Into the Wild
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - James is forced to bring his sister along on his previously guys only camping weekend with his two best friends.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  


"Come on Sis, you can't really be serious, can you?"

"Yes, I am. I want to go."

"Well, it's not going to be a walk in the park you know. This is real hiking. There won't be anybody else around to talk to, there aren't any bathrooms, no showers, no place to primp, no curling irons."

"I think you're being unfair," Mom said behind us. "Your sister is in good shape, and she's grown up a lot while you've been away at school. It would be a good time for you two to really get to know each other again."

"We already know each other, Mom. We've been living in the same house for years. It's not like I've been gone for a decade you know. I mean, I was home for Christmas for crying out loud."

I took a look at Mom's frown and at you standing there, stubborn and unwilling to back down and sighed. "Look, it's not just up to me. Carl and Paul have to agree, too."

"Well, why don't you call them and find out then," Mom replied.


I stood there, glaring at my brother James, determined not to back down. It was true that I had been working out, including running on the school track team, and was no longer the scrawny kid sister he remembered. And if he thought I was hung up on curling irons and mascara, then he really had been gone to college a long time. But really, I wanted to get some up close and personal time with Carl and Paul. They and James had been the three musketeers for as long as I could remember, and I had watched shyly as they went from gawky teenagers to young men to college hunks. And now I wanted to show them just how grown up I was. As he went off to call the guys, I headed to my room to pack a duffle bag -- I knew I was going to win this battle.

The next morning Carl and I climbed in the back seat of Paul's Explorer, while James rode shotgun with the map for navigation duty. We were headed for the national park about two hours away, and the guys had reserved a campsite for the weekend and packed tents, cooking gear, even fishing poles. This was their annual end-of-summer trip, and they had it down to a science. We were having an Indian summer, and I was wearing denim cut-offs and a tank top under a fleece. It was cool starting out, so I had also put a blanket in the car with me, just 'til the sun came out and warmed everything up. Carl and Paul weren't thrilled I was coming along until they got to our house this morning, and then they saw what James had obviously missed. Their guy-time disgruntlement turned into wary speculation as they eyed my toned legs and cute ponytail. I just smiled, threw my duffle in the back, and jumped in the car.

James immediately turned on the radio, loud enough to wake the neighbors as we drove through town on our way to the highway, and it was hard to hear his conversation with Paul, so Carl and I naturally turned towards each other. "So, uh ... what have you been up to?" Carl asked, clearly not sure how to interact with his best friend's little sister. "Oh, just busy with school," I answered. "You know, college applications, the SAT, that kind of thing. Plus I stay busy with the track team ... What's it like being a senior at State?"

Just then we ran into some road construction and bumped our way across the unpaved road. In all the jostling, I ended up closer to Carl, and the hand I threw out to brace myself landed on his arm. "Sure is chilly this morning," I commented. "Would you like some of this blanket?" He was looking at my hand on his arm, looking at me, looking at the blanket, and then it was like a light bulb went on.


I wasn't surprised that Paul and Carl weren't happy about Aimee's coming along. Paul was the harshest critic. "That little split tail is just gonna slow us down," he exclaimed angrily when I called him the night before.

I privately agreed with him but didn't want to add fuel to the fire. "Calm down, I don't think it's the end of the world. It might not be perfect but we'll still have a good time."

He only grunted and hung up, but fortunately didn't refuse to go, which I halfway expected. Carl was kind of down about it, too, but he wasn't as negative and only said "Bummer."

After I hung up the phone, I brooded for a little bit. I got a little pissed when I knocked on Aimee's door to tell her that it was ok for her to go and saw that that she had already packed her bag. I almost blew up at her, but since I knew that Mom and Dad would take her side, knew it wouldn't be worth it. Damn it! We were about to graduate and move out into the real world. This might be our last trip. I just went to bed that night hoping that she wouldn't screw things up too badly.

The next morning she bounded out of bed and was very chipper and perky. It actually made me smile, though I was careful not to let her see it. Then Carl got there and Mom had him come in and join us for breakfast, and I saw him looking at her. What the ... My best bro was checking out my sister! Sure she was pretty enough, but...

Paul was even worse. He didn't show up until it was time to go but he was pleasant enough to Mom and Dad. He bitched to me a few times in a quiet voice but otherwise things went fine. When Aimee came out, he just stood there for several seconds and, I swear, licked his lips. He still made a few snide comments, but when she climbed in the Explorer, I know he was checking out her ass. I got in the front and turned up the radio. Paul turned it up higher and leaned over to me. "Well, it could be worse. She could be an ugly bitch. But she's actually quite fuckable."

I turned red and looked back quickly to see if Aimee had heard, but she was too busy looking out the road. I reached over and punched him in the shoulder. "Cut it out, asshole."

"I'd like to fill that ass," he said, and laughed out loud. I punched him again harder and he swerved on the road. Fortunately there was some construction going on so I don't think Aimee or Carl noticed. In fact, when I looked back I noticed him and her talking with their faces real close. Of course with the music so loud that was the only way they could hear each other, but still it seemed a little odd to see Carl looking so animated and Aimee with her eyes shining bright.

My punch didn't do much to dissuade Paul. It only made him laugh. I looked over at him and began laughing myself.


As James and Paul joked and punched each other up front, Carl and I were discovering just how nice it was under the blanket. As soon he pulled it over his lap, I let my arm slide casually over his thigh, testing the shape of his athletic quads. I noticed he was taking shallow breaths, like a rabbit in the headlights. I already knew that Carl was the quietest of the three guys, never quite as sure around the girls, never quite the same ego. But he was cute and smart, and it was time for some fun.

I slid my hand over to his crotch and started to slowly massage the lump under his zipper. Up and down I stroked my hand, all the while looking straight ahead or out the window. Once I saw James glance back, but we were so innocent looking he just went right back to his conversation up front, trying to get the map pointed the right way. Carl's hands had crept closer to mine, like he wanted to help but was afraid to startle me. Then his need for more pressure and a stronger touch became too much, and I felt his hand on mine, pushing me down harder, making me stroke a little faster. And man oh man, that lump was getting bigger. Now wasn't the time to examine it properly, but I made sure to put it on my mental list for the weekend.

I unzipped Carl's jeans and worked my hand inside, and then inside his briefs, to feel the silky, hot flesh that was growing under my magic fingers. And they thought I was still a little girl! As my hands worked, Carl leaned his head back and closed his eyes. It was everything he could do to stay calm, focus on the scenery, and not reach his hands over to do some exploring of his own. Harder and faster I stroked, glad the guys up front weren't paying any attention, when suddenly I felt Carl tense and then flinch and flinch again, and I felt his hot cum come shooting out of his cock, only to be trapped and caught in the barrier of his shorts and jeans. As his breathing returned to normal, he grabbed my hand and removed it from his pants, then took a deep breath and looked me straight in the eye. "Thank you," he said quietly. "That was amazing. You are amazing. And now, let's see what I can do for you."


Paul never used his rear view mirror. That had gotten him more than one ticket but he just didn't care. I guess his parents' money helped there. Still, he was a good friend and not a snob. Far from it. But the point is, the mirror was slanted so that I had a fair view of the back seat. It wasn't perfect but it was good enough. I saw Aimee pulling her sweet, innocent act but I also saw Carl leaning back and panting. I couldn't see low enough but I knew just what my little sister was doing.

She was jerking him off! I thought about turning the music down and confronting both of them, but I knew it would be a bad idea. I just kept watch in the mirror, giving Paul an occasional response to his infrequent comments. I saw Carl very obviously cumming and wondered how he was going to clean it up back there. Then I saw him reach over and stroke Aimee's cheek. Of course he didn't stop there. The horn dog reached his hand under the front of her shirt to get a feel of her tits, then sent that hand down below the blanket. Yep, he was returning the favor. I couldn't see his hand, but then I could see the top of the blanket just alone the bottom edge of the mirror, so I wouldn't see anything even if I turned around. Except that Aimee's eyes went wide open and she laid her head back almost in exactly the same way Carl had done just a few minutes before.

I couldn't help it. I imagined what Carl was feeling, sliding his hand down inside the waistband of her shorts. I imagined that he popped the button and unzipped it. Despite his shyness ole Carl could unhook a bra or take off a pair of a lady's pants with just one hand. Of course the other hand was usually pawing at her tits rather than sitting at his side, but I could tell that Aimee was enjoying it immensely. But even though she had her head back, the little vixen was still keeping an eye out. I risked a short look back and she was looking out the window, serene as anything. Not Carl. He froze and was looking very guilty. But there wasn't anything I could call them out on even if I wanted to.

I found myself getting stiff. I closed my eyes and tried to stop it. This was my sister damn it! But I couldn't keep them closed long. I had to see. I had to watch while my best friend finger fucked my little sister.


I saw Carl and James exchange glances, but clearly Carl was too far into this to stop, and when James just turned back around with eyes closed and a grin on his face, I knew it was all going to be fine. I relaxed my head against the seat, giving Carl full access to the curves of my breasts, briefly pausing in his roaming to flick and tweak my nipples, then sliding his hands lower still. Mr. Shy and Quiet has a hidden side, I thought to myself, as the button and zipper on my shorts proved to be no match for his skillful fingers. And then, glory be, his fingers slid into my wet folds, exploring and stroking and feeding the fire that was growing deep inside me. No tentative fumbling here, this was some serious finger fucking. He had shifted me slightly so that one arm was around my hips and reaching underneath, while the other lay across my lap. Having those fingers come at me from both directions made two hands feel like four, and I gasped at all the sensations. "Pinch your nipples," he whispered, and I did, massaging the fullness of my tits and then catching the hard nubs in between my fingers. "Move your shirt," he whispered, and I did, and then he bent his head and his lips replaced my hands, grazing and suckling and pulling. My breathing was coming faster and I was tensing my muscles, flexing my hips and clenching the blanket with one hand, holding Carl's head to me with the other. And then his underneath hand found my little asshole and I rocketed up, grateful for his arms gently keeping me still for his attentions. And as he pushed a finger inside, matching the fingers working in and out of my cunt, I felt that electric tingle that says the big O is on the way. "MMMmmmm," I moaned. "Don't stop, Carl, please, don't leave me this way. Oh, oh OH!" And as my clit spasmed and I started to cum, Carl captured my mouth with his and caught my screams of pleasure. And as he felt my body relax, his questing fingers began to stroke and soothe, holding me close as I melted into his side.

A few minutes later, we all were brought back to reality when Paul turned down the radio and announced, "We're here! Keep your eyes out for the campsite." Carl reluctantly moved back to his side of the car, and we both had to adjust our clothes and figure out how to slide out of this car and have our legs hold us up. I saw James do his fair share of adjusting as well, and smiled to myself. He might be the big, bad older brother, but he liked the show, too, and I hoped his creative mind was thinking of other ways to make this a weekend we would all remember.

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