Putting on a Show

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: What started as a question from my cousin, Sharon, ended up with me entertaining her and her girlfriends in a most personal way. Seems they wanted to all see how boys do it. Yes, it went a lot further than that.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Cousins   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I live right down the street from one of my aunt and uncle's and have played with their daughter, my cousin Sharon, since we were little. We've always been good friends, she's almost like having a sister.

Of course, things have become a bit different since we've become teens, she's thirteen, I'm fourteen. We did a little 'doctor and patient' role play when we were younger and we'd kissed a bit, you know, the usual, but it really began to change several months ago during the summer when we were talking about boys and girls, dating, sex-kind of things.

I'll never forget her question.

"Kevin, do you masturbate?"

I can't remember if my mouth fell open or not but it wasn't a question that I was expecting.

"Um, well, I guess I do, yeah."

"You guess you do? You're not sure?"

"Sure I'm sure but it just surprised me, your question."

"How often do you do it?"

"Geez, you're sure curious all of a sudden."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Okay, um, probably once a day. Well, no, more than that. Three, maybe four times. Now, are you satisfied?"

"Wow, you're the one who should be satisfied, Kevin, three or four times? Really?"

I figured I would shut her up with my answer, "Yeah, really, wanna watch me do it?"

She laughed, "Yes, actually, that's just what I was going to ask you. Would you do it for me and three of my friends? So we could watch?"

"Watch me jack-off? You're kidding, right?"

"Well, no, we were talking the other day about how boys do it and I said I'd see if you would show us. Just as a favor."

"Get my dick out and do it for you and your friends?"

"We all wanted to see you do it."

"Who are the girls?"

"There's Michelle Marlowe, Sarah Rhodes and Laura Kinch. Oh, and me."

Well, including my cousin, they were all really pretty girls. And Michelle was stacked like a high-school girl, really hot. I let my hard-on answer for me.

"Sure, just say when, I'll do it, sure."

"How about this afternoon. My parents are working, I'll text the girls. You're sure, now, right?"

I told her I was, even though I was rock-hard yet nervous as well. She had me stay for lunch, the show time was set for one o'clock. I was up in her room when I heard the doorbell ring and soon, the four girls were all gathered in Sharon's room, everyone looking both nervous and naughty.

"Well, Kevin said he'd show us, so I'll let him do it. Heeere's Kevin," she said like a late night talk show announcer. It didn't help my unease.

There was no other way but to do it but with my pants off so I decided to just take everything off so I pulled off my tee and unbuckled my belt, zipped down and pulled my shorts to the floor and kicked them aside to stand there in my navy blue briefs all poked-out in front as they smiled and even giggled a bit.

I took in a deep breath and lowered my underpants to the floor and stepped out of them. Eight thirteen-year old eyes were beamed right onto my dick as I asked my cousin for some hand lotion or baby oil.

"I've got body lotion, it is for your body, Kev," and they all laughed, me included.

"Why do you use it?" Michelle asked.

"Just rubbing it can make it get sore, this is better," as I drizzled a line along my dick. As my fingers wrapped around my cock, they each leaned forward not to miss a single stroke.

I began going back and forth, mostly, in the beginning, concentrating on the girls, looking at each one, wondering just what they were each wondering, and then, slowly, as the feelings began to get better and better, I got more into masturbating, enjoying the feelings I was having there, standing up in front of four girls, me naked, them clothed, my back arched, working toward a cum.

"Mmm, mmm, yeah, I'm gettin' there, now. Mmm, close," and about fifteen more strokes as those familiar, to me anyway, spurts of white, sticky goo went sailing out arcing toward the girls as they squealed in excitement.

"Oh, look, it really flies out," shrieked Sarah.

"It's on my leg," cried Laura as she smeared the glob around with her finger. "Oh, it's really sticky. Cool."

"Did it feel good, Kevin?" my cousin asked.

"Oh, yeah, I think even better with you girls here and everything."

"But we didn't do anything," Sarah said.

"Yeah, but look, I'm here naked with four girls, that's kind of a turn-on, you know."

"Yes, I know it is for me," said Sharon, giggling.

"Can you do it again? Boys can't just do it over and over like girls can but are you ready, like now?" Michelle asked as I saw her hand between her legs.

"Yeah, we'd like to see you do it again. When you cum, it's so wild," said Laura.

Then I had my thought of a lifetime.

"Maybe one of you would like to do it for me?"

They all looked at each other, it was so quiet, then I heard, "I will," and it was Michelle with a big grin on her face. My dick immediately took notice.

"I think I'll lay down, you can do it that way. Maybe get a towel, too," and Sharon went and got a towel down to put on her bed, Michelle got up with me, looking at my dick, not yet quite brave enough to touch it and asked, "Would it help if I took my top off?"

Well, I knew then who the hottest of the four girls was.

"Oh, that'll help a lot, I'm sure it will."

"What if we all did? Well, girls, after all, look at him, fair's fair," she asked and, incredibly, all four girls started taking their tops and bras off.

My cousin, Sharon, well, I knew she had nice boobs but, uncovered, well, they were perfect cones tipped with puffed-up, pink nipples, just so perfect and sexy.

Michelle, oh, they were large, round, full globes, bigger than a lot of high school girls. They had large brownish-red nipples and the centers stood way up just ready to be sucked on.

Laura's were small but really pretty, pink nipples that just cried out for sucking, oh, man, was my dick hard. Then, Sarah, she was a redhead and hers were all freckly and pretty, just as she was. Her nipples were also puffy like my cousin's and their centers stood up so excitedly. All together, there were eight perfectly beautiful breasts and Michelle who was now dribbling the lotion on my rigid dick which she began stroking slowly up and down.

Oh, I've done it so many times, who knows how many, but this time, with a girl doing it, with Michelle doing it, her large breasts just swaying almost imperceptibly as she pleasured me to the fullest with her hand, oh, it was better than anything I'd ever experienced before.

Two of the girls, Sharon and Sarah, each had a hand down between their legs enjoying the show as I reached up and just touched the end of Michelle's nipple with my fingertip. She didn't seem to mind so I ran it around her nipples in a circles as she moaned softly.

Then, she leaned forward, bringing her hard-centered nipple to my lips where I sucked it in to run my tongue around and around.

"Mmm, that feels nice. I like you sucking my titty, Kevin. You like this?" she asked as she stroked me up and down as my cousin and her other two friends watched. It was paradise.

I sucked, she stroked and, as dictated by the biology of the male, the tingly feelings began, then spread as I convulsed, throwing my hips up as arcs of white, gooey cum went flying out of the little slit on the tip of my dick.

"Omigod, look, look, it's all over," cried Sarah.

"Boy's sure make a mess, what's it taste like? I dare you all to taste his cum," cried Laura as the girls each ran their fingers though globs of my cum and swept them into their mouths.

"Kinda salty," said my cousin, Sharon.

"Yeah, um, not much else," added Laura.

"I really like it," said Michelle as she bent over and began licking my belly clean as she continued jacking me, then licked around the tip getting the last few drops oozing up. Her tongue sent shivers through me as a portent to just how wonderful having it sucked would feel. That would be soon enough as it would turn out.

It was getting late in the day and we needed to disperse so the parents wouldn't suspect. So I got dressed as the girls put their bras and tops back on and they wanted to know if I would do it again the next day; it was fun, they said. You know what I said. Of course, you know.

So, they all said they'd be back at my cousin's house at ten and I decided to make the supreme sacrifice and not jack-off in bed that night. Life's tough, sometimes.

Chapter 2

I tried to get there a little early, after all, I was the star of the show. I was just hoping I'd get some nice help like I did the day before, all those nice, pretty breasts and Michelle's hand doing all the work as I lay there just enjoying it all and providing the show at the end

When Sharon let me in the door, she told me the girls were already there.

Well, I thought I'd get there first, not them, but we went upstairs and there they were, Michelle, Laura and Sarah, each topless, their breasts offered to my hungry view, tenting my shorts to new peaks.

I wasted no time getting my clothes off, the girls, now all topless, smiling, eager for another show as Laura raised her hand and asked, "Is it all right if I do it this time. You know, what Michelle did with her hand?"

"Uh, sure," I accepted, not wanting to risk losing such a wonderful offer.

I got up on Sharon's bed and lay down, my dick doing just what yours would, pointing skyward.

Sharon asked me, "Do you think we could each feel it and see what it's like?"

I nodded and she put her fingers around my cock and began to squeeze and feel around.

"Can I see under, like your balls, your testicles?" so I spread my legs as she gently felt around.

"Careful, right? I know boy's can get hurt there pretty easy."

Again I nodded as she explored my cock and balls. Then, she stepped aside and Laura came over and slid her small hand under my balls and carefully felt them, then moved up to my cock and ran her fingertip around the tip, making it twitch and jerk.

"Oh, look, it jumps when I touch it. Cool," and she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began to pull up and down.

"It's really hard, the outside's soft but inside I can feel how hard it is. This is so cool," and she let go making room for Sarah to jerk me off.

"I hope I do it right, Kevin. Tell me if I need to do it some special way, okay?"

She put some lotion on her hand and gripped me gently, then began sliding up and down my shaft. Oh, it felt so good.

"We decided that you could feel our boobs if it made you cum better, Kevin," Sharon said as my heart just stopped at the thought. I reached up to Laura, the closest, who was already making me feel so good and softly squeezed her breast, oh, so soft and nice.

Then, Michelle moved up onto the bed and leaned over as Laura was masturbating me and dropped a nipple right onto my lips. I was in heaven. Then Sharon took my free hand and led it to her pretty breast, yes, truly a boy's idea of heaven.

"Am I doing it right, just nod, I can see that you're busy," Laura said with a grin as I nodded up and down, not letting go of Michelle's hard nipple for all the world.

"I can't wait for it to shoot, it's so cute," giggled Sarah as my head spun with pure pleasure.

How could a fourteen-year old boy last with all this sexual stimulus? Well, I didn't, of course, and began spurting my semen up in arcs as the girls giggled and laughed and got even wetter.

"There it goes, oh, wow!" Sharon shrieked.

"Look at it all, it's all over the place," gasped Laura who had it on her hand and arm and right boob.

"Bet that felt good, huh, Kevin?" asked Sarah.

"Oh, really, really good. I can't believe how lucky I am, this is just great."

"I want to do it tomorrow, is that all right?" asked Sarah, blushing just slightly.

"Tomorrow, we're doing this tomorrow, too?" I asked, my heart beating madly at the prospect.

"Yeah, unless you can do it again this morning. We know boys can't just do it over and over like girls. What do you think, Kevin? It looks like your thing is pretty hard."

I was no fool, I replied, "Um, sure, we can always try," and Sarah moved up and put some lotion on her hands, both hands, and began rubbing me up and down. Laura's hand was rubbing my chest as Michelle offered me the other wonderful breast to suck.

It did take longer but Sarah was rewarded when arcs of my cum started spurting up, yes, she was rewarded but I was surely the main beneficiary of the results as I lay there, the girls giggling and having fun, me, in ecstasy, still feeling and playing with every boob I could reach.

Of course, I didn't want things to end, what guy would, so I posed a question, "Have any of you girls had a guy give you oral sex?"

They all looked at each other, a sprinkle of giggles here and there, and Sharon answered, "I never have, Kevin," and she gave me a telling smile.

Then, the others agreed that none of them had ever had a boy do such a thing to them.

"Well, you girls have been so nice to me that I'd like to do it if you want. We're already this far, I mean, well, I'd never tell anyone and I know you girls wouldn't either."

They all nervously looked around at each other, then Michelle, I really think she was the boldest of the four, said, "I've heard so many girls say how good it is, well, Kevin, you can do me, what the hell," and she was naked in seconds.

My first naked girl. And, what a girl. She had the largest boobs of the four and the rest of her was curvy as well. She stood there in front of me, between her legs, right above where they came together, oh, there it was, a thin wispy covering of dark, curly hair and, right in the middle, unmistakeable, her pussy, just perfectly split down the center, plump, just perfect. My dick, even after two cums, well, I was like a rock again.

Trying to be calm, I had her sit down on the bed and I knelt on the floor in front of her. The other girls moved close as I put my hands on her knees and gently led them apart as far as I thought would be comfortable. Right in front of me was her pussy, now just slightly parted, open just a bit, moist, simply perfect.

I bent forward and gave it a simple kiss, I knew I had to start somewhere, then began to lick up and down as she leaned back on her elbows and raised her feet up onto the bed.

"Mmm, that's really nice, Kevin, really nice."

I licked all around, on to her inner thighs, back along her slit, all the way up and down getting a few shudders and shivers as I went. I used my fingers to gently part her pussy lips and licked up and down as I held her open, oh, she loved that.

"Omigod, oooh, mmmm, mmmm, oh, do that more, oh, that's so good."

Well, I learned right then that when a guy's head is between a girl's legs, that it's in both your long-term and short-term best interest to do exactly as she asks. I did just that.

My tongue was able to reach far enough inside her that she really seemed on the verge of losing control.

"Omigod, oooh, oooh, oh, oh, that's ... oh, oh," she stuttered as she shuddered, my tongue going around and around.

"OH, IT'S ... UUH, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, that is wonderful," she groaned as she pulled me up and began kissing me over and over and over.

"Oh, Kevin, that was awesome, just the best feelings I've ever had, thank you, it was wonderful. Oh, you girls should have him do you, it's the best, the absolute best."

"It sure looked good from where I was," said Laura, "Can I be next?"

Well, another fine customer.

"Sure, Laura, I love doing it," which, of course, I had just moments earlier discovered.

Michelle got up and was replaced by Laura who had pulled off her shorts and panties.

"God, I'm so nervous," she sputtered.

"Just relax, Laura, you're gonna love it, trust me," Michelle told her as she opened her legs and I looked at her pretty slit set amidst a tuft of dark curls. There it was, that beautiful groove, just waiting for me. Again, I bent in and kissed her as I heard her suck in her breath.

Then I began lapping up and down and trying to run my tongue into the furrow between her legs.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, it is good, really good," she moaned as I reached up to open her to get my tongue further inside her.

"Oh, are you up inside me, god, oh, that's awesome. I've never felt anything that good. Do it more, oh, more, please, please, mmm," she said as her hips moved up to force me farther in.

"Mmm, mmm, OOH, OOH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, I'm cumming, it feels so good," and she bucked and humped as I licked on.

"Oh, Kevin, that's the best thing I've ever felt. You girls gotta try it. Come on, who's next?" she asked. Sharon pulled her shorts and panties off and got on her bed as Laura moved aside.

She looked at me and said, "I can't wait," as she opened her legs wide. I bent over and began on my cousin. I'd never had my face in her crotch before but I was immediately hoping that it would become a regular event.

I went on to get her off along with Sarah, licking her pink lips hidden among the flaming red curls at the vee between her legs. Sarah, I learned that day is a screamer. She actually scared me, she was so vocal. But she had a fantastic orgasm, just shaking and shaking.

"Kevin, we've decided that we all want to do this ever day if you can?" my cousin asked me. I know now that I have a strong heart because I didn't have a coronary when she said that. Every day. Jacking me off, me licking them off. Then Michelle, upped the ante.

"I want to try sucking you, Kevin. Is that all right?"

All right? I thought. All right? Is she kidding? A blowjob? She wants to know if I'd be interested in a blowjob?

"Um, sure, that's fine, Michelle, fine," I answered as calmly as I could. "Uh, every day, do this every day? Um, sure, I'd love it, how could I say no?"

I stood there, my cock back to maximum alert, after all, the promise of sex with four girls every weekday of the summer, well, what would your cock do?

It was almost four in the afternoon and we were all concerned that there was some risk of getting caught, the later it got. So, we all dressed and planned to be back at Sharon's in the morning, same time. All I thought of the rest of the day and evening was Michelle's lips curling around my cock. It was all I could do to leave my dick alone, god, I wanted to jack-off that night in bed. But I had better things to do with my cum.

Chapter 3

The next morning, Sharon, in a robe, showed me into the house, closed the door and immediately took the robe off to give me a kiss and hug, a naked kiss and hug, before taking me upstairs. We stood there in each other's arms, kissing, my hands down on her ass, hers in between us, rubbing the stiff bulge in my shorts.

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