Pam's First Time

by Anonymous Bosch

Copyright© 2011 by Anonymous Bosch

Erotica Sex Story: This is a precedes "A Pam Sandwich." I think the stories work if read in either order. However, this story provides the basis for her reactions to what happened to her in "A Pam Sandwich".

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   School   .

7 years before Pam encountered the sandwich.

I got home from school at the usual time. It was the cook's day off and nobody was home. I went up stairs to my room and stripped off my school uniform.

"Could this be any more old fashioned?" I thought. I went to Cranston Hall, the best prep school in the city. Also it was the most traditional one. The uniform was a white blouse; wrap-around plaid skirt with the big safety pin to make sure it stayed closed, tie, white knee socks and black shoes.

I had surfed the net and seen the stories about schoolgirls in uniforms. That male fantasy was a close second to cheerleaders, for god's sake. Might as well paint a target on my back. I read a lot of them and I liked the stories where the characters talked dirty to each other during sex the best.

"Only 1 more year of these damn uniforms."

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was 5'8", C cup breast with small dark pink aureoles and darker pink nipples. I had nicely curved hips and long smooth legs. My breasts hadn't changed size in a couple of months and I was happy about that. Because of my height, they looked just the right size. All of me was in proportion.

"Time to try the new 'kini,"

It was fire engine red and as small as I could talk Mom into. I pulled on the bottoms and posed in the mirror. "Boy, I bet Jamie would like to see this!" Jamie was my boyfriend. He wanted to fuck me in the worst way, but all I'd done was rub him through his pants while he felt rubbed my pussy. Mom was always hounding me about being a Shriver and we had standards to uphold.

I put on the top. The new one was much smaller than the old so I had some funky tan lines showing. "Mmm, have to fix that."

I posed some more. "Pretty sexy, babe" I said. I went downstairs to the kitchen and got bottled water. Then out to the pool house for a towel and lotion. I went out to the pool and looked around. We lived on a large estate with an electric gate and high stonewalls. Nobody could see me and nobody was home, so I peeled off the bikini. I squeezed some lotion on my hands and did my arms. Then I did my shoulders. I put more lotion and did my breasts. I squeezed them and rolled the nipples. I shivered.

"Jamie would LOVE seeing this." I thought. "He'd love to be doing it more."

I lotioned my tummy and then down to my tuft. I kept it trimmed and shaven to a little tuft. I'd seen it on the internet and liked how it looked. Clean and sexy. I rubbed my clit gently in circles and squeezed a breast. Sparks flew.

"Oooh, that's nice" And then, "Maybe I should go upstairs?"

I reached up and pinched both nipples. My toes curled.

"Later, Vixen." I told myself. I put lotion on my legs and ass, put the towel on the chaise and lay face down. After half an hour I rolled over on my back. I closed my eyes against the sun.

"Maybe I should get Jamie to suck my nipples next time," I thought. I reached up and cupped my tits, squeezing and caressing them. "Ooooh," I moaned out loud. With one hand I pinched, rolled and plucked a nipple. The other snaked down to rub my clit. I moaned again. "Maybe I'll open his pants and jerk him off..." I dropped my feet off the chaise onto the pavers and opened wider. My hand was stroking his hard, hot cock. I stuffed two fingers into my pussy and fucked myself, moaning. "Or maybe I'll give him a blowjob..." My head slid down his torso and the head slipped into my mouth ... And gave a little shriek and came. As I lay there panting, I got a funny feeling. I opened my eyes, looked up between my legs and saw him. There was a man standing behind the low fence that surrounded the pool area and he was looking right up my pussy. His shorts were down around his ankles and he was stroking his cock.

He was staring hotly at my body. "Hi Pam. Man, have YOU grown up!" He said.

"Oh MY GOD!" I cried, and jumped up. My heel skidded on some spilled lotion and I fell butt first back on the chaise. My legs flew wide open. He groaned and a long jet of come arched out of him and landed on the pavers. I saw him lick his lips.

I jumped back up and covered my front with the towel.

Then I recognized him. It was Fernando's son Enrico. "Oh NO, I forgot you were starting today!" Then I turned and ran towards the house. I could feel his eyes on my bare ass as I ran, face burning and tears of humiliation brimming in my eyes.

"Nice to SEE you." He called after me.

I ran into the house and locked the sliding door.

I stood in the den with my heart racing and my face burning. "God, he saw everything! I might as well have done a Playboy spread!" His dad had worked for my family as long as I can remember. He had been the gardener and general handyman on the estate forever. Fernando's father had escaped from Cuba during the revolution there. I peeked out the window. He was still standing there.

"Wow, he's cute." He had dark curly hair and skin the color of toast. He turned and walked away. I went upstairs, still upset at what had happened.

"How could you be so stupid!" I cried out.

I basically hid in the house when he was around for the next couple of weeks. I stopped going to the stables to ride when he could see me leave the house. Once I rounded a corner at the stables and there he was, hosing himself off. I stopped dead in my tracks. All he had on was shorts. His hot eyes raked up and down my body. I knew he was seeing me on the chaise, wide open and coming. I turned and hurried away, my face burning. The image of him soaking wet, bulge in his shorts popped into my head.

"I wonder what he looks like without the shorts?" That night Enrico jumped the fence and took me, right there on the chaise. I had to stuff my face in my pillow when I came.

The next day, I was doing homework and heard a yard machine running. I peeked out of the window. It was Enrico, trimming a hedge. All had on were those tight shorts. I watched him flex and move. He had a long lean body with tight, taut ass. Very nice. He turned to move the cord to another plug. He had a flat tummy and nice pecs. I liked the color of his skin. Then he bent over to trim a lower section.

"Oooh, what nice buns." I thought. "Mom and Dad would freak if they caught me watching our handyman..."

Somehow, that made me hotter. I locked my door and snuck back to the window. I slid a hand into my shorts and rubbed my clit, watching him work. His lean, muscular torso gleamed with sweat. I shivered and cupped a tit under my t-shirt. I squeezed and pinched the nipple, watching him. I wriggled out of shorts and panties and tugged off my t-shirt and bra. I rolled back onto my knees and peeked again. "Oh God. He's soooo hot!" I moaned softly. I slid my hand down my tummy, rubbed my slit and then stuffed two fingers in my pussy. I fingered myself with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other, kneeling on the floor and peeking through the window. Then I cupped my tit, pinched and pulled on the hard, pointy nipple.

"Oooooooh," I shivered all over and had an orgasm, hand over my mouth to keep quiet.

From then on, Enrico was a regular in the 'Pam play with herself line up, ' usually on the chaise by the pool. Sometimes riding face-to-face on her horse. He fucked me all over the house. I knew I would never act on it for real. I was a Shriver and it was impossible. Jamie started sounding better and better, but I just wasn't ready.

Even so, I started letting Enrico get flashes of me. I'd walk by my window in bra and panties. I started using the pool again and he saw me in my bikini again. Once I did the Phoebe Cates Fast Times from Ridgemont High climb out of the pool where he could watch me. My bikini even looked a lot like hers. It was fun, teasing him. It was felt risky and sexy and made me hot.

Then one day, I came home and he was in the kitchen raiding the fridge.

"You know, you're not supposed to be in here, raiding the fridge." He looked me up and down and presto I was stripped out of my school uni. I could see in his eyes he was remembering the chaise.

"Who told you could be in here?"

"I told me I could, baby."

"Don't call me baby. I think you'd better leave."

He stalked over towards me, backing me up against the breakfast table.

"I've seen you watching me. You know what you are? A little cock tease."

"I am not," I said, knowing it was true. "Now get out of here!"

My backs of my thighs were pressed against the table. He came right up to me and grasped my left breast.

"Get off of me," I cried out. "Let me go!"

He said, "I'm gonna get off all right. I'm gonna get off all over you."

He had me pinned against the table. It was scary, but his nearness was arousing me. His strong hands squeezed my breasts as I struggled, trying to get free.

"Let me go, let me go..." I whimpered and hit his arms.

"Oh baby, you got nice tits ... such nice tits ... So young and firm ... well lookie here ... little Miss Rich Bitch is getting hard nipples."

"Get off me ... leave me alone"

He pinned me against the table with his thighs and took off my tie. Then he undid the top 4 buttons of my blouse. All the time I'm whimpering to be let go and hitting him. He stripped the blouse back down over my shoulders. I felt him twist it tight behind me and it trapped my arms. He held on the shirt with one hand and slid a bra strap off my shoulder with the other.

"Stop, oh please stop..."

The cup inverted and my breast was bare. He ducked down and began sucking on the hard, pointy nipple.

"Oh, please stop," I moaned, knowing I didn't really mean it. "Let go of my arms..."

His tongue lashed fast and hard over my nipple. Then the tip circled my aureole. I shivered with delight. I felt moisture ooze out of me. He scraped his teeth together all over them. Then he gently bit my nipple and tugged it.

"Oooooh Yes," I moaned. "Bite it. Bite my nipples..." He chuckled and let go of my blouse. I felt a tugging behind me and just like that, my bra was gone. Enrico took my tits in both hands, squeezed them together and assaulted my nipples with the mouth and tongue.

My head was spinning. Nobody had ever touched me like this. I leaned back against the table with my arms still trapped and let him squeeze and suck my tits.

"So little Miss Rich Bitch likes it! She likes her handyman biting her tits. Your dad should see this. So nice and round. Such nice teenage tits."

My Dad! "My Dad, he might come home. If he catches us he'll kill us."

"Oh My God," I thought, "I said US. I said he'd kill US." I knew then that if anyone was going to stop Enrico from taking me, it wasn't me.

"Shut up, he isn't going to come home."

"Let go of my arms, please let go of my arms." I whined. He let go of my breasts, which were red and covered with saliva. He unbuttoned the blouse, pulled it off me and threw it over his shoulder. Then he pushed me on my back on the table with my legs trapped between his.

"What a hot little teenager ... such great tits."

He grabbed the attached little leather belt of my skirt. I was nervous of what was coming and I was panting. I could feel moisture between my pussy lips. I felt some ooze out into my panties. He unbuckled the skirt and pulled it down off my hips. I felt him scoop my legs up and then he slid the skirt all the way off.

"Well, lookie here, a wet spot. Miss rich bitch is all ready for Enrico's big cock." He rubbed my slit though my wet panties with his thumb. Then he grabbed my panties at the hips, pulled, and with muscles bulging tore them in half.

I had looked down when I felt him grab the panties. I saw his bulge and felt my whole body flush with heat. Suddenly, I was naked with a man. A moan leaked out of me. He parted my legs to stand between them.

Two of his fingers plunged into my pussy, thrusting fast. "C'mon baby, you know you want it ... Prancing around the house in your bra and panties ... Showing off in your little red bikini ... The first time I saw you, I watched you strip by the pool, rub lotion on your tits and pussy for me ... playing with yourself ... pretending you didn't see me ... sun bathing naked with your little shaved pussy, trying to tease me ... stuffing your fingers in your hot little pussy and coming for me ... knowing I was jerking off, watching you ... no baby, you're not going to tease ME any more."

"No Nooooo, I didn't know you there..."

His head plunged down, covered my clit and sucked hard. "Oh god," I thought. My back arched up off the table. I never knew it would feel so good. His tongue circled around my clit, hard, hot and demanding. He reached under my legs and grabbed my wrists, pulled me towards him. He had my thighs pinned against his shoulders with my legs wide open. The pull on my arms arched my back, pushing my tits up. Sparks flew all over me. I was going to come.

"Oh no baby, you're not teasing me again." He said.

"Yes I am," I moaned at him. "Yes I am..."

His tongue washed down my pussy lips and pierced me. This was so much better than masturbating ... He fucked me with his tongue while his nose rubbed my clit.

I pulled on my nipples. "Oh Enrico, I've been watching you. I watch and play with myself ... watch you and rub my pussy ... I dream about you at night, playing with myself ... and when I am being fucked, it's you ... oh Enrico, eat me ... eat me ... eat my pussy."

I came all over his face, moaning and writhing in his grip. As I lay there, gasping, recovering from the best orgasm ever, he stood up and took off his shirt. He slid off his shorts and underwear. His erection pointed straight up his belly. It was looked so huge from close range that it frightened me.

I squeaked out. "You're going to stick that, IN ME?"

He pulled me up to a sitting position. Then he took my hand and wrapped it around his cock.

"Sure baby, you can take it ... Play with my cock. Play with it like you want it." He closed his hand over mine and stroked his cock. I started doing it myself. It was hard and soft, hot and long in my hand. I'd never imagined it would feel like this. He kissed me and I tasted myself. I spiraled up, loosing myself in the sensations.

"That's it. That's a good girl. Play with it like you want it ... Your mom and dad should see this. See their dirty little girl, naked on the kitchen table with my cock in her hand. Little Pam with a sopping pussy and pointy nipples, ready to get fucked by Enrico, the handyman."

I lost it and kissed him, shoving my tongue in his mouth and stroked that long shaft.

"You want me to fuck you now, don't you." He whispered in my ear.

"Yes Enrico, do it. Do it now."

"Do what?"

"Fuck me. Oh please fuck me. I've gotta have it."

He pulled me a little closer to the edge of the table. Sweat popped out all over me. I was going to be fucked by the family handyman on the kitchen table. I groaned. I wanted it. I wanted it so badly.

He slapped my pussy with his cock and then rubbed the head all over me.

"Oh Enrico, don't tease me. I need it so baddddddd."

I felt him at my entrance. He slid a few inches into me. I shivered all over. It felt wonderful. "Enrico don't tease me, please don't tease me." I moaned and wrapped my legs around his waist, digging my heels into his ass.

"Ohhhh baby," he moaned and rammed it to the bottom of my sopping passage.

"Oooohh Yessssssss." I cried and he began to really fuck me, stroking fast and deep.

"What a sweet piece of pussy to have around the house!" He said, grunting.

I heard myself grunt, air being forced out my chest each time he hit bottom. I felt him grab my wrists and pin them to the table under my legs, and then he fucked me harder. It felt so good, I almost couldn't stand it. He pounded into me a few minutes and suddenly pulled out.

"Oh Enrico, don't stop, please don't stop ... don't tease me"

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