Bunny's Mother

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Fantasy Sex Story: It may be the future or deep in the past. It's not even our Earth. It's a world where lycanthropy is a fact of life. Bunny Magee feared the full moon. Her mom was a werewolf, and Bunny had to barricade herself against her monthly attacks. It wasnt her life she needed to protect. Bunnys mother was possessed by the spirit of a male wolf. When she scented her daughter, it was not food she craved! Month after month, Bunny had to valiantly protect her virginity from her mothers beastly love!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Furry   Were animal   Incest   Mother   Daughter   First   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   Transformation   .

Bunny Magee awoke with a start. The lovely eighteen year old sat up in the dark, and heard a strange scratching nose. She lit a candle, and trembled at the sight of her doorknob slowly turning back and forth. "Oh Gods!" she whispered. "She's trying again!"

The blonde bounced out of bed and ran to her bedroom door. It was still locked, but how long would it stay that way? "Oh hell's teeth, is the moon full tonight? It can't be!" Not knowing what else to do, the nubile young woman quietly went to her window and gazed up at the round golden moon. "How could I be wrong? I was sure I had another day! I was supposed to go visiting for the week at Patty's cottage tomorrow!" Bunny had been looking forward to it with eager curiosity. Rumor stated that Patty shunned men, and delighted in pursuing any female visitor unfortunate enough to be there after sunset! Half the women in the village had made that mistake. Quite a few made it on a regular basis! Now Bunny would miss her chance at finding out why the women all spoke so reverently of Patty's long supple tongue! She grabbed the bars and tugged them. "Blast! There's no way I can get them off in time!"

"Honey, are you awake?" a deep gravelly voice asked from beyond the door. "Mommy is so warm, why don't you join me, and we can be warm together?"

"I'm warm enough!" the teen cried. "Mom, go to bed! You know everything will seem different in the morning!"

"Oh baby girl, everything seems just wonderful now! Please open the door!"

"Not on your life! Our times are in harmony this month!"

"Mommy wants to see her pretty little baby!"

"Baby's the operative word!" the panicking girl whispered. Nana Ogden, the village witch and midwife, had taught her all about the time of blood, and how to count the days of her rhythm. This priceless knowledge had led Bunny into a secret vow towards Andre, the blacksmith's son. In two months, his birthday happily fell on a day Bunny could enjoy a carefree giving of her innocence. She was determined to gift herself to him the very night he turned eighteen and became a man, with no fear of a growing belly forcing them to be wed! On this night though, she was in serious danger! Mom only got this bad on nights she was ripe to receive a child!

She did the only thing she could think of. Running to her wardrobe, she threw open the door and struggled into an old pair of leather work trousers, tucking her nightdress into it as if it were a man's shirt. That would offer her at least some protection! "Go to bed, mom!" she called, wishing she had a chastity belt. She had only managed to save up half the silver pieces needed to have one made! "The moon sets in a couple hours! I'll talk to you then!"

Bunny sat on the floor in the farthest corner of the room from the door, and nervously watched the knob jiggle back and forth. "Gods help me!" This just couldn't be right! She had searched all the ancient records, and although lycanthropy was quite common, there was no case quite like moms! "Why the hell was she cursed by the spirit of a male wolf?"

"Baby, mommy is hungry!"

"Go out and kill a few plump chickens!" her daughter snapped.

"Baby darling, it's not that kind of hunger!"

The teen thought back to when she reached womanhood with her first flow just six short years ago. Until then, mom's interesting lycanthropic traits had always seemed fun to the growing girl. When mom was under the influence of the moon, it was like having a mom and a loving pet, all wrapped up in one. Since she started having her monthlies though, things have changed a bit. If the moon rose and Bunny was within a thousand yards of her mother, the change seemed to get stuck midpoint between human and canine. In this halfway state, the scent of her own daughter drove the werewolf into lust fired frenzy! Month after month, for the last six years, the young girl had been forced to protect her innocence from the prowling beast that was her own mother! Some months held a much higher danger though. When her ripeness fell exactly on the night of a full moon, mother's determination to get at her intensified into an all consuming need in to breed!

That first time Bunny had been lucky. She was awake when mom had entered her room by the light of the moon. She remembered how she had sat frozen in bed, staring at her mother's beautiful form. Always a tall woman, mother had to duck down to pass through the doorway. Her long bushy tail flashed glistening highlights in the moonlight as it gently swayed from side to side. The normally pretty red hair had turned into a glorious mane! It wasn't that the luxurious hair was overly long. It grew out of her body from head to the base of her tail. Her breasts had grown to a frightfully titanic size, yet somehow remained just as firm and high as their usual comely human nature. It was as if the need was there to accent that she was still indeed female, above all else. Her entire body was covered with soft rust colored fur. The large yellow eyes seemed to pierce deep into the soul as mother had stared at daughter. Bunny's heart pounded when the long oversized tongue had lolled over the gleaming white teeth as she licked her chops. Saliva had dripped to the floor, signifying a hunger that had nothing to do with food.

All that wasn't what stunned the young girl just growing into the wonders of womanhood. Mom had managed to retain the male organ of her complete transformation! The staff stood unsheathed, high and proud, pointing right at Bunny with its single minded purpose of procreation! Beneath rode the two nearly fist sized goose eggs, seemingly filled to bursting with the seed she wanted to plant between her daughter's thighs. It took all of the young woman's willpower not to yield to desire, and welcome the magnificent beast with her body!

Mom had bounded towards her bed. The only thing that saved Bunny was that one oversize canine foot had landed on her rag-rug. Slipping, mom had tumbled to the floor. Bunny leapt, feeling warm fur soft on her hands and legs as she scrambled over the prone form of the beast. Somehow evading the massive paw-like hands that reached for her, she charged out into a raging storm. Bunny spent that night hiding up in the hayloft, hoping that the strong driving rain would mask the scent of her body. The next week she had come down with a wicked head cold, thanks to her narrow escape.

Since then Bunny had taken a few precaution. The bars on the window had been one of them. Blushing, mother had wordlessly handed over the household saving to Bunny so she could pay for them to be installed. An additional four pieces of silver saw a stout door with a heavy lock installed in the entrance to her simple little bedchamber. Last month mom had actually somehow managed to pick the lock with a claw tip! Thank the Gods she had only managed it seconds before the moon had set! Once fully human again, mom seemed quite embarrassed by what she had done. She simply wished her daughter a good night, and had gone back to bed. The two had since never spoke of the incident. Now Bunny felt trapped by her own cunning. If the door gave way, the stout bars insured there would be no escape from her mother's advances!

"What is this? I thought I had another day before full moon!" She tore her crude calendar from the wall and brought it near the candle. Looking closely, she could see the signs. Mother had tampered with it! While fully in her human form, her mother had decided to trap her by making her think the full moon fell tomorrow instead of tonight! That's when Bunny noticed that her rug was missing! The altered calendar added to the missing rug spoke of a plan! "Mom, you did this intentionally! If you had left well enough alone, I would have been miles away and you would have fully transformed! Then you could find some nice big dog to make your bitch!"

A low growl sounded from the other side of the door. "No!" the gruff but almost childlike voice barked. "Mommy wants you!"

"Mother, you know what this means!" Bunny quivered in fearful embarrassment. If mom managed to breach the door and enter the room, Bunny would have very little chance of fending off the wickedly strong beast. It would end with only one outcome! Mom would breach the more personal defense of her trousers, and then Bunny would be forced by village law to wed her own mother before her belly grew too large to hide! People would smile and talk! It would be simply humiliating! She would forever be known as the girl who let her mother pluck her! "Mom, give me safe passage! You know as soon as I get far enough away, you'll complete the change! Then you can find that bitch!"

The growl sounded again. "Ma need her baby!" she howled, the words hardly understandable as the beast fully took over her mother's mind. "No four foot is beautiful like you!" There was a mighty thump, and the solid door shook in its frame!

"Mother, go to sleep!" Bunny cried, as another thump caused dust to drift down from the rafters.

A resounding bark was her mother's answer. The beautiful blonde whimpered when she realized that her mother had passed beyond the mental ability to even try picking a lock. Would the door withstand the beast's need to bring offspring into the world?

The next impact forced a huge crack to appear in the doorframe. Bunny began to tremble. "No mom, don't do this!" she cried, trying to ignore the growing warmth in her loins. She forced herself to believe that it was from the unaccustomed wearing of leather trousers. "I am your daughter! Let me go and I'll help you find a suitable animal to mate with! What about the Garvey farm? They have sheep dogs! Thinking of that, they also have sheep! Would you like that? You could mount a nice furry sheep again! Old man Garvey said it looked like you enjoyed it last month! Please mom, just let me steal away and you can go take your ease in the flock!"

Another jarring impact on the door told her that her mother didn't like that idea! Bunny scrambled to her feet, and grabbed the window bars. Planting her bare feet against the wall, she tugged with all her might. The golden light of the moon seemed to mock her when they did not budge. "Oh Hells! Its hours yet until the moon sets!" she heard a crash and spun around. The door had burst in! Mother gave a triumphant howl as she stepped into the room.

Bunny grabbed her bedding and wrapped it completely around herself. Perhaps that would lessen her scent. She didn't stop to think that earlier in the glorious summer night; she had naughtily slipped her hand up under her nightgown. Fingers softly stroking, she had entertained lusty thoughts as to how it would be when Andre claimed her body. The sheets and blanket were still heavy with the smell of her eager anticipation.

The werewolf stepped farther into the room. Bunny backed deeper into the corner, trying not to trip in the perceived safety of her layers of covering. "Mom, can you understand me?" she said softly, trying her best to sound soothing and at ease. "I am your daughter. You brought me into the world eighteen years ago last week! I love you, do you understand that?"

The grumbling little growl had a distinct hint of happiness at the words. Mom nodded her head, and the lengthy tail positively wagged with pleasure.

"That's a good girl!" Bunny cheered, unconsciously speaking as if to a normal dog. "I love you, but there are things we can not do! That is why I want to have a man for my mate. It may be Andre. He's strong, dependable, and will earn a good living when he takes over his father's forge."

The werewolf threw back her head and howled her dismay. Then the growl returned, softer and more menacing, accompanied by bared teeth. It was a pure and simple display of displeasure in her daughter's choice!

"Mother, no! Bad girl! You will do nothing against Andre, do you understand?"

She gave a little yip, conveying her hurt at Bunny even suspecting her of striking out against a human.

Bunny began to slowly, casually try to sidle over towards the open door as her mother moved deeper into the room. If she could just get past, she had a chance. Mom was wickedly fast, and could cover the ground like a demon when on all four feet as a full wolf. In this half-way state, she tended to lumber a bit on just her hind legs and was rather slow. If Bunny could only just get outside, she'd put the horizon between them, and mother would complete the transformation and lose interest in her own offspring!

Just when she thought she would make it, Bunny miscalculated and let the distance between them draw too close. Lashing out, mom managed to snag the blanket. With a mighty tug, Bunny was actually sent spinning back into the room as the bedding unwound from her body. Staggering quite a bit, she collapsed in a dizzy haze onto the bed.

Blinking her eyes, she looked up at the form looming over her. "Bad girl! Bad girl!" she said firmly, as those lovely yellow eyes seemed only to laugh at her. "Mother, you go right back to your room and curl up and go to sleep!"

The werewolf reached for her daughter, and lovingly stroked the long golden hair. She whined hopefully, and swiped her broad tongue over they lovely girl's face.

"Okay, cut it out!" Bunny giggled despite herself. "You're not a bad girl, but you're acting awfully naughty. "Go back to your own room, and I'll forget all about it."

Her mother didn't leave. Instead, the stroking grew more intimate. Bunny shuddered when a razor sharp claw teased the firmness of her breasts. It wasn't out of fear. Her heart held no doubt that woman or beast, her mother was incapable of harming her. The trembling was her body responding to the gentle touch! "Mother, you're being a naughty girl! You stop this instant, or I'll be very cross!" she snapped, hoping that by the dim light of the candle the yellow canine eyes wouldn't notice how her firm nipples strained eagerly against the simple white cotton of her night dress.

The pointed tip of that claw found purchase in the cotton. Bunny's eyes opened wide when she heard the sound of tearing cloth. "Mother, you stop that right now!" she scolded as the dress began to part company with her body. "You are a bad girl! No means no, even if you are my mother!"

Very carefully, the werewolf began to openly claw at the cloth that dared separate her from the beauty beneath. "Mom, you stop right now!" Bunny cried, as in moments, and without even the slightest of scratches, she was left naked from the waist up. She crossed her arms over the ample bosom every man and boy in the village dreamed of seeing in their current unfettered glory. "Mother, GO TO YOUR ROOM!"

The trousers caused the werewolf some confusion. Although powerful, what she currently wore as hands could not cope with buttons. The digits were far too stubby, and the claws only got in the way. With a whimper, she bowed her head and tried again.

Bunny squirmed as she attempted to get out from under her beastly mother. "No, stop that!" she gasped, as very carefully, canine teeth managed to latch onto a button and slowly tug it right off of the trousers! A second and third soon followed! This had gone far enough! The human girl managed to finally break free, but she paid a dear price. As she scrambled off of the bed and fell to the floor, powerful jaws had snapped! As she tried to crawl to the door and freedom, the leather trousers were playfully ripped from her bottom, and tugged down shapely legs. By the time Bunny regained her feet, she was as naked as the day she was born!

Mom closed in and wrapped powerful arms around her. Even though she felt oh so warm and snuggly breast to huge firm breast in that furry embrace, Bunny wriggled frantically as something very warm and hard made itself known as it pressed against her body. "Mommy, no!" she cried, as she was carried out of the room and into the one her mother used.

She was playfully tossed onto the larger bed that mom and dad had shared before his untimely passing before she was born. How he coped with his good wife's dual nature Bunny had never dared to even speculate! "Bad, bad girl!" she whimpered desperately, as she tried to crawl away. She shuddered when something soft and wet slathered over her rear end. "Mother, don't you dare lick my hiney!"

Gently but firmly, she was dragged back to the center of the bed. Rolled onto her back, Bunny stared up at her mother. "Don't do this!" she ordered, as the beast leaned down. "Mother!" she couldn't help giggling again as that powerful broad tongue began to lap at her body. "Stop it! You're drooling all over me!" Hot breath teased her skin, as that tongue left no part of her untouched. In moments, her entire body glistened with doggy slobber.

The werewolf paused in her happy work, and repositioned herself at the end of the bed, head poised right over her daughter's loins. "Oh mother, no, no!" she gasped, as her long legs were forcibly spread. "Not there!" she squeaked, as her mother's pointed snout eased between quivering thighs.

The tongue swiped rapidly between her legs, the sensation far more pleasurable then what Bunny knew from just her fingers! The blonde squirmed under the careful attentions from that beastly tongue. She couldn't help crying out when the tip seemed to actually try and gain entrance into her most secret self! "Mother stop, I am virgin! Nothing can enter me!"

Her mother's mind, fogged by the change, still understood human speech for the most part. The word virgin struck a cord deep in her very soul. It struck a cord, and inflamed her already great need! She scrambled up over her daughter, and threw back her head and howled!

Bunny stared at the beast over her, and mother howled again. What was she waiting for? The massive unsheathed phallus was sputtering little sprinkles of hot fluid on her tummy and breasts, but the beast made no more to claim her! Leaning down, mother very tenderly licked the tip of her daughter's nose. "I, I understand, mother. I can't! You ask too much of me!"

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