by Jake Anderson

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Sex Story: My name is Jeremy, I'm 15 years old and I really like my friend Fiona. She prefers my friend Curtis. What happens when Fiona is rejected and needs someone to comfort her?

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Love. It's a funny thing isn't it? I mean, everyone wants it and it has the power to bring happiness into the life of even the most downtrodden among us. The flip side of the same coin is that loss of love has the power to plunge the happiest, most influential person deeply into despair.

I am an example of neither. I am an ordinary teenager and I've never been in love. At least not yet.

My name is Jeremy. I am 15 years old, almost 16, and live in Calgary with my mom. My dad died before I was born so it has always been just my mom and I. I am generally a happy teenager, which my mother is thankful for. I guess it is hard enough being the single mom of a teenager and I'm glad I don't cause her any excess grief.

I know she does worry about me sometimes. I have great grades, great friends, but I am a little shy around girls I don't know well. I have friends that are girls but that is different, most of them I have known for years. There is one exception though, one girl I met just this year. We have become great friends over the past few months but secretly I also have been developing serious crush on her. Her name is Fiona.

Anyway, it is early November and I am a few months into grade 11. After pounding the snooze button on my alarm repeatedly for a half hour or so I finally dragged myself out of bed. I stood up and stretched, rubbing my eyes absently as I stumbled towards the bathroom, just down the hall from my bedroom.

I blinked rapidly as I looked into the mirror at my sleepy face and tousled hair. I rapidly went through my morning routine and then wandered back into my room to throw on my clothes. I wore baggy jeans and my usual nerdy shirt. This one in particular was my U.S.S. Kelvin T-shirt from the newest Star Trek movie. Oh yes, I am a geek and proud of it.

I threw on my jacket, gloves, toque, scarf and boots before pulling my backpack on. Have I mentioned that I live in Calgary? Yeah. For the uninitiated that is a city in western Canada. And its winter. Not during one of our famous Chinooks either, this was a deep chill. -33 Celsius this morning. Wonderful.

I stepped out of the house and into the northern wind and felt the deep cold chill me immediately even through my layers. Nothing I could really do about it so I trudged on through the snow to the bus stop. I take the city transit bus to school every day. I live just far enough from my high school that it is too damn far to walk, especially in the winter.

After shivering in the cold for five minutes or so my bus pulled up and I eagerly jumped on, depositing my bus ticket in the box and getting a seat nearest the heater. As my hands thawed over the heater my thoughts turned to Fiona, further warming me. Today was a great day because I would spend the first 4 hours of it with her!

Soon, too soon if you ask me, it was time for me to get off the bus. I had been blissfully warm for a short time. Now I was frozen again, walking the final few blocks to school.

As I stepped into the school, just inside the door, my friend Curtis was waiting for me. I greeted him with a nod and a fist bump, our traditional greeting, I grinned and we headed to class in silence.

Curtis and I had Biology 30 first thing this morning. Biology 30 was actually a grade 12 class but students in grade 11 could take it early if they had Biology 20. We were 2 of 3 grade 11 students in Mr. Anderson's Bio 30 class.

The other grade 11 student in the class was the previously mentioned Fiona Grant. Fiona is gorgeous. Well, I find her gorgeous. She is pretty short, about 5'1" and has wavy black hair to her shoulder blades and blue eyes and ... well, I don't want to bore you with the rest of the details.

Anyway, when Curtis and I arrived in class Fiona was already there sitting at our table. The three of us taking Bio 30 early felt a need to stick together. We also just happened to be the top 3 students in the class.

I had a curious situation on my hands. Fiona has a thing for Curtis and he is completely oblivious. I have a thing for Fiona and she is completely oblivious, as far as I can tell. It was frustrating but I had said nothing about it to this point.

Even more awkward? Fiona and I have our spare together and all she talks about is Curtis; all I do is nod along and stare at her.

Back to the matter at hand. Today, predictably, we were talking about human reproduction in Bio. Mr. Anderson is an amazing teacher, one of the few teachers I have ever had who I truly enjoyed learning from. His success with his students was due to the fact that he wanted us to succeed, was hilarious, and was genuinely a nice guy.

Remember the hilarious part? Yeah well, Mr. Anderson pops in a video on the subject of the day. After the introduction, the TV screen shows a live-action camera of deep inside a woman's vagina as a man thrusts his penis inside. Mr. Anderson's eyes open about as wide as the front cover of our textbook. He sputters a bit before muttering, "I knew I should have watched this beforehand."

The whole class watched in hushed silence for a few minutes until the thrusting penis began spurting semen into the depths of vagina. Mr. Anderson just about passed out.

Nervous chuckles and giggles spread through the classroom but soon the class settled down and watch the rest of the film, the remainder being completely benign.

I glanced over at Fiona several times during the video and to my chagrin she was glancing at Curtis who was, as always, completely oblivious.

My next class was ... nothing. I had a double spare, with Fiona. Two hours of hanging out with a gorgeous girl, not a bad day in my books. Plus after our spare we had lunch, more time with Fiona although this time with other people around.

Fiona and I usually parted ways for a few minutes to go to our lockers and rid ourselves of heavy textbooks before meeting in a corner of the library.

After dumping most of my books into my locker, all except Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which I was currently reading, I headed upstairs. When I arrived in the remote corner of the library, Fiona was nowhere to be seen. I just shrugged it off and opened my book.

Just as Ron was storming off, I heard a girl crying. I looked up and saw Fiona with a tear-stained face and as my eyes met hers she broke down into another series of sobs. I jumped from my chair and wrapped her up in a friendly hug.

I drew back after her crying abated slightly, looked her in the eyes again and asked, "Fiona, what's wrong hun?"

"Curtis! Curtis ... he turned me down!

"Turned you down?"

"Well ... I was tired of waiting for him to ask me out so I finally got up the courage to ask HIM out ... and he rejected me!"

"What?! Well, what all did he say?"

Fiona hiccuped a few times before replying, "He ... he said that he only wants to be my friend. That he isn't attracted to me."

"He SAID that?! Holy fuck he is crazy."

Fiona giggled a little and looked at me with a sudden sparkle in her wet eyes. A coy grin slowly spread across her lips and she asked, "And what do you mean by that?"

"Well ... I uh ... I guess I mean that I am attracted to you," my voice fading as I grew nervous, finishing quietly, "very much."

Fiona's whole expression transformed. A predatory grin erupted on her face and the look that appeared in her eyes scared and excited me. She began walking towards me as I backed away from her, finally ending with me up against the wall. With an unreadable tone she asked quietly, "What do you find attractive about me Jeremy?"

I think I got that deer-in-the-headlights look on my face but I tried to keep my composure, such as it was.

I think now is a good time to resume my description of my friend Fiona. As I mentioned before she is short with long black hair and blue eyes. To put it mildly, I find her completely gorgeous. She has small breasts but they fit her frame perfectly and she always showed them off wonderfully in tight, revealing tops. She has a slender waist and, my favourite part, a perfect round ass that goes very well with her shapely legs.

And now I was backed up against a wall with her mere inches from me, regarding me in much the same manner that a lioness regards her prey. I had never before seen this look but her aggression mixed with the mischievous glint in her eye made me a little nervous and I gulped. Loudly.

"Well, everything I guess ... you are really beautiful Fiona."

"Thank you Jeremy," she replied with a smile, "But I want to know exactly what you like about me so I know you are telling the truth, that you really do find me attractive. So tell me Jeremy, what DO you like?"

Another gulp, louder this time.

"Well ... uh ... I think you have really nice breasts, they fit your frame perfectly. You have gorgeous hair, I love black hair. The colour of your eyes is amazing ... oh and your ass, your ass is easily the best I have ever seen! Oh and..."

Fiona chose that moment to pull me down and devour my mouth in a deep kiss. My eyes opened wide but, seeing as I was a teenage boy and all my dreams were being fulfilled, I decided to go with it. I returned the kiss hesitantly at first, then with more vigor.

Finally after almost a minute she broke the kiss and stepped back. Without missing a beat she grabbed my hand and pulled me into one of the viewing booths, pulling the door closed quietly after ensuring no one saw us enter.

The library had a few viewing booths where people could watch the library's collection of videos. They were hardly ever used.

Before I could really contemplate my situation, Fiona was pressed against me again and pulled my head back down for another kiss. Just moments into the intimate kiss I felt her tongue brush my lips, seeking entry. I eagerly drew her inside and we embraced like this, our tongues caressing and exploring, for several minutes.

When she broke the kiss, Fiona immediately dropped to her knees in front of me. Unknown to me, during the bliss of our embrace, she had unbuttoned my pants and now she was pulling them down to the floor along with my boxers. My cock sprang free and through the growing lusty fog in my brain I was able to ask, "Fiona ... what ... what is going on?"

She merely looked up at me with a sly grin and then pressed her finger to her lips. Before I could say another word she took the head of my rock hard penis into her mouth and began eagerly sucking.

Seeing as this was the first blowjob of my life, I was overcome with pleasure. Fiona was working my cock wonderfully, sucking up and down the length with her tongue caressing the underside of the head and her small hand grasping the base.

It took only a minute or so of this before a long groan sprang from my lips and my knees gave out. Pleasure flooded through my whole body and I sank to the ground, Fiona following me all the way while happily nursing my softening dick. Once she was satisfied she had all of my seed, she looked me in the eyes and swallowed visibly. A wide grin spread across her face and her eyes glowed with happiness.

This time I lunged at her and she began giggling before I cut it off with a deep kiss. Fiona was fulfilling my deepest fantasies and I was very grateful for it.

You may be wondering at this point what happened to the part of my brain that held my impulse control and worry over what this meant. Well ... truth is that it was beaten into submission by the beauty and aggression of the amazing girl I was holding in my arms.

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