In Heat

by Sterling

Copyright© 2010 by Sterling

Incest Sex Story: As a desperate measure to save humanity from extinction, Dr. Olson releases a virus into the population that makes girls go into heat -- craving a great deal of sex during their rare fertile periods. They will go to any lengths to get what they need. Men and boys can smell their condition and are nearly as single-minded in giving them what they want so much.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Science Fiction   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   First   Pregnancy   .

President Jason Johnson sat back in his chair, sighed, and rubbed his eyes. After a brief pause, he addressed Dr. Luc Olson:

"Let me see if I've got this right. You are suggesting I authorize release of a virus into the population."


"This virus will rapidly spread to infect virtually everyone."


"Its effects on human sexuality are profound."


"You don't know of any way to get rid of the virus or reverse its effects."

"Yes, though we are working on that issue."

"But there is no guarantee you will succeed."


"Do you realize how illegal and immoral that is?"

"Yes, of course. But our situation is so dire that we have to consider all alternatives."

"Aren't there promising new research directions arising all the time?"

"The scientists who are applying for funding say that, of course, but 85% of the American Academy of Sciences thinks the chances of restoring normal fertility within the next ten years are under 10%."

"And could you tell me again why we need to act now?"

"It would help if I can give some background."

"We are all pretty familiar with the situation."

"I'm sure you are, but I think it helps to hear it presented all at once."

The President sighed. "It certainly is an important issue. Go ahead."

Dr. Olson breathed a small sigh of relief. The first hurdle was overcome. Even when the world might be coming to an end, getting the President's undivided attention was no sure thing.

"It is now thirteen years since the precipitous drop in fertility -- the baby bust.

"We quickly determined that while girls and women had periods as always, they were ovulating only rarely. There are always a certain number of women trying to get pregnant, and we determined that they were not succeeding even with normal sex during one of their rare ovulations. We determined that multiple sexual partners increased the chances of conceiving, but it took ten or more partners to give a significant chance of conceiving.

"We have also known for a few years that girls in their mid-teens are the most likely to conceive, with the chances of fertility decreasing as age goes up.

"The key to achieving a pregnancy is having a girl or woman receive dozens of sexual partners during her fertile time. Science has done everything we could to remove obstacles and risks getting in the way of that behavior. We have prevented the transmission of STDs. We have allowed easy and reliable identification of a fertile period. We have tried without success to see if artificial insemination with a mixture of semen from different men could have the same effect."

The President interrupted. "Do we know why that doesn't work? That was supposed to be our ace in the hole -- so to speak." There were a few smiles among those at the table.

"No, we don't know why. As far as we can tell, insertion of the penis in the vagina followed by ejaculation is required."

Dr. Olson continued, "The biggest problem is getting the girls to have sex with a great many partners. It goes against deep-seated patterns in all societies.

"The social scientists have tried to address this problem. Movies, TV, video games -- all the entertainment media -- have been saturated with messages to promote a great many sexual partners as a natural and happy experience. Persuasive essays and inspirational speeches have been tried. As you know, a cash award of $15,000 has been offered for 15-year-old girls if they will have sex with 30 men when they are fertile. All of these efforts have failed. Very few girls accept that offer.

"In short, voluntary measures simply aren't enough.

"Requiring girls to submit to sex with a great many men does seem effective, where it has been tried in China. In democracies it is politically unacceptable."

"That's for certain," the President said.

"This brings us to the current proposal. The virus which we have fashioned enhances the sex drives of girls and women when they are fertile."

"You said that before. But somehow I don't think that girls being hornier is going to overcome the problem, is it?" The President smiled, as did several of his advisers.

"You would think so, but in our studies, their interest really is quite extraordinary. Quite extraordinary indeed."

"And what is the hurry, again? Why can't we wait several more years to give you scientists a chance to work your magic to produce a legal and moral solution, without coercion?"

"Ah, yes. Since the baby bust struck thirteen years ago, there are simply very few girls younger than thirteen. And this is where our latest finding is so vital. If a girl succeeds in conceiving during an ovulation before the age of sixteen, she is much more likely to conceive second and third children later. But even if a young woman in her 20s conceives, she is just as unlikely to conceive later.

"To a large extent, the possibility of a remotely sustainable birthrate relies on girls getting pregnant while they are in their teens. Once the youngest girls reach the age of twenty -- or even eighteen, many of us think -- our chances of keeping the human species from vanishing are very small.

"We have to act now -- or risk going extinct as a species."

The President sat back to think. On the one hand, there was a significant chance that the species would go extinct. On the other, there was the prospect of social chaos, as girls became sluts. Most voters would be very upset. The idea that his administration would be responsible for such profound unhappiness was unthinkable. He supposed that in time, eventually, people might see the wisdom. The idea of girls begging for sex with men did have a certain appeal, and this made him suppress a smile. But he faced the voters as he came up for re-election in a mere three years. It really wasn't that hard to make a decision.

"I hereby order that all research on this subject be stopped. I order that all stocks of this virus be destroyed and all the labs that are working on it be shut down. I want to make sure this virus could never be released."

"But, sir!"

"The meeting is adjourned."

Dr. Olson's heart sank. His confidantes told him this would happen, but it was still hard to accept.

Well, there was still plan B, and it would have to be executed immediately.

"Time to deploy the virus," Dr. Olson said into his secure phone line.

"So the President approved it?"

"Yes, but he would never admit it. He told me in a private meeting. The release must happen immediately, in total secrecy."

"OK," said his chief in the Los Angeles office, uncertainly. "Are you sure about this?"

"Absolutely," he said.

The President had had no private meeting with Dr. Olson. The good doctor was simply lying. He thought back to the end of World War II, when the Nuremberg trials had established the doctrine that following the orders of superior officers was not a defense in the case of war crimes. In Dr. Olson's view, failure to release the virus would be a war crime -- something worse than a war crime. Not even a crime against humanity -- a crime against the existence of humanity. His conscience was clear.


Sally Johnson was just thirteen years old. She awoke in the middle of the night feeling strange. A glance at the clock showed that it was 4:06 am.

She felt very energetic, and not at all tired. Down between her legs, she seemed to be glowing. It was nothing like menstrual cramps, which she had first had about eight months earlier along with her first period. It was a glow. She had never heard of such a thing before, but she was used to surprises from her reproductive system -- discharge, PMS, and of course those yucky periods. She would have to look online in the morning and see what she could find. If worst came to worst, she could ask her mother.

As she lay awake, she thought of boys in her school. Brian was really cool, and she found herself imagining what he would look like naked. She'd never wondered about that before! And then there was Carl, who was pestering her, and he suddenly seemed very sexy. She would be happy to go out with him, maybe invite him over to study. But in that scenario her hand was running up and down the inside of his thigh, then he was reciprocating, and in no time ... What was this? Had she turned into some kind of sex maniac?

Even Mike, who she hated -- she imagined hating him while he lay on top of her, driving his penis up into her vagina. How could you hate someone and want them to fuck you? This was bizarre!

As for Will, whom she had had a crush on for months, she felt a hunger so intense it hurt. It was crazy -- she wanted to have sex not just with her crush Will but with all them. As she thought of their bodies against hers, she shivered. She checked the clock again. It was 4:17.

There were two males in the house. Her brother Ben was still a kid, just ten years old, and while she felt some excitement, it wasn't that strong. But with him she could act instead of just thinking -- and she wanted to act. Nothing physically prevented her from simply walking into the hall and around the corner into his room and sliding into bed next to him. She hadn't seen what he looked like inside his underpants for many years now.

The other male was her father. What a horrifying thought! But he was right down the hall. Sally was glowing between her legs, and the thought of his big, strong body made her breathing speed up. But what a yucky idea! If any boy from her school was there, she would do it with them -- oh, what was she thinking? She had had no intention of having sex any time soon at all.

These were stupid thoughts. It was normal for girls to think about sex more, she knew that, but this was ridiculous! She decided she would just breathe deeply and she would soon fall asleep. After a few seconds, she realized she was uncomfortably warm, and peeled off the covers. Her private parts were especially warm, and she took her panties off. She went back to deep breathing, and kept it up for about a minute.

She remembered the one time she had seen her father naked, when she was five. She felt a little surge of moisture in her pussy as the image of his dick came to her. All she had to do was walk down the hall and go into her parents' bedroom. But her mother slept right beside her father, so that was a problem. Enough! She took a few more deep breaths.

She used to go crawl into bed with her parents if she had a bad dream. She could pretend she had a bad dream -- even if it was five years since she had any inclination to do that. It was the best excuse she could think of to get near her father, and in a sense this was a bad dream.

She stood and smoothed her nightgown down to cover her bare privates, then padded down the hall. As she opened the door she saw her parents sleeping. Her father slept on the near side of the bed and she just climbed in, just like when she was a little girl. But she didn't feel like a little girl. Her feelings surged. She had intended to snuggle up with her back to her father, but instead she found herself facing him, as he lay on his back. She had to push her hot privates against him. She just had to!

Tom woke with a start. What was that smell? His penis was filling as fast as it could possibly fill. Someone had just climbed into bed next to him -- his daughter Sally, and the smell was coming from her. He needed to tell her to go back to bed. But for some reason he couldn't possibly do it. She was snuggling up against him, and he turned on his side to face her.

A breast beneath her nightgown touched his chest. When he reached out to touch her hip, there was no nightgown and no panties in the way. He was feeling his daughter's flesh. When he slid his hand down to her private parts, he felt pubic hair, showing most definitely that she wasn't a girl any more! Tom slept in nothing but a T-shirt, so there was no cloth between their respective lower parts.

He had no choice. He grabbed her butt cheek to hold her body to his. When he thrust his cock upwards, it poked against her soft and hairy parts. He pressed again, and it slid partway into what had to be her pussy. His orgasm was starting. He thrust hard as his penis went in all the way. Ecstasy seized his brain as his semen shot down the length of his cock and up into Sally. Sally cried out, and so did he, in spite of himself.

His wife Mary woke suddenly and leaned over them.

"What's going on?" she asked. "What are you doing here, Sally? Why are you breathing hard?" She leaned over and pulled the covers back to see her husband's softening but slick organ and her daughter's pussy. "What?! I can't believe it! How could you!"

Tom was confused. "I don't know, Mary --"

Mary stood. "Get out! Out of my room!" Then to her daughter, "Oh, sweetie, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, mom," she said. The nearly unbearable tension had broken. As she had brought her pelvis to her father, Sally had been suddenly surprised and overwhelmed to feel something blunt poke her between her legs, to one side. She moved just a little so another poke would be more in the center. Then she felt something enormous and hard but also smooth and soft surge between her legs and up inside her body. It must be her father's penis. It felt so wonderful and so amazingly right. Her body started an intense orgasm on his second surge. Her father cried out at the same time, and then that huge penis withdrew.

"Tom! How could you do this?"

"I don't know, Mary," he mumbled.

"Your girl came to you for comfort, and you raped her!"


"Why did you let him, sweetie? You could have just yelled..."

"I wanted it, mom. I wanted it so bad."


Tom mumbled, "It all happened so fast. Mary, can you smell her?"

Mary sniffed. "No, I don't smell anything." Tom's cock was hardening again, and Mary noticed. "What? I can't believe you could possibly get turned on. Out!"

Sally saw her father's cock, and her desire surged again, her pussy feeling warmer than ever. She slid to the center of the bed and took off her nightgown completely, then spread her legs. She willed his organ towards her.

Tom saw what his daughter was doing out of the corner of his eye and nearly fainted.

"Tom! Tom!" Mary yelled.

Tom couldn't stand it. He rose and took Mary firmly by the arm and ushered her out of the bedroom, locking the door behind him.

Tom understood that he had broken the ancient and powerful incest taboo, and while he was very confused, he told himself he was not a worse person if he broke it again. He gently slid his body over Sally's.

"You want this, honey?" he asked.

"Oh, God yes! Oh, please! Again!" Sally urged.

He thrust into her and she pressed up against him, and he thrust for maybe thirty seconds. Within a few seconds she had an orgasm, crying out and gripping him with her pussy strongly in rhythmic waves.

They heard pounding on the door. "Tom! Sally! Come out of there right now!"

But the two lovers were focused on nothing but the other's body and their union. Her pussy was literally hot in a way he had never experienced before, her body temperature elevated. Although he had come just a few minutes before, he shoved deep and spurted his semen into her once more, moaning.

"Oh, thank you, daddy!" Sally said. She seemed to glow, and kissed his cheeks.

Tom fell back onto his back. Why was he so intent on sex with his daughter? "I don't get it, Sally ... Why?..."

"I don't know, daddy, but I needed it so bad."

"What have I done to you?" Tom asked, mostly to himself.

"It was my idea, and I'm glad you did."

"Go back to bed now, sweetie," he said.

Sally reluctantly pulled her nightgown down and headed back to her room, her mother having given up her post outside the bedroom door.

Sally knew she wouldn't sleep. She was thinking of those incredible bursts of pleasure she had felt when her father's penis was stroking back and forth inside her. Those orgasms dwarfed the ones she had when she played with herself. She was amazed that her father's penis was so huge but it all fit inside her comfortably -- more than comfortably. She craved it.

She heard her parents arguing. Then her mother knocked on her door, and entered after a couple seconds without being asked.

"Sally, I don't understand. You know you're not supposed to do anything with your father, and keep yourself covered whenever you're around him. It's his fault, but why did you egg him on?"

"I don't know, mom," Sally said. "I had to."

"You had to? You had to?" Mary said, voice rising. "We all have urges, but we control them, and why would you want your father?"

Sally exploded. "I don't know, mom! I don't know why, but I had to! And I can't stand your bugging me all the time. I hate you!" And with that she shoved her mother towards the door. "Get out!"

Startled and bewildered, Mary retreated. Sally slammed the door behind her.

Sally tried to distract herself, with little success. She spread her legs and looked at her pussy. The entire area was slippery with secretions, and there were faint traces of blood. She had lost her virginity, but as she thought back to her father's enormous surge into her the first time, she had no memory of anything resembling pain at all.

After a trip to the bathroom to clean up, she returned to her room and lay down. The clock said 6:33. But after tossing and turning for a few minutes, she knew that was useless, so she got up and turned the light on. She tried some music, tried texting her friends, and looked at what was new on the internet.

She rarely wore dresses to school, but she chose one now. She knew that she couldn't stand to wear panties as long as she felt so warm down there, and a dress would help with the ventilation too.

When the clock showed her normal waking time of 7:00, she went out into the hallway and down towards the living area, not sure what she would find. What she found was her parents sitting in the living room in their pajamas, her father's head in his hands. The conversation stopped when she appeared at the door.

The sight of her father took her breath away, and their eyes locked.

"What is that smell?" he asked. He beckoned her to come closer, and without even being asked, she raised her dress.

"Sally!" her mother shouted.

Her father's nose had zoomed to the little triangle of hair between her legs. "I've never smelled anything like it."

Sally gave her mother a defiant stare and said, "Daddy?"

"Yeah, honey."

"Can we do it again?"

Mary exploded then, "What is wrong with the two of you!"

Sally screamed back, launching herself at her mother and pummeling her.

"No, no, no fighting!" Tom said uncertainly, separating the two who were on the verge of a no-holds-barred cat fight.

"I feel like doing it, Sally, but I can't," Tom said. "Let's ... let's have some breakfast."

Just then Ben shuffled down the hall. "What's that smell?" he asked, but stopped when he saw his parents and sister in disarray. "Oh," he said, looking confused and putting his hands in front of his crotch as he retreated to his bedroom.

Sally thought of that cock that he had in his underpants. Had it been getting stiff? Was that why he had covered himself? She left her parents and followed him down the hallway, though he had already retreated behind a shut door.

"Ben, can I come in?"


Sally went in anyway. Ben turned away from her where he stood, hands between his legs.

"Is it stiff? That's OK. That's natural. Can I see?"


She started pulling his pajamas down, and he resisted. He was probably afraid she was going to humiliate him, as big sisters sometimes do.

"Please! You can look at me too!"

"Sally, what are you doing?" came their mother's voice from the hallway.

"I think we need to let them be," they heard their father say.

Sally raised her dress and said, "See?" Sally. Ben looked over his shoulder, very surprised. "Let me see you too."

She saw his eyes riveted to her hairy girl parts. "Have you ever seen a big girl before?" she asked warmly.

Ben shook his head a little.

"Well here I am, you can look! But I don't want you to just look. Here, turn around!", Sally said, turning him so his bulging pajamas faced her.

He let her pull his pajamas and underpants down. His erect penis popped into view. "It looks great," she said. There was no pubic hair, and it was much smaller than her dad's, but it still entranced her.

She took his hand and led him to the bed, then lay back with her dress spread. "Come here and put it in me!" she whispered with excitement.

He looked surprised but he approached quickly, a faraway look on his face. As he slid onto her, he instinctively poked his little penis forward, and she slid it inside. He began thrusting away. It felt good to Sally, even if it wasn't anything like her father. Ben started breathing hard, and he kept shoving in and out really fast.

Sally realized that she felt relaxed with her brother fucking away in her. That is what he's doing, she reflected. Fucking. After a couple of minutes he moaned, paused, then pulled out, looking confused.

Neither of them really knew what had happened, but it seemed like it was over. Sally hugged him, and told him he was a great brother -- something she realized she hadn't said in many years.

As she emerged from Ben's room she saw that it was 7:25. Usually by then her mother would be telling her to hurry or else she would be late. She usually dreaded school, but today the images of her classmates came back to her, the same ones she had dreamt about during the night.

"Are you going to drive me to school?" she asked.

Her mother stared at her. "Are you kidding? Going to school, after what's happened this morning? Your father and I are trying to figure out what to do. I think we ought to call the police, but I'm hoping we can work this out some other way."

"I need to go to school," Sally said. "I'm ready now."

"You are not going to school!" her mother announced with finality.

She called to her father in the living room. "Hey, daddy, can you take me to school?" In the past she would never have appealed to her father after her mother announced a decision, but things were different somehow.

"Oh, Sally, I think your mother's right. It's not a good day to go to school. We'll call to tell them you're sick."

"I am not sick!" Sally said. "I need to go to school."

Looking back and forth between her parents, she saw she was not going to make any headway with them.

But the school was not even a mile away. It would be easy enough to walk. So she simply walked out the front door.

"Where are you going?" her mother called.

Sally realized she didn't have her backpack, but somehow that didn't seem important at the moment. What was important was the other kids -- the boys, to be precise. "To school!" she said, and started jogging. When Brian's face came to her mind she started running for a little while, smiling. She slowed as she got within a hundred yards of the school.

As she got into the building, she felt a little dizzy at all the boys around her in the corridor. A hush came over the boys as they stopped and sniffed. As they looked around for the source of that arousing odor, they followed her with their eyes. The girls smelled nothing, but realized something was wrong and started talking nervously. Sally got to her locker somehow.

Brian was right there, not far from her locker. Sally felt like someone else was controlling her, as she went right up to Brian and tentatively pulled the front of her dress up, exposing her lower parts to him. The hall filled with excited chatter. Brian stared, wide-eyed, and his rapid breathing marked tension and excitement. After a moment's hesitation, he fished his erect penis out of his pants and pushed Sally gently against the locker. She felt herself tingle at his touch. She lifted one leg so he could get at her more easily, and with their joint efforts he thrust into her within a few seconds. The kids in the hall were dumbfounded.

"Yes!" she whispered softly.

Within a few seconds Brian's urgent thrusts ended with one deep one, while he groaned. Pleasure coursed through Sally's body too.

"What? I don't understand," said Brian softly as he withdrew from her. He was suddenly embarrassed. The hallway was in an uproar.

Mrs. Morse appeared to check out the commotion in the hall, and arrived just in time to see Sally's dress falling into place and Brian rearranging himself, turned away from her.

"They were doing it, right there!" one girl said, incredulous, while others echoed the observation.

"All right, all of you, move along now!" commanded the teacher. The students all moved off slowly. A number of the boys could be seen rearranging their pants surreptitiously -- the telltale bulge of an erect penis could be seen in several others.

"Are you OK, Sally?" Mrs. Morse asked.

"Sure," said Sally, in a happy daze.

She didn't have any pack with her, but managed to pull out a notebook from her locker before she headed off to math class. Mrs. Morse decided to follow along behind. All along the way, she saw the boys and the occasional male teacher stop and sniff, and then eyes followed Sally. Some turned around and followed her.

Sally was one of the last ones into the classroom. She started for her seat, but along the way she passed Carl, who was looking especially sexy, and she pretended to lose her balance and fall over him. He sniffed deeply and got a crazed look in his eyes as she slowly got herself upright again, letting her hands linger in his hair. Without thinking about it, she casually lifted her dress and pressed her naked pussy against him.

"Sally! What the... ?" the confused boy asked.

"Can you fuck me?" Sally whispered.

"Now?" Carl asked, incredulous.

"Yes!" Sally said, oblivious.

Carl got up, eyes glued to her pussy and oblivious to his surroundings. Sally looked around for a suitable place. With no better option in sight, she simply lay on the linoleum floor, legs spread wide.

"Sally!" shrieked Molly. The few people in the class who hadn't already seen the spectacle turned, riveted to the scene.

Like a crazed man, Carl pulled down his pants and underpants, revealing his very erect prick. He lowered himself onto the girl, and she grasped his cock lightly to aim it. The instant she did, his seed shot out and coated her hand. "Oh well," Sally laughed, smearing the goop on her pussy.

Panting, Carl pulled aside.

"I can't believe it!" said some girl.

"Sally, what are you doing?" asked Molly, trying to be calm.

But from her place on the floor, Sally saw John, his erection plainly visible as he stared at her pussy.

She met his gaze. "Yes! Please?" she said.

John needed no more encouragement, and his pants were off in a second, he leaned over her, and slid inside.

"Yes!" Sally moaned.

"Oh God!" said John, panting. He got his cock seated in the girl's pussy and managed a few strokes before he gave a loud groan, coming inside her cunt.

Sally squeezed his powerful back and smiled. He lay down on her, panting.

By then other boys had pulled their pants down, all revealing raging erections. Sally looked at them hungrily.

"OK, John," she said, "I need another boy."

Confused, John rolled to the side, his softened cock slipping out of the girl on the floor.

The girls had formed a semicircle, gasping and talking.

"What's going on?" asked Mr. Chadwick as he strode into the room.

"Sally's fucking all the boys, right on the floor!"

The teacher wondered what sort of a joke this was, but as he made his way between the girls, he saw that it was no joke. There lay Sally on the bare linoleum floor, dress up around her middle. Steve lay on top of her, pants down to his thighs, his butt cheeks tensing and relaxing in the motion that is a sure sign of fucking.

"Steve! Get up, right now!" Mr. Chadwick commanded.

But Steve only sped up his thrusting action before groaning. After a few seconds he came to his senses and rolled off, looking sheepish, and quickly pulling himself together again as he was aware of his teacher watching.

But Mr. Chadwick was staring at Sally, whose pussy was engorged and leaking semen.

"Get up!" the teacher said, but Sally lay where she was.

"Can you do it too?" she asked him with a hungry smile.

He was in a group of boys, those who had already serviced the girl sweaty and panting, others with pants down, hard cocks, and an intent expression.

"No!" he said.

"Please?" Sally said. "Put it right in here," she said pointing to the obvious place. "You can fuck me too, like the others. I'd like it if you would!"

"Yeah, go for it!" said an anonymous boy.

Still the teacher hesitated, his cock filling with blood and desperate to be set free of his confining pants.

"Well, if you're not going to..." said the troublemaker Allan, lowering himself towards the magic pussy that mesmerized them all.

"Allan!" the teacher said, but his voice was faltering and he was pulling down his pants. A new round of gasps went up from the girls.

Allan got his dick lodged in the girl and started fucking away. He humped away for thirty seconds, longer than any of the others.

"Come on, Allan, give it to me!" said Sally. "Come in me!"

"Ohh, man, ohhh," mumbled Allan incoherently.

"Go ahead," she urged. She could see a couple other cocks over his shoulder, and she wanted to get them into her too. "Finish it!" she said.

Allan yelled as he let loose up inside Sally, and a few of the girls giggled nervously. He also collapsed on the girl.

"Get off!" commanded Mr. Chadwick. Allan managed to slither to the side, while the teacher launched himself at his student. He was hairier and more muscular than the boys, Sally noticed. More like her father, and more exciting.

That was just the start of her day. For hours she roamed from room to room, eager to get fucked as often as she could.

Sally was under observation in the emergency room. She was in a daze, exhausted from all the sex, unspeakably humiliated by what she had done.

"Sally," the nurse said kindly. "Your mother and father are here. You don't have to see them, or you can see just one. It's up to you."

"Mommy -- I want to see just my mommy," she said without hesitation.

Her mother entered, cautiously, remembering the angry girl who had attacked her before she left the house that morning. Sally rose and approached eagerly. Neither sensing any hostility from the other, Sally squeezed her mother tight and burst into tears.

"There, there, dear, I'm so glad to see you."

"I was such an ... God, naked, all those boys, the principal ... How can I ever go back to school?" she said, crying again.

"You weren't yourself, honey. It was like a disease, OK? Like this morning, too, you've never screamed at me, and you'd never let your father touch you like that."

Sally was unconvinced, and kept whimpering. The nurse brought in an armchair so mother could sit, allowing her daughter to curl up in her lap.

Another of the endless hospital personnel appeared, and said, "Sally, we have a specialist we'd like you to talk to about the psychological part -- what it felt like and so forth. He's a man, Dr. Feingold. You can meet with him by yourself, or with your mother. Whatever you'd like. Do you mind meeting with a man?" she asked.

"It's OK," Sally said, "if my mom can come with me."

Sally laid out for the good doctor how horribly embarrassed she was.

"Do you know what the cause is?" her mother asked.

"As far as we know, there has never been anything like this before."

Sally cried. She was a total freak.

"But there was another very important part of this, Sally, that maybe you're not thinking about. You acted in a very unusual manner, but you weren't the only one. Suppose a girl had gone into the school last week and made her sexual availability clear, like you did."

Sally and her mother both stiffened.

"Sorry, I don't mean any harm. You weren't yourself, and I can't think of another way to say it.

"If a girl did that last week, what do you think the boys would have done?"

"Had lots of sex, like they did with me?"

"What do you think, Mrs. Johnson?"

Sally's mother hesitated. "No, I don't think very many would have."

"Sally, what about the teachers and the principal? Do you think they would have had sex in public with a school girl last week?"

"No," Sally conceded.

"You see, there's something that's not just you. It's them."

"They kept asking what that smell was. I never smelled anything? Did I have a dirty smell? Something that makes boys go insane?"

"They all report some very unusual odor that made them very excited sexually. But don't you see, that's not you, that's your physical body, beyond your control. The way you acted -- that wasn't within your control, but maybe it's hard for you to believe that. But surely you couldn't get yourself to smell different."

"Yeah," Sally said, then said, "So I've got a disgusting body," dissolving into tears.

"No, Sally, not at all," her mother said, but she thought that if she was in her daughter's shoes, she would feel the same way.

Sally didn't become pregnant from her first heat, but she did bear a son from her second, and later bore three more children.


Cecily Roberts burst into the Principal's office.

"Now we've got a case. A girl who is begging for sex."

"Oh, great," said Grace Cunningham. Sally Johnson had had her famous episode on Monday, the first ever. There had been three cases in the school district on Tuesday. It was Wednesday morning. It had been just 48 hours since this bizarre malady had struck, and there had been no time to devise an official policy or response. But Grace had thought it over, and she had a plan.

"Who?" Grace asked.

"Phyllis Catano."

"Where is she?"

"Outside the library."

"OK, get Frieda and Shawna and meet me there. Tell them to drop whatever they're doing and come immediately!"

On her way to the library, Grace stopped by Sarah Grayfield's class.

"Sarah," Grace said from the door to the class. "I need you to come with me."


"Yes, right now."

"One moment, class," said Sarah, "you can start on your homework."

"Follow me," Grace said.

As the five women met outside the library, Grace saw a semicircle of boys, some with pants down, and through the crowd she saw a boy lying down, his naked bottom rhythmically undulating. The bare feet and calves she saw underneath the boy were undoubtedly Phyllis's. She had heard the reports, but it was still shocking to see it in person.

Grace looked at her four teachers. They were all fit, all reasonably strong. "Get her out of there and to my office. Drag her if we have to."

She then addressed the throng of boys. "Stand aside, everyone!" The boys mostly gave way before the five authority figures. The boy who was humping didn't stop. "Get up!" Grace shouted, but the boy just went faster. But within a few seconds he evidently came, and then he let himself be rolled off.

"Come on, Phyllis, get up," said the Principal.

She let herself be lifted to her feet by two of the women. The five of them marched rapidly down the hall.

Grace fell in right behind Phyllis and noted how vibrant she looked, brimming with sexuality. She had a classic hourglass figure, shoulder-length brown hair and shapely calves. The hair was mussed a bit, and she had a bit of dirt on her back from where she had been lying. Just the sort of girl Grace fantasized about taking to bed. She felt a little damp in her panties thinking about it.

"Hey, what are you doing?" asked a boy. "She wants it!"

Phyllis asked, "Where are we going?" but Grace didn't answer. A crowd of boys followed along behind.

Grace led them inside the main office and then into a conference room inside.

"OK, thanks everyone," she said to her teachers. "Cecily, stay here with me, and the rest of you can go."

Grace breathed a sigh of relief. It was a rather drastic measure, and technically illegal, but desperate situations called for decisive measures.

"What are you going to do with me?" Phyllis asked.

"We'll just keep you here for the day, keep you until your strange condition passes."

"But you can't do that, I need to be out there!"

"Sorry, you're not in your right mind."

"I am too!" the ordinarily quiet Phyllis shouted. She started to leave.

"No you don't," said Grace, and held her back. Phyllis started struggling in her arms!

It was arousing to be wrestling with a naked girl, one of her own students no less, but she had only a moment to savor it. She was stronger than Phyllis and shoved her towards the corner of the conference room a little harder than she needed to, then shut the door behind her. Within a second Phyllis was at the inside of the door, shouting, "Let me out!" and pushing against it with surprising force.

"Help me, Cecily," said the principal, and the muscular teacher joined her in holding the door shut.

Phyllis let out a blood-curdling shriek, and Grace began to wonder if her plan would work as smoothly as she had hoped. A few boys had followed them into the office, and now more joined them.

"What are you doing to her?" one asked.

"I'm keeping her here until she comes to her senses -- and stops being a total slut."

"But you can't do that," said Steve, a fair-sized senior. "You can't keep her there."

"And you shouldn't call a student at slut," said Mr. Williams, the history teacher who had appeared among the boys. Grace wondered whose side he was on, then figured he was on the side of the prominent bulge in his pants.

"Yeah, you've got to let her out," said another boy.

Grace summoned up all of her authority and shouted, "We are keeping Phyllis here until the end of the day! That is my order! It is final! Do you understand? Now go! Get out!" Phyllis's shrieking and banging on the door didn't help the aura of authority she wanted to create, nor did the fact she was leaning hard against the door, bracing herself against Phyllis's shoves.

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