Dear Hate,

by Dreamstate

Copyright© 2010 by Dreamstate

: One man's perspective on words and the effect they have on society.

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I write things. Poetic things that have deep symbolic and metaphorical meaning, that express the truth in what is going on in the world around you.Things that are easier to manage when seen in a different light. Why? Well, I like to.

But today, I wanted to take a different approach, and offer a wake up call by someone who matters very little in the larger scheme of whatever we're doing in this life. This has been brewing in my head for quite some time, and the narcissistic storm of racist douchebaggary I witnessed today broke the dam. I don't want to talk about the incident specifically, but the issue in general. There are four types of people who probably shouldn't read this:1. The overly sensitive- Those of you who look for things to be offended by are maybe the worst type of people, not only to read this, but in the world. I (and as others should), blame you for why this is still a growing problem. If the truth is as painful as you make it out to be, you should probably go read about how TMZ filmed Lindsey Lohan doing something ridiculous instead. 2. The narrow minded- Those of you who see the world from a scope made solely of your own experiences and inadequacies should probably turn away, because you don't know how to accept someone else's opinion, let alone form one that is based off of any real substance. You argue points by using big words and hoping you're a few credits beyond whomever is listening to your dumb face .3. Those who think, by this point, I'm an asshole- Please, don't let me be the one to pry your eyes open. This will probably have a lot of words, and you may be intimidated by that fact, and would rather watch the movie ... I'm afraid you'll have no such luck. So why not learn something!4. People who think that I'm targeting a specific type of people- I don't discriminate, and those with an iota of intellect (thanks Dreamstate) would know that this isn't bashing anyone at all. This is for the humans.

EARMUFFS! Here comes truth.

It seems as though folks have invited racism into the party we are having here in the 21st century, year 2010. And somehow he has become pretty popular. And he's invited all of his friends! Everything from southern-fried white supremacy, to fender-bending rittle Asian radies, to "murder-your-face-off" scary black guys.The amount of hatred that spews from the cavities of our socialism is alarming. Especially in a society that we all share. I'm sure that this doesn't apply to 90% of you, my friends, that are reading this. But I'm also beyond sure that you know plenty who practice this behavior 90% of the time.Oh, sure, you laugh, he laughs, and Timothy Smith laughs, but all for different reasons. It is obvious that the most powerful effects of modern racism is all in the language. Sure, hate crimes happen, but they can almost always be attributed to something that someone said. Now all this talk of words, and language, and racism points our faces at one word. But we are going to avoid that word, and go for another! The H word! I hate you, I hate talking to that guy, I hate going there, I hate this class, I hate the neighbors, I hate being here, I hate my life...

How bad do you really have it? Sure, you're broke, your girlfriend left you, you have a hundred kids, you have no friends ... whatever. You're alive. That's enough to say "I love you" to somebody ... something, whatever. One thing I've learned in my years of breathing is that when the fan is hit with excrement, people look for someone to point a finger at rather than look for a solution.Hurricane Katrina victims waited an eternity for anyone to actually enforce something useful, but the first thing we heard about is who didn't do their job. All it takes is the tight grip of the hate mongering, fear conjuring media to stab you in the eye with a gullibility knife, and the whole world becomes hooked on the bogus idea that there is a single person behind every event that goes wrong, and at that point, all we can do is point a finger. And what's the first thing that spills out of our loose jaws? "Oh, it was the brown guy!" or "Oh, there wouldn't be crime if they cleaned up THAT neighborhood!" No, you buffoon. It was the guy with the bomb. The guy with the gun. It was the pissed off pharmacist that saw one too many Oxycontin prescriptions without his name on it. The color of that guy is all we see though. And why? Because we've been trained in that way. Your parents tell you to be careful on the bus stops at night, and to not trick-or-treat at that house, but to ask why is never the first thing on your mind. The only thing in your head at that moment is mommy's stranger danger alarm that she programmed into your head since the first time she watched the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air play basketball with people in tank tops. Well mommy, put down your parental controlled remote and put it next to your coasters on your coffee table that was probably bought for way more than it's worth because some short haired girl with piercings told you that it was forged from the last tree in the amazon, and teach your kid that there are people out there that won't look like him, and that they should be treated with the same respect he'd give to your sheltering paranoid image as a parent. Children of all races and creeds are being taught that other children from different walks of life owe them some

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