Curiosity Feeds the Hole

by TabooJenny

Copyright© 2010 by TabooJenny

Sex Story: Two best friends break the sexual tension and finally answer the question they both want answered "What is gay sex really like?"

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   .

The amount of sexual tension between my friend Tom and myself was unbelievable. We had spent the whole day drinking alcohol and smoking weed in my apartment, discussing our sex lives as we did so. I had never been with a guy before but had often dreamed about being with Tom, even just snuggling up on a couch watching TV together seemed like heaven to me.

Throughout the whole day, Tom brought up the topic of gay sex quite a lot and how he hadn't tried it before and how he wondered what it would be like. As he said goodbye and began to walk towards my front door, a million thoughts rushed through my mind. What was I going to do? Was Tom's many discussions of being with another guy a signal for me to make my move or was it general curiosity?

I called his name and watched as he turned around. There was a blank and curious look on his face as to why I had stopped him from leaving. I didn't waste time and walked towards him. He looked down at my growing bulge which grew uncomfortable in my jeans and then back up to my face. I pulled him in by the t-shirt and our wanting lips met in the middle. Tom closed his eyes and parted his lips to allow my hungry tongue entry into his begging mouth. His moist, pink tongue was like velvet as it carressed my tongue and explored the many areas of my mouth.

I ran my hands up his stomach and up to his chest, his shirt lifting up as I did so. His hands wrapped around me and squeezed me tightly, his throbbing cock pressing against mine through our jeans. Our lips parted as we pulled off eachother's shirts and we re-embraced, our tongue's continuing to carress one another gently, feeding our saliva to one another.

We simultaneously unbuttoned eachother's jeans and parted our kiss again to allow eachother to step out of them, our underwear coming down with them. We both stood there by the front door and admired one another for a few moments before resuming our passionate kiss, this time both of us greedily grabbing onto one another's stiffened, throbbing cocks which cried out for attention. I pulled back and forth on all of his seven inches as he did the same to me, letting out small whimpers of pleasure as we forced one another's tongues down eachother's throat.

Our lips parted and I released my grip of Tom's beautiful cock so that I could push his back against my wall. I pressed him back and dropped down to my knees and opened my mouth. I looked up at Tom cheekily who, with a lustful grin, delivered his cock into my begging mouth. I felt the entire length of his cock stroke across my tongue as it sunk deeper into my mouth, the head of his penis poking at my tonsels. I choked ever so slightly before pulling the cock out of my mouth to deal with it in a more manageable fashion. I tugged gently on his cock from the tip right down to his huge balls which hung wonderfully between his legs. I wasted no more time and inserted him back into my mouth, sucking and tugging simultaneously. Tom ran his fingers through my hair whilst whimpering and moaning, my head now rhythmically sliding down to the base of his cock and back, taking it as deep as I could.

"Oh, god. I'm gonna cum!" Tom said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"Don't do that. I want your cum! I'm hungry for it!"

With a cheeky smile he urgently directed his penis towards my open mouth and I picked up from where I left off, sucking and tugging even faster now on his throbbing cock. I felt his tension rising as I cupped his balls with my left hand and swirled them around in my hand.

"Here I come!" Tom whimpered out in one last breath before I felt his cock explode into my mouth and what seemed like gallons of cum began to erupt from his cock. He cummed like a horse and I was loving it! I had to swallow the cum as it came as my mouth was re-filling almost instantly. The flow of cum slowed down and I removed the cock from my mouth, tugging it as hard as I could to milk the last few drops onto my tongue. I had milked him dry and I had enjoyed every second of it.

"How'd it taste?"

"Devine." I said as I stood up and pulled him in, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He moaned as he could taste his own seed on my tongue, stands of it lingering at the back of my mouth, waiting to be scooped up by his thirsty tongue. Our lips parted and we remained embraced, looking into eachothers eyes. The passion was unstoppable.

"Do we really have to stop here?" I asked.

"What else could we do?"

"Well, I know you have a wonderful ass and I'd love to play with it. I still have my load to blow yet."

"I don't know..."

"Oh, come on! You liked the taste of your cum didn't you?"

" ... I guess so."

"Well let's get on with it, baby."

I took his hand and led him to my bedroom where he crawled onto my bed on all fours, his ass cheeks spread wide for me. I giggled and followed him onto the bed, spreading his ass cheeks further with my thumbs and leaning in to kiss his puckered asshole. My lips pressed against his tight little hole and I pushed my tongue as deep inside as it could go. Already I was close to cumming as the aroma of his ass was driving me crazy. I reached a hand under his legs and tugged on his rock hard cock as I explored the inside of his ass with my tongue in circular motions.

"Oh my god! That's wondeful!" Tom moaned.

The taste was magnificent. It was quite a musky taste but I'd be lying if I wasn't enjoying it. I was getting equally turned on by the taste, smell and the general idea that I was eating my best friend's shithole. I felt some left over cum from before pouring down Tom's shaft and soaking my hand. Upon realising this I removed my tongue from his ass and reached my hand over to Tom's face. His eyes widened when he saw my cum-soaked hand and he didn't hesistate in the slightest. He took my hand into his mouth and sucked every last drop of cum from my hand. I smiled at him before using my now moist fingers to penetrate his asshole. I used one finger at first, plunging in and out of him, his asshole moistened by his saliva on my fingers and my saliva on his ass.

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