Do Not Disturb (a Sequel to Maid Service Requested)

by T.S. Fesseln

Copyright© 2010 by T.S. Fesseln

BDSM Sex Story: A woman comes back from her meeting to find two bound women waiting for her.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

For Alexandra, it had been a very good meeting. She had finished up her presentation of the building's features and now it was in the hands of all the various contractors and workers to take it from paper to concrete, steel and glass.

Alexandra was very good at what she did. Not only was she a qualified architect, but she also was damn fine in the looks department. She kept her six-foot frame well toned and she always dressed to emphasize her curves, such as with the gray business suit she was wearing now. Alex had long, coppery hair she kept in flowing curls and deep green eyes that could disarm any man or woman when she wanted to. Today she had used all of her charms at the meeting and now she intended to use them for what was awaiting her in the hotel room.

The redhead knew that her blonde lover, Jennifer, would be hornier than hell and that was just fine by her. This is why she took Jennifer along on her short trips. They would usually spend a day or two extra just to play. Today was 'capture the maid' and she was sure that her maid was still tightly tied and wanting all sorts of relief.

When the architect got to her hotel room, she saw the 'Do Not Disturb' sign hanging from the doorknob. She left it on there so that Alexandra and her personal maid wouldn't be interrupted.

With the swipe of her key, Alexandra opened the door and walked in.

The redhead nearly dropped her briefcase and froze in her tracks. Not only was her Jennifer laying there in the bondage she had left her in, there was also a pretty brunette stranger bound beside her, her legs bound wide open and her hands cuffed behind her back. The brunette's haunting grey eyes were wide open and she was frantically struggling in her bondage; squealing into her gag.

Alexandra gathered herself together and smiled her company smile. She was used to thinking on her feet and this unexpected situation was no exception. She made her way to the side of the bed and sat down beside her Jenny. The blonde's blue eyes followed her, grinning a mischievous grin.

"Okay, Jenny, I am only going to un-gag you so you can tell me what the hell is going on," Alexandra said in a sultry sing-song tone; a smile still frozen on her lips.

Carefully Alex brushed Jennifer's ash-blonde hair aside and unbuckled the ball gag. A string of drool clung to the gag as Alexandra set it aside.

"She is one of the maids here, Mistress," Jennifer explained, "She came to clean the room and, well, found me."

"And... ," the redhead prompted, her eyes now looking at the struggling brunette beside Jenny.

"She wanted to feel what it was like, Mistress, to be tied up and taken advantage of by my man," Jennifer giggled a bit.

Looking down at her bound lover, Alex noticed that there were things that were different. The cups of Jenny's maid's costume had been pulled down, revealing her large, pale nipples still clamped by a pair of shiny chrome clamps. Her blindfold was gone and a lead dangled from her lover's black-leather collar.

"Have you been playing without my permission?" Alexandra asked sternly.

Jennifer hesitated before answering, "Yes, Mistress, but..."

"Shhhh," Alex warned.

The bound blonde became quiet.

"Did you cum?"

Jennifer nodded her head, "Yes, Mistress."

"I see," Alexandra said after a moment.

The redhead gathered-up the ball gag and held it before her Jenny, "Open wide."

Jennifer did as she was told, letting her lover ease the ball behind her teeth before tightening the straps. All the blonde could muster now was a muffled mush of noises and moans; nothing anyone could understand. It wasn't as if she had a choice and she so much wanted to tell Alex that. As helpless as Jenny was, Katrina could do anything she wanted to do with her and the maid had.

"I will deal with you later, my Jenny," Alexandra said, "but first I need to get to know our guest a little bit better."

Katrina was still struggling in her bonds, trying to find some sort of slack in them. This was not what she had planned. The brunette was so expecting Jenny's 'man' to walk through the door that the thought that her 'man' was a woman never even crossed her fantasies. Now that woman was walking over to her side of the bed, her green eyes locked onto Katrina's.

"You shouldn't have played with my toy without permission?"

Katrina tried to say something, but the penis-shaped gag she had buckled tightly made any words she said unintelligible. Her wrists her locked securely behind her back and the ropes holding her legs open did not give an inch. All she could do is watch and plead the best she could into her gag.

The redhead sat down on the edge of the bed and looked over her other hapless captive. The brunette was gorgeous.

Alexandra caressed the cheek of her olive-skinned captive with her finger and gently pulled her raven-curls away from her gray-hazel eyes. The brunette was still trying to say something, but the penis-gag was working its normal wonders.

Slowly, Alexandra traced her finger down Katrina's neck and down between her breasts. The maid's eyes were now glued to the woman's movements as she slowly circled around each breast and teased at her nipples with her long fingernails.

"I really don't like sharing," Alex said, gently pinching one nipple, "I am greedy that way. And Jenny here is my very favorite toy."

The brunette just looked at her, moaning into her gag.

Alex continued to trace her fingernail over the flat of Katrina's stomach to the thin strip of curls above her puss. The woman stopped and began petting the soft tuft as if it were a small kitten. Katrina closed her eyes. The woman's gentle touch was beginning to have an effect on her. She felt the woman's finger begin to slip into her moistened lips. Slowly, the woman's finger stroked her, sending a warm breath of bliss through her. The woman was careful, taking care not to touch her swollen clit. Katrina lifted herself up to match her strokes, but the woman pulled away.

As soon as the bound brunette settled back down, Alex began to slowly caress her again. Katrina rocked her hips and pushed herself up, offering her sex to the redhead. However, each time the woman ceased touching her.

"My name is Alexandra," the woman said, "And you, sweet, are my new toy. Like all little girls, I like to give my playthings names. So, sweet, from now on, your name is 'Boots'. You have such a nice, purring puss, right?"

Katrina nodded slightly.

"So, Boots, I have another gag I want you to wear. However, from your whimperings behind your gag, I know you have a lot you want to say. I do not want to hear it. Boots will be quiet or Boots will find out what a riding crop really feels like. Do you understand me, Boots?"

Again, the brunette nodded her head.

"Not a word, Boots," Alexandra said sternly before she began to unbuckle the gag.

A string of drool hung off the penis-shaped gag as Alex pulled it from Boots' lips. Katrina closed her mouth and bit her lip, trying to keep silent. She didn't know what the sting of a riding crop would feel like and she really didn't want to find out.

Alexandra got up and went over to the box of bondage gear that she had sent there. Taking one look, it was obvious that someone other than herself had rummaged through it. However, she found the gag she was looking for, a chrome and red-leather ring gag. Dangling it in front of her like some kitty's toy, Alex brought it over to her waiting captive.

"Open wide, Boots."

Katrina opened her mouth silently. The woman eased the leather-wrapped ring behind Katrina's teeth and buckled it tight behind her head, being careful not to catch any of the brunette's long, curled tresses. The straps bit into the side of her mouth and the ring was uncomfortably wedged behind her teeth, but there was little Katrina could do about it.

"I see Boots has been a bad toy and gotten into the play box," Alexandra said as she hovered over the brunette.

"Boots will have to be trained better, huh Jenny?"

Jennifer nodded, grunting into her gag. Even though the maid had gotten her off, she still was hungry for her lover's touch. She had a hard time watching Alex play with the maid even though she knew that Alex had other 'toys' she played with. She never had to watch them. With Katrina, she had a front row seat to a show she didn't care to see.

After making sure the gag was in place, Alex went over to her other 'captured' maid and took a hold of the chain lead still hanging from her collar.

"Come," she said.

Jennifer squirmed off the bed and carefully stood up. She still had leather straps encircling her ankles and knees and the high heels she was wearing made even standing still a balancing act. Alex gave her a slight tug and the blonde hopped up beside her lover.

Their hotel room had two queen-sized beds and Alex guided her Jenny to the one without a bound brunette occupying it.

"Sit," Alex commanded and Jennifer sat down.

"Roll over onto your stomach."

The bound blonde did so, scooting to the middle of the bed. As she turned her head, she noticed Alex taking out of the box a small length of chain. Alex then sat down beside her and threaded the chain between her ankles just above the belt binding them together. Pulling both ends, Alex pulled Jennifer's ankles up towards her wrists. Looping one end around the chain to the cuffs, she locked the two ends together, forcing the blonde into a neat hogtie.

Alex knelt down and looked into the blonde's green eyes.


Turning with her hands on her hips, Alex looked down at Boots. The woman was indeed gorgeous as she lay on the bed, her hands behind her back and her legs spread wide. Alex went over to her briefcase and took out the small digital camera that she used to make memories of all her little trips.

"Smile, Boots."

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