A Limey at the Court of King Sol

by Jack Green

Copyright© 2011 by Jack Green

Humor Sex Story: It's nothing but a dream,or is it?

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Humor   .

When you've laboured away at the same job for twenty four years and someone suddenly says you're no longer required, surplus to requirements, on the scrap heap, redundant, it comes as a bit of a shock. If nothing else what the hell am I going to do with all that spare time? Sure, She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) could line up a whole load of DIY stuff for me to do. And of course I could take Bonzo Dog for a walk more often, heaven knows I need the exercise and so does he. But I needed something more, as Monsieur Poirot would have said, something to exercise those little grey cells.

I've always been interested in writing; as a young man I had read voraciously and eclectically, so now I started visiting those on line websites where people put up their efforts of writing, which appeared to be mostly in the erotic if not downright pornographic genre. I thought that I might manage to do as well as most of the work I'd seen but to see if I had any sort of writing talent I joined a creative writing class. The class consisted mainly of middle- aged middle class university educated females. I'm middle- aged but in none of the other categories. The lecturer was a posing ponce whose main interest was to get off with the more tasty looking females. There were a couple of ladies into whose inkwells I would have liked to dip my quill, but generally those in the class were not really my sort.

I probably could have managed the course if it had held any relevance for me. Trollope(Anthony not Joanna), Thackery, Galsworthy and Dickens were never on my reading list and while the two Johns, Fowles and Osborne, were lauded no mention was made of Alan Sillitoe, Shelagh Delaney or any others who wrote from the working class perspective.( yes I know I've probably got an inferiority complex ... so what!). Anyway I ditched the course and sent for some self help books. 'Writing for Dummies' 'Erotica for the Middle- Aged' and 'So You Want to be An Author?'

I was out walking the dog one cold February morning, my head full of stories to write and my thoughts on the comments I'd seen on the Stories on Line forum and those who posted them. Bonzo was off sniffing somewhere when I missed my footing coming down a steep slope, fell arse over tit and hit the ground so hard I knocked myself out.

I came to, shook my head and realised I felt fine. The sun was shining, birds were singing, the air was balmy and I thought I had gone barmy. It was February so why was the sun burning my eyes balls out? Why did it feel like high summer? I sat up, gingerly feeling my body for any broken bones. I did a swift inventory check; Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch. All present and correct ( anyone seeing me carry out this procedure would have thought that I was Crossing myself ... not so ... I'm a Bush Baptist). I stood up. Where the hell was I? There was a road ( yellow brick? ... get out of here! ) in front of me and while I deliberated as to which way to go I heard some shouting and laughter coming from my left. I made my way towards the sounds and came upon a house with a veranda stood in a substantial sized garden, with bushes and flowerbeds dotted about. A young girl, about 16 I guess, was being molested by four youths of about the same age. She was shouting and crying out.

"No don't, I don't want to, leave me alone." The boys had hold of her, laughing, trying to rip her clothes off, and pawing at her body. One of the boys looked up, saw me watching and came over.

"It's OK buddy, it's not rape only reluct; she'll be begging for us to fuck her in a minute."

"Where is this place?" I asked.

"This is the Land of Erotica " the boy in front of me said, " have you just got here?"

I nodded.

"Where you from?"

"Britain " I told him.

"No shit. I thought you were Australian!"

By this time the young girl was lying on the grass with all clothing off and legs wide open. Her decent sized tits were being enthusiastically sucked by one of the boys; another boy was giving her an infusion of hot steaming dick between her thighs whilst the third lad knelt at her head with his prick in her mouth. She had stopped screaming and was now sucking vigorously, her head thrown back and her throat working overtime.

The boy who I was talking to said "Look I've got to go and join my buddies; you have to sign in at the Forum of the Court of King Sol." He pointed up the road to the left "It's about 2 miles that away."

With that he hurried away to join in the gang bang. I went the way he had indicated along the yellow brick road. Even with a yellow brick road it was clear that I was in the Land of Erotica and not in the Land of Oz. Although the girl being gang banged in the garden may have been Dorothy she was clearly no virgin. This certainly wasn't Oz or Kansas, but then neither was it Cefn Coed y Cymmer.

It was high summer in Erotica and I was dressed for winter in Abertysswg. After about a mile of walking along the yellow brick road my feet were hurting and I was sweating cobs. I sat down and took off my cagoule, allowing the slight breeze to cool me down some. As I sat there I noticed a figure approaching towards me along the road; as it came closer I saw it was a young girl in a cheerleader's uniform. She looked to be of a similar age to the girl being gang banged back down the road. Her long blonde hair was tied in a pony tail; her breasts, emphasised by the tight fitting jacket, were pert and full of promise; her bare legs were shapely; her eyes blue, lips full and red and I had a sudden flashback of the girl in the garden sucking hard on the boy's prick deep in her throat. The cheerleader stopped in front of me, giving me a full blooded full on, all teeth gleaming American smile.

"Hi" she said, "wanna' fuck?"

My prick suddenly rose from it's slumber (where it had been since I got made redundant) and I nodded eagerly. She stepped gracefully out of her panties, leaned back against a convenient tree and pulled her short skirt up to her waist. She was shaven and her lower lips smiled at me from within her smooth pudenda.

"It will have to be a quicky, I've got to pull the train for the Junior High football team at noon."

I unzipped and pointed Percy at her.

"Reckon you need a bit of a gobble to get him fully erect" she said, with the air of an expert.

She was an expert. She knelt before me and took me into that warm welcoming mouth, gently kissing the top of Percy's head. Her hand slid up and down my shaft and her mouth sucked on my glowing knob end. After a few minutes she took me from her mouth and smiled.

"Reckon you're ready now. I love English cock in my mouth but I'd rather have it in my pussy."

I didn't think to ask her how she knew I was English because she had put me into her honey pot and I was feeling 18 again. I started ramming in and out, hard and fast.

"Hey take it easy, it ain't noon for another hour!" Her smile took out any sting from the remark.

I slowed down and soon got into her rhythm. As we fucked she kissed me, her tongue as sweet as honeyed candy in my mouth.

"Would you like me to lie down " she enquired with a slight smile 'I think your days of knee tremblers have long gone!"

How nice of her to think of my old bones and dodgy knees; and old folk moan about the uncaring youngsters of today! She lay down on the sward of soft sweet smelling grass, as comfortable as on a shag pile carpet, which it was of course, and drew her knees back to her ears. Her pussy was leaking juice and I slid smoothly in up to my hilt; waited a second or two and then started my grind and twist routine. I was rewarded by her exclamation.

"Jeez! That's soo good. Keep it there Daddy."

We worked together like we had been fuck partners for years rather than just minutes. After about a quarter of an hour of our carnal combined operations I felt my cum building up to near release mode and gave her warning.

"Shoot inside me Daddy, load me with spunk " she gasped.

Which I did. I came with a shout; she came with a shriek (it might even have been genuine). Our juices melded in her honey pot and trickled down our conjoined thighs. I withdrew from her clinging cunt with a slurping sound and she sat up and thanked me with a mouthful of her tongue; wiped between her legs with a finger and licked it clean. She retrieved her panties and pulled them on up over her hips, which gave me another hard as I watched. When the girl saw my erection she laughed

"You can always join the football team and catch the train."

I had to reject her offer as I was eager to sign in at the Forum of the Court of King Sol. I continued along the road and started seeing more and more buildings. Everywhere people were copulating, in all and every position known to the Karma Sutra. In pairs, threesomes, groups and an occasional orgy. All manner of sexual deviation and perversions were being enacted: buggery, water-sports, paedophilia, necrophilia (unless the person underneath was asleep); men being whipped by leather clad ladies, women being whipped by leather clad men – and leather clad men and women having a whip round. I was invited by a group of men to join a train that was about to be pulled by a middle aged woman. Had it been the cheerleader's train I would have jumped on board immediately but I declined on the excuse of having to sign on at the Forum. One of the men waiting his turn to board the train pointed me towards a hill.

"On the summit is the Forum, keep going straight up the hill and you can't miss it."

He was called to couple onto the train so I thanked him and made my way to the bottom of the hill. I rubbed the grass stains from my knees, checked that my trouser zip was done up and started walking up to the summit.

The Forum was built in the classical Greek tradition with gleaming white marble Ionic pillars set around a Parthenon type central hall. A small pugnacious man, dressed in a white martial arts suit, the jacket tied by a black belt, with what looked like a Roman short sword, a gladius, stuck in it rushed over to me as I entered the porticoed hall.

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