It's Practically What Uncles Are for - Catherine's Epilogue

by WTSman

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Romantic Sex Story: An ever so slightly kinky addition to a romantic story. So what happened to Catherine, Hannah, George and Colin? This is a very special, personal epilogue for a favourite friend. She let me publish it for all to enjoy. You can read this story "stand-alone", but it will make much more sense if you read "It's Practically What Uncles Are For" first.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   First   Lactation   .

- an ever so slightly kinky addition to a romantic story by WTSman

So what happened to Catherine, Hannah, George and Colin? This is a very special, personal epilogue for a favourite friend. She let me publish it for all to enjoy. You can read this story "stand-alone", but it will make much more sense if you read "It's Practically What Uncles Are For " first.

Chapter 1

The phone started ringing just as Hannah had gotten the baby to sleep. She straightened up her aching back, tiptoed out of the nursery and hurried - as much as she was able to these days - towards the phone in the master bedroom, wondering if she would be too late. But the caller was persistent and Hannah picked up the phone. "Hamsun - it's Hannah," she said.

"Hannah darling, I'm glad I caught you home," came Joanna's voice. "How's my God-son doing?"

"Very well, very well indeed," Hannah replied happily. "I just put him down for a nap. And how is mine?"

"Sean is being a pest!" Joanna said - though very fondly. "He has swapped day and night in order to have quality time with his dad. Dave and I both look like death warmed up from lack of sleep. None of his siblings have ever done this. I swear if he had been the first he would have been an only child!"

Hannah chuckled. "Just as well you are an old hand at this. I was stupid enough to think I knew all about babies, being a neo-natal nurse. Ha! I knew nothing. But Bernhard is really a remarkably easy baby, George tells me, especially when Colin is around. Apparently he was a night-owl too."

Joanna laughed too. "Possibly it is just because I'm getting older; Helen was in her late thirties too when she had Colin. Stands to reason it can't be as easy as when you were in your mid twenties."

Hannah agreed. She had never felt uncomfortable talking about her late aunt and mother of her step-son.

"And is little sister behaving too?" Joanna asked lightly.

"Depends how you define that," Hannah replied. "She is very active and I am big as a barn even if there are nearly two months to go - always provided the scanning was accurate. We have frankly no idea when we made her. Or how for that matter. I've been breastfeeding Bernhard around the clock, so pregnancy was supposed to be impossible."

"Sweetheart you always know how babies are made," Joanna teased. "And it would just seem you are incredibly fertile if full breastfeeding couldn't suppress your ovulation."

"True," Hannah agreed. "And at least they shan't be Irish twins."

"No, that's right," Joanna said. "But otherwise, it is a jolly good thing you get them so quickly in succession - George is not exactly young, is he?"

Hannah agreed. Her husband was past 50, but sometimes she was amazed by his stamina - both in bed (she felt herself getting wet just from the thought) and out; he seemed much more capable of handling a sleepless night than she did; when Bernhard cut his first teeth recently it was George who took care of him through the night.

"And you're sure it's a girl?" Joanna asked.

"Positive," Hannah replied. "It was a high-resolution scan to determine how far along I was and you could see everything, as in everything. It's girl all right. I've started shopping for pink!"

"Have you thought of a name for her yet?" Joanna asked

"I wanted to call her Helen, but George wasn't quite ready for that," Hannah replied. "And he feared his daughters might be upset."

"Hmm, yes, that's a point," Joanna conceded. She had been Helen's closest friend and heartbroken when she died. "What names did he suggest then?"

"Quite a few, actually - and many of them are lovely, so I said we'd just have to keep on making babies until we've used them all," Hannah chuckled, "but our current favourite is Elizabeth."

"Yes, that is lovely," Joanna said. "One of Dave's sisters is called Elizabeth. If Sean had been a girl we might have named her Elizabeth."

They talked for a while. Despite the age difference they had always found it easy to talk. Having babies at the same time obviously provided an almost endless number of subjects, but they also talked about lots of other things.

"So anyway, "Joanna said half an hour later, "I have a favour to ask. It's Fiona's Ballet in Brighton this weekend again. Sean is coming, of course and so is Liam for once, but Catherine is, if possible, less keen to go this year than ever before."

"And you still don't want her to spend the weekend with Thomas?" Hannah asked in a teasing voice.

"Actually, I would have OK'ed that. She's 15 now and on the pill after all, but no - that's not an option. It came to a crashing halt a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the young man got tired of waiting and started being pushy, so Catherine sent him packing."

"That was very mature of her," Hannah said with approval.

"That's what I told her too," Joanna agreed, "As I said, she's 15, but I swear she is more mature than Thomas' 18. It was like he had stalled at wherever he was so she simply outgrew him."

"Was she very upset?" Hannah asked.

"Not really," Joanna replied. "Mainly angry. And slightly bemused. She told me she was slowly coming round to the idea of being ready to take it to the next level, but then he jumped the gun. It's like he would have gotten what he wanted if he had waited just a little longer."

"Serves him right," Hannah said with a laugh. "Pushy boys only deserve dates with their right hands."

Joanna laughed too. "True! Anyway," she added, "I know you have a baby and another one very nearly there and all, but could you possibly manage to have Catherine this weekend?"

"We'd love to have her. She is never any trouble, quite the opposite - she is so sweet and helpful," Hannah said. "And she would be a real help this weekend; George will be in Norway - he leaves tomorrow - so it's only Colin and Bernhard and me."

"Fine," Joanna said. "We'll drop in on the way to Brighton on Saturday morning. It will be fairly early, I fear."

"No worries," Hannah said. "Catherine is unlikely to faint from seeing us in our PJs."

"Hardly!" Joanna agreed drily. "She was never one to be shy."

"No, shy she's not," Hannah agreed - from personal experience. "Colin used to be, but he is getting less so. Oh, and by the way: You will eat with us Sunday evening, right?"

"We don't want to put you out," Joanna faltered.

"Rubbish!" Hannah replied. "We're going to eat anyway. Please do stay."

"We'd love to," Joanna agreed gratefully and ended the call.

Chapter 2

When Dave and Joanna delivered a bleary eyed Catherine on Saturday morning Hannah and Colin were up, but they were indeed still in PJs. Colin was sitting in the kitchen feeding his little brother baby-porridge but got up when Hannah and Catherine entered. "There was a rumbling from his stomach just now," Colin said, "followed by that sound in his nappy. I'll go change him."

"Thanks sweetheart," Hannah said. "Catherine and I will fix breakfast."

"Yuck," Catherine said. "I just lost my appetite."

"Don't worry," Hannah said. "We're not serving pumpkin soup."

Catherine turned almost green. "I'm not so sure I want babies anymore. It was bad enough when they are breastfed only, but when Mum started Sean on solids it got even worse."

"Honey, once you have your own babies you won't mind," Hannah said.

They got breakfast ready - Catherine had been too sleepy to eat when they got up back in London, so she was hungry too. Colin deftly ate his breakfast while spoon feeding his little brother at the same time, giving Hannah a chance to eat and relax. Catherine caught herself studying Colin with renewed interest. He was almost exactly 9 months younger than her - the joke was George and Helen had come to see Catherine when new-born and had gone straight back to the hotel to make Colin. But over summer he had outgrown her by nearly a head. She glanced at his PJ bottoms that seemed fairly tight; it was obviously not only in height he had grown. He was completely flaccid she could tell - but packing more volume than her ex boyfriend. Much more. She realised that Hannah was looking at where she was looking and blushed. Luckily Colin didn't notice and Hannah only winked but didn't comment.

After breakfast Catherine looked after Bernhard while Hannah had a shower and Colin got dressed. The little boy was around 3 months younger than her youngest brother but not much smaller - and he was at that happy-go-lucky age where any 'adult' will do, so he was quite content to be with Catherine. When his little hand fondled her breast she got goose bumps all over. He was clearly 'searching'. "I haven't got anything for you in my boobs little man," she said fondly and successfully distracted him with a rattle.

Hannah and Colin reappeared almost simultaneously. They just hung out all morning, talking about this and that. Catherine got Colin to tell about his school - an exceedingly expensive and prestigious school nearby. "Do you like it?" Catherine asked point-blank.

"Oh yeah, I like it," Colin said with conviction. "It's a bit strange having no girls there except the 6th formers, but otherwise I like it well enough."

"So you never see like, any girls your own age?" Catherine asked.

"Oh, I do - there are quiet a few in the village and plenty where I dance. I think there must be five girls for every boy," Colin replied with a smug grin.

"You dance?" Catherine asked - there were obviously a lot of things she didn't know about Colin.

"And how!" Hannah interjected. "The Hamsun men are fabulous dancers. The girls at the dance studio fight over Colin!"

"Oh!" Catherine said, slightly disconcerted that she wouldn't be nearly as much of a rarity in Colin's eyes as she had expected.

She led the conversation back to the school. "Is it very swotty?" she asked

"Fairly - people seem pretty focused," Colin replied. "So unlike my old school in Oslo where it was considered uncool to have done your homework!"

"And how are you doing?" she asked. Colin was completely bilingual, but he had only started school in England a little over a year ago and Catherine thought it would be difficult. "I'm doing OK," Colin said modestly.

"By 'OK' Colin means he aces every test and gets top grades in every subject except written English - and the latter is improving all the time," his proud step-mother - and second cousin incidentally - interjected.

"Speaking of which," Colin said with a grin, "I have an English essay I need to write. I'd better get started."

He got up and went upstairs to his room. Both Hannah and Catherine were following him with their eyes. "You know," Hannah said. "A year ago he would have blushed and stuttered when praised. Now he just grins."

"Yeah, he seems to have matured a lot," Catherine said. "Unlike some..."

"Your mother told me you and Thomas split up," Hannah said catching the drift. "What happened?"

"Oh, I don't know. Thomas was pestering me all the time," Catherine said. "I mean, OK, it's fine being desired and all that, but I wanted to be ready before we went further and he wasn't willing to wait."

"Boys can be less mature, you know," Hannah said, "and they do tend to think with their balls - particularly when they want the pressure off."

"Oh, I took his pressure off all right," Catherine retorted. "I just didn't let it get in me. He more or less said that if I wouldn't let him fuck me, or at least suck him then I didn't really love him."

"Bollocks!" Hannah said. "I hope you told him that was crap!"

"I didn't," Catherine said triumphantly. "I told him he was right."

"Huh?" Hannah said.

"Yes, that's exactly what Thomas said too," Catherine chuckled. "I mean, he was right, in that I didn't really love him. And then I asked him to leave."

"Way to go girl!" Hannah said in admiration. She wished she'd been as assertive with boys when she was Catherine's age - or even five years older as she was when she got caught up with Greg, her only ever ex-boyfriend. "But don't you miss him?" she added.

"Not really," Catherine replied. "He was an OK kisser, though nowhere near as good as you." That made Hannah blush, remembering that weekend two years ago. "Besides, as I said, I got him off on a regular basis - making one heck of a mess, I might add, but he never managed to get me anywhere near coming. The first few times he touched me was exciting, but he was just too clumsy to make it pleasant and too proud to take instructions."

"God, can I relate," Hannah said. "Greg was hopeless. I thought there was something wrong with me. Not anymore."

"George is that good?" Catherine grinned.

"And how!" Hannah blushed again. "The first time I thought my skull was going to blow off. It still feels that way!"

"Well, good for you!" Catherine said and the conversation turned to other matters.

Chapter 3

They only saw Colin for lunch - with his phenomenal growth rate he was a voracious eater. But as far as Catherine could see it all got converted to height and muscle; there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. Once more he managed to feed his little brother while eating himself, leaving Hannah free to have her meal. It was a difficult job; Bernhard seemed fussy all of a sudden, but Colin persisted with infinite care and patience. 'He'd make a great dad, ' Catherine thought, then blushed as she once more noted Hannah watching her watching Colin.

Colin returned to his essay while Hannah and Catherine took Bernhard out in the pram to get him to sleep. They met up with the neighbour, Irene Phillips, who was out on a similar errand with her two kids who were only just over a year apart in age

Irene Phillips hero-worshipped Hannah - the older woman was convinced that her little boy owed his life and health to Hannah's care. That success in turn had given her and her husband the courage to try for a sibling. She had been pregnant with her little girl while Hannah was pregnant with Bernhard and they had grown very close. She took a keen interest in her young neighbour and knew all about her friends and extended family. "Hello Hannah," she said brightly, "and hello Catherine. How is your little brother?"

Catherine was slightly taken back - she had only ever talked to the woman once (at George and Hannah's wedding) and was amazed that she would remember her name. But Catherine was very polite. "How do you do. He is very well, thank you." That answer would cover both her brothers; Sean hadn't even been born when she last spoke to Mrs. Phillips.

"Sean would be around 3 months older than Bernhard wouldn't he?" Irene Phillips inquired, thus establishing which brother she was talking about. Catherine deducted - correctly - that Hannah must have given Mrs. Phillips regular updates about her family.

"Yes he is, but Bernhard is nearly as big as he is," Catherine said, demonstrating social skills and graces unusual for her age.

Irene Phillips positively beamed. "That would be Hannah's super cream!" she said

"Indeed," Catherine said - feeling slightly warm in her cheeks and unaccountably wet in her crotch.

They walked down to the village, circumnavigated the church and the pond and returned with 3 sleeping infants not half an hour later. Hannah and Catherine declined an invitation for tea but accepted one for morning coffee the following day. Baby Bernhard's pram got 'parked' in a sheltered spot in the garden, the wireless 'baby spy' was switched on and Hannah Catherine flopped down in the sofas in the living room and continued chatting.

They had only been talking for about half an hour when a fitful wail was heard from the 'baby spy' receiver. "Damn," Hannah said softly. "That wasn't nearly long enough little man. He's a little unsettled - he had his MMR jab yesterday."

"He seemed fine enough this morning," Catherine said.

"Oh, he's not ill as such, but he usually gets a little unsettled a day or so after the jabs," Hannah explained.

"What do you do about it?" Catherine asked as they were walking quickly out to the pram.

"Easy!" Hannah said as she picked up the crying baby with a grunt. "My 'super cream' usually does the trick."

Back in the living room, Hannah quickly and expertly unbuttoned the front of her dress, opened her straining nursing bra and had the baby latched on in seconds.

Catherine was staring mesmerised. She knew it was just feeding a baby. She'd seen her mother feed her brother hundreds of times and never thought twice about that. But this whole scene was intensely erotic to her and she felt her panties getting drenched. Her mouth felt dry and she struggled to moisten it enough to speak. "How, um, how does it feel, um nursing I mean?" she asked. Her face started to feel warm.

"That depends on which of my boys it is," Hannah said with a glint in her eye.

"Does Colin?" Catherine blurted out, shocked to her core. She stopped herself abruptly when she saw the amusement in Hannah's face.

"No silly," Hannah laughed. "He's 14, he's my second cousin and I'm married to his father."

'Of course - George!' Catherine's cheeks were burning now; she was sure she must be scarlet with embarrassment. "Sorry!" she mumbled, looking down.

"That's OK," Hannah said with a little laugh. "Anyway, when Bernhard feeds it is very, very nice. It makes me feel so close to him and it is quite pleasant. OK, not so when he just cut his teeth - I had to teach him not to bite, but that was easy enough."

"But George?" Catherine whispered looking up again.

"George can make me come just from suckling on my breasts," Hannah said, looking Catherine straight in the eyes. "He always could - right from the start, but since I started having milk in them I've been getting major orgasms that way. Massive orgasms."

Catherine felt her secretions running down her inner thighs. She was horny out of her mind. Bernhard meanwhile, oblivious to the world around him, had fallen asleep again. "Oh you little monkey; that wasn't much of a feed!" Hannah exclaimed. Addressed to Catherine she said "I am so full it is uncomfortable. And he just got my milk to let-down." She opened the bra cup to her other breast, removed a soaked nursing-pad and Catherine watched in fascination as milk was dripping from the nipple in a slow stream. She involuntarily licked her lips

Hannah had looked up and caught the movement. "Would you like to try?" she asked.

Shyly Catherine nodded. In a trance she moved across the room. She barely sensed that Hannah put the sleeping baby down on the sofa, securing him with a pillow. Catherine knelt down in front of Hannah and tried to find a suitable position. The mechanics was a challenge. "Lie on the sofa and across my lap." Hannah said huskily. Catherine complied, her head resting on Hannah's large belly and her mouth just in front of the large dripping nipple. Her mouth opened and she started sucking. Nothing came. "Use you tongue to milk it out," Hannah said.

Tentatively Catherine massaged the breast below the nipple with her tongue, rediscovering something she hadn't done in fourteen years. She was rewarded with a mouth full of warm sweet milk - and an overpowering sensation in her groin. She quickly established a rhythm that gave her mouthful after mouthful of milk. It was like her vagina was pulsing in sync with her mouth. She wasn't exactly coming, but she was at a plateau of intense pleasure.

If Catherine wasn't coming, Hannah was - she was coming up a storm and had to restrain herself from screaming. Her hand found Catherine's crotch, moved aside the soaked panties and zeroed in on her young friend's clit. After just a few gentle stokes Catherine exploded in a violent orgasm making her panties, if possible, even wetter. Throughout the whole experience, she didn't stop suckling until Hannah's breast was empty.

"Thank you Sweetheart; I needed that!" Hannah said. If she meant emptying the breast or the bone-shattering orgasm wasn't immediately clear.

"Thank you," Catherine replied. "It was wonderful." Her answer was ambiguous too. She could have meant the milk, but the orgasm - her first from anyone else but herself - had nearly make her pass out. "I hope I'm not depriving Bernhard," she added.

"No fear - it is 'supply and demand', you know," Hannah reassured her. "Besides my right breast is still fairly full - he really didn't take very much."

Catherine nodded and got up, suddenly mindful that she might be squashing Hannah. "I really need some dry panties and perhaps another skirt," she said with a little smile. 'And perhaps also cool down a little, ' she thought.

"Sure," Hannah said. "I'll see if I can get Bernhard back to his pram - he really needs to sleep some more."

Chapter 4

Coming from the bright living room into the dark hall, Catherine was momentarily unable to see well - and collided with Colin. She gasped. The shock made her actually wet herself. Only a little, but a squirt escaped her bladder. Before she got annoyed or even embarrassed, she realised it would hardly have made any difference to the state of her panties or her skirt. The thought made her chuckle.

That sound surprised Colin who was feeling more than a little guilty from having observed the scene through the partly open door. "What did it taste like?" he blurted out.

An evasive answer would neither be dignified nor convincing, Catherine decided, so she told the exact truth. "Sweet. Warm and sweet."

"Not my thing then," he said in an off-hand way. "I'm not keen on warm milk."

"OK then," a bewildered Catherine said. "Um, Colin?" she started

"Yes?" he said.

"You're not going to tell anyone, are you?" Catherine asked.

Colin looked at her without understanding. "Why would I tell anyone?"

Catherine didn't realise that Colin had only seen her mouth on Hannah's breast - and only briefly, not Hannah's hand in her crotch. "It could be kind of embarrassing," she faltered.

Colin smiled. "I was curious too; that could also be embarrassing if anyone knew. So we shan't tell."

"OK," Catherine said. Her eyes had adjusted to the light. She was looking down and could now see that Colin's pants - a pair of sweat pants - were grotesquely tented out. Her poor panties received another flow of moisture. 'God, he is huge!' Catherine thought. Afterwards she didn't know what devil possessed her - she ran her hand over Colin's massive hard-on. "No Colin, we shan't tell."

His erection got, if anything, even harder from that. Colin's knees nearly buckled. They both fled upstairs to their respective rooms; Catherine to find some dry clothes and Colin to find distraction from his hard-on in a mind-numbingly boring essay.

He was working on it when Hannah appeared with a glass of milk and a plate of biscuits. "Did you leave these in the hall?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, I must have forgotten them," Colin said sheepishly. He had gone down to get a snack and was on the way back up when he observed parts of the little scene in the living room.

"Jeez. Is it you or me who is distracted by pregnancy?" his step mother teased.

Colin laughed, "I hope the milk is still cold," he said. "I don't like warm milk."

Hannah made some vague answer; the seemingly innocent observation had certain ramifications.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Catherine returned to the living room to find Hannah and a large pot of tea. They chatted on; there was no embarrassment between them, but the episode was not mentioned. When Bernhard awoke after a respectable sleep, he was more his usual self and had a good feed from his mother.

Sometime after 5 Colin reappeared declaring his essay finished. He entertained his little brother while Hannah and Catherine cooked dinner. Catherine was frequently sneaking peeks at Colin. He was just so incredibly sweet to the little boy. At one stage he had Bernhard sitting on his hip while expertly setting the table with his free hand. He caught her looking once and sent her a blazing smile that made her feel warm all over.

After dinner they watched a film. Colin good-naturedly accepted that Hannah and Catherine were chick-flick fiends; the compromise was a romantic comedy with equal emphasis on romance and comedy and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Bernhard happily circulated between the three 'adults' but eventually 'fell asleep at the tit', as Hannah expressed it, just as the film was finishing. Acting on the principle that you should 'sleep when the baby does' she went to bed but told Catherine and Colin they could watch more films if they wanted to - no one had to get up early for anything tomorrow; morning coffee with Irene was at 11 and Bernhard would ensure they were up long before that.

Colin and Catherine decided to carry on. They choose a thriller that Catherine hadn't seen before. The suspense made her snuggle up closely to Colin, mashing her breasts into him. That - predictably - made his hard-on return, but Catherine neither commented nor repeated the touching. She did notice, however, which caused the second pair of drench panties that day.

'This is weird, ' she thought. 'I've known him always - he's been like a cousin, really. And I'm older than him, but suddenly he's a hunk!' She realised Colin was talking to her and snapped back with a "Huh?"

"I asked if you wanted to see any more films," Colin repeated patiently, then grinned. "I guess not. There's a sequel to this one, but it's not nearly as good."

"No, I think it's time to go to bed - I was up pretty early and I want to have a shower," Catherine replied.

"Fine," he said. "A shower sounds like a good idea."

She extricated herself from him and he stood up. The tent in his trousers was very prominent, but he didn't seem embarrassed by it and did nothing to hide it.

"Good night Colin," Catherine said softly and gave him a quick peck on the cheek - a famous first occasion.

"Good night Catherine," Colin replied with a sweet smile. "I'll clear this up;" - he pointed at the cups and plates on the coffee table - "you go ahead and shower first." There were actually two bathrooms upstairs, but one was en-suite to the master bedroom and next to the nursery, so that was out of bounds.

'Always sweet, polite and considerate, ' Catherine thought. 'And tall and good looking and a good dancer - no wonder the girls at the dance studio fight over him!' She was standing in the shower, letting the plentiful water warm her through. She had washed her short dark blond hair - and her sparse, well-trimmed pubic and she took very good care to ensure she was very clean 'down there'.

Reluctantly she switched off the shower and dried her self vigorously. She realised she hadn't brought her nightdress; she felt disinclined to put on her day clothes again and decided just to wrap herself in a towel. She opened the door - and ran straight into Colin, causing the knot on the towel to loosen so it slid down over her breasts and onto the floor.

There she stood, naked as the day she was born, looking at the tall handsome boy who was dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer-shorts. "Oops!" he said with a little smile, deftly swept the towel up from the floor and covered her breasts and groin with it with something that felt perilously close to a caress. "I'm sorry; I didn't know you were still here."

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