Ariarisha and Lilavasi

by Brian in the Dark

Copyright© 2010 by Brian in the Dark

Science Fiction Sex Story: Aria and Vasi have their first time with each other. Not technically part of the main story.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

NOTE: This is not actually a part of the main Dizyntk story. Well I guess it is but the timeline is way off. It is just something that has been stirring in my brain as I work on both the next part of the main story and another for Timothy and the Twins. So, whenever my mind hit a wall on these stories, I decided to write about Aria and Vasi being together for the first time sexually when Aria turns ten cyankas old. Hope you enjoy. (For first timers to this setting, a cyanka is equal to 18 months. So Aria is 10 cyankas (15 years old), and Vasi is just over 11 cyankas (almost 17 years old).

Dizyntk side story. Or is it future story? You decide.

Lilavasi Asarazyntk was waiting as patiently as she could. Still, anyone could easily see that she was nervous. All of the signs were there; the way her tail swished unevenly back and forth, the way her left ear twitched and turned to the door whenever anyone entered. She was clearly waiting for someone and everybody there knew who it was. She was quite attractive to look at. She stood four foot ten inches tall, if she were standing. Her hair was waist length and light brown. The ears on top of her head were topped with small white tufts of fur. Her eyes, had they been open, would have been of the darkest blue with a large amount of the silver flecking common to her species.

Lilavasi rarely opened her eyes. There was never any reason to as they had been useless to her since an accident in her childhood robbed her of her sight. She had been only two cyankas old when an explosion aboard her mother's transport had damaged the visual centers of her brain. She was supposed to undergo a procedure to possibly fix this, but that was not for another six months. She was not worried about whether it would work or not. She was now eleven and was used to being blind. If anything, she was comfortable with it. The reason for this was the young girl she had met five cyankas ago. A girl who had shown Lilavasi what it truly meant to be Dizyntk.

Lilavasi's mother was the third, and youngest, daughter of Empress Ziniadyra, ruler of the Dizyntk Grand Imperium. Lilavasi had been raised with everything that she could have wanted or needed. The exception was that she had not been allowed to do several things that were normally considered routine to growing up as a Dizyntk. The most prominent of these was hunting. Dizyntk, being descended from predators, were very adept at hunting. While Lilavasi had been taught how to track and stalk using her remaining senses, she had not been allowed to actually bring down an animal. It was felt that she stood too great a risk of getting hurt due to her blindness. Therefore, by the time she was six, she had not done something that almost all Dizyntk children had accomplished by the time they were five. She also had no hope of ever being allowed to do so, until she met a young five cyanka old girl visiting the Imperial Palace.

Ariarisha Zerleen was the oldest daughter and, at the time Vasi had met her, only child of Princess Feyalisa Zerleen, heir to the throne of the Second Star Cluster. She was a lovely girl. She was now as tall as her mother already at five feet. Her flowing red hair reached to her waist and her ears were always up and alert. Her long tail was always twitching in anticipation of something new. The only odd parts of Ariarisha was that her eyes were smaller than a Dizyntk's should have been. She also had five fingers where all other Dizyntk had only four. The reason was simple enough. Her father was human. Therefore Aria was only half Dizyntk.

Aria had come to the Imperial Palace with her mother. She had met Lilavasi by chance while exploring the palace grounds. Ariarisha had taken an almost immediate liking to Lilavasi. She did not care that she was blind and for a week had dragged Lilavasi along to explore as much of the palace area as they could. On several occasions they had even slept in each other's rooms, snuggled together as Dizyntk loved to do. Ariarisha was treating her as if she was any other Dizyntk whom she had befriended. Her opinion of Lilavasi's blindness was that it was a minor impediment. So long as her other four senses worked properly, she would be fine.

Thinking back on it, Lilavasi knew that those three weeks were the beginnings of the love that she had for Ariarisha. This love was cemented forever by the events of a single day at the end of those three weeks. It was on this day that Ariarisha learned of the one regret that Lilavasi had, her lack of having completed a hunt. Ariarisha's reaction to this completely surprised Lilavasi. Ariarisha was furious, not at Lilavasi, but at those who had kept her from being a normal Dizyntk simply because she was blind. Ariarisha insisted on taking Lilavasi hunting in the imperial hunting preserve. She then had Lilavasi make the final kill. This was, Lilavasi thought, the greatest moment in her young life and would have been more than sufficient to ensure that she would always be friends with Ariarisha.

What happened next would change this friendship forever. A Cidnak, a large predator, attacked the two girls immediately after Lilavasi had made her kill. In the ensuing fight, Ariarisha was able to kill the animal, but both girls were badly hurt. Lilavasi's most serious injury was a broken leg. Despite three broken ribs of her own, Ariarisha half-carried Lilavasi out of the preserve. This day fundamentally changed their relationship. They were in love with each other, though they were too young to know it at the time.

This had already changed two cyankas afterwards when, on Ariarisha's eighth birthday, she had kissed Lilavasi. Since that time, even though they had kissed others, the two girls had remained close. The simple fact was that Lilavasi loved Ariarisha dearly. She had always treated Lilavasi as a regular Dizyntk. She still took her hunting whenever the two of them got together. Ariarisha had also asked Lilavasi to have sex with her as soon as Ariarisha turned ten. That day was now a month away and Lilavasi was here to ask her mother to be allowed to travel to the planet Sapphire where Ariarisha lived. This would, in itself, not be anything that would have made Lilavasi nervous. She had gone to visit Ariarisha on Sapphire several times during the five cyankas that the two had known each other. Today was different however. Today Lilavasi was going to ask if she could live on Sapphire, live with Ariarisha.

Kyrasena Asarazyntk entered her reception room and immediately saw her daughter waiting along with the small group of Dizyntk who had business with her. She shook her head slightly and smiled. Lilavasi had always done this when she wanted to go visit Ariarisha. At first, Kyrasena insisted on traveling to Sapphire with her daughter. Starting two cyankas ago, she had allowed Lilavasi to start traveling on her own. She still found it amusing that Lilavasi always made an official request of her to travel to Sapphire. Her daughter also made sure to always be her first appointment on the days that she made such requests.

Lilavasi sat down in front of her mother and took a deep breath. Kyrasena could tell that her daughter was nervous and could not understand why she would be. It would soon become clear why she was.

"Mother, I have a request to make." Lilavasi said in a formal tone.

Kyrasena smiled at her daughter and said, "I know you wish to visit Ariarisha on her birthday. There is no reason to be so nervous, Vasi."

Vasi shook her head. "That is not what I wanted to ask you, mother."

Kyrasena looked puzzled. "I do not understand, Vasi. Are you saying that you do not want to go to Sapphire?"

"That is not what I mean, mother." Vasi said.

"What is your request then, my dearest?" Kyrasena asked.

Vasi took another deep breath and said, "I want your permission to live on Sapphire with Ariarisha."

Kyrasena sat quietly for several seconds. Vasi saw no reason to repeat herself or otherwise interrupt her mother's thoughts.

"Are you sure about this, Lilavasi?" Kyrasena finally asked.

"Yes I am, mother." she replied. "I know that Princess Feyalisa will have to agree to this as well since I will be under her care; but I will need your permission first."

Kyrasena thought for several more seconds. She knew that her daughter loved Ariarisha. She also knew that Lilavasi had become much happier and more confident since meeting Ariarisha. Still, this was her daughter and even though she knew that she would eventually leave, she was not expecting it to be this soon. She also knew that her daughter would not have asked this unless she had talked with Ariarisha about it first.

Lilavasi heard her mother stand and walk to her. Kyrasena wrapped her arms gently around Lilavasi's head and hugged her.

"I assume that Ariarisha is already asking her mother about this." Kyrasena said.

Vasi nodded. "Yes she is, mother."

Kyrasena sighed as she made her decision. "If Princess Feyalisa agrees to this, then I will allow you to go, my precious."

Lilavasi returned her mother's embrace. She almost cried as she said. "Thank you, mother. I love you."

At this time, Ariarisha was indeed asking her mother about Lilavasi coming to live with them. Over the cyankas, Ariarisha had also gone to visit Lilavasi several times. The difference was that Aria was never as formal about such things with her mother as Lilavasi was with hers. Thus, Feyalisa was surprised when, the day before, Aria had actually made an appointment to see her in her office. Aria had never done this for anything before. Whenever she had ever wanted something before, she would simply ask her mother in the evening when they were all home for the day. Feyalisa thus knew that whatever it was that Aria wanted to ask her was unusual.

Feya tilted her head in amusement as Aria entered and bowed.

"Well, this must be something quite unusual for you to be so formal, my dearest." Feya said.

Aria raised her head and said, "In one month I will be ten, mother. I want to ask if, starting on that day, Lilavasi can live with us."

Feya's head straightened up and her ears focused on her daughter. She had been right; this was an unusual request. It was also quite serious.

Aria could see her mother's look become serious. "I know that this is asking a lot, mother. I know that you will be responsible for her if she lives here."

Feyalisa shook her head slowly. "No, my dearest, I will be responsible for making sure that YOU are responsible for her if I agree to this."

Aria smiled a little at this. "Yes, of course I will."

Feyalisa thought for a moment. She had noticed that Aria had been rearranging her room and toilet and bath areas. She had wondered why, but now she thought that she knew.

"That is what you have been up to in your room recently. You have been making it look like Lilavasi's I suspect." Feya said to her daughter.

Aria smiled a bit and nodded her head. "Yes, mother, I have."

"I would ask about Kyrasena, but I would guess that Lilavasi is already asking her mother about this as we speak." Feya said.

Aria nodded again. "I know that she will need her mother's permission. That will not mean anything if you do not agree as well."

Feyalisa thought on this for a few moments. She knew that Lilavasi's mother, Kyrasena, would most likely agree to let her daughter live on Sapphire. She was very protective of her daughter due to her blindness, but she also tended to let Vasi do anything she wanted in regards to her being with Ariarisha. Kyrasena had commented several times about how much more cheerful and confident Vasi had become since meeting Aria. The reason was simple enough, Feya knew.

For as much as Aria obviously loved her, her daughter did not coddle Vasi in regards to her blindness. She insisted that Vasi do everything by herself that she was capable of. Feya had heard her daughter tell Vasi many times over the cyankas that just because she was blind did not mean that she could not do something. So in the end, Feyalisa knew, it was up to her to let Lilavasi live in the palace here on Sapphire. The only question she had was not a question at all. She already knew the answer without even having to hear it. There was no doubt in her mind that Ariarisha would take care of and watch over Lilavasi.

Feyalisa pulled out a piece of her royal stationary and wrote on it. She then held the paper out to Ariarisha.

Aria took the paper and looked at it. It was an order from her mother giving Aria permission to change anything in the Crown Princess' quarters. It also ordered three members of Feyalisa's staff to give any assistance that Aria might need. Ariarisha looked back at her mother questioningly.

Feya smiled at her daughter. "I will allow Lilavasi to live here."

Aria's eyes went wide and she smiled so wide it almost split her face. Just as she started to thank her mother, Feya held up two fingers to indicate silence.

"Only on these conditions." She then continued, "It will be your job to make sure that our living area is properly prepared for her. Work will only be done after your classes. Your days off from classes will be spent with the family. If your grades slip, you will not be allowed to continue and I may revoke my permission. If done correctly, it should probably take you nearly the entire month to complete."

Feya smiled as she saw Aria become serious and nod slowly. "Are you agreeable to these conditions, Ariarisha?"

Ariarisha bowed again and said, "Yes I am, mother, and thank you so much for this."

Four days after this, a message arrived from Kyrasena asking Feyalisa about Lilavasi moving to Sapphire. Feyalisa, confident in her daughter's industriousness, went ahead and sent her reply saying that she would be happy to have Lilavasi live with her.

As predicted, it took Ariarisha nearly the entire month to finish making the changes required to allow Lilavasi to live easily in her family's living area of the palace. She had not let the work interfere with her schoolwork. On the other hand, she had had no choice but to live on just half her normal amount of sleep for almost three weeks. Finally, two days before Lilavasi was supposed to arrive, Aria finished her changes. The day before her party, Feyalisa let her daughter sleep for half the day. She knew that she had done her best and that she was exhausted.

Lilavasi spent two weeks getting ready to leave the only home that she had ever known. Actually packing those things that she wanted to take with her to Sapphire had only taken three days. The remainder of the time was spent saying goodbye to family and friends. Although she had asked her mother if she wanted to travel with her to Sapphire, she had declined. Kyrasena told her daughter that, while she would visit her on occasion, it was time for her to start her new life with her new family. Therefore, twelve days before Ariarisha's birthday, Lilavasi boarded her mother's transport and left for her new life on Sapphire. Although she was happy that she would now be living with Ariarisha, Lilavasi still cried as she felt the ship lift off from Dizyn.

Ariarisha's party was starting in two hours. She had everything ready for the arrival of her guests. Right now, however, she was waiting at the palace's aerospace port. Lilavasi was due to arrive any minute and Aria was so excited that she was almost vibrating. She was always happy whenever Lilavasi came to visit. Now she was coming to live with her. She was waiting alone. She had asked to do so and her parents had agreed. Aria watched as the shuttle landed. She walked slowly towards the ship as it settled into the landing cradle. The door slid open and there stood the Dizyntk that she was in love with.

Lilavasi felt the shuttle land and slowly stood and made her way to the door. She was as excited as Aria, but she was also a bit scared. It was her first day on Sapphire as her new home. As the door opened in front of her, she could immediately smell the distinctive aroma of the planet Sapphire. She then heard the slow, measured, footsteps approaching her. She then caught the whiff of scent that told her instantly who was walking towards her. It was a scent that she would always recognize. It completely dispelled any fears that were lingering in her. Vasi always felt safer and happier when she knew that Aria was with her.

Vasi smiled and held her hands at the level that she knew, from long experience, was where Aria's face would be. "I've missed you, Aria."

Aria stopped between Vasi's hands and closed her eyes as she felt her friend's fingers slowly trace over every feature of her face. She always loved the way Vasi's fingers lightly brushed over her. Aria then began to do the same to Vasi.

"Welcome home." Aria said softly. She then leaned forward and gently kissed Vasi on the lips.

Lilavasi slowly wrapped her hands around the back of Aria's head as she pulled her closer and returned the kiss. She could feel Aria's fingers sinking into her hair. She could feel herself melting into Aria's arms. She felt Aria's tail wrap around her waist and her tongue slip into her mouth.

For the next several minutes, the two girls kissed their hellos to each other. They had not seen each other in almost four months. This was about how long they normally had to wait between their visits and they always hated it. Now they both knew that they would never have to be apart that long again.

Aria and Vasi walked hand in hand, their tails wrapped lightly around each other's waists, back to the palace. Aria took care to introduce each of the palace staff that they came across along the way. Lilavasi already knew several of them from her previous visits. They all knew that she would be living there now and welcomed her. They finally arrived at the main ballroom of the palace, where Aria's party was being held. Her previous birthday parties had been held in the living area of her family. This party would have many more guests than these. This was because it was to be her tenth and this was a very important day. It marked the day that Ariarisha was no longer considered a child. Therefore, many important Dizyntk from throughout the Second Star Cluster had been invited. This party would last for about three hours. After this, Aria would have a smaller party with just her friends in her family's quarters as normal.

Aria was pleasant to all of the guests at the party. She would, after all, be queen one day. This meant that she needed to impress, or at least not alienate, these Dizyntk. Ariarisha knew all of this and was her normal gregarious and cheerful self. Aria's great-grandmother, Queen Kiasyphia, watched from one end of the room. She had, over the past five cyankas, carefully and subtly instructed Aria on how to carry herself around the other Dizyntk nobility. This was doubly important for Ariarisha, as she was only half Dizyntk. Kiasyphia was quite happy to see that Aria had obviously absorbed the lessons that she had given her. She also knew that it did not hurt that Aria had Lilavasi with her the entire time. Having been raised at the Imperial Palace, Lilavasi was well versed in proper etiquette. It was also helpful that she was a granddaughter of the Empress. It raised several of the noble's opinions of Aria to have Vasi be so close with her.

In the end, there were only ten of the nobles whose opinions really mattered. These were the ten Duchesses who were the heads of the most powerful families in the Second Star Cluster. Safinytari Desekala was the Duchess whose family ruled the western hemisphere of the planet Elishen. Her territory contained the small human settlement that had been established in Dizyntk space. She had come to know these humans were not so very different from her own people. She had also gotten to know Ariarisha two cyankas earlier. She had, therefore, come to the opinion that Aria being half-human did not matter. All that mattered was that Aria was fit to rule. She had concluded long ago that she would support Ariarisha so long as she showed that she was fit to one day be queen. Tonight had not changed her mind on this in the slightest. She also quietly gauged the support from those other nine Dizyntk who were her only peers. By the end of the party, she was satisfied that none of the other nine duchesses was opposed to Ariarisha at this point. There were at least three who, like herself, were supportive of Aria.

After the formal party ended, the private party with Aria's friends began. Aria had only six Dizyntk whom she considered close friends. All of them knew Lilavasi and got along well with her. They all also knew how much Aria and Vasi loved each other. There were even two of them who had brought welcoming gifts for Vasi. Aria also had a surprise for Vasi.

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