No Differences

by Prince von Vlox

Copyright© 2010 by Prince von Vlox

Sex Story: Fifteen year old Devlin learns that there is no way to look at someone and tell that they're a nudist or a swinger.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Swinging   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"The part I like," Devlin McCabe said, "is that some guy I've never met is going to travel halfway across the state. We'll meet, we'll feel a connection, and we'll have sex, and then we'll go our separate ways with a memory of a good time."

"That instant connection wouldn't happen to be your body, would it?" Julie asked.

Devlin shrugged. "You use what you've got."

"And you've 'got' a lot. Those tits for real?"

"Grew 'em myself," Devlin said. She wished they'd stop growing. Realistically she knew a girl's boobs never really stopped growing. They were always changing; just a look around the room at Emma's would show that. Usually they moved down on a woman's chest, but as she had kids they'd fill out, or shrink a little. In her case they'd started when she was 12, and grown a cup size a year. She was 15, and she needed a C Cup. If they kept going, well, she wasn't sure what she'd have.

"The men do like them," she finally said.

"That's because of repressed maternal feelings," Julie said.

"I prefer to think of it in a different way," Arlene said. "They don't have 'em, and so they're curious. Plus they've learned that playing and sucking them gets a girl warmed up." She laughed. "Of course around here the guys arrive already warmed up."

Arlene was an overweight blonde, and tonight she was wearing a black teddy. From the evidence—there was a thin streak of come on her cheek—she'd already been busy.

"I think it's better to do than to talk," Devlin said. She got up and went in search of that 'connection' she'd talked about. She found him in the front room. He was tall, with dark brown hair, and a thin layer of hair on his chest and tummy. The couches and chairs in the living room were full, so he sat her on the edge of the dining room table and took a seat in front of her.

"This is my favorite view," he said. He parted her legs and kissed the insides of her knees.

Devlin ruffled his hair. A year ago she'd been mortified to have a guy stare up her legs. Danny had cured her of some of that, but coming to these swinging parties got rid of the rest of her inhibitions. A guy would look at her sex, which turned him on, and then put it to her, which was what she wanted. Fifteen minutes later they'd both relax, temporarily satisfied. Then, after a rest, they'd either do it again, or go off in search of other partners.

He kissed his way up her legs, and then made a growling noise as he began teasing her sex with his tongue. Devlin fell back on the table, clutching her breast and trying to guide him with hip movements. He seemed to know what he was doing, and when he pushed two fingers into her, she came, flooding his hand with her juices.

That seemed to be what he was after. He stood, his cock jutting out over her tummy. He didn't leave it on display for long. Instead he bent slightly and pushed its head into her. She was wet enough he slid halfway home with his first thrust. After the second he shifted—she loved how he felt stirring around her insides—and braced himself over her. A gentleman, she'd been told, takes his weight on his hands, and he was a gentleman.

The table creaked slightly as eh began thrusting. She brought her legs up around his waist, and began trying to move back against him. She could feel her boobs wobbling, and smiled when he bent far enough so he could suck them.

After a bit he sped up, making the whole table rock as he drove home. He grinned at her, and she smiled back. Her insides felt molten, and she dug in her fingers as her feelings began to rise. This wasn't going to take long. He seemed to be touching every fiery little nerve inside her. She gripped his arms, trying to hold back, trying to prolong the feeling. She knew it was hopeless, but she held on until one particular thrust was too much. She arched up into him, her whole body trembling until she came, one wave after another surging through her.

He came too, finally slumping over her, spent and fighting for breath.

She ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek. "You okay?"

"This is just a damned awkward way to do it."

"Yeah, the table is kind of hard."

"And I was standing. Now I can barely hold myself upright."

"You're welcome."

He laughed. "Okay, yeah, you made me come harder than I have for a while."

"You keep telling me these nice things, Flattery will get you all sorts of things." She paused for a second or so. "Including a chance to do it someplace a lot more comfortable."

"Oh? Where?"

"Let's try upstairs."

He helped her to her feet. She felt liquid and loose, and held his hand as they went up the stairs. The second bedroom they checked had an empty mattress. The room was dimly lit and smelled of female excitement and spilled come, just the heady mixture that appealed to her at the moment. The guy had recovered by then, and this time took longer. She rode him to one climax, and then lay on her back, accommodating him as he got to his.

They lay side by side, grinning at each other in the darkness. She was sweaty and her long dark hair felt like it was tangled and twisted. But she felt at peace with the world. There was nothing like a good laying to wring out all of the tensions and anxieties of the day.

They parted, and Devlin decided to explore the other bedrooms. She knew she'd see a lot of sex, and she found it endlessly fascinating. When she'd been fooling around with her Ken and Barbie dolls she'd thought there was only one way to have sex, with the man on top. Now, after Butch, after Danny, and most especially a year and a half of coming to Emma's—she smiled at that; coming to, or coming at—she realized she just lacked the imagination.

The first bedroom only had two couples in it. They were somehow intertwined. She tried to figure out who was doing what to whom. As near as she could tell, Man A was putting it to Woman A, and was kissing Woman B, who was fondling Woman A's breasts. Man B was being sucked by Woman B, who besides playing with Woman A's breasts, was rubbing the woman's clit. Or maybe she had it all wrong. In the dimness it was hard to say.

She'd just been in the second bedroom. She wasn't surprised to see the mattress on the floor that she and that guy had been using was now occupied by a couple with the woman on top, cowgirl someone had called it. The girl was riding up and down the guy's cock, her breasts bouncing along with her motion. There was a couple on the main bed; it looked like they were locked in a 69, orally pleasuring each other.

The third bedroom, the master bedroom, had a crowd, at least six couples, and Devlin lost track of the combinations. Apparently everyone was involved with everyone else. She felt something wet hit her leg. A quick check: someone had just come, and his spurt had hit her leg. She had to be at least eight feet from the pile, so that guy, whoever he was, had to have some muscles in that part of his body.

Devlin thought of washing up. The line for the bathroom was almost nonexistent, and she could feel the come dripping on her thighs. That was the one thing about being a girl that she didn't care for. Guys came, and that was it. A girl had to deal with the leftover come as well as her own moisture. At least, she decided, she'd be fresh for the next guy.

There was a couple doing it on the toilet. She was sitting on his lap, her legs together. He had his hands on her waist, and was pulling her up and down. She started the shower and tried to ignore the two, and the familiar tingle of arousal coursing through her.

"Mind if I join you?" a guy asked.

Devlin had been facing the nozzle. Now she turned around. The guy was just a little taller than she, with a nice chest and a slight mound to his tummy. His brown hair looked sweat-clicked, though that vanished in the spray.

"Plenty of room in here," she said. His eyes had already dropped to her breasts, but he politely looked up and gave her a really cute smile.

"Emma told me they're going to build a large group shower in the basement."

"Good," Devlin replied, "they need it." She passed him the soap and did some cleaning. That let her inspect his cock. It was limp at the moment, so she didn't have a good measure of its size. It did look slick and red, which suggested he'd been using it.

She ran her hand down his body. She always felt a slight surprise when she encountered a cock and balls. She knew she shouldn't, but years of washing herself had convinced her subconscious that she should only feel the smoothness of a girl's privates.

They didn't talk much. She took the soap back from him and made sure his cock and balls were clean. He returned the favor with her breasts, and they made a game of him soaping her, and her washing them off.

All of this play had one outcome, and eventually they had to get out. Her nipples were stiff and aching, and his cock was engorged and rigid. "We need to find some place comfortable," she told him.

He looked at the couple sharing the bathroom; the woman was leaning over the sink, her boobs swaying back and forth as he put it to her from behind. "Yeah, there's no room here."

He took her downstairs. No one was using the couch, and they settled there. Devlin had to shift around a little to find a dry spot. Then she pulled him down for a kiss.

His body was firm, his cock was practically burning her skin, he was a good kisser, and he was kind of cute. This was a guy worth getting to know better.

"Do you really want to spend much time fooling around?" he asked. "I'm ready."

She wrapped her hand around his cock. "So I can tell." He more than filled her hand. She couldn't quite get her fingers all of the way around him, and at least half of his cock jutted out beyond where she could grip.

She guided him between her legs. He looked down as she rubbed his hardness up and down her cleft. He felt so hard, he was going to feel even better going in. With that thought she put him against her entrance. But she kept her fingers on his hardness as he thrust.

"God that feels good," she got out. She could feel his hardness opening her up, but she could feel it sliding against her fingers, too. Back when she was 9 or 10 she'd refused to believe that a girl had insides, at least down there. Now she was glad she did. She could feel his hardness sliding against every quivering nerve in her channel.

"So big."

"You're so tight."

She kissed him. "You say the nicest things."

He laughed, which made his cock stir a little in her and gave her another thrill. "I've never heard that as a compliment before."

"That's because most women don't like to admit it." He thrust all the way home. She could feel his balls against her bottom. She adjusted slightly, getting her legs a little more comfortable around his thighs.

"Don't you know, a woman isn't supposed to enjoy sex."

"You sound like someone I met earlier this evening." He grinned and eased back and forth slightly. "She told me that women didn't have orgasms. There was no biological reason for it."

"And she believes that? I mean the part about not having orgasms." She kissed him. "You keep this up and I'm going to have one."

"I think most women here have climaxes." He began to pull back just a little farther each thrust.

"I read that only three out of eight women have a climax from screwing. Of course around here I think it's closer to 99 out of 100."

"There does seem to be a self-selection for that at these parties. Women who don't climax from screwing don't come here."

She laughed, which made him feel bigger. "Yeah, that's one way of putting it. I think there are women here who don't climax from straight doing it, but come to these parties anyway."


She caught the hint and began to snap her hips, riding up on him. That felt much better than just lying there taking it. His hands were holding her, his body pressing her into the cushions, and he was getting so deep. She could hear the liquid sound of his cock plumbing her depths, and smell her own juices. Oh, this looked like it was going to be a good one.

She could see a few others in the living room. Right next to them, using a blanket on the floor, were two women and a man. One girl was eating another, who had her fingers tied up in the first one's hair, while a guy put it to the middle girl from behind.

There was a couple on a chair. She was on top of him, facing away. His hands were around her waist, her legs were outside of his, and everything was visible as his cock slid up and down in her channel. Her breasts would have bobbed in time, but she was clutching them. Her eyes were closed, and it was obvious her attention was deep inside her. As Devlin watched, the girl's head went back and she could see a faint flush to her skin. A few seconds later he slowed to a sop and she could see whiteness ooze around his cock.

That did something to her, and she could just picture this guy doing the same thing to her. She began to move faster, squeezing him with each of his strokes. His whole body was like a caress. Her chin was on his shoulder, and she could feel his own tension. That was even better, and she clutched his bottom with her fingers, trying to pull him even deeper.

"Gonna come," he whispered. "You're making me come."

"Come!" she gasped. "Come for me!" The idea of him coming did it. She felt her whole body rising, pressing up into him, trying to get all of him inside her. She could feel herself trembling on the brink. Come! she thought urgently. Come!

Everything washed out. She arched, crying out as the feelings got too much. She came in one shuddering wave after another. She felt something against a sensitive spot deep inside her, and that set her off again. She clung to him, lost in the tempest of her own climax.

She drifted down slowly, with many little jolts as secondary climaxes flickered through her. He moved slightly, fighting for breath, and every time he did that gave her another jolt. But finally they were through, relaxing, gasping for breath, and smiling crazily at each other.

She gave him a big wet, sloppy kiss. She felt complete. There was something about joining her body with a man's that made her feel that way. A man's body fit so well against her own, and not in just the most obvious place. Their skin was rougher, and they were certainly hairier, but there was male hardness—all those muscles—against female softness.

"I'm Steve," he said, holding out his hand.

"I'm Devlin," she replied, taking the hand. Then she giggled. "Do you realize how silly this looks?"

"What, that my cock is still inside you, and we're shaking hands? Ignore that/ People shake hands when they meet."

Her giggle turned into a laugh. "Yeah, I guess they do." She squeezed his hand, and then used her tummy muscles to squeeze his cock. "Don't pull it out, it's fine right where it is."

"I have no intention of leaving. In fact, if we wait a few minutes, and are a little lucky, it should get nice and hard again."

"Something we can both look forward to."

He laughed and kissed her. "My only question is this: do you want me to take it out so we can have the fun, and pleasure, of putting it back in?"

"Don't you dare take it out!"

"I hear that a lot from women."

"If you were one, you'd know why."

"Well, I'm not. And if you were a guy, you'd know why I'd prefer leaving it in."

Eventually his cock did slide out. But after some toying and sucking, she got it hard. And he was right. Putting it back in was a lot of fun.

This time they tried doing it some other ways. The trouble was, the couch was really meant for doing it with one of them lying on it, and the other on top. When she was there, one leg had to rest on the floor, and the other was cramped against the back of the couch. Still, she could move how she needed to, and the climax was every bit as satisfying as the other way.

They proved that by trading places. She was excited and relaxed enough that he went all the way in with his first thrust. He held himself above her this time so he could lean down and tongue her nipples. Each little nip with his lips shot right through her, heading to her womb, where it was blocked from getting out by his length.

She came once, and one more time, spending on him in one shuddering heave after another. He held on through all of that, but when she concentrated on making him come he couldn't hold back. He reared, driving as deep into her as he could, his mouth open and his face rigid as he sprayed her insides with his juices.

"We've got to get together again," she said when he finally recovered. They were snuggling on the couch, one hand holding her to him, another holding her breast, while his limp cock pressed against her bottom.

"Gladly. You've got to be the most orgasmic woman I've met here."

"Call it a natural talent."

"I guess."

"It helps that you seem to set me off."

He chuckled. "We both do."

They took a shower together, this time without the fooling around. Then it was time to part. She gave him a full-bodied kiss, wanting to memorize the feel of his body against hers. Then, reluctantly, they let each other go.

She wondered if he'd be at other parties. It was funny; it was really up to the woman. Some gals didn't like the idea that their husbands were finding pleasure in the arms of another woman. They liked the variety of men they met, but swinging wasn't for them. You had to be open and accepting, and more than a few women had been brought up to be possessive.

Devlin had tied her hair back to keep it out of her face. That was one of the problems with having long hair: it got out of control and was soon a mess. She'd have to brush it out when she got home.

She found Danny in the kitchen. He wasn't dressed yet, and for a moment she savored his body: lean, with well-defined muscles. His cock hung down with what she'd learned was a 'tired' look; it had obviously been used.

"Ready to go?" she said. "We have to get the babysitter home." That was their code for getting home. After all, she was supposedly 'babysitting' Sue and Danny's daughter while they went out and her mother was at work.

Danny nodded. "Yeah, I think so."

There were separate rooms for men and women to change. Devlin had worn a skirt instead of her usual jeans, and she was glad she had. She didn't exactly feel tender or sore down there, but she didn't want anything touching her there. That meant no panties, or course, and one of the other women getting dressed commented on that.

"Planning on more fun when you get home?"

"The night's still young," Devlin said. "I'll tell him I lost my panties, he'll think about it, and be nice and ready when we get home."

The woman laughed. "I'll have to try that."

Devlin briefly brushed her hair out, and then tied it back with a band. Some nights she felt tired as they left. On those nights she could feel gravity dragging at her, and as she'd told a girl in gym who'd envied her boobs, she was very aware of gravity. Tonight she felt like she was going to float away, probably the remnants of that last climax with Steve.

"You're in a good mood," Danny said as they got in the car.

"I had a good evening. How about you?"

He chuckled. "I'm a little tired."

"Sex makes guys tired," she said. "How many times have you fallen asleep after we've done it?"

"A few. That's when I envy you women."

"Of course we don't. The muscles we use to screw are the same ones we use when we give birth, and you don't want to have to stop and rest in the middle of labor. Oh, I imagine you would love to, but that's not how our bodies work."

"Something might happen to the baby." He started the car and headed for the highway. "Got much planned for tomorrow?"

"I'm going shopping with some girls from school."

"Sounds fun. We're going to be homebodies tomorrow."

She was more tired than she'd thought. She fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow. The next morning she nursed a cup of hot cocoa while her mother shuffled through her morning routine.

"What time are your friends coming over?" her mother mumbled. She was in her terrycloth robe and had her hair wrapped in a towel.

"About 10:30 or so," Devlin said. She checked the clock. It was just after 7:30.

"God. I've got some shopping to do. I should be home before they get here." She checked something in the refrigerator. "Taken your vitamins and pill this morning?"

"Regular as clockwork," Devlin said.

"Good. I'm not prepared to be a grandmother just yet. I know you're not seeing anyone right now, but I remember what I was like when I was your age."

"I didn't know you were active before you met Dad."

Her mother smiled. "Once or twice. I wasn't a little tramp, not like some girls, but..." Her voice trailed off. "Let's just leave it at that, okay? I wasn't quite as virginal as your father thought, but I was careful." She smothered a yawn. "Okay, I'm going to go get dressed. I'll be back shortly."

Her mother headed out just after 8:30. Devlin dressed slowly. On a whim she put on her jacket and went across the backyards to see how Sue was doing.

"Pretty good," Sue said. She was loading the dishwasher. "I could use some help folding the clothes." She looked at the living room where the TV was going. "Or you could take care of Danny. Apparently last night didn't get it all out of his system."

"Problems?" She knew Sue and Danny made love, Sue had gotten pregnant after all, but she'd carefully stayed away from talking about it.

"I know you'll find this hard to believe, Devlin, but there are times a woman doesn't feel like making love. I'm just feeling a little out of sorts today."

"Your choice," Devlin said. "Danny or the clothes. My friends are supposed to be picking me up about 10:30."

Sue nodded. "I'd appreciate it if you took care of Danny." She smiled faintly. "I'll make him help me with the clothes. Men don't know how to fold clothes, but they can do the lifting and carrying."

Devlin chuckled. "Sure. If you're sure."

She unbuttoned her blouse as she walked into the living room. Danny was watching some football game. She pushed her bra out of the way and sat on his lap. "Time for some legal use of hands," she murmured.

Danny laughed. "You make a very persuasive argument."

"Upstairs," she said. "I feel a little self-conscious with the front curtains open like they are."

Danny paused to set the game to record, and then followed Devlin up the stairs. She was down to just her panties when he got to the bedroom. "You're over-dressed," she said.

He started on his pants while she pulled his shirt off. She checked, he wasn't hard yet, so she spent a few moments rubbing her breasts across his chest. That felt shivery-good. He put his hands on her panties and pushed them down. She did the same with his shorts, and then wrapped her hand possessively around his dick.

"I thought you got enough last night."

"It's a new day. And how about you? I know you're with more guys than I' with gals."

She squeezed his dick. "Guys have something that poops out after a bit."

"It's just as good as it was last night."

"Hmmph. Doesn't feel like it. Why don't you prove it to me."

He pushed her onto the bed and his mouth went directly to her slit. Devlin gasped at the feeling. Whoever had invented oral sex had done the women of the world a favor.

Danny ate her until she collapsed into a climax. Then, after a few licks, he plunged in. She was so wet she took his first stroke all the way, letting out her breath only when she felt his balls nudge her bottom.

She raised her head. She couldn't actually see his cock entering her, though she could certainly feel it! Instead she could see his root, nestled in its bed of dark wiry hair. Her imagination had to do the rest. He looked so big, and he felt even bigger. That changed over the course of a night as she got more relaxed down there, but right now it felt like something the size of his wrist was stretching out her insides. She drew her legs up until her heels were on his butt and tried to pull him even deeper.

"You do know what that thing of yours is doing to me." She grinned and ran her hands up and down his arms.

He grinned back. "After more than two years of this I think I have a good idea." He began to move faster.

She'd already come once, but that was on his tongue. His cock was setting every nerve in her channel on fire. She closed her eyes and clutched him, holding on as he pushed them both up that slope. Her imagination was a wonderful thing. She fancied he had a log down there, at least it felt like one. It was so big and so hard, and so good. She began to moan in time to his thrusts.

Encouraged, Danny moved a little faster. She matched him, and the bed creaked as they moved. She could smell her juices and feel the sweat on his skin. The rhythmic slap-slap-slap of their bodies joining was almost like music. She pulled him down for a kiss, but then he held himself above her, redoubling his efforts.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, clinking to him as her feelings rose. Her whole body had come to life, but especially her middle. She fought to hold everything back, but she wanted the completion as well. She was close, so close, like she was balancing on the edge.

Devlin cried out at the first spasm, and then was lost as all of her pent-up energy surged through her. She shuddered through her climax. When she realized he'd come too, she gave him a kiss. She wanted more, and when he pulled out she tried to thrust up onto him.

"You can't get enough, can you?"

"Neither can you."

He chuckled. "True."

"I feel marvelous." She pushed at him and he obediently rolled off. "I think we need to clean up a bit."

She started the shower, and was only a little surprised when Danny joined her. He ran his hands over her water-slicked body, and spent a few minutes kissing and nibbling her breasts. He'd been doing that more and more as they continued to grow. Most of the guys at Emma's were more interested in getting their dicks inside her, and her boobs were just a temporary stop. But Danny seemed to appreciate them, cradling them, kissing them, spending time holding the soft flesh and making her happy that she had them.

She'd been thrilled when she'd started to develop. She thought she'd stop at a B cup, like her mother, but now she was big enough she might have to go to a D cup. Some of the girls in her gym class teased her about them, as if it made their own much smaller ones that much better. And a lot of boys seemed to treat her as a mobile pair of boobs with a girl attached. Danny, however, took delight in them, making her feel happy she had them.

Now his mouth descended on them, teasing the flesh out, making her nipples stand up hard and proud. He kissed, he sucked, he nibbled, and each touch seemed to send a jolt of feeling deep inside her.

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