Truth or Consequences

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2010 by Thesandman

Incest Sex Story: There is always a price to be paid for lying in David's house.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Niece   Aunt   Nephew   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Trust me. Growing up in a house full of women wasn't easy. Especially when you're the only male, and the youngest to boot. Dad had died when I was very young, leaving mom to raise three girls and a boy pretty much by herself, though she did have help from her own twin sister, my Aunt for several years following my father's death. Twins tended to run in the family. Two of my sisters were also twins, two years older than I was, Stacy and Tracy. And then we had an older sister, who was four years older than I was, Christine, though we had always called her Chrissy as kids, and then later simply Chris. My mother's name was Darla, and my Aunt's name was Marla. Yeah, go figure. But like I said, it wasn't so much the rhyming name thingy that drove me nuts, as it was in having to share two bathrooms with a house full of women. Needless to say, I always got the short end of the stick when it came to alone bathroom time.

Having any time to myself was virtually impossible, even in my own bedroom, which got progressively worse of course as we all grew older. A closed bedroom door didn't mean anything, for me at least. The twins very often barging in on me under the pretense of doing something. (I didn't learn until a year or so later that they had done this in the hopes of catching me jerking off, though they never did.) But as we all grew older, suddenly ALL the girls seemed to need an inordinate amount of time just getting ready for school in the morning. And though mom shared her private bathroom with Chris, even then the twins took more than their fare share of time in the bathroom the three of us shared.

Like I said. Trust me. It wasn't easy. But it had been at times ... interesting.

I guess with so many women dressing and undressing haphazardly and in a frenzy half the time, one would think you'd get used to seeing so many different bras, panties and what have you laying around. Well, at least in my case you certainly didn't. And especially when it couldn't be helped that I would on some few occasions, catch my sisters, and mom included at times in various states of dressing or undressing. Nudity had never really been an issue at home, at least early on anyway. But about the time I hit puberty, mom had had a pow-wow with the girls and admonished them all to be a bit more discrete around me after that. Even then I still got an occasional glimpse of a boob here, or an ass there. But it was still the sight of my sister's lingerie, draped everywhere, or tossed upon beds or chairs as I roamed about the house that fueled my fantasies. It was a virtual smorgasbord of delectable and delicious unmentionable attire that constantly bombarded me. Seriously, taking a shower (when I could) with several pairs of this and that hanging all over the bathroom, or a hamper full of the stuff, kept me in an almost near constant state of arousal. Even if it was my very own sisters ... and on occasion, though I'd never admit that, thoughts of mom too whenever I'd inadvertently seen her.

Let's face it and be honest here, my sisters, and mom included ... were all damn good looking!

Even at forty-four years of age, mom looked ten years younger than that. With dark shoulder length hair, an attractive figure, which included a set of full breasts, she looked more sister to Chris than in many respects to her own twin sister. Chris had dark hair as well which she wore long and full, nearly reaching the upper slopes of her ass. Needless to say, she spent a great deal of time in the bathroom brushing and taking care of it just for that reason alone. She too had nice breasts, which I had been fortunate enough to have seen more so than any of the others early on as she very often sat in front of her vanity mirror brushing it, usually topless when I had been younger. My periodic meanderings into her room to talk to her about this or that while she did so, afforded me the excuse to look at her. Something I did without her thinking too much about it, before mom held her meeting with the girls of course. As for the twins, they too had tight supple bodies, both gymnasts in school, and though they didn't have nearly as big of breasts as Chris or mom did, it was obvious that what they did have was "firm and perky" as I eventually would learn. They certainly gave me plenty of masturbation material to work with, with that many women running around, who needed magazines to look at? Constantly being hugged, coddled, or kissed was just an affectionate way they all had of looking out for me. Just as long as they kept it to a minimum when any of my friends came over. Though I think they did it more often, and on purpose, when any of my friends where there.

And I have to say, though early on when I was younger I didn't really think about this in any real depth, especially as my sisters tended to tease the hell out of me, or aggravate me to no end for their own mutual pleasures. But the truth of it was, we were all very close, usually supportive, and in a sense very protective of one another as well. Though like I said, when I was a kid, I didn't exactly see it that way. Not until much later, and not until I had finally graduated from high school myself did I finally reach a point where I felt more of an equal to the rest of them, and was finally treated that way in some respects. Save for the bathroom maybe.

And in addition to all this ... mom had a firm rule that she had always insisted on. She wouldn't tolerate anyone lying to anyone, under any circumstances. She had always prefaced that with the words, "If you don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question." Meaning that she expected everyone to be completely and totally honest about anything and everything that came up amongst ourselves. At times, that could be awkward, even embarrassing, especially when you were a young curious kid growing up. But it also had ramifications too, serious ones whenever I had been caught in a lie. Another one of mom's stern warnings. "Either truth ... or consequences."

A term that my sisters, all of them ... at times turned into almost a game, especially when they were in one of those moods to tease me almost unmercifully.

Mom had a good job, though because of it, she periodically had to go out of town on business for two or three days at a time. Needless to say, whenever she did the twins and I tried to make the best of it, usually planning dinner around delivered pizza and movies, though I usually had to suffer through a chick-flick first before finally getting to watch whatever movie I'd selected. Chris was usually around to chaperone and play the role of mom whenever she was away. But even Chris allowed a great deal of latitude, very often joining us for a seat on the couch as we sat there in the evenings together watching the movies, or enjoying our time together. The thing was, the girls usually turned this into some sort of a pajama party, wearing their late night "comfy" clothes as it were. Which for Stacy usually consisted of nothing more than a tight fitting tee-shirt, no bra, and a pair of panties. Something mom would have usually frowned upon the girls wearing around me had she been there. Tracy was nearly as bad, though her preferred choice of late night sleep wear was a floor-length shift that was likewise form fitting. I had very often and clearly seen her hard extended nipples pressing against the material of her light pink sleeping attire, not to mention the way it likewise hugged the curvature of her ass. Chris was prone to wearing men's boxers for some reason. Hell, even I didn't wear those. Along with various tank tops or tee shirts, though as large breasted as she was, I rarely ever saw her not wearing a bra. Even so ... she was just as fun to look at if not more so than the twins were.

The girls had all started out the evening drinking some wine along with the pizza, allowing me my "one glass" as we settled in to watch the first movie together. The unexpected surprise being, this particular "chick-flick", had a bit of a sensual story line, including a great deal of nudity in it. Needless to say, I found myself sitting there in my chair becoming aroused. Though for the moment at least, I was keeping that fairly well hidden as I sat there in my chair hugging my favorite pillow just as I usually did.

Unfortunately, that's when the teasing had begun when Stacy leaned over whispering to her sister when a particular erotic scene came on, the two of them then glancing over towards me as I sat there watching it, eyes glued to the action taking place.

"I wonder if David is getting a woody," Stacy asked whispering, but yet loud enough that I heard her even then. Obviously I ignored her, though realizing I was in fact sitting there with an erection, now trying desperately to ignore that. Even Chris chimed in with a subtle warning to the twins.

"Girls..." she said cautiously, though she had a smirk on her face even when she said it.

"Well I bet he does!" Tracy then quipped looking at me. "Especially with the way he's holding that pillow!"

Once again, "Don't ask the question if you don't want to know the answer," came to mind. So I sat there once more trying to ignore their obvious teasing, though even with Chris's admonishment, it continued.

"Well, do you?" Stacy pressed. I glared at her, and then with as much resolve as I could muster, I answered her back.

"No ... I don't!"

Even Chris looked at me when I said that, eyebrows raised. Admittedly, I probably should have answered her honestly, though even then I'm not sure the teasing would have ended there. The problem was, this was now a matter of "Is he ... or isn't he, telling the truth!"

"Prove it!" Tracy then quipped jumping in with her sister. "You know the rule! Truth ... or consequences!" She then added. I looked at my eldest sister for support, but she once again lifted her eyebrows at me.

"Don't look at me sport, you're the one who got yourself into this," she actually chuckled a bit. "If you don't, then the twins will have to suffer the consequences of calling you out. If you do ... well, then unfortunately you'll have to suffer the consequences of lying about it."

As I sat there pondering my immediate dilemma, I wondered if I might in fact bluff my way out of this, perhaps turn the tables on them. I wasn't one hundred percent erect, that I knew ... though I wasn't exactly flaccid either. I was hoping that my "package" might not reveal to them that I was, or wasn't ... one way or the other. And if I made it quick ... maybe. I pulled the pillow away from my lap, not bothering to look down ... merely hoping.

"See! Told you!" Stacy quipped almost yelling, now forcing me to look down at myself. True, there was a noticeable bulge sitting there inside my briefs, but even from my vantage point, sitting at the angle it was, there was no concrete evidence one way or the other.

"It's not ... hard, hard." I said stammering a bit, still trying to build some sort of a defense for myself here.

"Hard, hard?" Tracy now squeaked, giggling excitedly. "You mean to tell me that's not fully erect? Sure as hell looks like it!" She added, though I noticed as she said that, her nipples seemed to suddenly balloon considerably beneath her tight shirt. Maybe this wasn't the first time I'd been teased like this to some extent, but it certainly was the first time I'd sat for this long with my own sister's ogling my cock, even if I was still wearing my briefs. And now sitting here looking at the three of them, all of which ... including Chris, had noticeably stiff looking nipples, I found myself now getting harder.

"Well fuck ... now I am!" I finally burst, feeling slightly embarrassed, annoyed, and yet excitedly aroused too. This conversation had gone in a very strange direction all of a sudden.

"You were before," Stacy continued..."just more so now." She said a bit more softly, though her eyes were still glued to the front of my briefs. "Consequences," she then added looking up towards Chris. "Wouldn't you say?"

I swear, even Chris's eyes seemed glazed over at this point as she absentmindedly wetted her lips which had suddenly gone dry as she spoke. "Probably," she almost whispered, then speaking up, "Like what?" She asked turning towards the twins. I knew then I was in trouble ... big time!"

"Strip!" They said exactly at the same time, though this wasn't the only time the girls seemed to be on the same wavelength. "Now you have to..." "Show it!" One began, the other finishing the exact same thought.

"Yeah ... right!" I said grabbing my pillow once again, hiding my obviousness now. "Like I'm really going to show you my dick," I said trying to laugh it off, which is when Chris sat up leaning forward, looking at me purposely.

"Consequences David, come on, be a sport. You know damn good and well you'd make them pay for lying about something."

"Yeah? Well ... this is different!"

"Oh? And how's that? If you'd just answered honestly in the first place, that would have been the end of it, maybe we'd have teased you a bit more regarding it ... but since you out and out lied about it, that's why you're sitting here where you are now," Chris stated boldly.

"Yeah ... and with a hard on too!" Tracy giggled. "Come on bro ... let's see it, pay up!"

"Fine!" I said exacerbated, once more removing my pillow, tossing it at the twins though they ducked it as I missed the two of them, laughing. Though I certainly wasn't. I lifted up my ass, pulled down my underwear as my hard cock sprang up right in front of them. "There! Satisfied?" I asked putting it away again almost as quickly.

"Nope! Not good enough!" Stacy exclaimed. "We said strip. You didn't. That means take them all the way off ... and stand up now as an additional penalty for failing to do that!" Once again I looked towards Chris, but she was no help at all, still sitting there with glazed over eyes, licking her lips again. I just shook my head, stood up, pulled down my briefs and kicked them off entirely. Now with my prick pointedly standing fully out in front of me. However this time, I made no attempt at either covering, or retrieving my shorts either. Standing there, looking at my three sisters looking at me, was starting to turn me on. And even more so when Stacy likewise absentmindedly reached up and fingered her nipple for a second until she realized she'd just done so. Almost shamefacedly putting her hand back down.

"Is looking at your own brother making you horny?" I asked staring my sister down. She looked up, shaking her head.

"Of course not ... I was just..."

"Liar!" I said spitting it back at her, looking over towards Chris again as she openly laughed.

"Ah oh..." she mused still giggling.

"Consequences," I returned looking at Stacy, though including Tracy even as I said that. "And what about you sis? You getting horny looking at your own brother's cock?"

She at least was honest about it, though it took her a moment to answer the question, and even then, she only really answered it with an affirmative nod of the head.

"Pay up," I said turning back towards Stacy again. "Now it's your turn."

"To do what?" She asked worriedly.

"What do you think?" I challenged back..."Strip!"

Once again Stacy looked for help from her older sister, though none was forth coming. "That's not fair! If I have to ... so should she!" Stacy said glaring at Tracy now.

"Nah uh ... I told the truth, you didn't. Strip sis!" She said smugly now, starting to enjoy all this.

"Fine!" Stacy said, emulating the exact same words I'd spoken earlier. In seconds, she'd removed every stitch she'd been wearing, and was now standing there bare assed naked just as I was. Admittedly, I was at a loss for words. I'd caught glimpses ... brief glimpses of everyone before of course, but I'd never been treated to a full on view before, and certainly never this close.

"Wow," I actually breathed looking at my own very gorgeous sister. "So..." I found myself beginning to ask her. "Are you and Tracy truly identical in every way?" I wondered curiously speaking my thoughts aloud.

"Almost," Stacy answered still glowering at her sister. "Can I get dressed again now?" She asked, getting an affirmative shake of the head from Chris, though not from me, though I too finally reached down retrieving my own underwear, slipping them back on just as my sister did.

"What's ... different," I actually asked while doing that, though neither of the twins answered as Chris herself then stood putting a quick end to all this anyway.

"I think that's enough of Truth and consequences for tonight," she exclaimed. "I'm going up to bed before any of this gets truly out of hand. And I suggest the three of you do the same," she added to that, turning ... and then left the room heading towards the stairs. I sat back down, after retrieving my thrown pillow. There was still a few minutes of the movie remaining though we'd all but forgotten about it. Not at all tired ... certainly not now anyway, I wasn't about to head off to bed, determined to stick around, finish the movie ... and hopefully, if the girls did head off to their own bedroom, put in another one, an X-rated one, and enjoy getting myself off as aroused as I honestly now was.

The problem was ... neither one of the twins seemed to be in any big hurry to leave either, especially now that Chris had gone off to bed.

"I have to admit David ... you're pretty big," Tracy suddenly announced. "Bigger than any I've seen anyway."

"Yeah, you are," Stacy said joining in. "Just how big is it anyway?" She too wondered aloud.

"Shit, I don't know ... not like I've actually measured it or anything," I proclaimed, once again feeling nervous and uncomfortable here discussing this with my own sisters.

"No shit? Really? You've actually never measured yourself? Don't all guys do that?" They almost spoke as one, talking over the top of one another as they each asked the questions.

"No ... we don't. At least I haven't anyway," I said speaking for myself at least. Which is when the twins sat looking at one another with smiles on their faces.

"I'll get it," Tracy said standing, and then scurried off over towards the desk there in the den.

"Get what?" I asked, though I now had some kind of an idea as to what they were suggesting here. Sure enough, she pulled an old wooden ruler out of the desk drawer.

"This should work!"

"Get real," I said looking at her. "You don't really think for one moment here..."

"Come on, be a sport David," Stacy said. "Aren't you even the least bit curious yourself?"

"It's not about the size ... the quantity..."

"I know, I know ... it's the quality," Tracy laughed. "But we still want to know. Come on ... now that we've already seen it anyway, why not?"

"Because for one thing, I'm not exactly ... hard again," I proclaimed, which was true ... I wasn't. "So you wouldn't get an accurate measurement anyway. And I'm not about to sit here and wait until I am again either," though I paused ... suddenly with an idea coming to my head. "Unless you give me some sort of incentive, something to help," I then added looking at the two of them once more.

"Like what?" They both said again in exact unison.

"Show me ... the differences," I grinned back at them. "Do that ... and then you can."

The girls glanced at one another, grinned, and then stood as they began removing their clothes. Tracy was quicker, the simple pink form-fitting pajama gown she was wearing coming up and over the top of her head in seconds. Confirming my earlier suspicions of course, that she was entirely naked beneath it, which she was. Stacy was soon naked again too of course, and now the most noticeable difference between them was readily apparent. Stacy had a small neatly trimmed tuft of hair above her mound, whereas Tracy was completely shaved. Her pussy lips a bit more puffy and swollen perhaps for whatever reason, though I would have been hard-pressed to find any differences between their respective breasts whatsoever! They seemed to both have the same slight upward curvature to them, a little pointy, though not much. Each breast capped with twin light pink nipples, quarter-size at best areolas that almost blended in with the rest of their natural coloring, making it difficult at first to even make out their areolas at all, though the firmness of their actual nipples themselves was quite obvious.

"Wow ... that's it?" I asked looking back and forth between the two. "Just your ... hair?" I asked only then looking up into their respective faces, each one blushing a bit.

"Actually, Stacy's boobs are a little bigger than mine," Tracy said actually reaching over, cupping one of her sister's holding it to the side of her own.

"Well if they are ... I certainly can't see it," I exclaimed staring, then hearing a giggle from Stacy. "What?"

"Now you're hard..." she giggled again, redirecting my attention down at myself. She was right, I was. And even more noticeably, the head of my cock had actually managed to worm itself over the waistband of my underwear. "Time to measure," she giggled, and then with that, she stepped over, grabbing my shorts and yanking them down around my ankles. As she did that, my cock slapped against my abdomen, almost hitting her in the face as she recoiled back some.

"Sorry," I blushed, "didn't mean to poke your eye out," I told her trying to make light of the situation.

"You almost could too!" She said looking down at me, just as her hand came out, actually grasping my cock. I heard a gasp from behind her and off to one side as Tracy saw what her sister was doing, now joining her, her own hand now wrapping itself around me too as my twin sister's stood there actually fondling my shaft. "Where's the ruler?" Stacy asked as Tracy reached for it, handing it to her. "So ... she said placing it against my hard cock, trying to align it at some decided upon spot where they felt my cock met my balls. I stood there, enjoying the feel of her hand still holding me, and oddly enough the ruler too as she clasped the two of them together and then leaned over, double-checking her placement, and then reading off the actual measurement to her sister. Though Tracy now had to "confirm" her sister's measurement, reading it just as closely herself. The fact that I had both sister's with their noses only fractions away from my hard dick wasn't lost on me, especially when I glanced down, saw a pearly drop of dew suddenly bubble up from the tip of my cock, and slowly roll over the head down the side of it where the ruler was. "I say seven and 3/8 inches," she announced reading as Tracy confirmed the exact precise measurement, though that was when she also discovered my cum drool.

"What's this?" She giggled actually rubbing her finger into it, swiping it up, and then rubbing it between her thumb and forefinger. "David's horny juice," she then said, still giggling as Stacy now put another firm squeeze on my cock, producing another one for herself.

"And a lot of it too it seems," squeezing out another as Tracy now gathered that one up.

"What do you expect?" I said grimacing as my own sister's now stood there taking turns squeezing droplets out. "Though I best warn you..." I said letting the rest of it go unsaid. The girls once again looking back and forth at one another, grinning wickedly.

"No way," I said seeing the look in their eyes, stepping back, forcing them to release me. "Bad enough we're doing this much," I added to that stepping back again though I had backed into the couch, and suddenly just sat down rather than trying to go anywhere else. Almost as quickly as I had, the twins were suddenly on either side of me, sitting down as well, though I now dropped my hands down into my own crotch in an effort to protect myself.

"Come on David ... you know you'd like to, at least you know your cock certainly would," Stacy snickered.

"Oh yeah, I want to alright, and will too ... later, when I'm upstairs in my own bedroom!"

The twins were both pouting then looking at me. "So ... how often do you jerk off anyway?" Stacy asked.

"Oh no you don't. I'm NOT playing that game again," I told them both.

"How about a pact then?" Tracy asked as Stacy looked on curiously.

"A pact? Concerning what?" I asked just as curiously.

"How about, no consequences ... just truth. You ask a question, and we promise to be truthful in answering. But then you do too," Tracy continued. I thought about that for a moment before agreeing.

"Ok, but ... my question goes to both of you, so that means you both have to answer it ... honestly," I leered back at them, though all they did was grin back shaking their heads in agreement with that.

"OK, that's fare ... and you can even ask first," Stacy said taking over here.

"In that case ... I'll ask the two of you then the same question you just asked me. How often do the two of you do it?"

Stacy laughed. "I know for a fact that Tracy does it at least once a day!" She announced squealing on her sister. "She's always doing it in bed at night just before she falls asleep ... so I know she does it at least that much!" Tracy playfully punched her sister on the arm, though she had to reach across me in order to do that. And as she did, I felt her soft breast graze my arm, sending chills up and down my spine, not to mention a nice friendly throb between my legs.

"Oh, and like you don't!" She shot back. "I know ... because I've seen and heard you doing it too!" She said drawing her in, almost every time I start to!"

"So? What do you expect? Hearing the way you go on while you're doing it, makes me horny too!" She laughed only then glancing down seeing my cock actually throb with yet again another dollop of pre-cum fuck juice oozing out of the tip.

"OK, we answered your question, so now you answer ours!" Stacy said.

"At least once ... sometimes twice a day," I informed them both. "Though I've been known to do it more than that," I said almost proudly, well aroused at this point as we sat here naked together asking intimate, private questions of one another. Especially as Stacy's hand once again found itself wrapped around my dick, though seeing that, Tracy's hand soon joined that of her sisters as they went back to squeezing me, not quite jacking me off however.

"And what do you think about while doing it?" Tracy asked.

"Sorry ... I think it's my turn to ask the next question first," I said though it seemed a silly point to be making as I'd no doubt be answering that question anyway. But the girls took it in stride waiting on me as I thought about what to ask. Something a little different than that.

"Ok ... so tell me, where's the most dangerous, or most unusual place you've ever done it?" I asked them both. Stacy's face immediately blushing even more than it had been, the look in her eyes telling me she certainly had someplace before, though Tracy seemed to have to actually sit there and think about it for a moment, only then blushing herself, though smiling.

"You first," Stacy said ... obviously hesitant, though I knew she would eventually as she looked at her sister.

"I once did it sitting in the back seat of the car when Chris drove me to school one morning," she laughed.

"I don't remember that, where the hell was I?" Stacy asked.

"Sitting in the front seat," Tracy smiled. "Neither one of you had a clue, had a nice little orgasm too as I recall it," she laughed. "OK, so ... there's mine, now ... tell us yours!"

Stacy was however blushing furiously now, and I could see she was struggling with even telling us both. "Come on sis ... spill it, or we might have to reconsider the consequences part of doing this!" She threatened. Stacy took a deep breath, blushed some more, and then told us.

"It ... it was a few months back," she began nervously. "I ah ... well, I had a date in fact that evening, went to the movies, got home late. I was still a bit worked up, pretty horny. It was the first time I'd let my boyfriend feel me up," she openly admitted. "Though we aren't seeing one another anymore," she then added giggling as she held her fingers apart from one another only a few inches apart, and then looking at me, lengthening the distance apart, still laughing. "Anyway," she continued garnering her courage. "I promised I'd let mom know when I got home, only she was sound asleep when I got to her room. I almost turned around and headed back downstairs to my room when I noticed that David's bedroom door was partially open, and that he had his bedside lamp light on. Figured he was still up, so decided to stick my head in and say hi to him, at least let him know I was home, and at what time, in case mom questioned me about it. Only he was asleep too ... with the light on, naked ... laying on top of the sheets instead of beneath them."

Which is true, as during the hot summer, that's usually the way I did sleep, no covers ... naked, though I must have fallen asleep with the light on before turning it off, though I certainly don't remember my sister coming by the room or saying anything to me, which I commented on.

"No ... I didn't. I was going to, but like I said, you were sound asleep. But ... you were also naked, and though your cock wasn't hard, not like it is now anyway," she giggled again, once again squeezing it, "as horny as I was, had been all night, I actually stood there by the side of your bed, looking at you. Next thing I know, I've got my hand down my panties, and I am standing there masturbating myself, looking at you while I got off. And you never even knew I did," she laughed smiling and remembering. "I was scared as hell too, worried that you might wake up, see me standing there doing that, but it was so ... fucking ... hot!" She said actually panting a little as she once again recalled doing that, thinking about it. And her hand once more coming up to nonchalantly finger her breast as I noticed she tended to do whenever she wasn't really thinking about it. Something I'd have to remember she seemed to like doing whenever she was aroused. "So ... that's mine," she sighed actually sounding relieved as well as excited that she'd actually shared that.

"So David ... what's yours?" She then asked, getting an agreed nod from her sister's head.

"Most dangerous, or unusual place huh?" I thought, now smiling myself. "That's easy ... and did it a lot more than just once too," I tossed in freely. "And similar to your story's too," I told my sisters. Their looks of interest told me they were anxious to hear, especially as Stacy continued to sit there rubbing her own nipple back and forth with one hand, her other still holding onto my cock, though I noticed the girls had actually begun working it up and down just a little, not that I minded. At this point ... I was too far-gone, and enjoying it too much to mention anything.

"Remember when I was little and I would go into Chris's room and talk to her while she was brushing her hair?"

"You just wanted to see her tits," Tracy laughed, revealing that my so-called secret wasn't as secret as I thought it had been. "Don't tell me ... you masturbated even back then? Looking at her?" Stacy then asked right on top of Tracy's question.

"Well no ... not really, not then. But remembering that, sort of gave me the idea yes. So about a month ago, after graduation when Samantha and I broke up? I was feeling down in the dumps, remember?"

"Do we ever!" The twins again said in unison. "You were impossible to even be around there for a while."

"I know ... that's why I decided to talk to Chris, since she'd been through a few bad breakups herself. Thought she might have some answers for me in how to deal with it. Anyway ... one evening I passed by her room, and there she was, sitting at her vanity again, just before bedtime, brushing her hair. And it was just like in the old days. I asked to come in, sat on the edge of her bed, talking to her. Of course she was wearing a bathrobe this time, but I could see partially into the mirror as she sat there. I could see from my vantage point that it was partially open in front, and that every once in a while, as she moved, I'd catch a glimpse here or there of her breasts. And before I knew it, I was aroused, erect. And as I too only had my robe on, and nothing else, it became obvious to me that I could actually sit there and fondle myself..."

"Jack off you mean," Stacy interjected wickedly.

"OK ... jack off," I laughed, "Sitting there talking to Chris about my girlfriend problems, though jacking off," I said again winking at her, "Without her ever being aware that I was."

"You sure about that?" Tracy asked, which gave me pause.

"Now why did you say that?" I asked her.

"Because if what you're telling me happened about a month ago, I remember walking into the kitchen when Chris and mom were in the middle of a conversation, which suddenly got all hush-hush for some reason. Obviously they'd been discussing something, something they didn't want me to have overheard anything about. But the one thing I did hear, and didn't put two and two together until now, was hearing Chris say, "Almost like he used to do when he was little ... coming in to talk to me," or something to that effect anyway. So maybe ... she did know!"

I thought about it, but discarded that they might have been talking about me sitting there actually jacking off, which I had done. "I doubt it ... I am sure they were just talking about my conversation with her, and the fact I used to come in and do that as I felt more comfortable with her back then, more than any of the rest of you, including mom."

"Maybe ... but why then did they decide not to say anything about it in front of me?" She asked.

"Maybe because they knew you'd come and tease me about it or something," I offered, "Like you usually do," I then added. Though even I now was wondering, though I am sure that Chris, or even mom would have said something to me about it, had they suspected, so I shrugged it off.

"So ... where were we?" Tracy asked, "Next question?"

As horny as I honestly was now, I was curious ... and had been so for quite some time, especially knowing the two of them. "OK, here it is ... and remember the pact," I reminded them, though by the looks in their faces, they suddenly realized the Pandora's box they might have very well opened here.

"Ok ... go on. Shoot!" One said, the other adding.

"So tell me ... have the two of you ever done anything with one another?" I asked sitting back seeing their eyes suddenly open wide upon hearing me asking them that.

They sat looking back and forth at one another for a moment, hesitant obviously, still not saying anything.

"Come on you guys, I already know you've obviously laid in bed next to one another and masturbated, surely you did a little more than that yes?"

"Yeah, but not all the time though," Stacy finally ventured. "So don't go getting any ideas that Tracy and I are into lesbian incest or shit like that!" She added though I could see the renewed flush of arousal and excitement filling her cheeks.

"Never in a million years," I answered. "But ... what did you do then?" I pressed.

"If ... we tell you, you're going to owe us for saying," Tracy spoke, likewise aroused, especially by the suddenly lusty tone in her voice.

"Ok," I answered without really thinking, too curious and interested now in hearing what else it was the two of them had done together.

Once again they looked at one another, nodding their heads, smiling and then in unison turned towards me. "We took one another's virginity shortly after we turned eighteen," they announced speaking the words together as though they had rehearsed them. And even though it was clear what they'd just said, the mechanics and meaning of it escaped me momentarily.

"Run that one by me again? You did what? And how?"

Stacy laughed, though they both were. "We decided a long time ago that neither one of us wanted to lose our virginity to some boy in the back seat of his car. So we made a pact ... that we'd give our virginities to one another on the same night. So ... we borrowed one of mom's vibrators..."

"Mom has a vibrator?" I said suddenly, shaking my head as the thought of that suddenly invaded my reasoning. "No wait ... never mind, go on..."

"Anyway ... we used mom's toy to pop our cherries, gave them to one another one night."

"Yeah, it was far better letting Stacy do that, than some inexperienced young kid who'd never even seen a woman's pussy before, let alone know what to do with one when he did see it. And was damn sure a lot nicer, and easier ... wasn't it Stacy?"

Stacy's look seemed almost far away as she sat there recalling it. Her hand in fact once more toying with the hard little nubbin of her breast until she realized she was doing that, forcing it away from herself. "Yeah ... it was. So now you know David, and now ... you owe us for telling you that!"

I remembered my agreement, vaguely, but now wondered what it was I had gotten myself into, though still trying to buy myself some time here if I could. "So that's it? You haven't done anything more than that? Ever?"

"Of course we have!" Tracy responded. "But we're not about to tell you everything! That wasn't the deal! You wanted to know something, we gave you something. You want anything more than that ... then you have to pay up for what you do know first!"

Obviously I had painted myself into a corner here, there was no getting out of it. "Like what?" I asked worriedly.

The girls looked at one another again, grinning from ear to ear, and back to me. "Jerk off for us," they again said simultaneously, and I honestly did wonder then if they hadn't at some point in the past, actually rehearsed having this conversation.

"Seriously, you want me to actually jerk myself off in front of you? Right here? Right now?"

"Why not? You sort of already have been anyway, and we certainly sort of have been too," they both giggled. "Now ... we want to see how you do it, how you like it..."

"I just want to see him squirt!" Stacy said far more boldly. "I've never seen a guys cock cum before. Well ... not in real life anyway," she added once again blushing a little.

As horny as I now was however, and already knowing I was in dire need of relieving some pressure here soon, especially after everything they had shared with me, not to mention sitting here naked in front of me, the thought of doing this suddenly seemed like a wonderful idea.

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