A Visit From Jane

by TSPollyAnne

Copyright© 2010 by TSPollyAnne

Sex Story: I am visited by a childhood friend who is also a t-girl. We take a trip down memeory lane before making love on the sofa.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including TransGender   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Size   Foot Fetish   Big Breasts   .

I waited eagerly for my friend Jane to arrive. I had been friends with her all of my life and was much closer to her now that we were older and more mature. I sat on the couch looking fucking hot. I had my black open toe heels on, revealing my soft toes which were painted red. I wore a very short skirt without panties and a pink tube top. My c-cup breasts were poking out of my top as I wasn't wearing a bra.

The anticipation of her arrival was killing me. I began to bite my finger nails nervously. Finally there was a knock at the door. I stood up, did a final few touches to my hair in the mirror and opened the door.

"Hi!" I greeted as Jane stood in the doorway. She looked so beautiful. Her brown hair flowed down her shoulders, her face was nicely done up with makeup. I looked at her feet to see the most gorgeous heels I had ever seen, following up her bare bronzed legs and saw that she also wore a very short skirt. Her tits were almost exploding out of the bikini top that she was wearing.

"Hey, Polly! Can I come in?" she asked.

"Of course!" I said. We leaned in and kissed eachother passionately on the lips before I took her hand and led her into my living room. We both sat on the sofa beside eachother, crossing our legs.

"I've really missed you." I said, playing with her hair.

"Yeah? I've missed you too. We've had so many great times together."

"Mmm-hmmm. Like all those years ago when we were two little boys, exploring each other's bodies."

"Little boys? Honey, we were in our final year at high school!" Jane said as we both burst out into laughter.

"Jane, do you remember when I took your load into my mouth in gym class kept it in there until maths to spit it into our teacher's drink?"

"Yes! Oh my god! That was awesome! Remember when we jerked eachother off in History class and we both blew our loads onto the back of the chair in front of us?"

"Haha! That was brillaint! You can't beat the ski-trip."

"Oh, no! You can't. That was the highlight of our friendship."

"Nothing can beat that. Spending an entire week shooting our loads into a large container and putting some in everyone's morning coffee!"

"Yes! Of course we kept the rest to ourselves to share later on the night."

I looked into her bright blue eyes and felt so hot inside. I wanted to fuck her desperately. I didn't waste time. I leaned in and pressed my lips against hers. We both let our tongues slide into one another's mouth as we cupped eachother's breasts in our hands. I ran my fingers through her chestnut brown hair and pulled her closer, our bodies now touching.

"It's a bit hot in here isn't it?" Jane said as she undid her bikini top, letting her breasts drop down for all to see. I immediately leaned in to her and ran my tongue around her nipple, using my hands to cup her breasts. As I did this, Jane untied the lace on the back of my tube top and let it drop onto the seat of the sofa. Her hands explored my breasts very gently as I gave her nipples some special attention. I took her nipple out of my mouth and leaned back, letting Jane see to me. She reached down under my skirt and began to tug on my now fully errect cock. Her hand slid up and down all six inches of it as her tongue playfully carressed my nipple. I reached down and returned the favor, grabbing onto the shaft of her eight inch cock. I always admired the size of her fuckstick.

We both moaned together as our rhythmic tugging increased speed. Jane brought her head up and her tongue slid into my mouth again, molesting my tonsels. As we kissed passionately, our hands pumped away on our hungry cocks. I pulled away from the kiss and pushed Jane back so that she was laying on her back. I undid the buttons on her skirt and pulled it off her legs. I smiled a huge smile when I saw the head of her cock looking right at me. I leaned forward and gently kissed her on the neck, letting my tongue run down her body until I got to my prize.

I raised the cock up and licked the shaft from the balls up to the tip which was glissening with pre-cum. I took the liberty of sliding my tongue across her glans, tasting the salty goodness of her pre-cum before wrapping my lips around the head. My tongue explored her glans as I began to let my head slide down her shaft and back to the tip.

Her hands gently touched my face and I looked into her eyes as I sucked away on her. I teased her horribly by rubbing my index finger across her asshole, forcing her to beg me to penetrate.

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