The Vacation
Chapter 1

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Thriller Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Given a choice between losing his wheels, his freedom and his cherry or joining the dark side for a short but sex filled vacation, Martin picked the latter, with mixed results.

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Mother   Daughter   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Torture   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

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"It's a fucking rust bucket," snarled Eddie. "How do you expect us to go on vacation in this heap of tin?"

"Vans are harder to steal these days," muttered Brian, Eddie's follower and partner in crime. "You said we had to have a van. This is a fucking van."

The old Volkswagen Camper Wagon wheezed to a halt in the parking lot behind the sign which read, "Lookout". The platform overlooked the town. At night the town lights gave the false illusion that the rural backwater was a bigger and brighter than it really was. The venue was one usually favored by courting couples but not tonight. Tonight it was raining. Thin, constant, drought-breaking rain. Brian, the driver, turned off the VW's lights. The only other vehicle parked in the lot was a late model six cylinder Ford panel van. The dark blue metallic paint made the Ford difficult to see in the shadows where it was parked.

The two predators watched the blue van for a long time without saying a word before Eddie broke the silence.

"That's what I call a fucking van," said Eddie. "I'll bet the guy who drives it has got a mattress in the back and is busy nailing some chick right now."

"Don't see no movement," said Brian. He peered at the blue van. "You'd expect to see it bounce a bit. Them Fords have got real soft suspension."

Eddie grunted.

"Are we gonna take it?" said Brian.

"You want to?"

"Yeah. Beats this heap of shit."

"Okay. I'll take the driver's side, you take the passenger's side. If the doors are locked I smash the window and ask for the key."

"Right," said Brian.

"If the doors aren't locked, I'll take the driver you take the passenger."

"Sure, Eddie."

"And if there is a chick in there, just grab her and keep her quiet until I've sorted things out. You don't start fucking her brains out until I say so. Not like you did to that red-headed bitch last month."

"Right, Eddie," Brian grumbled.

He remembered the redhead. When she got out of her sports car she flashed white cotton panties and her tits bounced unfettered beneath a thin cotton top. She had only just started to ask how she and her boyfriend could help when Brian had grabbed her. She was momentarily shocked into silence when she was thrown onto the hood of her sports car. The redhead started to scream when Brian, a six foot three athlete, ripped the clothes off her back and forced his engorged cock into her tight, dry, pussy.

The redhead had thought the two young men were in trouble and needed help. The stolen Toyota Crown the thieves were driving at the time had its hood up and Eddie was waving a rag to attract attention as the redhead and her boyfriend drove past the rest-stop. Eddie, a small blonde fresh-faced young man, could look pathetic when he tried. She'd insisted to her boyfriend they pull over and offer assistance. Within seconds Brian had her top, skirt and pants in tatters. The redhead was naked and screaming, "No, no, no...", as he rammed his cock into her. This was before Eddie had finished taping her boyfriend to a tree with a roll of duct tape.

The boyfriend went mad seeing the couples' good intentions turn to shit and his do-gooder chick used like a truck-stop whore. He could see her legs flailing the air as the big man drove in and out of her like a demented dog. He got so mad that Eddie had to hit him with a rock to quieten him down.

So Eddie said. Brian was too busy panel beating with the girl to notice.

They'd got a few hundred dollars for the sports car and less for the Honda. After they had enjoyed her company for a couple of days, Eddie sold the redhead to a truck driver who was heading east. But, best of all, there was a small fortune in used bills in the redhead's brief case destined for a "Save the Whales" charity. That was when Eddie decided they should take a vacation. Get a van and head for the west coast he'd told Brian. They needed a change of scenery. And maybe a change of MO. The boyfriend was still in a coma but likely to come round any day soon and the redhead, if she escaped her truck driving master, would be after their blood.

Now Eddie reached back and picked up a roll of duct tape and a short metal bar with a chisel blade at one end and a claw and hook on the other from the floor of the rust-bucket. He stuffed the duct tape into a pocket of his jacket. He opened his door quietly and slipped out of the VW. Brian joined him and the pair moved silently through the shadows to the rear of their target. They were dressed alike in jeans and black leather jackets. Brian was a head and shoulders taller than his leader, but he moved quietly, with athletic grace. Eddie reached into his pocket, found his knitted ski mask with red rings around the eye holes and pulled it over his blonde head.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh," whispered Brian waving his hands in mock terror. "That's scary!"

"Don't fuck about," breathed Eddie. He hefted the short jemmy in his left hand. "Ready?"

Brian nodded. They were behind the van now, almost touching the shiny wet metal. They could hear music. Some classical shit, thought Eddie. He held up three fingers, gave three beats with his right hand. On the third beat he and Brian launched their attack.

"Oh, Martin," said Mary Anne, "Is that what I think it is?" She giggled.

He kissed her again. The latest i phone was softly playing Vivaldi's "Four Seasons". The rain pattered against the windscreen of Martin's recently acquired van. It was warm and cosy on the front bench seat.

Martin felt his Mary Anne's small hand squeeze the swelling in his jeans and begin to rub it softly in the ritual she had established when they started to date, six weeks ago. He had one hand around her waist and the other cupped one of Mary Anne's full, round, breasts. She was proud of her breasts. As big and bouncy as any of the other girls in the cheer-leader's squad, without being gross, she thought. She liked him to play with her small pale pink nipples. But that was the limit. Martin had undone her front-fastening bra but Mary Anne's white fine woolen top, with its red college logo, remained in place as did her pleated skirt and white cotton pants.

Martin nuzzled the soft skin behind her ear and breathed in the clean scent of Mary Anne's shiny ash blonde hair. She slowly stroked his denim covered, tumescent, cock. She could feel it grow. She knew he was getting aroused because his jeans felt sticky when she pressed where the tip of his cock should be. Another ten minutes, at most, and he'd come. she thought. He'd 'cream his jeans', as her best friend Eloise Jones so crudely put it. He'd done it before. Then he'd take her home to where her anxious mother waited up for her. He'd be too embarrassed by the stain around his crotch to come in to the house. Mary Anne giggled.

Martin was now working on the waist band of her short pleated skirt. He fumbled with the unfamiliar buttons and small metal clasp. He usually stroked her pussy by going under her skirt and pushing aside the elastic lace that fringed her cotton panties. It was as far as Mary Anne was prepared to let him go. Tonight was going to be different, he'd resolved. Tonight he had the new van with its fitted, vinyl-covered foam-rubber mattress in the back. Tonight Martin was going to get the short skirt off her, and then her panties. Then he was going to invite Mary Anne to climb over the back of the seat and into the dark cavern of the van. Then ... who knows what might follow. He even had a dozen condoms in the glove box.

"It's like a baton,"she teased as she sometimes did on the nights he picked her up from the gym where she, and ten other athletic young women, trained earnestly to be cheerleaders. "So big and hard."

"Why don't you take it out and twirl it?" Martin suggested hopefully.

"It's too sticky," she declared.

"Then why don't I?" he said, unexpectedly, and unzipped his fly. Martin's cock, released from the tight denim constraints, flopped out and up. He grabbed Mary Anne's wrist and slapped her hand onto his swollen member. Mary Anne squeaked in surprise. Martin had never done anything like this before. Her hand closed around his shaft. By the dim dash board light she could see the sticky fluid drip onto her pleated skirt.

"No! Martin, my skirt..." she began but at that moment both doors burst open and their nightmare began.

Eddie jerked open the driver's door. He grabbed the driver, a slightly built young man of average height with short curly hair, by the scruff of his tee shirt and hauled him out of the van and onto the wet black tarmac of the car park. Eddie noticed his victim's fly was undone and his cock was poking out of his jeans. Eddie smiled then smacked the driver on the head with his jemmy as the frightened youth tried to get to his feet. Martin went down and stayed down.

Brian ripped open the passenger's door, and pushed his way onto the bench seat. He wrapped one arm around the cheer leader's neck and the other around her waist. He hoisted the terrified young woman onto his lap, released her neck but slapped a callused hand across her generous mouth. "One peep outta you, Blondie, and I'll break your fucking neck! D'ya unnerstand?" he growled.

Mary Anne nodded. She was numb with shock. Her eyes were wide with fear.

Eddie dragged Martin's limp body to the back of the van and opened the back doors. He heaved Martin onto the pristine mattress and climbed into the van before closing the doors behind him. Eddie switched on the roof light on so he could see to fasten Martin's hands behind his back with duct tape. Martin was wet and dirty but the blow to his head was bleeding only a little. He groaned but did not then fully recover consciousness. Eddie taped Martin's ankles then offered the roll of tape to Brian but the big man shook his head.

"No need. She don't wanna be tied up. She's gonna be a good girl and do 'zactly what she's told. Ain'tcha, Blondie?"

Mary Anne shivered in fright but nodded. The hooded apparition crouching over Martin's body filled her with terror. She sat on Brian's lap and could feel his pulsing cock through the thin cotton of her panties. She tried to shift her weight off the erectile flesh. He grinned at her.

"Feels good, don't it?" he said, and adjusted her so his erection fitted between her cotton covered ass cheeks. "My cock between your buns."

Eddie turned out Martin's pockets. There was a wallet, a bunch of house keys—the car keys were in the ignition—a Swiss army knife and a handful of small change. Eddie took off his ski mask and began to examine the contents of the wallet.

Brian said to Mary Anne, "Now I'm gonna take my hand off your mouth, so's you can breathe easier. Don't you say a word, unnerstand?"

Mary Anne nodded again. Brian removed his rough paw from her face.

"Please..." she whispered and turned her head to look at her captor.

She saw a big man with close-cropped brown hair. He was in his early twenties with a round, sunburned, face and broken nose. Brian's thick lips were parted to reveal even teeth bared in a smile that was not reflected in his hard, hungry, green eyes. Hungry and slightly mad.

"Sh!" Brian said to the trembling girl. He slid a hand up inside her light woolen jumper and stroked the silky skin of her breasts. Her little nipples were hard as stone. He felt the loose bra. He jerked his head towards the back of the van where Martin lay. "He was playing with your titties, was he, Blondie? Before we rescued you?"

She nodded. She felt the big man's horny palm caress each breast and his coarse-skinned fingers tweak each stiff little nipple.

"You like that, don't cha?" Mary Anne nodded, and whimpered because she was frightened and it was true. "You got nice big titties, kid. Take your top off and show me and Eddie just how big, eh?"

Mary Anne hesitated. Brian's hand clamped, like a steel claw, around the breast he was stroking so gently a moment before. "Do it," he growled.

Mary Anne started to sob but she did as she was told and pulled the white and red top over her head, and then slipped out of her bra. Brian released his grip. The young woman's shapely breasts joggled softly as she dropped the top onto the seat where Martin had been sitting a scant five minutes earlier. She tried to cover her exposed breasts with her small hands.

"Nice tits," said Brian.

Eddie swung his legs over the back of the seat and slid into the driver's position. He put the small pile of Martin's belongings on the seat next to him. He looked at the topless girl who was squirming on his partner-in-crime's lap, and gave a grunt of appreciation. "Yeah," he said, "Tits to die for. What's your name, kid?" he asked.

"M ... Mary Anne," she whimpered. "Please, oh please don't hurt me."

"You do as you're told and you'll be alright," said Eddie. "You got a pocket book, sports bag or something?" he asked.

Mary Anne stopped sobbing. "On the shelf under the dash," she said. She thought Eddie was a good few years older than the bigger man. He was taller than Martin and stockier. Without the ski mask Eddie didn't look very frightening despite his unsmiling brown eyes.

Eddie recovered a small sports bag and rummaged in it until he found Mary Anne's wallet.

"There's no money..." she began but Brian said,"Sh!" and she stayed quiet while Eddie carefully examined the contents of her wallet and the one he had recovered from the van's owner.

Eddie looked up from the sheaf of cards from her wallet. "So You are Mary Anne Lovelocke and Martin Parentis is the boy next door? Is that right? Same street anyway."

Mary Anne nodded.

"What time does Mama expect you home, Mary-Anne?'

"Before eleven o'clock'" the girl whispered.

"Good," Eddie said. "Then we've time for some fun. Brian, why don't you fuck her?"

Brian grinned."Yes, boss," he said. "I thought you'd forgotten."

Mary Anne froze with fear as the big man turned his full attention to her.

"No. Please don't." she gabbled and tried to wriggle off his lap.

"Sit still you little bitch," Brian grunted and tightened his grip on her breast. Mary Anne stopped squirming.

Brian undid the waistband of the cheer leader's pleated skirt and slid the garment under her rump and down her long muscular legs and over her cowboy boots. He used Martin's Swiss-army penknife to cut the sides of her thin cotton panties. He carefully drew the material away from her body slowly so it rubbed along the length of her damp cleft. When her body was bare, with the exception of her cowboy-styled boots he put a hand over her smoothly plucked pussy and probed gently with one finger.

Brian whispered in Mary Anne's ear. "You got your cherry, girlie?"

Mary Anne shook her head. She'd lost her virginity a year and a half ago on her seventeenth birthday and a messy, painful, exhilarating business she had found it. She knew what was about to be done to her and she was afraid but at the same time expectant.

"Please, don't," she whispered. Brian's big hands stroked up and down the flanks of the teenager's naked torso then circled her narrow waist. Without seeming to exert himself he picked her up off his lap and tossed her over the back of the bench seat and onto the mattress in the back of the van. Mary Anne landed with a soft thud, her head against the rear doors—her naked body alongside her stunned and prostrate boy friend.

The move was so sudden and so violent Mary Anne screamed. Brian seemed to flow over the back of the seat and land on top of her knocking the wind out of her lungs. His hands went around her throat. "I told you to keep quiet or I'd break your fucking neck!" he hissed.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," she sobbed in a terrified whisper. "Don't kill me!"

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Please, I said I'd be good. I'll do whatever you want. Please! Don't hurt me!" she begged.

Mary Anne felt the grip on her throat loosen. Brian knelt in front of her. He took off his leather jacket and tossed it behind him onto the front seat. He was wearing a tight black singlet that displayed his well muscled torso and athlete's flat stomach. He spread her legs either side of his knees.

To her right she could see Martin. Her boyfriend was recovering consciousness and was trying to sit up.

Brian unbuckled his belt and dragged his jeans and underpants down to above his knees. His large-helmeted penis seemed to spring free of the tight garments. It oozed natural lubricant. A string of the sticky fluid dropped slowly onto Mary Anne's exposed cunt.

He's too big, he'll split me, she thought. Oh, god, what can I do?

"Rub it in, Mary Anne," Brian said. "Show me how much you want me to fuck you." The frightened teenager was quick to obey. Her fingers dipped into the lubricant and then slid to her cunt. She parted her outer lips and softly massaged her slit as she frequently did in the privacy of her bedroom.

I'll do what he says, that's what.

Martin let out a muffled howl of frustrated rage. He was dazed and confused but he slowly realized what was happening and struggled to protect his girl-friend. Unable to use his tightly taped hands and arms he tried to butt Brian with his wounded head. The big man laughed, slapped him hard enough to stun the young man once more, then he pushed Martin's body away.

"Just watch, sonny" he said. "This chick really wants my big cock right up her tight little pussy. Ain't that so, Sugar?" His hand closed around her neck once more.

"Yes," lied Mary Anne.

"Tell him you want my big cock in your tight little pussy,"

"I want your big cock ... Oh, God. Oh, please..." despite the natural lubricant Brian proved too big initially for Mary Anne's small opening. Careful love play would have solved the problem but Brian was getting impatient. He roughly pressed the head of his cock between her cunt lips.

"Oh! Oh!" moaned the young woman, "Please, be gentle!"

But he wasn't gentle. He drove into her as far and as hard as he could then set the van bouncing on its soft suspension as he rose and fell on her trembling body. He pounded the young woman into the soft mattress to the accompaniment of her boyfriend's unintelligible protests for what, to Mary Anne, seemed like an eternity. He covered her mouth with his own to muffle the screams she could not suppress when he had gripped the cheeks of her ass so he could penetrate a fraction deeper.

When he had flooded her belly with his warm seed, he demanded she lick clean the instrument of her pain and shame. She couldn't comply. Mary Anne had passed out.

Brian slowly withdrew from his unconscious victim and pulled up his pants and jeans. "Are you gonna fuck the little slut?" he asked his leader.

Eddie looked over the back of the bench seat from where he sat in the driver's position. He snorted. "I like my fuck meat alive and kicking. Blondie looks like she'll be out of things for a while yet."

"How about her boyfriend? Do you want a piece of him? He's a bit concussed but he'd be lively enough with your cock up his ass."

Eddie shook his head. "Not just yet. It's nearly time we took them home."

Brian frowned. Eddie knew best but this didn't sound right. "Um,..." he began.

"Think about it," said Eddie. "We know where they live—both in the same street— so we drive there in the Ford. We burn the rust bucket here. We persuade the Mommas and Poppas it is in their best interest to cooperate with the naughty men who have their ewe lambs as hostages. When I'm sure they'll stay quiet for a day or so we drive off in this brand new passion wagon with Mary Anne as security for the Vacation we've been talking about for months."

Brian didn't follow the bit about sheep but nodded. "I'll get our stuff out of the VW," he said. "I'll set a fire. You okay looking after these two?" He grinned savagely. Eddie nodded. The girl was stirring.

Brian climbed out of the back of the Ford and shut the doors firmly behind him.

Eddie turned in the driver's seat and looked over his shoulder into the back of the van. In the dimmed overhead light he could make out the wide-eyed glare in the previous owner's eyes. The young man's ankles and wrists were taped securely. He lay with his feet towards the rear doors of the van alongside his semi-conscious, naked, girlfriend now stretched out on her back. Her head was in line with his knees. His head was level with her ankles. By bending he could see her stretched and swollen pussy oozing the rapist's thick discharge. Martin's cock stuck rigidly out of his unzipped fly.

"Martin Parentis? That's your name, right?'

The young man nodded. He winced. The lump on his head gave him a twinge.

"You like to watch?"

Martin regarded Eddie with a puzzled glare.

"You've got a hard on just watching my partner fuck your little girl friend. I'd say you're a voyeur. If your hands weren't taped behind your back you'd probably be flogging your mutton right now."

"No. Damn you. No."

"And she's Mary Anne Lovelocke? You live in the same street?"

"Yes," Martin croaked.

"You ever gone down on that sweet little pussy you were looking at, Martin? You ever stuck your tongue into that pretty pink twat?" Martin didn't want to answer but he shook his head.

"Well, Martin, that's what you're going to do now. Clean up all that sticky goo. And while you're about it—as a special treat for being such a good boy—you can stick your dick into her mouth."

The thought of doing what the thief told him to made Martin's cock throb with eager anticipation. Martin was shocked at his reaction. Being a well brought up young man he couldn't bring himself to do it, despite an overwhelming desire to obey.

"I won't. You ... you ... pervert," he stammered.

Eddie reached into his jacket pocket and produced a flick knife. The blade gleamed in his hand. "Your choice, kiddo. Do it now, or lose an eye."

Martin now had little choice. He didn't want suffer and, although the thief might be bluffing, he might just be serious. Mary Anne will understand, he thought."Damn you," Martin said as he bent to obey. The young man sobbed as he lowered his head so his mouth covered his Mary Anne's come-spattered cunt.

Martin started gently lapping up the slightly salty deposit from around Mary Anne's inner thighs and around her pubic mound. Then, more forcefully, he ran his tongue up and down the length of her slit and, with its pink tip, flicked her hooded clitoris.

As Mary Anne gradually recovered consciousness she realized someone was playing with her pussy. She struggled to sit up but was prevented by Martin's denim clad legs. She saw his swollen cock, dripping strings of goo, inches from her face and tried to squirm from under him.

"No," she squealed. "No, no, no!"

Martin ignored her struggles but still had difficulty in maneuvering his erection into Mary Anne's mouth while eating her pussy. He thrust his cock repeatedly at her face. He made sticky contact with her cheeks, an ear, a nostril and twice Mary Anne's plump lips and clenched teeth. For her part as she struggled Mary Anne could not help but to respond to Martin's rough cunnilingus. Her young body reacted to the powerful stimulus despite the frightening circumstances. She tried desperately to roll away from him. Eventually Martin pinned Mary Anne to the side of the van and gave her such a vigorous tongue fucking that the cheerleader reached a noisy and unintended climax.

As she came the young woman opened her mouth to cry out and most of Martin's aching dick slipped in.

Mary Anne reacted fiercely. She wanted to get Martin off her and his cock out of her mouth. She thought she would bite him and he felt her teeth begin to clamp on his cock. Martin responded to the threat in kind by taking a mouthful of pussy in his teeth. They grunted at each other.

"A fucking Mexican stand-off," chuckled Eddie.

And so it was, but not for long. Martin came in great spurts, some in Mary Anne's mouth but most of it in her long blonde hair and on her face. He rolled off his naked girlfriend still twitching and spurting as Brian opened the rear doors of the van and dumped two holdalls and a brief-case on the mattress.

"Okay," Brian said. "The VW will blow in about ten minutes. Let's get moving." He climbed into the back of the van, closed the doors and knelt between the teenage lovers. "And you, little lady, are gonna blow me too. Ain't ya? Wrap your sweet lips round Old Pokie." His left hand closed on Mary Anne's neck as his right unzipped his fly. Brian fed his soft but growing penis into her open, come-smeared, mouth as Eddie drove the van towards the town.

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