Rachel & Robby

by Anonymous Bosch

Copyright© 2010 by Anonymous Bosch

Erotica Sex Story: A pre-meditated seduction of a step brother.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

Once I got to be about 10, I started hoping for a figure like my Mom's. I also started noticing how men looked at her. When I was 15, I was still waiting. I had grown to 5'8" but was skinny, skinny, skinny. No boobs. Boys never paid any attention to me.

After my 15th birthday, it all changed. During that year I stopped growing up and started growing out. Not only did I get a figure like my mom's, it was better than hers. I compared my body to the other girls in the locker room at school and not only did I measure up, I had the best. I had a smoking hot body. C cup breasts, high and firm with beautiful aureoles and pointy nipples. I had a tiny waist and smoothly curved, sexy hips leading to long, beautiful legs. All the boys were after me. Men stared at me and tried to pick me up. I started to realize the effect I had on boys and older men when I went to the community pool in my bikini. Even my older stepbrother was checking me out.

For my 16th birthday, I got a gift card to Victoria's Secret. I went to the mall and started looking at the bra and panty sets. A saleswoman came over.

"Can I help you?"

"Oh yes, please." I said, "I've never shopped here before and I have a gift certificate."

"Do you want a bra and panty set?"

"Yes - all I have is little girl stuff."

"Well, you are certainly no little girl. Your figure is incredible."

"Thank you. I think I have finally stopped growing."

I was wearing tight shorts and midriff tee shirt. It had slowly dawned on me over the past year that I liked boys and men to look at me. Especially the handsome ones.

We chatted for a while, looking at the sets. I finally tried on a set in red with Brazilian cut panties and a push up bra. I went into the changing room to try them on. I peeled off my shorts and top and put on the bra and panties. I was stunned at what I saw. I looked like a woman. A very, very, sexy woman. I struck various poses, and realized I was getting turned on. I had been masturbating for years and knew I was going to tonight. There was a knock on the door.

"How's it going in the there?" asked the saleswoman.

"Great!" I opened the door for her to see.

She stood there, mouth open and looked me up and down. Slowly. It made me shiver a bit to be looked at like that.

"Oh my god, girl, you have got the sexiest body I have ever seen. You should model for us!"

I felt my face get hot and I stammered, "Thank you - maybe I will"

As I left the mall, I could feel all the men looking at me. Lusting after me. I liked it. It made me feel so sexy. I was thinking about what I had seen in the mirror and in the saleswoman's eyes. It was time to get a boyfriend and it was time to start having sex. Why not? I'd like to show my body to the right guy and see his face when I did. I'd like to model the bra and panty set for him.

I started to masturbate a lot. I downloaded some porn from the internet; videos and sex stories and learned a lot about how and what to do. One day I stuck a cucumber in my pussy and busted my hymen. I shaved my muff. I got birth control from the clinic. I looked at the boys at school to see whom I'd like to do it with. Maybe Jason. He was really cute and had a nice body. The only problem is that he had a girlfriend and I didn't want to hurt anyone.

I had gotten home at noon and had the house to myself. I was horny. Very horny. I put on the bra and panty set and posed in the mirror. I massaged my tits and rubbed my pussy as I watched myself. I felt myself getting wet. I took off the bra and lay on the bed. I pinched and rolled my nipples and then started to rub my clit.

"Mmm, yes baby, fuck me." I moaned.

I heard a car door slam. It was my stepbrother. He was really cute too. Quickly I decided to give him a show. I opened my bedroom door enough so that I could be seen on the bed through the crack. I lay back down and rubbed my clit. I was so excited I was trembling. I heard him come in the house and I started moaning.

"Oh yes, that's good, lick my pussy, oh yes ... yes"

Over my moans, I hear him walk softly up the hallway. I saw movement in the crack of the door. By then my pussy was sopping wet and I was almost ready to come. I started squeezing my tits and tried to lick my nipples. Through the crack I saw motion and realized he was jerking off. I raised my hips off the bed and peeled off my panties. I spread my legs wide for him and furiously rubbed my clit and pinched a nipple.

"Oh yes, baby fuck me, fuck me hard and deep," I moaned out, writhing on the bed. I stuffed two fingers in my pussy and stroked fast.

I was turned on beyond belief, giving my stepbrother a show while he jerked off, watching me. I loved that he was watching me, seeing my body. I shivered and came.

"Oh god, I'm coming, oh yes, oh god yes ... yes ... so good..." I cried out. I heard a muffled sound from the hallway.

"I think he came," I thought. "Good. I want to do this again."

It became a game with me. Torture the stepbro. I kept giving him flashes. The accidental bathrobe malfunction. A towel that slips. Bend over with a loose top and no bra. A flash of panties under a skirt. He was entranced. Whenever my parents weren't around his eyes would follow me everywhere.

One weekend, when our parents were out of town I decided I'd waited long enough. I was going to get Robby to fuck me. I got home early from school and put on my bra and panty set. Then I put on a skirt and top. I pranced in front of the mirror, hot and horny. I heard the front door close softly.

"Ah ha!" I thought. "He's hoping for another show."

I could just hear him sneaking along the hallway. I started posing in the mirror as sexily as I could. I knew he was watching. My pussy was sopping wet and my nipples were like pebbles. I slowly started unbuttoning my top, starting a strip tease.

"Do you want me to strip for you before you fuck me, baby?"

I crooned into the mirror. I spun around and eased the top off, my back to the mirror. I looked over my shoulder and slid a bra strap off my shoulder.

"Would you like to see my tits?" I asked the mirror.

I eased off the other strap, excited beyond belief. I turned back to the mirror I reached back with both hands and undid the catch. I caught it before it fell off and help it against me with my hands.

"Do you baby? Do you want to see my tits?"

I flung the bra across the room and posed with my back arched thrusting them out in front of me. I slid my hands up my tummy and cupped them, pinching my nipples.

"Mmm, that feels good..." I squeezed them and rolled my nipples. I felt a line of fire right to my sopping pussy.

I reached back and unzipped my skirt. It was tight so I had to kind of shimmy out of it. I heard a soft hiss from Robby behind the door. I caught motion. He was jerking off again. I threw the skirt on the bed and posed again in my miniscule Brazilian panties.

"Damn, I am a hot babe," I thought looking at myself.

"Do you want me to take off my little panties?" I turned around, bent over and then peeled them off. I gave the Robby the ultimate view of my pussy and tight little asshole.

I stood back up and faced the mirror.

"Watch me play with myself, baby. I know you love it."

I rubbed my clit and tried to suck on my nipple. I squeezed my tits together, moaning. I went to the bed and got on my hands and knees, ass to the door.

"Oh baby, fuck me doggie style. Fuck me hard, fast and deep." I moaned, rubbing my clit furiously.

"OH GOD YES, I'M COMING, I'M COMING" I cried as an enormous orgasm exploded in me. I collapsed on the bed, panting.

"Wow, that was intense," I thought. I heard Robby sneak away. "Dick in hand," I snickered to myself. Soon to be in my hand.

I heard the door slam. It was Robby pretending to just get home. I closed my door and got in the shower. I showered and dried my hair. My hands were shaking. I put on the bra and panty set and put on my robe.

Robby was at the kitchen table eating. I walked in and sat down across from him.

"Gee. He's cute." I thought and said, "Hey Robby, what's up?"

He looked at me and I could see a mixture of shame and lust in his eyes.

"Hey Rachel."

I mentally inhaled and said, "I knew you were watching. Both times."

His eyes got huge and his mouth fell open. "You, you, ah, YOU KNEW?"

"I saw you jerking off, watching me. I heard when you came too."

His face went crimson. "Ah, um," He just kind of stammered.

"Do you like watching me play with myself? Do you jerk off at night fantasizing about me?"

"I, ah, oh crap. Yes, I do. To both."

"Would you like me to strip for you?" I said softly.

His mouth fell open again and he gaped at me.

"Oh yes Rache, hell yes. Your body is amazing now."

I stood, help out my hand and took him into the living room.

"Wait a minute. Then all those flashes of skin I got were deliberate! I was starting to wonder."

"It was fun to tease you."

I felt light headed and my skin was hot. I was lubricating fast. I pushed him down on the couch. I stepped back and started to pull the sash of my robe slowly open. His eyes were glued to my hands. I could seem him start getting a hard on. I teased the sash a little and watched him watching me. My pussy was sopping and my mouth was dry. The robe fell open a few inches.

"Do you like me Robby? Do you like what you see?"

"Oh god yes, Rache. Show me more. Please."

I turned away and eased the robe off my shoulders. It fell into a puddle around my legs. The panties were cut really high in back and I knew he could see most of my ass.

"Oh Rache. Oh my god, you are soooo hot!"

"I'm glad you think so Robby."

I slid the bra strap off my shoulder. I heard him suck in his breath. I glanced over my shoulder and caught him rubbing his cock. I slid the other strap off. I turned back to him. I reached back for the clasp, knowing my tits would be thrust out towards him. He was still rubbing his cock. The sexual tension in the room ratcheted up. My bra flew open and fell to the floor.

"Do you like them Robby? Do you like my tits?"

"Oh Rache, they are awesome. Perfect. You are so fucking sexy."

"Do you want to touch them Robby? Feel them?" I cupped them and presented them to him, nipples pointy and sparking to my clit.

"Yes ... oh yes."

I prowled over to him where he sat on the couch, rubbing his dick through his pants. I pushed him back and straddled his legs and sat on his knees.

He put his hands on the side my torso and slid them up to cup my tits. He squeezed gently.

"Mmm, Robby that feels good."

"Rache, your tits are amazing. So firm. So round. So large."

"Pinch my nipples, Robby. Pull on them."

He pinched and rolled them. Then he plucked them. I put my hand on the back of his head and urged him forward. He took one tit on both hands and lashed my nipple with his tongue and then sucked on it.

"Ohhhh Yes, Robby. Suck on it. Harder. Mmm sooooo goooood. Feels so good."

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