Traffic Jams

by BlackStallion21

Copyright┬ę 2010 by BlackStallion21

Erotica Sex Story: Don't you hate getting caught in traffic? Well some of us know how to get through the painful part of Traffic Jams!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Masturbation   .


After a long and tedious day at school teaching the world's worst freshmen class, the last thing she wanted to do was grade another paper, or look at another student ... or another human being for that matter!

It's funny that she was in such a mood, because she normally had a smiling disposition. outgoing, respectful, and a smile that brightened even the most miserable person's day and deep dimples that showed up as a complement to pearly white teeth that greeted you every time she opened her mouth, but everyone had pissed her off this particular day. Everyone pissed her off, from the other teachers, the assistant principal, the superintendant, and even down to the stupid cafeteria worker that gave her an attitude in the lunch line.

Down the long highway en-route back to her apartment, she ran into the day's usual rush hour traffic crawl. 'Why today?' she thought. 'All I want to do is get out of these clothes and into a hot steaming tub and under warm covers!'

'Fuck all of these stupid people ... I can't believe I am stuck on a planet with all of these people that are breathing my air, and have all of two brain cells in their dumb heads... '

The more she thought about being home, the more she thought about being in that hot tub, and the more she thought about the tub, the more the thought of being clothed in nothing but her birthday suit and the wetter she became, until the urge just overwhelmed her and her hand slipped into her pants...

The feeling of her own juices on her fingers made everything ten times worse than it already was ... the feeling of her hot box wrapped around her tiny fingers was just too good to stop now ... but she had too! It didn't matter that she was stuck in traffic now. The world around her didn't exist. She figured since the traffic had come to a complete stop she would just put the car in park as the other people around her were doing to conserve gas.

The late spring weather was hot and muggy around her and the late days' sun was beaming through her window in on her, and the over shirt that covered her halter top was beginning to stick to her from her body sweating. She took the shirt off and her nipples, despite the heat around her were poking out inches off of her pert tiny tits, and were hard as the glass of her windshield.

The helicopter that flew above and the plethora of emergency vehicles that were racing up the side of the highway forced her to realize that she was going to be there for quite a long time. There must have been an accident somewhere up ahead, and if she had to be in this bullshit, at least she was going to be comfortable.

Unbuckling her seatbelt, which was now sticking to her worse than the clothes that were plastered to her body oh so artistically, the shirt was the next thing to meet the back seat of the car. As she threw her shirt into the back of the car, she looked down at her bra clad b-cup breasts and noticed the hard nipples once again straining against the tightly woven fabrics.

A lubricating pussy was again her body's instant reaction. Out of the corner of her eye a silver flash caught her attention. Looking to her left, in the next lane parked beside her was a business casual dressed gentleman who was staring intently at the cleavage that was spilling out of the top of her bra. Sitting next to him was a beautiful woman who was also business casual dressed, who also happened to be looking in her general direction.

'To continue would be morally wrong, but to miss this opportunity would be a shame ... what to do?'

So she did what anyone in her predicament would do, well anyone that didn't give a damn, quite like her at this point in time and she pinched the pointing nipple that was straining to get through her bra. A ripple of heat shot through her body and her breath caught in the back of her throat ... This was way too good to stop on account of some voyeurs that wanted to stare at her.

She reached behind her back with both hands and unclasped her bra and freed her pert breasts for the entire world to see. A rush of anticipation shook her body as her internal temperature rose and her level of horniness sky rocketed!

Grabbing her left nipple in her hand, she dipped her chin into her chest and extended her tongue to her nipple and started licking it furiously. Circling her tongue around it over and over, she suddenly realized that she could push the nipple into her mouth and she started sucking. A tinge shot into her hot pussy as her body lubricated again ... this was too much for her mind to process at once!

A free right hand was never a good thing, especially when her pussy was aching so badly to be touched, felt, and fucked! So unbuckling her pants single handedly, she ripped the zipper down so hard it may have broken. She let go of her tiny tit and virtually ripped her pants down and off. In one fail swoop, she had pulled her jeans over her sneakers and was sitting in her 2007 Dodge Stratus in nothing but anklet socks and her white tennis shoes in broad daylight for anyone to see.

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