will always treasure the memory of beautiful Lynne looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. Always. Her head went back down on me. And back up.

And then "Oh, Oh, Oh, I can't, Oh..." She wrapped her full hand around the shaft with my head in her mouth, gripped tight and waited. I felt the semen come boiling out of my balls. I stiffened, "Lynne, I'm going to cooooooooommmmmmmme." I moaned softly.

I splattered the hugest load of my young life into her mouth. I swear it turned me inside out. I thrust up at her face with each blast and she rode me like a horse, mouth busy swallowing. When it was over I went limp. She licked the head, probing my pee slit and under the rim. She licked the shaft clean and then my balls.

She smiled up at me, "See? No mess."

"I didn't know that girls, um."

'Swallowed it?"


"I usually don't. It's not really the taste; I just don't like the feeling as it goes down. But it was your first time and you're Naomi's little bro, so..."

"That was the best thing that's ever happened to me."

She smiled up at me, and then her mouth slid warm and wet down my cock again. I was in heaven. She sucked me for a few minutes and I reached down to stroke her hair. Every time she came up, she looked me in the eyes. I loved that. Then she stopped and got up.

"Oh no." I thought. "It's over."

Lynne put the covers back over the foot of the bed and looked at me.

I managed to ask, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

She paused, and then said, "You ARE a sweet kid."

She walked to the side of the bed and patted the edge. "Sit here." The best-trained dog on the planet could not have done it faster. Lynne stood in front of me and then turned around. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, "Untie my skirt, Matt"

Paradise II. I was going to see her panties ... There was a bow at the back of her skirt. I untied it and the folds of her skirt unwound around her hips and then I was holding it. Her panty wrapped ass was right in front me. She glanced back at me as I stared in awe. I had to touch her. I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs and then around to her cheeks. I caressed them with delight.

She chuckled, "I guess you like my ass."

"Lynne, I love everything about you."

Growing bolder, I slipped a finger down her crack, under her panties. I felt her shiver a little and she made a humming sound.

Then she turned and there, in front of my face was her mound. I was transfixed. Lynne's pussy was right in front of me! She caressed my head and whispered, "Take them off."

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