The Vacation
Chapter 6

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Thriller Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Given a choice between losing his wheels, his freedom and his cherry or joining the dark side for a short but sex filled vacation, Martin picked the latter, with mixed results.

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Mother   Daughter   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Torture   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

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"We have done nothing that deserves any sort of punishment," said Zenobia, staring steadfastly at Cindy Smith. "We are victims as much as you or your sister. You should let us go now."

The Captain sighed. "It's not that simple. You have just witnessed an illegal act—torture, possibly murder, if Eddie doesn't survive—committed on board my vessel. I can not allow you to go free with the risk you may speak to the police about the incident and the events leading to it."

A steward topped up her champagne and another, younger steward, offered her a plate of smoked salmon sandwhiches. Zenobia declined politely. The bizarre situation was, she thought, getting out of hand.

"So you will have to kill us or keep us locked up?"

"Essentially yes. We won't kill you. Mustapha and I own a number of establishments in Mexico, where the regulations are more easily flouted, any of which would be happy to take you in. Isn't that so Mustapha?"

"Indeed Captain. I have already alerted Madame Juniper at the Scarlet Sombrero to prepare secure accommodation for Mrs Lovelocke and her lovely daughter."

"You're going to lock us up in a Mexican brothel?" said Zenobia aghast.

"It was always the intention of your captors to sell you to me for that purpose, Mrs and Miss Lovelocke. They chose not to tell you, I understand. The Scarlet Sombrero is a five star establishment. It caters mainly for wealthy Americans looking for something more exciting than they can get at home. You will be well looked after there."

"What does that mean?" asked Zenobia hardly believing the little man could speak in such commonplace terms about abduction and a life sentence of sexual servitude.

"Yeah. What does that mean?" said Cindy."'Well looked after'. What did you do? Give them a bonus if they can turn twenty tricks in a session. And what good is a bonus if you can't get out to spend it. You're a bullshit artist, Mustapha. The clients from this side of the border are after rough sex and the rougher the better. These two are going to be beaten and fucked into the ground within the year. And serve the bitches right for what they did to me." She took a big drink of scotch. It was clear to Zenobia she was drunk.

"No, no, Miss Smith," Mustapha continued. "First they will be trained in the rules of the establishment and taught to perform a cabaret act or acts. That way they build a name, a reputation. Good Performers are always most sought after by the wealthier clients. They will enjoy fame of a sort and success even wealth, but always within the secure grounds of the establishment."

"Crap. What cabaret act can those two do. Fucking cheer leading?"

Mustapha came close to raising his voice in response to Cindy's jeers. "Mother and daughter pairs are always a great success and attract a large following. In this case I see Zenobia in transparent robes rising from her bed and admiring her body in a mirror while she starts to undress. Her actions are observed by Mary Anne similarly dressed who creeps up behind her. She helps Zenobia undress and is rewarded with kisses and reciprocal action until both are admiring the reflections of their naked bodies in the in the mirror. They then perform a sapphic dance culminating in mutual cunnilingus. A feminine sixty-nine with a hint of incest. I think they could be trained to do that in very short time and I suggest it would be more sexually arousing than cheer leading."

"Well said, Mustapha. You paint quite a picture. I wouldn't mind seeing that myself." said Captain Carruthers, sipping his wine.

"You can see it, darling. The last bit anyway. I've seen them eat each others pussy. They both came," said Cindy.

"Is that true Zenobia?" asked the Captain. She could see his white slacks were becoming tented at the groin at the thought. Cindy saw it too.

"You and Mary Anne enjoyed some mutual pussy eating? Incestuous lesbianism. How decadent."

"We were forced to by the three men you had flogged." Zenobia snapped.

"Well now you're going to be forced to by the one woman who flogged them," hissed Cindy as she stood and reached unsteadily for the whip. "Strip, both of you, now."

"Captain?" asked Zenobia. "Are you going to permit this?"

Captain Carruthers looked from Zenobia to his angry whip-wielding fiancee."Do you mind, honey" Cindy shook her head. "Enjoy," she said.

The captain looked at Zenobia again."Guess I am going to allow it. Do like Cindy says. Get your clothes off."

Zenobia had no choice. Angrily she stood up and pulled off her cheerleader's jumper and pushed down the skimpy skirt, stepped out of it and stood naked on the cockpit floor. Mary Anne, who had been following the conversation with growing fear followed suit and stood next to Zenobia. The younger steward gathered the discarded clothing and took it away.

Cindy crossed the cockpit and sat close to her fiancee and took charge of the situation. She made Mary Anne lie on her back and positioned Zenobia on her hands and knees above her spreadeagled daughter, Each could see the other's pussy. She warned both women she wanted real passion and a mutual orgasm or she would use the cat on them. Having delivered her instructions Cindy bent forward an pinched the nipple on Mary Anne's left breast. "Go, eat pussy," she said.

The captain was certainly aroused by the demonstration of lesbian lovemaking which did not end quickly. Zenobia was soon aroused but Mary Anne was not and it took all of Zenobia's self control to keep her orgasm in check while she labored mightily to bring her daughter to a climax. Cindy noted the Captain's growing erection and unzipped his flies and took him in hand. "Which one do you fancy darling?" she asked stroking his short thick cock. Carruthers was sober and wise enough to say "Neither matches you, sweetheart." He was rewarded with a blow job which concluded only moments before Zenobia and Mary Anne delivered a skin-saving mutual orgasm.

The naked women were again told to sit on the long cockpit cushions and were again offered wine and food by the ever-present stewards. Both accepted, hiding their shame as best they could in appearing to be unmoved by the ordeal, whereas both mother and daughter were seething with anger at being so humiliated.

Cindy whispered in the captain's ear and excused herself to the company. "I must have an early night. It has been such a tiring day. Goodnight all. Oh, Zenobia and Mary Anne, I think you'll make splendid whores. Mustapha will see you to your—er—cabin in a short while."

"I must be going too," said Carruthers. He said a few words to the stewards in the Somali dialect. They replied politely. Then he spoke to Mustapha, first in the dialect and then in English.

"Slack water in an hour, Mustapha, we must be off the mooring in three hours to catch the southerly set. The crew can stand down until then. That will give us ample time to RV with the James E Jordan off San Francisco tomorrow at noon. God bless the US Coastguard. They say they have ten packets for us. That should take the pressure off the Lovelocke women on the trip to Mexico. Goodnight." He followed Cindy below leaving just Zenobia, Mary Anne and Mustapha with the two stewards in the brightly lit cockpit.

The younger steward reached for Mary Anne's hand and quietly led her forward away from the cockpit. She looked at Mustapha who said, "Yes. Go with him. It is alright"

"What's happening?" said Zenobia standing up. She started to follow her daughter but the older steward restrained her by holding her arm. There was a sudden cry of alarm from the darkness and a cry of "Oh no ... no. Not that way..."

Mustapha said, "The Captain gave his permission but young Saif is shy. That's why he led Mary Anne into the shadows. His older brother Abdul is not shy. He asks you to bend over the folding table so he may access your fundament."

Zenobia hesitated and Abdul demonstrated he was neither shy nor patient as he slammed her over the table and buggered her with long strong slow strokes.

Back in the narrow cell that was their cabin Mary Anne gave in to the feeling of hopelessness that had overcome her and broke down and wept uncontrollably. Zenobia tried to comfort Mary Ann but it was some time before the young woman could listen to her mother. Despite owning nothing in the world except a pair of faux cowboy boots Zenobia had a plan.

Standing on the bottom bunk she was reassured to find the heavy glass hatch cover was still unlocked. She pushed it up until it was wide enough for her to creep through. Stepping on the upper bunk she was able to slither onto the deck. No one was about. She could hear some sounds of jollity from the crew quarters forward. Probably bloody Abdul and his brother boasting of the Captain's generosity in giving them the white whores and how they squealed and cried, she thought. She leaned back into the cabin and whispered to Mary Anne, "Put the boots in the bucket and pass it to me. Then you come up. Stay prone on the deck until I say move."

Mary Anne did as she was told and after a short time was down on her stomach on the deck as her mother quietly lowered the hatch cover and locked it shut. Careful to make no noise the two naked women crept toward the stern of the boat where the two Zodiacs were tied. After three or four yards Zenobia stopped and tested the levers fastening the next hatch cover She opened it and quietly put her head and shoulders inside. Mary Anne could not understand why her mother would take such a risk but wisely held her tongue.

Martin was startled to see a topless Zenobia leaning through the hatch which he knew had been shut from the outside. He cleared his throat to say something but she put her fingers to his mouth and he remained silent. He was handcuffed and naked and in great pain but when Zenobia indicated he should wriggle through the open hatch he did so quietly and stayed flat on the deck while his rescuer closed and latched the hatch cover.

Mary Anne was furious with her mother for what she saw as an unnecessary and dangerous diversion in their escape which depended on their reaching the Zodiacs undetected. Zenobia had told her to look out for a duty sailor to be on deck but, so far, none had appeared. If there was one he was more likely to spot three escapees than two, she thought. And why rescue any of the rapists anyway?Perhaps she means to castrate Martin herself.

The last few feet into the steps set into the stern of the Black Dragon and from there into the first Zodiac was the most fraught. They had just managed it when Mary Anne spotted a tell-tale light of a cigarette moving slowly along the deck towards them. The three flattened themselves on the wooden floor of the inflatable and tried to squeeze under the curve of the tubular hull. At the last moment Zenobia realized that the bucket containing the cowboy boots was not under cover. They held their breath when the smoker, whoever he was, gave each rope attaching the Zodiacs to the yacht a tug. Satisfied they were tight he made his way slowly towards the bows.

Zenobia and Mary Ann lost no time in undoing the painters. It seemed to take an age and they were relieved when the breeze took charge and silently floated both inflatables away from the yacht.

"Mrs Lovelocke..." began the youth only to be interrupted.

"Can you operate the outboard?" she asked. "I saw that it was controlled from the steering position in the middle"

"Yes. It's a Honda four stroke. Just like Dad's. It's a quiet engine but there will be some noise."

"We'll have to risk it. The breeze is taking us away from the yacht but away from the marina too. So get on with it."

After a few minutes of checking the battery, adjusting the engine position and checking the fuel connection, the outboard came to life with a deep growl. Zenobia untied the other Zodiac and let it float away. Martin asked from his position at the wheel if someone could take over the steering. He didn't want to give the real reason—that sitting on the hard plastic helmsman's chair was agony.

"It's difficult with my hands cuffed to control the throttle and the wheel at the same time," he said.

Mary Anne took over. She gunned the throttle and headed for the red and green lights that marked the marina's entrance. "I'll slow down when we reach the marina," she called. "Then I'll head for the big square building."

The landing was not copy book. Mary Anne missed the end of the jetty by the warehouse but drove half way up a boat ramp by its side before the engine died in protest.

"Everyone out." said Zenobia. "Check the warehouse and pray the car is still there. I don't recall anyone returning to shore after we were taken." The three ran up onto the jetty and along it to the small door. Zenobia tried the handle. The door was locked.

The three naked escapees looked in dismay at the locked door. Martin tried to shoulder it open but succeeded only in bruising his shoulder.

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