Dragon Roost Trap

by Maelstrom

Copyright© 2010 by Maelstrom

Fan Fiction Sex Story: During Medli's attempt to reach the great dragonValoo, she gets caught by Bokoblin and finds out that trying to escape wasn't the best idea.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Torture   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

The wind roared at the top of Dragon Roost Island, a high mountain with the great Valoo perched on the very top of it. Valoo was a mighty red dragon, that was a god to the Ritos, and the Rito Children have to collect a scale from him to make them adults and to grow their wings.

The Ritos are the people who inhabit the island; they are human and have bird. They have beaks as noses, their feet are bird's claws and their arms can turn into wings.

Valoo let out a mighty roar of pain and anger that should the whole mountain, increased by him banging his feet and thumping on the mountain he was sat on. The dragon was in pain because of his tail that was being attacked by something deep in the mountain.

Just below where the mighty Valoo was sat there was a large space where the young Medli was tied up against a post. Medli was the great Valoo's attendant and one of the Rito tribe. She had long red hair that was tied up into a long ponytail and she wore a grey dress that went just above her knees. Medli went to go see Valoo to see what was wrong, but unfortunately she was captured by two Bokoblin; little imps that wield either a machete or a boko stick, and have a pig-like face but a small, skinny human body, and occasionally wear a ragged vest. The two Bokoblin paced around Medli, wielding their sharp machetes. Medli tried wriggling free but the Bokoblins had tied the rope too tight.

"Please let me go, I am just an innocent attendant and I am not a threat to you," Medli pleaded. One of the Bokoblins walked over to her, his face close to hers and snorted at her, then ran his sharp blade across the bottom of her leg, splitting the skin which dripped blood. Medli cried in pain as the wound stung and the blood trickled down her leg. She bit her bottom lip and winced. This made the Bokoblin smile with pleasure and he turned around and went back to his pacing, waiting for Link to reach the trap they were planning.

The other Bokoblin was waiting at the stairs for Link to surprise him and start the trap. Medli knew she wouldn't have enough time to warn Link about that trap, so what could she do? The wind blew harder and the small specks of dust flew into Medli's open wound, cause her to grind her teeth and pain. She needed something to take her mind off of the stinging pain, but what could?

Valoo let out another long painful roar, shaking the mountain once again, only this time his roar was so loud that he sprayed out fire. Medli worked out that there must be a creature attacking his tail, due to the fact that Valoo's tail hung deep inside the mountain where the lava could keep it warm.

The Bokoblin that was closest to Medli let out a long sigh of boredom. Being a guard pacing and waiting must have been very boring Medli realised, but she would rather be in that position instead of being tied up and in pain. The other Bokoblin was still guarding the stairs, but he didn't seem as bored as the other one.

Medli wished Link would come and save her, but she hoped he could survive the trap that they had set. She needed to get out and now! She searched around, looking for something she could use as a distraction or something that could help her. Then it hit her, she could use her own sharp bird-like feet to cut the ropes, if she could reach.

When both of the Bokoblin had their attention somewhere else, Medli raised her foot up behind her to see if she could reach her bound hands. It was a bit of a stretch, but her sharp claws were just rubbing up against the rope. She started to rub her claw up against it, scratching the rope and slowly unthreading it. It was a slow task and she had to stop every so often when the Bokoblin that was pacing looked her way. The rope around her hands was close to snapping, but she had to keep it quiet and hardly noticeable.

'Keep going, keep going' Medli thought to herself. SNAP! The rope had been cut off, releasing the tight grip and leaving her hands free. But it wasn't all fortunate, because the Bokoblin that was pacing heard the snapping sound of the rope and had his attention turned to her. It sprinted towards her and grabbed her hands and wrapped them back around the pole once again. The Bokoblin was too strong for her as she struggled to get free, but the Bokoblin had already wrapped her hands back around the pole.

"UH! GET OFF OF ME YOU DISGUSTING CREATURE!" Medli screamed. The Bokoblin looked up at her with anger. He licked his lips, this mad Medli feel uneasy. The Bokoblin then moved his face close to hers, and licked her cheeks. Medli turned her head in disgust and she lifted up her legs to kick the Bokoblin away with a powerful thrust. This sent the Bokoblin crashing to the ground, winded. The Bokoblin snarled at her, he was getting much angrier and now he was going to get revenge.

The Bokoblin moved around behind Medli and got more rope, this time he wrapped it around her legs to stop her from that brutal kick again. Medli struggled and grunted with annoyance. Then the Bokoblin moved to the front, facing Medli, eyeing her up and down with lustful eyes. He pushed his body up against hers and licked her cheeks again. Medli had tears running down her cheeks as well as Bokoblin slobber. The Bokoblin started to thrust up against her, rubbing his body right up against her, his crotch thrusting right into her. A buldge began to grow and push against Medli and now she was in trouble!

"OH MY GOD! Get away from me you sick little creature!" She screamed. The buldge was pushing against Medli's pussy, causing her to bite her lip and wince. The Bokoblin growled at her, and then lifted up her skirt to reveal her damp panties. The Bokoblin smiled at how wet Medli, making her burn red with embarrassment. The horny Bokoblin grabbed the neckline of her dress and tore it down and right off. Medli yelled in pain and distress, as then the Bokoblin tore of her panties. Medli was tied to the pole, completely naked, the cold wind making her nipples hard and causing her large breasts to sway in the wind. The size of Medli's breasts caused the Bokoblin's penis to shoot up to full length. For her age and height, Medli's breasts were extremely large and she had the biggest on the island.

Medli stared at the Bokoblins penis, a skinny 5 inch green pole. It was at full length and Medli could tell that he was eager for Medli's body. Medli was still a virgin but whenever she had urges she would use objects in her room as a dildo to satisfy her, but she wasn't ready for an actual penis, especially a Bokoblin's.

"Please don't do this, I'm innocent," Medli cried as tears rolled down her cheeks. The Bokoblin didn't care or take any notice of Medli's cries; in fact her cries were getting him hornier. He moved closer to Medli so now his body was pushed up against hers, and his penis' head was pushed against her pussy lips. Medli turned her head away; she couldn't bear to see this horrible creature rape her of her sweet virginity.

The Bokoblin started to raise his penis into Medli, starting with just a few inches, causing Medli to bite her bottom lip in pain, but also in pleasure. As the penis got deeper inside her, Medli's pussy juices began to run down the Bokoblin's hard cock, giving it lubricant to slide in easier. Medli could take the size of it because the penis was much too thin; she had inserted things inside her thicker than the Bokoblin's penis. Medli still hated the thought of an imp raping her, she had to close her eyes and think of it as someone else, like Link.

"Uh ... take it out. OH! TAKE IT OUT!" Medli begged. The Bokoblin's penis was now in at full length and he was getting into a rhythmic sequence. He wasn't fucking Medli hard, but at a slow and relaxing pace, making it easier for her. Medli turned her head to look at the Bokoblin, realising that it wasn't as bad as she thought, but it started to feel good, but she didn't want to show it. Medli bit her bottom lip to hide her enjoyment because she didn't want to egg this imp on. Just then an orgasm rushed through Medli causing her to thrust her body outwards, driving herself onto the Bokoblin's penis. When she thrust her body out, her huge breasts were pushed right into the Bokoblin's face, completely smothering him. He pulled his face out and the smiled at Medli with great lust and pleasure. The Bokoblin grabbed Medli's massive breasts and pushed them together and massaged then in his grubby claws, the squeezing her hard nipples with its sharp claws. Medli let out a long wail of pain as the claws dug into her nipples, almost breaking the skin. The Bokoblin then pushed its head in between her breasts and let his tongue run across them and lick Medli's trembling body.

Medli was now in deep pleasure with the Bokoblin's cock driving in and out of her and also his tongue and hands running across her great chest. Medli couldn't resist anymore, she had to let her long moans of pleasure and began thrusting her chest out for the Bokoblin. The Bokoblin realised that Medli was enjoying this and wanted more, so he thought of an idea to help.

The Bokoblin reached down and cut the rope off away from her feet with his sharp claws. As he rose back up to continue what he was doing, Medli wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer to get his cock deeper inside her. The Bokoblin drove his penis deeper and faster into Medli, grunting and drooling as he did so.

"Oh my goodness ... YES, YES ... OH GOD YES!" Medli moaned as she reached another orgasm and squeezed her legs tighter around the Bokoblin. The Bokoblin was close to climax, so he reached his top speed and squeezed Medli's massive tits as hard as he could. With every thrust the Bokoblin took, Medli let out a loud moan of pleasure, with her cum pouring out of her. The Bokoblin moved his hands around to the back of Medli to grab her ass, then pulled her deep onto his cock and sprayed his load deep inside her, snorting as he did so. Medli could feel the hot jets of sperm pour inside her body. The Bokoblin relaxed his body but kept his cock deep within Medli. Medli lifted her head up to the sky and was panting deeply with sweat pouring off her. As she came back to her senses she realised the situation she was in, and the Bokoblin that was still inside her, was still rock hard!

The Bokoblin looked up at Medli with a menacing smile, because he was from done, he was just beginning. He turned around and let out a loud screeching sound that hurt Medli's ears, yet she couldn't cover them up. The Bokoblin that was guarding the stairs turned its attention to them, and realised what was going on. It smiled and came running over to them, with his penis beginning to grow. The Bokoblin released Medli's hands by cutting the rope. The Bokoblin that was still inside her dropped and pulled Medli to the ground so that she was lying on top of him, leaving her ass sticking up in the air. The second Bokoblin moved behind her with its cock aimed at her tight asshole, it had found its new play thing. It pushed its head up against her asshole just to stretch it and get it ready for penetration.

"NO! Please not there, I haven't done it there, PLEASE DON'T!" Medli pleaded as more tears ran down her cheeks. The first Bokoblin began to slide its cock in and out of her pussy like before, but with an average speed but driving it deep inside her. Then the second one started to force its cock into her tight ass, starting with just 2 inches inside her. Medli winced as both cocks started to stretch her holes and fill her up completely. The second Bokoblin now had 3 inches sliding in and out of her tight asshole, and was increasing speed.

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