Driving Heidi Home

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2010 by Stepdaddy

Erotica Sex Story: My fourteen-year-old babysitter is developing nicely, and is at that age where, as the child of a single mother, she is looking for a father figure -- or something. I devise a scheme to lead her down a path she doesn't see coming, but doesn't much resist, either.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   First   Babysitter   .

My wife, Traci, was a real piece of ass when I met her. It was my first job out of college, a newly hired engineer in a large defense-consulting firm in Washington, DC. Actually, like most such companies, it was located in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, to be precise. She was a secretary, like the hosts of other little honeys from the hinterland who make their way to this white-collar mecca every year. She was from a crop a few years earlier, and so she was an established honey. She wasn't my secretary – I had to share one with several other junior analysts. She was the departmental secretary for another program group, which was far more convenient for me. I was able to drag her into my little rotation of fuck toys without directly involving my daily work. More importantly, I was able to keep her at enough of a distance so as not to interfere with my other seduction activities. In addition, she couldn't make me such a significant part of her life that her husband could catch on.

No, it wasn't our weekly "work crisis" late night (which she often spent holding her ankles in my Crystal City apartment) that led to her divorce. Ironically, her husband, a VP for one of our competitors, had been bagging his secretary. When he tried to end that affair, it blew up in his face. The little slut he'd been nailing made no secret in her wrath about the situation, informing not only Traci but also his primary governmental contracting officer. In his panic to control the career damage, he settled quickly with Traci, so suddenly she had quite a wad of cash from their joint assets, two-hundred grand, which seemed like a lot of money to me at twenty-three. I thought I knew everything in those days, and I didn't see the danger coming, so before I knew it, she had outmaneuvered me. By twenty-five, I was married to a twenty-nine-year old divorcee.

We had a lot of fun for a while. Thankfully, she wasn't the kind of woman to stay at home – that's why she had kept working even though her "ex" had been doing quite well. A timely career move on my part to another company allowed me the opportunity to continue my former sexual hobbies, on a slightly diminished scale. In a couple of years, however, after our son was born, she made a major life change, and decided to stay home with him. My extracurricular activities were greatly curtailed when I could no longer exploit her work schedule, so pretty soon I became quite monogamous by default. Boy, did I start regretting that marriage! On the other hand, though, I adored my son, so I guess one has to live with the trade-offs.

By the time I was thirty, I had resigned myself to a "normal" life, with a three-year-old son and a stay-at-home, thirty-four year old wife who had seen better days. I came to the realization that life is what you make of it, so I decided to make a concerted effort to recharge my romantic relationship with Traci. In fact, as you may have observed, it hadn't been too romantic to begin with, so in many ways this was to be a true courting for the very first time. I started to take her on "dates" at least once, sometimes twice, a week. We'd go out to dinner, dancing, or maybe just for walks through Old Town Alexandria. The only obstacle to this was the chore of securing a babysitter. Finally, we discovered Mrs. Allerton, a sexagenarian widow who lived down the street from our home in Arlington. This worked out great, and before long, we were really enjoying a growing, loving relationship. I was finally content with my life, my wife, and my world.

After two years of this blissful routine, Mrs. Allerton slipped in her bathtub and broke her hip. She recovered, but decided to slow down a bit. Among other things, she felt she had to relinquish her babysitting activities. Word got around the neighborhood about a possible replacement, Sandy, a nineteen-year-old community college student at NOVA, who I discovered was not only responsible but also a smoking hot blonde. However, after a couple of weeks with her, I could tell that Traci was a little uncomfortable having such a cutie around. I guess part of her couldn't forget how her last marriage ended, since the secretary her "ex" had been banging had been only twenty. Kind of ironic, considering that she had been screwing a twenty-three-year-old "yours truly" at the time, but human rationalization never ceases to amaze me. In any case, as I have mentioned, I had become pretty content with my home situation, so I wasn't too disappointed to remove temptation from my house, either. But where would we find a babysitter?

We solved our problem with the help of Mrs. Allerton. It turns out that she had a thirteen-year-old granddaughter, Heidi, who was doing a little babysitting. Since my son was now five years old, and because Mrs. Allerton would be available down the block should Heidi run into any problems, we decided to try it out.

It worked out great. Heidi was a responsible young girl, and at thirteen she provided no distraction to my wife's insecurity or to my libido. At least at first.

Oh sure, she was a cute little seventh-grader, not a curve to her, eighty pounds in braces. She had long, light brown hair, big green eyes, and a perky little nose. A real cute kid, always working to do her best, be it at babysitting, in school, or even on her junior high school soccer team. My son, Brian, loved her, she loved the regular spending money, and we loved our continued freedom and peace of mind. Everything as it should be. For the first year.

Then she turned fourteen, lost her braces, and found puberty.

I guess I first noticed during the summer before her eighth grade year, when she arrived wearing a little tank top one evening. She had breasts! They were cute little cupcake titties, and she wasn't wearing a bra, so her precious little nipples were kind of poking through the thin material. I did a real double take at that.

A week or two later, she came over to watch Brian on a Saturday afternoon. She changed into the little one-piece swimsuit that she kept at our place so that she could watch Brian in our hot tub. I had seen her in that little blue suit many times, and never even looked twice. On this occasion, as she walked through the family room with Brian on her way to our deck and the hot tub, I found myself staring at the pert little fourteen-year-old ass encased in its tight blue wrapping. Her hips had the slightest teen-aged swell to them – that was new. Her buttocks globed out just a little bit more than last summer – that was new. My prick twitched at the sight – now that was definitely new!

I heard Traci banging around upstairs. She was still getting ready for our antiquing excursion. After Heidi's innocent display, I suddenly felt very anxious. I got up from the couch and began pacing the room. Before I knew it, I found myself walking out onto the deck. What the hell am I doing out here? I thought to myself. Brian was sitting at the edge of the tub, dangling his feet in. Heidi was sitting down in the hot, swirling water, only her head exposed. She looked at me expectantly, her light brown hair up in a ponytail and a light sheen of sweat beading on her sweet little forehead.

"Uh, how's the water?" I asked, stumbling for something to say. "I've been having some trouble with the thermostat."

"Oh, it's great Mr. Johnson! Temperature's perfect!"

"Well, I'm glad it's working. Brian, don't you want to get in?" I asked, trying to redirect my thoughts away from the small, pouting heart-shaped mouth, which was only accentuated by the concealment of most of her body.

"Maybe," he giggled. He was at that stage when things like that are funny.

Heidi let out a little laugh, as musical as any I've ever heard, and then stood up, reaching for Brian. I had a great view, and I actually felt my stomach turn over in exquisite anguish at the sight. Her suit was slick with the water, which ran off her in several little streams. Her cute little breasts strained against the tight suit, which had been purchased to fit her before puberty had even crossed her mind. As she turned, I caught my breath – the suit had partially worked its way between her tight little buns, making each cheek into a separate shiny, wet, blue treasure. I again felt my cock swell, and I had actually taken an involuntary step forward when the door opened behind me and I almost jumped out of my skin.

"Mike, are you ready?" my wife startled me. My god, what was I doing? Did I come out here just to see my fourteen-year old babysitter in the hot tub?

"Yeah, baby, just waiting for you."

She turned around and reentered the house, heading for the garage. I was about to follow when I heard Heidi say to Brian "You're lucky your Daddy has a hot tub for you to play in! I love the hot tub. I wish I had a Daddy who'd get me a hot tub!" She tickled Brian, who squealed happily.

The first thought through my mind was "I'd like to be your Daddy, you sweet little cunt", but what I said was almost as rash, under the circumstances. "Heidi, you're welcome to come over to use the tub any time you want, even if you're not here to babysit."

"Gee, thanks Mr. Johnson! That's awful nice of you!"

"Don't mention it Heidi, we love having you around," I answered, swinging around and heading after my wife before I got in any deeper. Yeah, I'm starting to really love having you around, particularly in your little suit, I thought to myself.

When Traci and I returned several hours later, Heidi had long since changed back into the little shorts and summer top she had arrived in. She still looked great, and I had to wonder whether my cock was destined to react at every sighting of her from now on. My wife paid her, and asked her if her mother would be picking her up. She often did, since she liked to visit her own mother, Mrs. Allerton, just a few blocks away, and swing by to pick up Heidi when she got the call from our house.

"Actually, my mom just started her second job a few days ago. She can come get me, but she's at home, not at Grandma's. She just got off work, I think."

"Oh, that's OK, Heidi, I can take you home," I quickly volunteered. "It's always been convenient to have your mother pick you up since she was in the neighborhood, but we can't expect her to make a special trip from Falls Church. It's part of the whole babysitting 'deal' that you get a ride home out of it, anyway. We'll take you home whenever you need it."

"That would be great, Mr. Johnson. I really appreciate it. My mom has been so tired these last few days, working two jobs." Heidi's father had abandoned her mother before Heidi was even born, and her mother was struggling to raise the youngster by herself. Poor kid, she'd never even met her father. I'd be happy to help her mom and her out with a simple ride home, I rationalized to myself. I wondered whether I would have volunteered so readily last year, before my penis started voting on "Heidi matters".

On the way to her house, I stopped by a Dairy Queen and got her a cone. Sure, I did it to please her, but I also enjoyed watching her lick that thing out of the corner of my eye. Was I a pervert? I know it sounds crazy for a man my age to feel urges over a fourteen year old girl, but she was so irresistibly cute!

I dropped her off at her house and watched her walk up the path to her front door. She walked with a barely perceptible swing in her little schoolgirl hips, and again I felt my prick react. Cut it out! I thought to myself, you're never going to get a piece of that, and thinking about it is only going to get you in trouble!

This observation didn't stop me, upon arriving back home, from heading straight for the guest bathroom. Sure enough, her little suit had been hung up to dry over the shower rod. I reached for it. It was dry. I took it in both hands, and sort of turned it inside out, exposing the little white panel in the crotch. I put it to my face and inhaled deeply. Through the bromine scent of the hot tub, I detected a slight tang of pussy. I growled under my breath, felt my cock lurch, tossed the suit back up on the rod, and went to find my wife. I gave her one of the soundest late-afternoon fuck sessions she had enjoyed since Brian's birth. Hey, I thought, I'm not that perverted. I may get my appetite from the sitter, but my wife's still the meal!

Over the next few weeks, I continued to torture myself over the sweet little babysitter. Usually, I'd only see her when she first arrived and when Traci and I returned home from wherever we'd gone. Often, I drove Heidi home, but I was careful to almost always wait until Traci specifically asked me to do the duty – I didn't need her getting any suspicious ideas. Luckily, Traci doesn't like to drive too much, particularly after a cocktail or two, so I often got the pleasurable chore.

Whenever I was near Heidi, I found reasons to touch her. An open hand on the small of her back as I opened the car door for her, an unnecessary playful mussing of her hair, a hand on her shoulder with a hearty "you're in charge" as Traci and I left for the evening. I rejoiced in any contact with the adorable little pixie, and Heidi also seemed to like the familiarity. A girl her age needs a father in her life, and I think that in his life-long absence she took comfort in what she interpreted as avuncular affection from me.

A couple of times, we had Heidi over to watch Brian even though we were at home. This was a great convenience for us, particularly on weekend afternoons, since we always had a lot of little things to do around the house, and having someone to mind our son made accomplishing them a little easier. Besides, my wife watched him all day, every day, during the week, so she liked having a little weekend liberty, too.

On one such weekend, I put my twisted plan into action. The sweet pubescent schoolgirl had been unwittingly jerking my life around – it was time to turn the tables on her.

I strategically placed a full laundry basket in the guest bathroom, under the towel rack. When Heidi arrived, she decided to take Brian out to the hot tub, so she went into the bathroom to change. After she had slipped her slender form into the spa (and after I had hungrily watched her do so from a second story window), I darted down to the bathroom. Sure enough, she had hung her clothes on the towel rack, including her little undies. I held them to my face. The aroma was fantastic, "eau de teen pussy", and I considered a quick masturbatory session right then and there, but that wasn't the plan right now. I dropped the panties and her shorts into the basket, but left her tank top on the rack. When she returned, she'd think they had just slipped off and into the basket. And that's all I did.

A week later, however, when she arrived wearing a miniskirt, I was glad I had established that "rational explanation". Again, I put a nearly full laundry basket under the towel rack. This time, while she was out in the tub, I took her panties and hid them in my toolbox in the garage, after giving them a lusty once-over with my happy nose (and, I'm almost embarrassed to add, with my tongue – the slight moisture in the crotch tasted like ambrosia). I then took the laundry basket down the hall and threw it in the washer, starting it up. Phase one, complete.

When Heidi got out of the hot tub, she spent a little extra time in the bathroom, looking for her panties, I imagine. She then quietly slipped out, (almost) fully dressed, and scurried for the laundry room. Smart girl, but you fell for it! After a few minutes, I heard her quietly ask my wife something in the kitchen, and I heard the response, "Oh, that's probably what happened dear. We'll check when the load is done. Don't worry."

Later, through the open door of my office/den, I watched Heidi playing a game with Brian. It had something to do with one of his action figure sets, I think. She kept smoothing down her skirt, taking extra care in how she sat, keeping my bouncy son at arm's length. I chuckled. Now for phase two.

"I've done enough work for a Saturday!" I announced as I strolled out into the living room. "Heidi, Brian, let's go into the back yard and play some Frisbee!"

Heidi was hesitant, but Brian shouted "Yippee! Yes Daddy, let's play!" so she had no choice but to join us. I had a very good time throwing the Frisbee a little too high, so she'd have to reach, or missing her completely so that she had to carefully bend down to pick it up. I caught a glimpse or two of an uncased bun, and once I saw her frontally quite high on her little slender thighs. Of course, I had seen more of her thighs every time she had been in her little blue bathing suit, but knowing that her bare pussy was so close to exposure made a world of difference to me. I'm sure it did to her, too. She was noticeably uncomfortable on several occasions. Sorry, you sweet little bitch, but that's what you get for being such a hottie! I gloated to myself.

Later, back inside, I heard my wife reply to another whispered question in the next room. "No honey, I didn't find them, but you know how the drier can be a black hole sometimes! I'm sure they'll turn up. You'll be OK, lots of women go without, and you'll be going home soon. I'd offer you a pair of mine, but I don't think they'd even stay up on you." That was for sure, I thought. There was no comparison between the substantial ass on the now-thirty-seven-year-old mother of my son and delicate bottom of this junior-high woman-child.

"I guess you're right," I heard Heidi respond. "Can Mr. Johnson take me home soon, though, I'm kind of embarrassed."

"Sure, he'll take you home right now. Mike! Can you take Heidi home?" she shouted loud enough for me to hear, even had I not already been eavesdropping. I waited a few moments and strolled into the room with them.

"No problem. Shall we go, my dear?" I said in a teasing, overly gallant tone to Heidi, who under the circumstances turned a little pink. Excellent. Begin phase three!

It was just starting to get dark as Heidi and I pulled out of my driveway. As we proceeded down the street, I reached over and put my hand on her little knee.

"What's the matter, Honey? You seem a little upset today. Is something wrong at home?"

She instinctively jerked her knees together. The funny part was that I was certain she wasn't reacting out of any fear of my intentions – I'd touched or patted her leg many times on the ride home in a seemingly innocent way. No, she was ashamed of her panty-less condition, and was afraid I'd find out about it!

"No, everything's fine." She slowly calmed. I felt the muscles in her leg relax, and her knees parted slightly. We pulled up to a stop sign, and I turned to face her.

"You know Heidi, it's got to be hard for a girl your age, especially when it's just you and your mom. Sometimes a girl needs a father to talk to, especially with all the changes that hit you about now." I smiled, made an obvious glance at her budding breasts, and then looked back into her big green eyes. I lifted my hand off her leg to give her a little play-punch on the chin, which brought an embarrassed smile to her cute little lips. Then I faced forward and drove on. "I just want you to know that Mrs. Johnson and I think a lot of you. We practically think of you as a daughter sometimes! Anytime you need a dad, I'd love to be there for you, and I'm sure Mrs. Johnson would be happy to act as a 'backup mom'."

"Gee Mr. Johnson, I'm glad to hear you say that. I really like you and Mrs. Johnson, and I sometimes think of you as my second parents. It's always made me feel kind of silly."

"There's nothing silly about it, sweetheart. If you have a problem, just let us know. If you need to talk to a dad, or need the kind of help only a dad can give you, just come to me." Yes, just come to me, you tasty little vixen!

Now for phase four. As we drove along a deserted street in residential south Arlington, we reached a stretch with a couple of vacant lots on the right side. A very large elm grew in one, leaning over the street. "Look at that big elm tree. You don't see them that big too often nowadays, most of the old ones have died from Dutch elm disease." As she glanced up I took advantage of the diversion to slip into neutral and turn my ignition key off. Of course, the car died, and we rolled to a stop under the tree.

"Damn! What happened?" I tried to start it up again, but since I had returned the automatic transmission to drive, the engine wouldn't budge. Of course, at fourteen, Heidi had no idea that all I needed to do was put the car in "park" to start it. I made a couple of feeble "attempts", making sure she noticed my heroic efforts, and gave up.

"Must've flooded it. The alternator's been acting up. I guess I've got to take this thing in to the dealer to get the air pressure checked," I babbled. "Well, I'll just let it sit for a minute and try again. In the meantime, might as well call the auto club." I called time and temperature on my cell phone, and carried on a short bogus conversation with the recording. I hung up and announced: "They'll be along in a few minutes. Hey, maybe we should have a 'father-daughter' talk while we wait?"

"Sure, why not, Mr. Johnson?"

"Honey, when we're having a father-daughter chat, maybe you should call me 'Dad', or 'Daddy', to make it more official."

"OK... 'Daddy'", she smiled. "What do fathers and daughters talk about, anyway?"

"Well, at your age, a father would often remark that you are turning into a lovely young woman. You're growing up so fast!" I reached over with both hands, and, grasping the hem of her little top, I pulled it down and taut against her chest, causing her bra-less tits to strain against the material. She caught her breath, looked down at her own petite breasts, and then looked up, wide-eyed, back at me. "You see, you're really growing up!"

"Yeah, they started to come in a couple of months ago. Gosh, this is embarrassing!"

"What is, Honey?"

"Talking to you like this, you know, about this stuff..."

"Oh really? Well then, I'm glad you decided to let me be your 'pretend dad' about these things! This is why a girl your age needs her father around. If you don't have one, what man can you ever talk to about this kind of thing?"

"Well, sometimes I ask my mom stuff."

"And you should. But I'll bet you're kind of embarrassed around boys a lot more nowadays, aren't you, in ways you haven't been before? Especially around boys you sort of like?"

"Yes, I am! Is that 'cause I don't have a father?"

"That's part of it honey. One of a dad's jobs is to help his daughter be comfortable with her body and that 'stuff' when it comes to males. If you can't talk to your father about your cute little titties – and they are very cute, by the way – of course you're going to get flustered around boys when you notice them, noticing them," I said, nodding towards her chest.

"Well, in that case, maybe I should tell you something embarrassing about that 'stuff'," Heidi confided. "You noticed I was acting kind of weird today? Well, when I was out in the hot tub, my panties fell in the laundry basket, and got thrown in the wash! Mrs. Johnson couldn't find them after she dried the clothes, so I don't have any panties on! I was so embarrassed, that's why I asked to go home early!"

Her admission made my cock once again spring to life. "Really? That's no reason to be embarrassed! Women go without panties all time! Heck, Mrs. Johnson goes without panties most of the time," I exaggerated. "Says it makes her feel 'free'. You see, this is one of those things you need a daddy to tell you about. Of course little girls always wear panties, but as they grow up, lots of times they feel sexier without any. You know, most college girls go without panties nearly everyday!" I affirmed, totally bullshitting out of thin air. I figured that a girl Heidi's age would find a college girl to be an excellent role model.

"Sexier? I'm too young to think about feeling 'sexy'," she replied, more as a question than a statement.

"Now I doubt that," I said. "Don't you ever get a funny feeling in your tummy around boys, or even when a grown man looks at you in a certain way?" She nodded, slowly. "That's feeling 'sexy'. I bet you felt kind of sexy today, walking around with no panties!"

"Yeah, I guess I did. Especially around you, Mr. Johnson, er ... Daddy. Is that weird?"

"No baby, that's perfectly natural. See, you are old enough to feel sexy. The fact that a grown man makes you feel 'kind of weird' just because you don't have panties on proves it. Just like those college girls – they do it sometimes just to get that feeling. Now, if you think about it, that funny feeling is kind of nice, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is. So that's why grown up girls don't wear panties sometimes?"

"Exactly. They just like to give themselves that sexy feeling. There's nothing wrong with it Heidi, it's very healthy."

"So, you think I'm like a college girl? Cool! But I'm not sexy or anything; I'm just a little kid. Look how small my breasts are!"

"They'll grow honey, and besides, I think your breasts are very sexy, just like they are. But the best way to tell if you're growing up is this: do you have any pubic hair yet?"

"Umm, ... I'm not sure."

"What do you mean?" I asked, thinking I knew exactly what she meant.

"Well, I'm not sure it's really pubic hair."

"There's only one way to know for sure. I'll check it for you." Phase five.

She started a bit as my hand reached into her lap, but apparently remembering that this sort of trust was supposedly "normal" for any girl who actually had a daddy, she said nothing. In fact, she parted her legs a little bit more for me. I placed my palm on her inner thigh. It was so soft, so tender. I slowly slid it up her leg, approaching her heated crotch. I slid my fingertips along the crease her slender leg made where it joined her torso, across her lower belly, and then down to the patch of peach fuzz above her junior high slit. My cock actually hurt as it strained against my jeans. I could feel it drooling pre-cum as I let my fingertips circle gently through the pubescent "bush". In the dark I couldn't tell for sure, but from the light hair I'd noticed on her arms, I guessed that the down was still very light-colored as well. Even in the light, it would be nearly invisible.

She closed her eyes. I let my fingers drop just a bit, to lightly brush across her tight outer labia, and then back up to her tiny little clit. I heard a gasp escape her lips. I brushed my fingers back down along the slit, pausing near the bottom, pressing in a bit. I then removed my hand and sat back up in my seat. She opened her eyes, slightly surprised at the sudden stop, and looked at me expectantly.

"Yep, that's pubic hair on the way. It will grow in thicker and longer pretty soon, dark and curly, but you're definitely old enough to be 'sexy' right now. Let me guess something – I'll bet that felt pretty good when I was checking your pubic hair, didn't it?" She nodded. "Do you want to know how I knew?" Another nod. I held up my fingers. "This fluid is your pussy juice. Grown up girls secrete this when they feel sexy. You're feeling sexy right now."

"Wow, Mr. Johnson. You're exactly right! I wish I'd had a 'daddy' earlier. I'll bet all the girls at school already know all of this stuff."

"Probably, Heidi. One thing you need to know, though. Although almost every daddy helps his daughter learn this stuff, society has kind of a double standard. No one ever talks about it, as though it's something to be ashamed of! The worst part is that if a girl doesn't have a daddy, nobody cares that she can't learn it! In fact, do you realize that we could get into a lot of trouble just because I'm telling you and showing you father-daughter stuff and I'm not really your dad?"

"That's not fair! I don't even have a dad. How am I supposed to learn this stuff?"

"I know honey. I think society it full of crap sometimes. Don't worry, like I said, I'll be your dad when you need one. Just don't let anyone know that you're learning this stuff. If they know you don't have a dad, they'll try to figure out how you learned it. Then we could get in trouble for breaking their stupid, unfair rule."

"Oh, I won't let on to anyone! Thanks a lot for teaching me this stuff, Mr. Johnson. I really do feel like you're my dad! Gosh, that's really ridiculous that we could get in trouble. I can't believe it!"

"I know, Heidi. Nothing makes me angrier than some old fashioned rule that isn't fair for someone like you, someone who never did anyone any harm. I'm willing to take this small risk to try to fill in for you, but we should try to be discrete ... Damn," I said, changing the subject, "where's that auto club? I guess I can give it one more try." I slipped the transmission into park and easily started the car. "What do you know? I must have just flooded it. Let's get out of here before the auto club truck shows up and I have to pay them!" She laughed conspiratorially as we drove off.

When we got to her house, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks ... Daddy". She started to get out when I stopped her.

"Heidi – one more thing. Mrs. Johnson is a little old fashioned. Even though her dad taught her all this stuff, I don't know how she'd feel about you learning from someone just filling in as your 'dad', even if it's me. We probably better just keep this between us for the time being."

"Sure," she replied as she got out. "I think my mom is a little old fashioned, too."

I drove home sniffing and licking my fingers.

A few days later, Heidi came over to watch Brian so that Traci and I could go see a movie. To be honest with you, I had been feeling a growing sense of anxiety in the intervening days. It wasn't self-disgust. If it weren't natural for a man to lust after a girl like Heidi, nature wouldn't have made her so sexy at fourteen years of age. And certainly not guilt – guilt would have kept me from masturbating the previous night with my nose buried in her purloined panties and my imagination focused on her downy "bush". No, rather it was a growing apprehension that Heidi, in the light of day, might begin to wonder at the validity of my "father-daughter session" bullshit. What if she asked her mother or grandmother about it, or even one of her little girlfriends? What if she regretted letting me "teach her" those things under my guise as her stand-in daddy? Would the police soon be knocking at my door?

When her mom dropped her off, I felt a sense of relief. Surely her mother would not be blithely dropping her daughter off if she thought anything were amiss. Heidi was again wearing a short skirt, this time with a knit top that bared her arms and her midriff. She looked yummy. She smiled at me when I opened the door, and looked like she was about to say something when Brian brushed past me and wrapped his arms around her legs.

"Heidi! Come see my new game!" She gave me a look that tried to say "kids!" as he dragged her past me to his room. A few moments later, Traci came downstairs. She called to Heidi that we were leaving and would be back about 9:30, and we left.

On the way home from the movie a couple hours later, my wife told me that she'd like to visit her old college roommate in New York during the upcoming weekend, and asked if I could keep Brian with me. This opportunity immediately grabbed my attention, so I tried to sound rather reluctant at first to cover my tracks.

"Well, honey, I have a big report to work on this weekend. Not only do I have to run back and forth to the office at least a couple of times, but also while I'm at home, I'll have to be working most of the time. Can't you take him with you?"

"Mike, I'd really like a weekend trip with my girlfriend, like the old days. Why don't we get Heidi to play 'nanny' for the weekend? I could ask her mother to let her stay the whole weekend, Friday through Sunday. She could stay in the guestroom. You know she can keep Brian out of your hair. She'll also like the opportunity to earn, what is it, forty-eight hours of babysitting wages?"

"Well, I suppose that would work, as long as her mother thinks she's old enough to be away all weekend." I was glad it was dark in the car, or Traci might have seen the tent in my pants. The idea of that sweet little schoolgirl cunt prancing around my house all weekend, with my wife safely in New York, was intoxicating.

When we got home, Traci asked Heidi what she thought of the idea. Heidi blurted out a "That would be awesome!" so Traci called Heidi's mom and made it official. Then, to top off this evening of great news, Traci asked me to run Heidi home.

We were barely out of the driveway when Heidi gleefully made her confession. "I wanted to tell you when I got to your house, but Brian dragged me away. When I woke up this morning, I thought about what we talked about the other night. I decided not to wear any underwear today, and you were right, I felt really sexy all day! I'm not wearing any panties right now, either!"

I practically doubled over at this revelation, my hands gripping the wheel in an attempt to constrain my lust. "I told you so!" was all I could manage. Then she surprised me again.

"Could we stop on the way home? Feeling sexy all day has made me think of lots of questions I'd like to ask my 'daddy'. I mean, if you don't mind?"

"Sure, how about the same spot where we broke down the other day?"

A few minutes later we were again parked under the old elm tree by the vacant lot, a couple of miles from either of our homes. "OK, shoot. What do you want to know?"

"I know you said that I'm old enough to feel sexy when grown men are looking at me, but am I sexy enough to make men feel funny inside, too?"

"You sure are honey. I'm a man, and to me you're the cutest, sexiest little thing I've seen in a long time."

"You don't really think I'm sexy, do you? You're a grown man. You must like grown women, you know, women with large breasts, like Mrs. Johnson has. But I feel so funny inside when I'm near a grown man without my panties on. I felt funny when I walked past the construction guys working next door this morning, and I kind of feel funny right now, even with you. A man wouldn't really feel that away about me yet, would he?"

"Honey, I feel that way about you, especially when you tell me how sexy you feel without your panties. And I can prove it."

"How are you going to prove how you feel inside?"

"A man can show how he feels. When a man gets that feeling, his genitals get erect. My genitals are erect right now, and it's because you're so sexy."

"You're kidding me! You're just saying that!"

"Want me to show you?"

"Yes!" she spat out excitedly. Without ceremony, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and fished out my turgid cock. "Oh my god! It's so big! And that's 'cause I'm sexy?"

"It sure is, honey. If you pull up your skirt so I can see your little sexy pussy, it will get even bigger." Without hesitating, she pulled her skirt up, bunching it around her tiny waist. In the semi-darkness of the car, I couldn't make out any of the peach fuzz I'd felt the other night, so her pussy mound looked completely bare. Here outer lips looked taut and tidy, completely innocent and adorable. I groaned under my breath at the sight, and my prick twitched visibly, leaking fluid in abundance.

"It did get bigger!" I'm sure it didn't grow in any perceptible way – I had already been quite hard. However, she probably saw it move of its own accord when she exposed her pussy, so I had no intention of disabusing the cute little notion. "I can't believe how big it is. I saw a kid my age at the pool once when the other boys pulled his trunks down, his was tiny compared to yours!"

"Well, sweetheart, I am a grown man. That's why it's a good idea for daddies to teach their daughters about this stuff. A girl needs to know what a real, man-sized cock is like. If she's left on her own, she might get all kinds of bad information, just like you did."

"Can I touch it?"

I groaned silently again. "Sure honey. Anything you need to help you learn." She reached out cautiously, pulling her hand back once when, a mere inch away, she was surprised by an involuntary jerk in my yearning prick. She smiled nervously, and then reached again, this time gently wrapping her little fourteen-year-old hand around my pulsing manhood. I almost lost it right there.

"It's so hard! And soft, too! And it's warm, and I can feel it moving! Wow!" She had no idea that her exploratory handling of my cock, so tentative and gentle, felt fantastic. I could let her do this all day! "Are these your ... balls?"

"Yeah," I said, my voice suddenly husky, "take a look." I pulled my pants and underwear down past my knees and spread my legs a bit, in order to fully expose my scrotum. She took my shaft in her left hand to free her right hand to fondle my hanging balls. She cupped them gently, and I actually felt them begin to retract a bit in preparation for ejaculation. I was wondering whether I should let her continue or not, when suddenly she took both her hands away and sat up. Of course, the little eighth-grader couldn't know what kind of frustrated state that left me in.

"I'm so glad you're letting me learn this stuff! I can't believe that just because I don't have a dad, I almost thought a real penis looked like that little thing Timmy Newman had at the pool!" She sat there gazing at my still-quite rampant cock for a minute or two, and I enjoyed myself by gazing right back at her nearly hairless pussy. If I wasn't mistaken, a little dew was gathering in that crease. She suddenly broke our reverie.

"How's something that big ever going to fit inside something as small as my little ... my pussy? That's what you do when you're married, right?"

"Well yes, but most people do it long before they're married. When the time comes, you'll have no trouble getting it to fit. The key is finding someone who knows what he's doing. You can hurt yourself with an amateur, like that kid Timmy you mentioned, or one of his friends. Oh sure, he'd try to do it right for you, but if he didn't know what he was doing, even his little prick could hurt you the first time. Someday, unless you're unfortunate, an experienced man will be the first to show you how to fit a full-sized prick into your cute little pussy, and you'll love every minute of it. First of all, do you remember that pussy juice you produce when you're feeling sexy? That helps lubricate the process. So does this stuff leaking out of my prick – it's called 'pre-cum'. And let me give you a demonstration of how flexible this little miracle of yours can be."

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