Course Change?

by Prince von Vlox

Copyright© 2010 by Prince von Vlox

Sex Story: Fifteen year-old Devlin contemplates a change in life away from swinging parties. Naturally she does so at a party.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Swinging   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

" ... very important that you consider the educational alternatives open to you," Mrs. Carmody said. She was the Girl's Counselor and was droning on and on. "This is when you set your course in life. The choices you make will govern your life for the next 30 years."

Devlin McCabe listened with half an ear. She'd already heard that her Sophomore year. That was when she got to choose two electives. Now that she was a Junior half of her classes were electives. She'd already filled out the form and marked College Prep, and marked all of the Prep courses. But that wasn't enough for Mrs. Carmody. She still had to give everyone a lecture.

The meeting finally dragged to an end. Devlin heaved a sigh of relief, got her things and headed for the bus. Sabrina, a girl who lived just a couple of blocks from her, made a face. "That's an hour I'd like to have back. My course is already set."

"Oh? I didn't know you could make a living lounging around naked in the sun."

Sabrina, who was a nudist, laughed. "No, I'm going to take resort and hotel management. Later I'll run the place. I can be employed and naked, both."

"I'll take business courses," Devlin said. "I want a degree. That'll keep me out of the secretary's pool."

"Good luck." Sabrina glanced at one of the girls wearing a long, dark blue dress and a long-sleeved blouse buttoned up to her neck. "Some people seem destined for the secretary's pool."

"Yeah, their church insists." She shook her head. "That is so inappropriate for May."

"As if they'd know. I think they're supposed to suffer or something."

"Or something."

They rode back to Toluca in silence. Devlin fixed her mother's lunch and saw her off. Then she went over to Sue and Danny's to help with dinner. After doing her homework, she went upstairs with Danny and undressed.

"We're not going to Tim and Emma's on Friday night," Danny said.

"Oh?" Devlin wasn't paying too much attention. She had his hard cock in his hand, and was alternately stroking and licking it.

"They're remodeling. We're going to a different place instead, Janet and Frank's..." Typical of everyone in the swinging community, he used only their first names. Privacy wasn't just treasured, it was paramount.

"That's good." She could taste his pre-come fluid. He was about ready for what she really wanted. Guys, she'd learned in the past two years, really liked blow-jobs, probably as much as she liked a guy going down on her, and for much the same reason. But she liked giving them, only up to a point. When they were nice and hard she preferred their cocks someplace else a lot more fun.

"Are we leaving at the same time?"

"Same as always ... oh, do that again."

She shook her head, tossing her long dark hair back out of the way, and then teased the rough skin just under the crown of his cock, just tickling it with the tip of her tongue while her hand squeezed his balls.

"One thing," Danny said after a few seconds. "Janet and Frank have a pool, and we'll be socializing around that before we get going. The whole party will be outdoors."

That got through. "What kind of a reception?"

"Sexy. So dress as sexy or slutty as you can."

She nodded. Then she swung her leg over Danny's hip and lowered herself until she felt the head of his cock against her sex. She moved back and forth, getting him lubricated, but letting her feel his hardness. This was going to feel so good.

She impaled herself, slowly, exquisitely. "That's so good," she murmured as she slid down. She'd been having sex for more than two years, ever since she was 13, and it felt better every time.

"Ready?" he asked when she stopped moving.

"In a minute." She loved how a cock felt when it slid in, opening her, touching every raw nerve. She felt so womanly. She was doing something girls didn't, but women did. And when he was all the way in, there was nothing liked the stuffed feeling she got. All of that empty space down there was filled, nearly to the bursting point, and the slightest move rubbed the insides of her channel.

After a minute she began to move, riding up and down on his hardness. She liked to lean back, pressing the head of his cock against the front her channel. Danny grabbed her hips, pulling her down, and helping by pushing her up. Devlin clutched her breast; holding them at times like this was almost a necessity, and not because they were so big. It was times like this that made her appreciate how big her boobs had gotten. There was so much to hold, and all of that soft flesh seemed especially sensitive.

They moved steadily until she felt her own excitement start to rise. Every stroke seemed to make her hotter. She could hear the soft grunt from Danny as she came down on his hips, and the liquid sound of his hardness sliding inside her. She gave herself to it, focusing on the feelings as they grew and grew.

"I'm gonna come," she got out. "Come on, make me come!"

Danny replaced her hands with his, squeezing her, bucking up hard as she came down. All thought went away, replaced by her rising need and the urge to let go. She leaned back ... that touched something, and she involuntarily arched her back, her mouth open as she moaned. It was all too much. She hung there for an eternity, right on the edge, and then one last clever thrust, one last squeeze, and she was throbbing through her completion, wave after wave stretching her out, filling her body as the winds of passion swept her away.

She relaxed finally, fighting for breath. Danny grabbed her hips and rolled them over. Amazingly he stayed inside her. Then he started thrusting, hard.

She drew her legs up until her knees were practically even with his chest. There were times she could come again within seconds, and this evening was one of them. She squealed with delight as the bed shook, the slap-slap-slap of their bodies filled the room, and he sent her soaring over the top again.

This time he was with her, his body jerking slightly as he pumped his essence into her. But finally it was his turn to slump, to fight for breath, to grin at her as she, too, relaxed.

"You don't know it," she said when they'd both caught their breath but before he rolled away, "but you just gave me a valuable lesson."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"That there are rewards for finishing my math homework. I did, and you made me come twice."

He laughed, stirring his cock inside her. Reluctantly he pulled back, his cock slithering out of her and hanging down, looking red, wet, and forlorn. "I suppose your teachers told you there were rewards for mastering math, and see? They were right."

"I wouldn't say I've mastered it, just gotten through the homework."

"Which is nearly the same thing." He dropped beside her on the bed and drew her against him.

She snuggled against him. Only now did she start thinking about what he'd said. Dress up sexy or even slutty. She'd have to think about it, but she was sure she could come up with something.

She thought about it the next day in school. Just how did you go about dressing sexy? Well, the obvious answer was something low-cut to show off her boobs. They were a hefty C cup, and that would certainly give the right idea. And something short, a super miniskirt. If it was small enough, it could even be slutty, whatever that was. She knew the girls around her would have some ideas, but she couldn't tell them where she was going, or why. Still...

"I found an old skirt I used to wear," she said in gym while undressing to take a shower. "I held it up against me and I can't believe I wore something that short."

"When did you wear it last?" Roxanne asked. She was a willowy redhead with great legs who liked to wear skirts that showed them off.

"I was in seventh grade." Devlin drew a line most of the way up her thighs. "The hem came to here on me."

"You wore something like that?!" Roxanne, like most of the other girls in school, thought Devlin was modest and conservative in her clothes. They knew she hardly ever dated, and that contributed to it.

"Well, I was nearly a foot shorter, and..."

Roxanne smiled. "That explains it. I bet everything's grown since then." She stared pointedly at Devlin's bosom.

Devlin nodded. "Yeah, everything has, especially here. It just made me think of all the money I spent on clothes that I can't fit into now."

"Boy, that's the truth," Roxanne said. "When I was 13 I really worked to get my mother to buy me this one dress. I got to wear it once, and then I hit a growth spurt. Never could wear that thing, no matter how much I liked it."

"Yeah, nearly the same thing with that miniskirt. I really loved it, but after a bit it was too short. Plus I couldn't get it over my hips. I also found a training bra from the same time."

"Girl," Roxanne laughed, "I'd say that in your case all of that training paid off."

Devlin glanced down at her chest. "Yeah, kind of."

That gave her something to think about. When she got home she rooted around in her old clothes. Nothing fit. But she did have a black miniskirt that she thought she could alter. She spent part of the evening doing that. Sue came rolling into the bedroom while Devlin was trying it on.

"Needs shortening," Sue said at once.

"I'm not sure I could wear anything shorter."

"A miniskirt like that is like sexy lingerie. You only wear it for a short time. If it does its job, you'll be out of it in a few minutes."

Devlin shrugged. "Okay, if you say so."

Sue had her take off two more inches. Devlin felt really uneasy when she saw herself in the mirror. "You can practically see my panties!"

"Good point. Take them off."


"People are going to see you naked anyway, so what's the big deal"

"But you ... I mean panties are ... You have to wear them with a skirt."

"Not necessarily. There are times you don't. After all, you don't want to show any visible panty lines."

"Um." Devlin knew that in theory, but the times she'd worn something that would ordinarily show under a skirt or dress, she'd worn pantyhose instead. She didn't like it, they were always catching or clinging where she didn't want it, but they gave her a sleek line. But to leave her panties off without pantyhose to cover her?

"Think of it this way," Sue said in a practical tone of voice. "What's one of the reasons you're told to wear panties: if you fall, people will see everything. Right?" Devlin nodded. "Well, they're already going to see everything, and I'm willing to bet most of them have seen that part of you. So what's the big deal?"

"But I have to get there. And..."

"You'll wear a different skirt over it," Sue said. "Now let's see your top. You won't be wearing a bra, of course."

"Of course," Devlin said in a small voice. Before the accident that had left her paralyzed from the waist down, Sue had attended dozens of parties like this with Danny. She should know these things.

On Friday she wore a skirt, and deliberately took her panties off after gym. It felt like the slightest breeze blew up her legs, and she felt cool and wet down there while also feeling all hot and sexy. She looked at the other kids in the hall and thought how shocked they would be if they could see between her legs. The girls would all get jealous, and the boys would all get erections. She pictured that, and wondered if things would turn into a giant orgy.

Probably not, she concluded. Everyone would just be shocked and stare. Nobody would do anything with those nice hard cocks, which was a pity. For all the reputation boys had among the girls at school, she somehow suspected they'd be hesitant, as would most of the girls. Sex was the big unknown, and as much as some of the kids might want it, they would be cautious when it was right out there, available for anyone.

She spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about the party. Being sexy, being slutty, that sounded intriguing. It was a far cry from the persona she presented the world, and she was curious to see how the other women who'd attend would pull it off. She'd never tried dressing provocatively. With her figure she seemed to achieve that with ordinary clothes. She attracted stares just walking down the hall, and there she was covered. What was she going to achieve when dressed to play up her body?

When she got home her mother was looking a bit frazzled. "I may be a little late," she said. "We have some HR nonsense we have to go through, and they scheduled it right after the shift is over. It shouldn't take long, though."

Devlin nodded. "They've been having a lot of those, haven't they."

"Someone got their nose out of joint, and now we all have to take sexual harassment training."

"At least you'll know how to harass someone."

"That's one way to look at it." Her mother gave her a hug and a kiss. "See you when I get home."

Devlin saw her mother off, then collected her things and went over to Danny and Sue's. She found Sue working on something. "What's that?"

"Your new top. I didn't like what you had, and thought something else would be better."

"What's the difference?"

Sue handed it to her. "Try it on."

Devlin had to fumble with it before she finally managed to get the top somewhat around her.

"Oh, come here," Sue said. "You've got it on wrong." She tugged and pulled. "It covers the upper part of your breasts, and should come down to your nipples. And with the deep plunge in front..."

"It certainly doesn't cover much."

"That's the idea. I changed your skirt, too." She handed Devlin the garment.

"No spandex?"

Sue shuddered. "Awful stuff, and it can't really be tailored easily. This is more of a flip skirt. When you bend over it'll show a lot more."

"I still can't get used to that." Devlin tried it on. "I see what you mean. I guess, in a technical sense, I'm covered." The only way to get anything covered was to wear the waist practically at the top of the crack of her ass. That left the hem of the skirt just at the top of her thighs in front, and more or less covering the curve of her butt in back, less being the critical word. "It feels ... funny."

"That's because you're used to feeling clothes cover you."

"I guess."

"Now all we need are either boots, or some super high heels. What's the tallest heel you've ever worn?"

"Um, maybe 3" or so. My feet hurt for hours afterward."

"Okay, I've got some 5" heels. The shoes are real 'fuck me' types, and they'll look just trashy enough that you can pull this off. Don't worry about them hurting, you'll be out of them in no time."

"why are you doing this?" Devlin asked. "I've been wondering."

"Because I can't." She tapped the wheelchair. "I used to do things like this, and now, through you, it's like I'm doing it all over again."

"You'll walk again, Sue. I know you will."

"Maybe. The doctors give me about a 10% chance of that happening. Now you did get a bag to carry."

"Yeah, I had a small one from when I was a lot younger. It's tacky, but..." She held out the hand bag that was just large enough to hold a small wallet.

"Perfect. Of course the only thing you carry in something like that is a key to give to a guy, and some condoms."

"We don't use condoms at Emma's."

"Yeah, Danny told me. He has trouble performing when he's wearing one."

"Yeah, I know. That first time he lasted and lasted, and still didn't pop." She giggled. "I got off, so I didn't mind, but it had to be hard for him."

Sue giggled with her. "Yeah, hard in more ways than one. What did you do? He never said."

"I finally jacked him off. The next time he didn't wear one, and were both happier."

"A lot of swinging groups require condoms."

"Emma insists we get regular checks, and let her know. Fortunately the school has an STD testing program, and most girls use it. I fax the results to a number Emma gave me." She turned, looking at her reflection in the mirror. "Frankly, I think I prefer it bareback."

"When I first started having sex that was all I had."

"Same here. Butch could get condoms for practically free, and we sure went through a lot of them."

She remembered one epic Saturday afternoon. They only place they could find the necessary privacy had been in a corner of her backyard. She'd gotten sunburned in a couple of places that didn't ordinarily get any sunlight, but they'd used five condoms! At the end she was too sore to do anything, and his cock wouldn't come up no matter how much either of them tried. She hadn't realized guys could come so much.

In more than a year of parties at Emma's she hadn't found a guy who could match Butch's efforts that day. There'd been a number of regular evenings when Danny had come three times, not at a party but at their regular time every night. She thought he'd done four times once or twice at Emma's, but she wasn't sure. By common consent they didn't talk too much about what they'd done while driving home.

Satisfied with what she was seeing in the mirror, Devlin put her regular clothes on over the outfit, a decently-lengthed skirt and a modest blouse. It was pretty warm, and by rights she should wear shorts, but she wanted something that she could wear after the party, and experience had taught her that on a good night she would end up sore enough between the legs that a skirt would be welcome.

Danny had chosen a tight pair of slacks and a white shirt that he left unbuttoned down to the waist. For the trip to the new party location, he kept things buttoned up and ran the air conditioning in the car.

Devlin hadn't asked where the new party location was, but when she recognized the landmarks she began to laugh. "We're driving right past my high school."

"I thought so." He made the turn right across the street, drove a couple of hundred yards, and pulled into an extended driveway that was hidden by trees from the people driving past. "We're here."

Devlin was still laughing. She craned her head. Without any effort at all she could see her high school, and could even make out the window of her home room. "I didn't know they were partiers."

"It's not something people advertise. I don't, and I know you don't, either."

"I saw someone admit it on TV," she said. "People asked the woman how she could do it. Didn't she have any self-respect?"

"And what did she say?"

"That it was fun, she wasn't going to get pregnant of a disease, so why not?" She laughed. "That set everyone off. I don't watch much daytime TV now."

"I don't blame you. C'mon, let's get up to the house and change."

Everyone was dressed to show off as much skin as possible. Devlin caught the mood, and made sure to bend over to get things, not squat down like would normally be proper. More than a few hands ran up her legs. That seemed so naughty she wanted more of it. One of the things she really liked at these parties was how all of the rules went out the window. Casually grope someone? Check. Look up someone's skirt? Check. Stare at someone who had her legs wide apart? Check.

There was a bar set up on the patio, with wine at one end and non-alcoholic drinks at the other. Devlin poured herself some 7-Up from a can she opened—she'd heard too many stories about spiked drinks—and had a seat at one of the tables. If this was one of the southern states, not Illinois, she still couldn't drink, but at 15, almost 16, she would be old enough to legally have sex.

"You do know that a proper young lady crosses her legs when she sits down," Danny said. Devlin had deliberately chosen to sit like a guy, with her legs open.

"What's the point of that? Especially around here." She gestured at the patio where other women were showing off their 'womanly charms'. "I don't think anyone here could be classified as a 'lady'."

He laughed. "Point taken."

It was wrong to look up someone's skirt, but when she saw Emma pulling her hem back to her hips, she forgot about it. After all, the whole idea was to get the attention of a guy, and get laid. And if that meant showing things you normally kept hidden, well, so what?

After a bit she got up and wandered around. The heels were impossible on the grass. There was a walkway to a gate leading to the front yard, and she stood behind the gate craning to see over it. She could see her high school, and from the lights there was something going on there. Some of her friends were probably there, and she wondered what they'd think if they could see her dressed like this. They'd probably never believe it. She had a reputation, carefully cultivated, of being modest and demure. This outfit would blow that perception out of the water.

"Interesting view?" a man asked, and put his hand on her bottom. That was something else that was a no-no, but here the rules were different. She turned, smiling at the guy.

"I like to look at the sky."

"I like to look, too." He rubbed his finger into her slit. "And I'm liking what I'm seeing."

"Good. I'd hate to think this skirt didn't do its job." She nodded at the school. "I wonder what's going on over there."

"Probably some big sporting event."

"Not like the 'sporting' around here."

He laughed. "Have you had much of a chance to explore the place?"

"I was just getting started. I saw the pool. That looks interesting."

"There's a lot more than just the pool. Let me show you around."

She got a tour of the backyard. Apparently it wasn't just an open area, but was divided into small little enclaves. Some were already in use by people who were getting to know each other intimately. In the end they returned to the pool. By then his hand had slid up to her waist, and then back down to her bottom, and then under her skirt. She pressed against him, encouraging him.

"Have you ever done it on a diving board?"

"A diving board?" Devlin wrinkled her nose. "Isn't it, you know, kind of rough so you don't slip and fall off?"

"They put a cover over the board," the guy said. "C'mon, it'll be fun."

"I'd be afraid that I'd fall off," she said.

"Don't be. Of course when we're done you can fall off. It's great for cooling down, you just roll to one side, and that's it."

"You're sure your knees will be okay."

He grinned. "Yeah, they will."

Devlin shrugged. She was attracted to the guy, partly because of his earnestness, and partly because of his looks. He was just a little taller than her 5"6', and muscular without being a beefcake. His dark hair had been cut back in a crew cut, and he had an impish smile that just fit her mood at these parties. As they undressed she checked: he was pretty well-built down below, too. In seconds she had her hand wrapped around a nice thick cock.

He insisted that her head be toward the ladder. When she stepped on the board she understood; with all of the bouncing up and down her head could bang against the board. The diving board bounced up and down when he got between her legs. She had this momentary picture of it throwing them off in mid-stroke. Of course then she'd get to do it in a pool, something she was going to make sure she did before the night was over. But she'd hate to be interrupted.

Her worries slid away when he slid his cock into her. There was nothing that felt like that, or felt as good, as a guy opening her up. She caught her breath, staring upwards at his face while he worked his way deeper into her. Guys always got this funny look on their face, at least it was funny to her, when they did so. This guy was no different.

He had his knees between hers, and his hands on either side of her neck. She wrapped her legs around him, hooking her ankles over his butt. She couldn't do that with a lot of guys, but whatever his name was, he was trim enough it was possible. Then, as he thrust, she tugged.

"Much better," he said. He grinned and kissed her.

She kissed him back. There was something about kissing a guy when he was inside her that just made her head spin. It was as if this was a complete and total kiss. Her whole body was his, and he was agreeing.

They began to move, and the board moved with them, up and down, not quite in the rhythm of his thrusts. When they caught it right, he seemed to slide all the way through her. She gasped her pleasure when that happened.

"God, you are so tight!"

"That's because you are so big." He wasn't, he was average, but it always seemed to turn a guy on when you told him how big his cock was.

He sped up a little at that. Devlin craned her head, trying to see between her legs. She couldn't see her entrance, but she could see his cock when he pulled back to make another thrust. It looked bigger, and thicker, and she could just imagine what it had to look like.

She grinned at that. She didn't have to imagine anything at all. If she just looked around the pool she'd see all sorts of hard cocks sliding into willing women. That was half the fun of these parties. But right now she could see the root of his cock, and the dark, wiry nest of hair from which it sprang. That was enough.

He slid across a nerve, and she gasped. "Again," she whispered fiercely. "Harder!"

He grinned and hunched a little. That made her feel as if he was stretching her out. Nerves he'd somehow missed were caressed by his cock. She loved the feel of him sliding in her, especially when it made those nerves quiver.

Her breasts were wobbling back and forth, and she gripped them. She pinched her nipples, sending fiery little jolts all through her. This was going to be a good one. She could feel the tension, and the congestion. All of that feeling was building up, and the only way out was being deliciously and repeatedly plugged.

"Going to come," he muttered through gritted teeth.

Devlin began squeezing him with her tummy muscles. That made him feel even bigger, "I'm right with you," she got out.

The board was bouncing up and down now, threatening to throw them off. He timed his thrusts so he was reaching the end of his thrust just after the bottom of the bounce. That made him feel harder and deeper, and sent her spiraling up that hope slope.

He sped way up, arching his back as he drove into her. She tried to hold back, to milk him just a little longer, but when he suddenly paused, she lost it. She went over the top in a wild burst of feeling, crying out her pleasure and completion.

She shuddered through her release, her insides trying to milk his cock for every drop it could. Finally, spent, she relaxed. He did, too, and they stared at each other, grinning.

Coming always left her charged up, just as it left whatever guy she was with tired and wrung out. They traded kisses, and she stroked his body, trying to memorize the strength and muscles of the man who had just pleased her.

"That was good," he said thickly. "God, you are good. Where'd you learn to fuck like that?"

"It's a natural talent." Well, that, and years of dance classes when I was younger."

He chuckled, and it stirred his now-softening cock. "It felt like you were going to squeeze my cock until it fell off."

"I doubt that. Your cock is too big for me to get a real good squeeze."

"Now you're just trying to flatter me."

"Well, a girl's got to try, especially if she wants the guy to go again."

"I would, but I'd have to take it out first."

She smiled. "Don't you dare! It's perfect right where it is."

He shook his head. "It'd be perfect if it was hard."

"Well ... true. But in the meantime it's what we have."

He kissed her. This was a tender kiss, soft, gentle, and set her head spinning. She loved kissing a guy after a climax. It was as if all of their defenses were down. They could be open with each other, which was another reason she liked coming to these parties.

About then he shifted his position and his cock came out of her. "I hate it when that happens."

"Me too," he said. "But now that it's happened, shall we clean up a little?"

He rolled them off the board. Devlin had a moment of warning, enough to catch a breath before she landed in the water. She pushed free and swam over to the side of the pool.

"Here, let me help you," he murmured in her ear.

She felt his hand on her bottom, and then it slid between her legs. He slid a finger into her, like the finger douche one of the other women had shown her. It wasn't a total clean-up, that would have to wait until later when it was time to go home.

"That'd feel even better with something else in there," she said.

"Give it time. How about this?" He added a second finger.

Devlin quaked a little. He was right, that was better. She stood it for a bit longer, then pushed herself out of the pool. He followed, and joined her for a brief towel-down. Then she spread the towel on the grass and pulled him down next to her.

He lasted a lot longer. Being a girl, she didn't have that worry. And, as always, straight sex got her would up. One of the women had told her that, on average, just a little over one woman in three got off from screwing. The ratio was higher among the women who attended these parties. Judging from the moans and cries, it was probably closer to 100%. That made sense. You had to really like it in order to do it this often.

Eventually he came, and Devlin left him half-asleep on the towel. She rinsed off by wading in the pool, and went looking for another adventure.

By now the party had begun to look like one at Emma's. People paired off and had sex. The difference was that most of the people were outside. There were some things different, of course. Devlin saw eight women lining the side of the pool while eight guys ate them. Another couple was trying the diving board, and on the grass there were at least a dozen couples getting grass stains on their backs, their bottoms, and their knees.

Somehow she got involved with a guy who wanted a hand-job. She casually jacked him, playing with his balls with the other. She stopped from time to time to suck the head of his cock, but mostly she just wanted to get him off with her hand. She could hear crowd noise from the high school, the breeze was from that direction and the sound carried well, and she imagined one or two of the girls she knew were probably doing the same thing with their boyfriends.

"Gonna come," the guy said.

Devlin leaned forward and aimed his cock at her breasts. He came in long, ropy jets of white. It was warm on her skin, dripping off her breasts to land on her thighs. She rubbed him through the mess he'd left, savoring the feel of his hardness against her softness. That was something she knew she'd never get tired of.

Another man wanted to be sucked off. Devlin obliged him, though she preferred to take a man's hardness in her sex, not her mouth. But he'd promised to eat her afterward, and so she sucked and stroked.

While she was doing that someone pushed something buzzing against the inside of her thighs. She automatically opened her legs to give them more access. She'd have preferred a cock, but this would do quite well as a substitute.

The man came, and after the first couple of spurts she let him finish against her face and breasts. This was more oral sex than she normally got involved with, which at least made this party different. But after he sagged away, she just had to see who it was who was pressing this little buzzer against her clit. She was a little surprised when she saw it was a woman.

"I ... I normally don't..."

"Neither do I," the woman said. "Now don't worry, I'm not really into girls. I just thought you needed some help."

Devlin tried to relax. The woman was true to her word. She didn't caress Devlin's body, or touch her in any way other than to run the little buzzer back and forth across the foreskin of Devlin's clit. Devlin found herself moving, shifting from side to side to sharpen the sensation. The vibration went right through her, and she finally lay back, staring up at the sky. She was clutching her breasts and moaning at the sensations.

When she finally came, and it was a curling up, legs together, pulling in on herself type of climax. She moaned and gasped through it, and just wanted to drift afterward. She felt absolutely wrung out. All of the tension she'd had earlier in the evening was gone.

After a bit she stirred. It only seemed fair that she return the favor. "What me to do you?" she asked the woman.

"Jessica," the woman said. "I think we're close enough now."

' "I'm Devlin."

"You're Danny's partner. I was with him a little while ago, and that was fun."

Devlin nodded. "Someone introduced himself to me earlier tonight, but only after we'd done it."

"That would have been my husband. If he thought the sex was great, that's what he does."

"Well I thought it was pretty good, too. But I didn't tell him, men get such swelled heads when it comes to things like that."

Jessica laughed. "Boy, do they. When I got pregnant he kept patting his crotch, saying 'Well done'."

Devlin laughed. "Let's see. He was busy for just a few minutes, and you're busy for nine months."

"Longer, actually. There are some obstetricians who think it takes at least nine months after you give birth before you're back to 'normal', like you were before you got pregnant."

"Really? I don't think I ever read that."

"Most of the changes occur in the first couple of weeks, but if you nurse, it's different. Your body gears up for that, and, well..." She shrugged. "The female body is designed to spit out a child and nurture it, and it keeps trying to do that. I got my tubes tied after our third, but I still have my period and mood swings. And bloating, and water retention, and..."

"All the joys of being a woman." She looked at the little buzzer. "Now how does this thing work?"

"Ah." Jessica took it back. "It has an on-off switch here at the base, and then you just apply it where it'll do the most good. Your experience should help you with that."

"And if it doesn't, I take it you'll tell me."

"I'm just as vocal as you are."

Jessica lay down and opened her legs. Devlin eyed the woman's sex uneasily. She was very familiar with a man's anatomy, but a woman's? In gym she deliberately averted her eyes; it was rude to look, though looking at another girl's boobs, especially when she was in her bra, was generally okay.

Remembering what Jessica had done, Devlin turned it on and ran it up the inside of the woman's thighs. She tried just a light touch, not trying to press it hard like she'd seen in a video Danny had shown her.

After a trip up the other thigh, she studied Jessica's sex. There were the plump outer lips, and the slit separating them. She could see just the faintest hint of the inner lips. It was all crowned with a tuft of dark brown hair.

Devlin ran the buzzer up around the tuft, and then down between the outer lips. Jessica jerked a little when Devlin passed over the clit, so she stayed away from that, concentrating on the area just above it, and down between the lips.

"Ah, there," Jessica murmured. "There."

"Harder?" Devlin had continued using a light touch.

"Just a little."

She pressed a little more, gradually working closer to Jessica's clit. She knew from her own experience that you had to be careful touching that sensitive little nub, but the area around it was just fine. And when she did, Jessica pushed up with her hips.

"Yes! Yes! Uh-huh! There!"

She wondered if she should put a finger in the woman, and then decided she wasn't ready for that intimate a contact. It was all right for a guy to do that, because that was man-woman sex. She wasn't at all sure about woman-woman sex.

Jessica shifted again, and Devlin saw her clutch her breasts. At a previous party a man had asked her why she did that. "Because it feels good," she'd replied. She couldn't explain that there seemed to be a direct nerve from her breasts to her sex, and when she squeezed, she could feel it deep inside.

Devlin used her other hand to part where Jsssica's sex lips joined. That revealed the little ridge that was the foreskin that protected Jessica's clit. She'd heard some women talk about getting it removed so even their panties rubbed their clits. Others had a stud put in so the clit couldn't retreat under cover of the foreskin. Jessica hadn't done that.

Devlin was fascinated by what she was seeing. A woman's sex was a lot more complicated than she'd been taught in school, or what she'd learned by having sex with Danny every night of the week. And with the foreskin exposed, she ran the buzzer right down its length, and then under the clit itself.

"Oh God! Theretheretheretherethere!"

Devlin moved the buzzer around, getting under the clit, over it, and once or twice, actually on it. Jessica squeezed her breasts hard enough it looked like they'd burst, her legs drew together, and her head tossed back and forth.

Remembering something Danny had done, Devlin leaned a little closer and blew gently on the exposed skin. Jessica bucked. Another breath, and another buck. Devlin drew a deep breath and tried a long one. Jessica rose up, quivering. Devlin could smell her juices, and the woman's knuckles were turning whet from her effort.

She pressed the buzzer hard against Jessica's clit, moving it back and forth just a fraction. Jessica let out a wail, and when Devlin looked down she could see the woman's inner sex lips flexing and squeezing.

Knowing that too much stimulation could actually turn to pain, she move the buzzer up the foreskin, and then down onto the coral-hued sex lips. Jessica quivered several times, finally letting out a long gust of breath.

"God," she said, "that was fantastic!"

Devlin turned the buzzer off, and lay down next to the woman. She wasn't going to hold her, that would be too intimate, but she could let Jessica feel her warmth. That might be almost as good as a cuddle.

"That has got to be the hardest I've come in months," Jessica said. "Thank you."

"I always come harder when I do myself," Devlin said. "Though what you gave me came mighty close."

"Yeah, we don't have a cock filling up our channel and getting in the way of our vagina squeezing. Speaking of which..." She pushed back her hair and sat up. Her breasts looked red, and her nipples were sticking out far enough they would attract all sorts of attention, even here.

"What did you have in mind?"

"I need some dick. I suppose you do, too, Devlin. A climax is great, but there's something about a nice hard dick that can't be beat."

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