Brandy and Moonlight at the Company Christmas Party

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Science Fiction Sex Story: Sarah Paling thought she was alone in the world as a fully functional hermaphrodite. When a beautiful coworker discovers her secret and turns to blackmail, Sarah never suspected that this would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her! Who could have foreseen where they would end up or what precious gifts would be exchanged at the company Christmas Party!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Hermaphrodite   Science Fiction   First   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   .

Author's note: Although this story has been written as a 'stand alone' work, you may find parts of it to be quite strange if you haven't read "Teachers Lessons 02". My weird sci-fi imagination should in no way distract from the story! Merry Christmas!

Sarah Paling sat quietly at her workstation, and carefully soldered a connection. Still, as she worked, she listened to the talk around her.

"He thought buying me dinner entitled him to me as desert." Brandy laughed. "I'm not that cheap!"

"Sure you are girlfriend." Misty giggled. "Look at how you dress."

"Hey, I dress to impress. Is that a problem?" Sarah glanced over as Brandy sat up tall, her ample assets straining mightily at her sheer silk blouse. She quickly looked back at her own work as her coworker continued. "Besides, my price is non-negotiable. The wedding ring has to be on my finger before any guy can hope to get more then a hand job from me!"

"Behold the Virgin Ice Queen!" Misty announced in mocking cultured voice. "You better watch your step. Someday you're going to run up against someone that thinks no means yes!"

"I can take care of my self." Brandy snapped. "Besides, I gave him a rub-off through his pants, and he was so embarrassed when he jizzed himself, he dropped me right off at my house! I can handle guys!"

"What about oral?" Kathy chimed in. "Give a good BJ, and you can keep, um, a guy interested for ages!"

"Spit or swallow?" Brandy asked curiously.

Kathy was blushing when Sarah risked a quick glance. "Well, it just doesn't seem friendly to just spit it out after what you did to get it. Besides, protein is good for you."

Misty glared at her. "Like you only give oral. I happen to know that you screw like a bunny on EVERY date! One kiss on the nape of the neck, and you're on your back with your legs spread wide in three point two seconds!"

"I just can't help myself." Kathy giggled nervously. "Thank God for my diaphragm!"

"There is that." Misty allowed. "You would look adorable with a big belly though."

"Are you kidding me?" Brandy looked smug. "The only contraceptive I need is to keep my legs closed! No guy gets my cherry until I get a wedding ring on my finger! Then and only then will I let any man make me a mommy!"

Misty laughed. "Get real! Condoms and diaphragms have saved me from unplanned weight gain more times then I can remember!"

Sarah noticed that for some reason Kathy blushed at Misty's bold endorsement for barrier contraceptives. She felt her own face grow hot, among other things, and went back to her work. Brandy shook her head. "Why not go on the Pill, if you two are set on screwing around? It's much more effective after all!"

Misty rubbed the back of her neck in obvious embarrassment. "There are actually two reasons. First off, the pill doesn't seem to work on us, um, me. Second, I'm not dead set against having a baby. It sort of adds to the thrill just knowing that maybe the next time I screw, will be the time something leaks and a few sperm get through."

"That's how I feel!" Kathy blurted out. Sarah couldn't help noticing the looks Misty and Kathy exchanged after that. Maybe they both wanted to be the first to get their boyfriends to knock them up. It made Sarah feel warm just to think about her coworkers racing to see who would have a baby first!

"How do you feel about it, Sarah?" Misty asked hopefully. "You have opinions on everything from global warming to how Oprah never picks anything you want to read for her book club. We never hear from you on the really important issues though, like sex and babies."

Squirming in her seat, Sarah tried to come up with an answer. "W-Women look their, um, sexiest when they're pregnant!" she blurted out. "I, uh, I'm all for sex, babies, and blowjobs too!" Oh hell, she hadn't quite meant to say that! She clapped a hand over her mouth, trying to suppress a serious case of the giggles.

"Uh hem!" All four women looked up as their boss; Amanda Montgomery stepped into the room. "Ladies, please try and keep the talk at least rated PG 13 during office hours." She smiled. "I think all this frank talk sent Sarah into shock, poor thing. Sarah dear, I hope you aren't letting these loose women corrupt you."

Sarah looked up and managed to get herself under control. "It's okay. I, um, I found it very educational." She said with what was probably a dopey grin on her face.

"Still, this is a place of business." Amanda turned and gave Brandy her patented 'Boss' look. "Miss Cognac, what have I said about proper work attire?"

Brandy grinned sheepishly. "I know, but I did dress properly. The hem of my skirt is three inches below my knees!" She stood and did a slow twirl. Snow white blouse and navy skirt did look business like, if you ignored how sheer the blouse was, or that the snug clingy skirt didn't flare out at all as she spun. If it wasn't for the slit that ran daringly up her right leg nearly to her waist, she would have to hobble around the office like Morticia Addams.

"I'd call that proper for dancing all night at a club." Amanda sighed. "Please at least button a couple more buttons, and in the future, think about wearing something other then a black lace bra under so sheer a blouse. Just because there are no men here, it doesn't mean you dressing like a bimbo isn't a distraction."

"Yes ma'am!" Brandy muttered, while she buttoned two buttons. It covered her impressive cleavage, but seeing how the buttons strained against their load was every bit as titillating.

Amanda shook her head. "For goodness sake, just put on a lab coat. If you take a deep breath you'll pop a button and put out someone's eye!" With a sigh, she continued. "Must you keep wearing those hooker heels? You're a tall girl, you don't need any help. Besides, I keep getting complaints from maintenance about the dimples you're making on every hard wood floor in the building. Brandy, don't make me have to warn you again. Do you understand?"

"These aren't hooker heels." The statuesque blonde muttered while shrugging into a lab coat. In a typical Brandy maneuver, she picked one that was rather too tight over her impressive chest. These buttons too, were hardly up to the challenge. "Four inch heels are quite modest, I'll have you know!"


"Yes mommy!" Blue eyes opening wide, Brandy's face grew quite pink as Misty and Kathy giggled at her little matriarchal slip. "I mean, yes ma'am!"

Sarah gulped, and got shakily to her feet. Luckily nobody seemed to pay her the least bit of attention as she scooted self-consciously off to the lady's room. The five foot tall woman didn't even glance at herself in the mirror as she darted into an open stall. What was to see, after all? She kept her long red hair up in a rather severe bun, usually with a pencil or two stuck in it. Her glasses gave her a rather owlish look she actually thought would keep men from being interested in her. She didn't even use make-up. A light dusting of freckles was all that adorned her face.

The twenty-two year old woman didn't comprehend a simple fact of current society. The nerd girl look was in. Her glasses, hair style, and rather plain no-nonsense business attire had all the guys on the train she rode on her commute day-dreaming about the quiet little redhead who tried to so hard to hide her good looks and excellent figure under big glasses and frumpy clothes. She would be panic stricken if she knew just how many male fantasies she'd been starring in these past months since she started using public transportation. Sarah may be a virgin, but she knew one thing for sure. She had not the tiniest flicker of desire to be bedded by a man!

Sarah unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it. She carefully hung it on the hook on the stall door, to prevent unsightly wrinkles in the fabric. She primly hung her lab coat over it, before slowly pulling down her plain white granny-bloomers. Sarah sighed as the bane of her existence sprang up to slap at her tummy. "Oh God" she whimpered. "I'm harder then ever!"

The little redhead truly loved working in the Bio-Dynamic Industries Unit Sixteen lab with her four beautiful co-workers. That was the problem. She loved it too much! Engineer Amanda Willow, the woman who hired her, was terrific! In her mid sixties the woman still had a body a twenty-year old would be proud of. Her stunning beauty made Sarah think of her as a serious MILF! That coupled with her no nonsense leadership abilities, and her kind caring personality made her someone Sarah really looked up to. Usually while trying hard to fight down an erection, though. Sarah secretly thought that the way her boss kept her hair cut close to her skull, and the woman's lovely dark skin, made her look like an African Princess.

Kathy Peterson was just nice. The brunet always seemed to have a smile on her face. The twenty-five year old was always working out, and had a body that showed it. Kathy often complained that her butt was too big. Sarah didn't think so at all! That gorgeous round bottom had invaded her dreams on many nights! It secretly thrilled Sarah that Kathy was so worried about what people thought of her bottom. If only she had the nerve to say what she thought about that perfect hiney!

Misty Chu was simply beautiful. Delicate and petite, the thirty year-old was actually a couple inches shorter then Sarah. The little beauty had once confessed to being a bit annoyed at having only an "A" cup bust. On her, it was a plus! Sarah thought of Misty as her little China doll, and had guilty little fantasies where she imagined that Misty was a twelve year old school girl. She knew it probably was racist, but Sarah thought she'd just explode a huge load if she ever heard Misty say "Me love you long time."!

Brandy though, was Sarah's favorite! Six foot tall (at least!) athletic body, with long silky blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and those wondrous breasts, Brandy Cognac looked like she should wear a helmet with horns, and carry a shield and spear as she ushered warriors up to Valhalla! The twenty-five year old seemed to relish her rather odd name. "A little Brandy will warm you up, but too much will knock you on your ass!" her co-worker had said when they were introduced. That still made Sarah smile when she thought about it.

"Brandy's a virgin." She breathed as her hand slowly gripped her throbbing cock. "She, she doesn't use protection!" Standing in the stall, Sarah moaned as she started to stroke her hardness. "I could put a baby in her belly!" Sarah's eyes closed to slits as she replayed Brandy's little modeling twirl in her mind. If her top was any tighter, those glorious breasts would just burst free! Oh God, her legs were fantastic! The heels she wore really showed off the muscle tone! She hoped Brandy would just keep on ignoring proper business dress code!

Slipping her free hand under the rock hard cock, Sarah whimpered as she felt how truly wet her vagina had become. It just wasn't fair! Two sets of 'equipment' seemed to insure that she was horny all of the time! What kind of way to live was that for someone who never dared even once go on a date? All Sarah had was her hands, her mouth on those special, uh, flexible occasions, her imagination, and a truly stunning collection of pornography she had downloaded over the years.

"I shouldn't be doing this here." She breathed as her hand pumped faster. "I, I should wait until I get home! I could get caught!" That thought wasn't enough to deter her any more. Sarah felt like she would go insane if she didn't 'pop a load' right now! Her imagination took over. How hard would it be to tear open Brandy's blouse? How good would it feel to lodge her cock between those glorious breasts, and give the sexy blonde the titty-fuck of a lifetime?

Rising up on her toes in sensible shoes, Sarah began to pant as her hand went wild. Titty-fucking would just be the start! Why not just tear off that skirt and royally fuck the office tease? They could give each other their virginity! It would be beautiful! Sarah could plant her seed, and then proudly watch over the next nine months as Brandy's trim belly swelled with her child!

Hand trembling, Sarah stopped teasing her hot little pussy and reached for the toilet paper. "Oh no!" she gasped, knowing she had reached the point of no return. "No paper!" Trying to shuffle around before it was too late, Sarah ended up falling backward to sit hard on the potty seat. Still her hand kept on stroking. That was when the unthinkable happened. The stall door opened, and there was Brandy! The blonde was pointing an iPhone right at her!

"Don't!" Sarah squealed as her orgasm consumed her. Toes curling, muscles deep inside throbbed. "Don't look!" she cried as the first shimmering streamer of warm ejaculate spurt free!

"Oh shit, I was right!" Brandy laughed as she managed to dodge the gooey white fluid. "It was you who left cum on the toilet seat yesterday! You're a hermaphrodite! This is so damn hot!" She watched in awe as simply massive amounts of fluid erupted from Sarah's cock, and flew across the room. The first three volleys actually landed in the sink. The rest weren't so neat as they spattered on the floor.

Sarah couldn't stop herself. Even though Brandy was watching and recording, her hand just kept on pumping! She always produced massive loads, but this was surely a record! Over and over her body pulsed and throbbed. Hot streamers of semen just kept on coming as her ejaculation continued. She spattered the sink, and then went on to soil the floor tiles with her seemingly endless load! When it was finally over, she just sat on the toilet breathing raggedly.

"This is priceless!" Brandy announced happily as she lowered the iPhone. I got it all!" her blue eyes flashed. "I wonder how long it will stay on Youtube before someone flags it as pornographic."

Sarah shuddered. "You can't! Brandy, please delete it! Nobody can know about this!"

The blonde gave her an appraising look. "I won't post it just yet, Sarah dear." She said in a conversational tone. "I may not post it at all. That all depends on you."

The redhead yanked up her underwear with shaking hands. "What do you want me to do?" she cried, while trying to hide her still rather hard cock.

"Everything!" Brandy said with a wicked grin. "Right now you better clean up this mess. You really hosed the place down!"

"Oh my gosh!" Sarah muttered as she cleaned up the last of her issue with fists full of paper towels. "What am I going to do?" It was times like this that she really missed her dear departed mother. She needed advice that only another hermaphrodite could give, and since mom had passed away, she was quite possibly the only one on Earth!

Maybe she could reveal her true self to Amanda. That would surely defuse anything Brandy may have in mind. No, that wasn't a good idea. When Amanda Montgomery swept into her life just a week after mom had died, the older woman had treated her almost like a daughter. She couldn't jeopardize that by announcing she was a freak! Besides, she'd surely be fired! Nobody talked about it, but Dr. Helen Conner, Bio-Dynamic Industries president and owner, seemed to hate men. Somehow BDI had managed to hide from the world at large that no men were on the payroll. That was a serious fringe benefit for Sarah. She shared Dr. Conner's opinion on men! She had no interest in them at all. It was heavenly being surrounded by only beautiful women every day as she worked. If it was discovered that she had a stupid cock, she'd surely be fired! Were else would she be able to work in an all women environment?

With a sigh, she headed back to the mail room. "Oh, here she is." Brandy said cheerfully. "Go ahead Sarah. Tell Amanda how you agreed to forgo your vacation time so I could have an extra week off for the holidays."

Amanda looked puzzled. "This is still highly unusual. Sarah, are you really okay with this? You're giving up a week's paid vacation, and want Brandy to have it instead?"

Sarah's eyes opened wide. She had planned on spending Christmas in Washington DC, to visit the National Air and Space museum for her vacation! For some reason, Sarah had been infatuated with spaceflight since she was a child. She longed to actually see in person the space hardware she had read all about over the years. They even had a piece of moon rock visitors were allowed to touch! The trip was going to be a Christmas present to herself. Now it was all but ruined!

She and Brandy had both only worked for BDI for just over twelve months. They were only supposed to get one week off for vacation. It wasn't fair that she would get none, while Brandy had two! "I, um" Brandy gave her a piercing look. "Y-Yes, we talked it over. I, I don't mind."

"Well, alright" Amanda decided. "If that's really what you two want, I see no problem with it."

"Thanks boss, you're the greatest!" Brandy gave Sarah a knowing look. "Thank you too, Sarah dear. You're a real friend!"

As the days passed, Sarah discovered what the life of a blackmail victim was really like. Brandy never hit her, or called her nasty names, but the beautiful blonde was acting like a school yard bully, just the same. "Sarah dear, if you're heading to the cafeteria, could you get me a cup of coffee?"

"Sure Brandy!" The redhead jumped to her feet and scurried off. Of course when she got back, the pile of work at her station had mysteriously grown, while Brandy's had shrunk down to nearly northing at all.

Sarah usually ate alone, so she could read her ever present book, but that soon changed. At lunch, Brandy would sit right down next to her. "Oh, that looks good. What is it?"

"Pasta salad. I made it myself last night."

Brandy took the plate, and handed over her half eaten peanut butter and jelly. "Thanks, you're a doll!"

Later, on the way out to the parking lot. Brandy had stopped her. "Hey Sarah, I'm in a bind. I need your help."

"Um, what can I do?" she had asked with a sinking feeling deep inside.

"I'm meeting up with some friends, and I kind of overspent my budget this week. Could you give me twenty bucks?"

Give, not lend? The hermaphrodite shook her head. "I'm sorry, I can't! I only have a hundred dollar bill on me, and besides, I need that to buy a new chair for my computer desk at home."

"Really?" Brandy sighed. "I'd hate to think you were fibbing to me. Show me that bill, or I may have to do an upload on Youtube tonight."

"See, I wasn't lying!" Sarah pulled her wallet out of her bag, and showed it to her doubting co-worker. She was shocked when it was snatched from her hand.

"This will do great!" Brandy said with a laugh as she pulled the single bill out. "My friends will sure appreciate you buying us all the first couple rounds tonight!" She tossed the empty wallet over her shoulder as she walked away. "Thanks, Sarah, you're a doll!"

Tears of anger and shame filled her eyes, but there was nothing she could do! "Pay me back as soon as you can!" she called to the receding figure of the blackmailer, but that had been a waste of breath. Sarah knew she'd never see a dime of it ever again!

Then, the day before the office Christmas party, things grew much worse. Just before lunch, Sarah had to go to the supply room to get a spare #AB-619 condenser for the control circuitry she was working on. Nothing else they had could withstand the sheer power build up produced by the high energy storage system Amanda had designed. She nearly jumped out of her shoes when Brandy slipped in after her. "Oh, hi Brandy." She said dejectedly as she turned to grab the equipment she needed. "Um, yesterday was payday. Could, uh, could you pay me at least half of the hundred you owe me?"

The blonde laughed. "You're funny, Sarah dear. Don't be so modest about how generous you are. My friends thought it was very nice of you to buy us drinks."

No trip, and now she had to go a couple more weeks using a chair from her breakfast nook at her computer desk. Well, at least it was easy to clean the hard wood surface if she dribbled semen all over it. "Tell them it was my pleasure." She whispered meekly as she headed to the door.

Brandy stepped between her and the exit. "Don't go." She said with a grin. "I thought we could have some fun in here while everyone else is off at lunch."

Despite everything, Sarah felt hope rise in her heart, and her cock rise beneath her skirt. "Really?" she gasped staring at the beautiful blonde's gloriously ample cleavage. She put down the electronic components and moved to put her arms around Brandy. "I've always hoped this day would come!"

"Hey, hold on!" Brandy danced away. "Did you think I wanted to have sex with you? Hell no! I'm not going to waste my cherry on a little dick-girl freak! I just want to make another little video." She handed the coffee cup she had been holding to Sarah and took out her ever present iPhone. "Fill this up."

Felling her face grow warm, Sarah tried with all her might to will her growing erection down. That hadn't worked since she was ten years old! "W-What are you talking about?" she asked dumbly, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

"You heard me! Whip out that dick of yours, and whack off into that cup! You shot off so much last month; I'm just dying to see if you can fill it up!"

"No! I can't do that! How in the world could you expect me to willingly make another video?"

Brandy fiddled with the phone, and then held up the device so Sarah could see the screen. There she was, sitting on the toilet. The image was frozen as a long and glistening streamer of semen was exiting the swollen head of her cock. "Look how clear the picture is." Brandy bragged. "You can plainly see your face. Simply everyone working for Bio-Dynamic Industries will recognize you instantly. If you don't agree to shoot another video for me right now, I upload this one onto the company server, as well as my Youtube account!" She grinned wickedly. "Now get naked!"

Sarah had no choice! She placed the coffee cup on a shelf, and began to disrobe. "Please Brandy, let this be the end, okay?" she begged as she unbuttoned her blouse.

Brandy just laughed as she pointed the lens at her nervous coworker. "I already secured my domain name. ''! There are lots of weirdoes out there who will pay big money to see a real live hermaphrodite masturbating! If you don't want me to post your first video on a brand new pay site, you'll make more videos for me to use in my, um, private collection."

Her heart went cold, but her betraying cock surged even harder. "Surely you can't be serious!" she gasped as she nervously shrugged out of her bra. "Please Brandy, don't do this to me!"

"I'm very serious, and don't call me Shirley!" She fell silent as she stared at the topless woman with the now obvious tent in her skirt. "Come on now, take off the rest. You've gone this far, there's no turning back now! Tell me about yourself too. Describe your lovely body for me."

Lovely body? Brandy thought she was lovely, even with her cock? She was going to use the videos? Sarah knew all about "USING" porno videos and felt a shiver run through her at the thought of Brandy watching her. Blushing hotly, Sarah continued to undress before the camera. She didn't know what else she could do! "I, um, I'm a hermaphrodite." She stammered, as she stepped out of her skirt. "That means I have male genitalia as well as female." Her hands shook as she pulled down her chaste white underwear. "I, um, I'm five foot even. I, um, they're, I mean, I'm a 36C." She gulped. "36-24-36, to be exact." She said as her erect cock sprang into view.

Brandy giggled. "What a winning hand, you little brick house! Now tell me about that pretty cock of yours."

Crossing her arms over her breasts, Sarah continued nervously. "I, I have an eleven and seven eighth inch penis." She said huskily, unable to bring herself to admit that last troublesome eighth of an inch. "I measured it once. I produce live and very virile motile sperm, even though my testicles are located up inside of my abdomen." She closed her eyes and tried to steady her nerves. "From what I've read online, and seen in pornographic videos, I differ quite a bit from males. I, uh, produce much more, volume wise, and I, um, can 'do it' nine or ten times in a three hour span, although if I do it that much, I end up really tired and have to take the next day off from work so I can sleep in."

Brandy had a look of pure hunger in her eyes. "Oh fuck! Is that why you called out sick the day after I shot the video? You sat up all night whackin' off thinking about what you did!" she took a deep breath, her blouse straining under the added pressure. "Show me!" she ordered. "Waggle that staff! Polish that carrot! Spank the damn monkey!"

Trembling in embarrassment, Sarah grasped her erect cock and gave it a bit of a tug. "Brandy, you could, um, I mean, could you do it? You said you do hand jobs! Could you please give me one?"

"No way! I'm not going to encourage you like that!" she laughed. "If I even touch your cock, next thing I know, you'll be trying to use it on me to bust my cherry. Besides, you just said you make sperm! I'm not letting that one eyed snake anywhere near me, especially now! I'm almost exactly at the 'hot' part of my cycle! I'll probably ovulate tomorrow. I'm not letting even one of your nasty sperms anywhere near my body! You just get busy and shake the dew off of that lily, and I'll record all the action for, uh, later use!"

Blushing from head to toe, Sarah began to masturbate while her beautiful coworker watched and recorded. "Brandy please, could, um, could you at least unbutton your blouse?" she huffed as her hand stroked faster.

"Maybe next time." The busty blonde laughed. "If I do anything like that, it'll be while you're shackled to the bed or something. I don't want you so over stimulated that you jump my bones and steal my virginity!" she blushed. "I have to be careful, you know. I may not have the willpower to fight you off!"

Sarah bit her lower lip while she continued. This was exciting her, despite being treated like some kind of performing animal. She hated part of herself for not having the strength to either tell Brandy to go to Hell, or just grabbing the blonde and doing what she most wanted to do. "If, if I was tied up" she stammered "If I was tied up, and you were totally safe, could, could you then give me a hand job?"

Brandy giggled. "Only if you are a very good girl. Maybe after I have my wonderful two weeks of vacation, I'll give you a special treat. I'll handcuff you to my bed and let you have the honor of getting my very first titty fuck. I'll grease up my boobs, and go to town on that big ol' cock of yours!"

"Oh, oh my God!" Sarah gasped. Her cock between those massive breasts would be like heaven on Earth! Her free hand shaking, she snatched up the coffee cup and held it at the ready. "I'm cumming!" she announced needlessly as a thick gush of seminal fluid blasted from the swollen head of her cock. That first streamer hit the inside of the cup with enough force to slosh back up over the rim and run glisteningly down the side.

"Keep going!" Brandy ordered equally unneeded as Sarah rose up on her toes while wildly pumping her throbbing cock. "Fill that damn cup!"

The idea of titty fucking Brandy's wondrous assets put Sarah into overdrive! Panting and moaning, she stroked for all she was worth! Being recorded seemed to add to the moment. Masturbating alone had never been like this! When her soul shaking orgasm finally eased to an end, the coffee cup was heavy with her issue. Some had sloshed over to run down and drip all over the floor, but Sarah had done what she had been ordered to do. The pearly fluid was just a quarter inch below the rim of the extra large cup!

Brandy moved in for a close up. "Holy shit on a shingle!" she exclaimed when she saw just how much liquid was retained. "Now that's what I call impressive. Whenever I give a hand job, it's always spurt-spurt-spurt. Three good shots of cum, and then it's all over. How do you make so much? A guy is lucky if he can fill a spoon. You filled a freakin' twenty ounce cup! That's totally amazing!" she paused for a second. "Now drink it!"

"What? I can't drink it!" Sarah came very close to dropping the cup. "That's disgusting! There's no way I could ever drink a cup of my own cum!" It wasn't exactly a lie. At home she never used a cup. Her cock was long enough, and she was limber enough, that Sarah was an old pro at autofellatio. It was a great way to keep the sheets clean if she woke up (like she did every single day) with a case of morning wood. It also helped if she was running late and had to skip breakfast. It was like a home made protein energy drink to start the day off right with!

"Do it or I'll make Paris Hilton look like a prude when I post YOUR videos!"

"Don't record this part!" she begged as she raised the cup to her lips. The familiar musky scent made her nostrils flair. Brandy kept the iPhone's lens pointed right at her. "Please Brandy, don't ever post this part!" Slowly the cup reached her lips. Slower still, the cup tilted. Warm thick musky fluid passed between Sarah's lips as the semen flooded over her tongue to fill her mouth.

"Don't swallow yet!" Brandy said softly. "Prove it's in your mouth! Give me a show!"

Lowering the cup, Sarah formed a nice wide "O" with her lips. Blushing fiercely, she wiggled her tongue sloppily in the pool of ejaculate while Brandy practically shoved the camera into her open mouth. After taking a couple of seconds to gargle noisily with her issue, she hastily gulped if down. "Was that good?" she asked thickly as the fluid warmed her stomach.

"Oh shit, that was great!" Brandy sounded out of breath, and her own face was flushed after that delightfully obscene display. "Do the rest! Slop some on your face! Pour it in your hair!" she laughed at Sarah's wordless cry of dismay. "Okay, don't pour it in your hair. We'll save that for when I titty fuck you after my vacation. Now drink your spunk like a good little dick-girl! I want to see you swallow every drop you shot off!"

Stopping to gargle and blow little nasty bubbles with each sip, it took Sarah nearly ten minutes to finish drinking down the warm gooey fluid she had ejaculated into the cup.

For the rest of the day Sarah felt rather insecure and at loose ends. She had slopped quite a bit of the semen down herself and was sure everyone could smell it on her. That wasn't what had her feeling so nervous and exposed though. Brandy, bitch that she was, had stolen her underpants! The redhead felt like everyone could tell she was left swinging in the breeze under her skirt!

The next day was the company Christmas party, and Sarah was determined to enjoy herself. For the first time in her life, she felt like she had friends. Granted, she wanted to screw each and every woman working for BDI, but putting that urge aside, most of her fellow employees were so very nice to her. Even blackmailing Brandy didn't seem to be doing it out of malice. Sarah found the thought of the sexy blonde diddling her kitty to the videos she had filmed to be most stimulating!

Sarah walked into Unit Sixteen with a spring in her step and a Santa Claus hat on her head. It went so very well with the nineteen fifties vintage red velvet Anne Fogarty dress she had found on a recent thrift store jaunt. The fuzzy white trimmed hat matched the ruby red fabric perfectly! Not to mention her flame red hair, which for once she let hang loose over her shoulders.

Misty nearly dropped her glass of egg nog when she spotted her. "It's the Woman in Red. Sarah, you're gorgeous!"

Blushing prettily, the redhead gave a little twirl. Unlike Brandy with her tight skirt, the dress flared out very dramatically as she completed her turn. "Thank you Misty. I saw this dress, and just had to have it!" she smiled at her coworker. The dainty Asian was wearing a red silk dress, with a daring slit that left very little to the imagination. "You look simply lovely!"

Kathy actually clapped her hands. "Mrs. Claus, I've been a very good girl! I want some decorations for the tree from Tiffany's!"

"Okay, but you better really have been good." Sarah's heart gave a little flutter. The lanky brunet was wearing the exact same dress as Misty, only cut for her more grown up figure. "Uh, the dress looks very good on you, too."

"Sarah, didn't you know?" Misty went to Kathy, and slipped an arm around the taller woman's waist. "We're life partners, and if the stupid government would get its act together, we'll be married."

She was puzzled by the comments the two had made about fucking and contraceptives, but Sarah found she was genuinely happy for the two women. "I think that's wonderful!" she gushed. "Now that I'm sure, I can honestly say you guys make a beautiful couple." She grinned happily. "I think the contrast of height and skin tones between you is very sexy." She went on perhaps a bit too much. "I bet you two would look very exotic naked together." She clapped a hand over her mouth. "Please forget I said that! I think maybe I should go sink into the floor somewhere."

Misty only smiled kindly. "Why should we forget such a heartfelt complement? It's better then some of the nasty things we have heard."

Brandy, dressed in a micro-skirt and blouse that made her usual attire look chaste and innocent, took that moment to make a very dramatic little performance. "COUGH-COUGH-dykes-COUGH." She shook her head. "Oh, excuse me. I must have swallowed something wrong."

Sarah was shocked. Brandy's little excursion in blackmail was perhaps forgivable, but this blatant bigotry was inexcusable! She spun around to face the trashily dressed blonde, but felt a hand gently rest on her shoulder. "Let it go." Misty said softly. "Knowing most people are happy for us is all that matters."

"If you say so." Sarah sighed. She may have a dick, but she was ninety-nine percent female. Brandy was a hypocrite with how she openly drooled over her, yet mocked two people for being in love! "I wish you guys all the very best." She blushed again. "When you get married, be sure to invite me to the wedding!"

"You got it!" Kathy said with a warm smile. "You can be our flower girl, being how you're almost as tiny as my better half."

"I'll show you tiny!"

Amanda entered and tapped a long fingernail against the empty wine glass she held. The clear bell like tone caught everyone's attention. "I have good news! Dr. Conner has authorized me to reveal the end product of Unit Sixteen's research and development to our newcomers, Brandy and Sarah. Follow me, ladies. We are about to witness the fruit of our labors over the last year! It's time for a practical demonstration!"

Sarah stared at Amanda as she led the group down a corridor she had never entered before. The elegant woman wore what looked to be some kind of uniform. Supple and clinging, the shimmering silver fabric highlighted the woman's figure most excitingly, especially the hypnotic sway of her lovely bottom. The redhead felt a familiar stirring, and was glad she had used foresight and strapped her cock down with a custom ordered jockstrap to prevent a red velvet tent!

They entered a large chamber, and Sarah stared in awe. "I knew we were working on a very unusual control and power system, but this is more then I hoped for in my wildest dreams!"

Brandy looked around and gave a little sniff. "What are you going on about, Sarah dear? It's just the control console we helped build, installed over a corny light up disco floor."

Amanda stood behind the podium like structure supporting the unit they had all helped to make a reality. "Continue, Sarah. I'm very curious to hear what you have to say."

Blushing, the redhead took a deep breath. It helped that Misty and Kathy gave her such encouraging smiles. "Um, it looks like, what I mean is, simply from appearances, I've read about such things, and even seen them on the Sy-Fy channel." She took another breath, and gathered all her nerve. "It's a matter transporter! What's the range? Are we really going to try it out?"

Brandy snorted. "Jeeze, don't make an ass of yourself, Sarah! Do you think this is some kind of nerd-fest Trekky convention?"

Ignoring her, Sarah continued. "Amanda, I know I'm right!" She charged onto the glowing white surface of the 'disco dance floor' and trembled with excitement. "Do it! Activate! Engage! Make it so! Push a button!"

Amanda, Kathy and Misty all looked at each other and grinned. Misty started it, but soon all three were applauding. "Very good!" Amanda said with a grin. "I knew you would recognize the truth. You have inherited more then a bit of your mother's intuition and intellect."

Brandy mounted the platform, stiletto heels clicking as she joined Sarah. "Very funny!" she said mockingly. "I knew we were working on a high energy power and control system, but it isn't very nice to tease Sarah just because she's a nerd. Joke's over."

Misty and Kathy joined them. "Its better then teasing her about more personal and private things." The Asian said softly.

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about!" the blonde stated sharply.

Sarah didn't even notice the exchange. She was staring at Amanda as her boss manipulated the controls before joining them. "It's a very good joke" The lights flickered, and suddenly the four women were standing in a completely different room. "Don't you agree, Brandy?"

Sarah looked around in childlike wonder. "I knew it! I knew it!" she grinned. "Momma would have been thrilled over this!"

Brandy took a step, and moaned as she traveled a bit farther then expected. "What's wrong with me? I, I feel all weird and light! Where are we?"

Amanda laughed. "I bet Sarah would like to take a guess."

Sarah stood up on her toes, and gave a little bounce. She stuck a hand in one of the pockets at her hip, and took out her house key. Rising her hand high, she let the key drop. It fell quite a bit slower then expected. She thought a moment. "1.6 meters per second per second free fall rate, I'd guess." Her eyes opened wide in wondrous joy. "It's the moon! Oh my God, we're on the moon! This is some kind of lunar base!" Jumping for joy, she managed to bump her head on the ceiling. Far from being hurt, she laughed like a little girl as she settled to her feet. "This is the best day of my life!"

Brandy shook her head. "I, um, I knew that. Of course we're on the moon. Anyone can tell that!" She took another step, and nearly fell off of her heels. "Why are we here. That's what I'd like to know!"

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