Little Witches

by Rod O'Steele

Copyright© 2010 by Rod O'Steele

Horror Sex Story: What would it be like if the cult movie was written for SOL

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Horror   .

Part I

Jamie led the girls down the stone staircase into the cold drafty hall of the old convent which was attached to the girl's school. Dark and light played across the hall as outside, clouds scudded past, flying as if afraid of the night, covering, then exposing, the cold light of the moon which hung dolorously in the dark night sky. Six girls, trying to be silent as black cats, crept down the stairs, all except Jamie, scared out of their wits, all unable to quit since the other girls were there, trudging along, all sure they would be caught by a sister who would skin them alive for being out so late and for being in the convent instead of their rooms in the school. Down they went to the old library where the antiquities and valuables, like the golden rood used only on high Holy days, were kept, locked up in the cellar. There were no lights on and Jamie flicked on her flashlight, startling several of the girls.

"Shh," she hissed at the sound of gasps.

On they went, around a corner and down another passage, deeper into the cellar, further than any except Jamie had been. The walls felt damp and cold, and several girls shivered, not only from the cold, but also from their dread. Jamie led them into a side passage which seemed to dead end in a solid stone wall.

"Watch," she whispered. The others strained forward as Jamie ran her fingers along the top of the side wall and they slipped into a small trough, CLICK. The girls jumped. At the same moment, the end wall slid back and pivoted to the side.

"Follow me," Jamie said, leading the girls into the abyss.

"Wow" Kelsey said as Jamie lit a candle, throwing dancing light into the corners. It was a temple, perhaps twenty feet to a side, ten feet high, columns running around the walls, with an altar on one wall. Jamie pushed on the stone door which slid back into place.

Nicole cried out, "We're locked in."

"Shut up, "Jamie said. "You just push that stone next to the door and it opens again."

"Oh," Nicole said nervously.

"Sit in a circle on the floor," Jamie ordered. The girls sat on the cold floor, wondering what was going to happen. Jamie took a large stone bowl covered with crude markings from the altar and set it in the middle of the group. Next, she grabbed an old book from the wall in back of the altar and brought it to the circle.

It looked strange, "What's that?" Erica asked adjusting her glasses.

"It is the text of Velathos, the Blind."

"How did he write it if he was blind?" Kelsey asked. They all looked askance at Kelsey being Kelsey.

"Duh, someone wrote it for him. It's in Latin. I thought I'd never use the Latin they make us learn," Jamie answered.

"Why's it look like that," Erika asked.

Jamie ran her hand over the book, "It's skin," she said.

"Gross," several of the girls burst out, followed, by "Eews."

"Hey, leather is just skin too," she said. The other girls didn't look convinced. Jamie shrugged off her backpack and started taking out various vials and bottles. "It took forever to find some of this stuff."

Faith nervously asked her, "What are you doing?"

"I told you, a spell of power."

"I don't know..." Faith said.

Jamie opened the book and began reading, "Leaf of oak, gall of frog, silver dust," as she opened and poured into the stone bowl contents of the various containers. The girls all recoiled at several of the items because of the names and because of the smell. When she finished, Jamie sat back and took a needle, jabbed her fingers and squeezed several drops of blood. She handed the needle to Gina, "Do it."

Gina scrunched up her nose but poked the needle in, cried "Ouch," but squeezed some blood into the bowl. One after the other each girl pricked her finger and dropped blood into the bowl. Faith was last.

"I'm not going to," she stated.

Jamie grabbed her hand, jabbed the needle into her finger, and ignoring he loud 'OW!" pulled her finger to the bowl and squeezed. Faith pulled her finger back but not before several drops fell into the bowl.

Jamie smiled, "We're all in."

Faith rubbed her finger. "That hurt."

"Sissy." Jamie started reading the text, in Latin. The girls could understand much of what she was reading, calling on Thammuz to give them power. She lit a match and threw it into the bowl, a flash of blood red light burst out and red smoke coiled up from the bowl. The smoke hung in the air, like a breeze was blowing, except there was no breeze in that cold dank room; the smoke turned in the air. Each girl felt in turn like she was being inspected. A voice, deep, tolling like a bronze bell, seeming to come from the smoke said, "I accept the five, but the one who does not accept me must be sacrificed."

Jamie was the only one who could speak and asked, "What? Why?"

"She fought against my blessings. She must be sacrificed!"

Horror gripped the girls. All except Faith felt cold run through their veins and they began to move against their wishes as if one mind was controlling all five bodies. Kelsey and Nicole grabbed Faith's arms as Gina and Erica grabbed her ankles. They lifted her as Jamie, fighting against the commands every step, came over and started unbuttoning Faith's blouse, then her skirt, bra, and last pulling down her panties. The four lifted the girl and placed her on the altar. Faith was too scared to even scream.

Jamie tried to scream; this isn't what she expected. The spell was supposed to give the girls power. What was happening? They weren't getting power – they were being taken over by ... What was taking control of them?

"Prepare the sacrifice," the voice tolled. The four tried to fight the commands as they saw the red jeweled dagger on the altar and the old rust-red stains running off the rock shelf.

Jamie wondered what sacrifice meant until a vision filled her mind; she recoiled, 'NO!' But her body obeyed its new master. She leaned forward as Faith's legs were spread. Her pussy spread open, the carmine interior glistening in the candle light.

Jamie's body lay upon the cool stone altar until her face was right above Faith's pussy. Then Jamie's tongue lashed out and into the redolent warmth of Faith's folds. Faith gasped from the unexpected surge of pleasure. Her head fell back as Jamie's tongue assaulted her nether regions, licking and lapping from top to bottom of her pussy, then wrapping around her clitoris. "Oh," she moaned as the pleasant vibrations echoed through her body. Faith was still heaving around on the altar, but it was no longer fear moving her; it was pleasure. The other girls watched, entranced, as Jamie sucked and lapped at Faith's spread open gash.

Above them, the smoke grew and coalesced until a body, glowing red and covered in scaly skin formed. "She is mine." it said. The girls tried to hide their faces from the horror above, but they were forced to watch as between its repulsive legs, a hideous staff, looking like a horse's cock, long, slimy, red, and thick around as one of the girl's arms, pulsed in the red light. The five girls all tried to scream but it was choked off in their throat. Faith, opening her eyes when Jamie quit licking, saw the apparition above her and she did scream as it moved down between her splayed open legs. The scream died as she felt the massive repugnant phallus against her helpless vulnerable loins. As she stared at it, the demon pushed and she felt it tear through her virgin portal, ripping her open, another scream, this time of realized horror, as the wicked phallus tore open her passage and buried itself deeply as possible inside her poor abused pussy.

Faith could smell its fetid breath and opened her eyes to see the glowing red eyes, the teeth pointed and sharp, stained from its unholy diet, and nearly passed out.

Jamie was watching from the other end and could see the muscles in its ass flexing as it powered the pole in and out of Faith's pussy, the slurping sound unnerving. The beast of Hell grunted as it spent it's cum, gushing into the poor girl, filling her with its monstrous spend. A final brutal thrust and gush and it was over. The thing laughed and shouted, "She is mine," as it dissolved into the smoke, the laugh reverberating in the dank air.

The girls, released from the spell which held them, fell onto the floor gasping for breath. "Oh God," Gina retched, nearly tossing her dinner. Faith, doubled up on the cold stone, hugging herself, could only think 'Why did I follow Jamie down to this pit of Hell? Why? Am I so stupid?' The other girls, including Jamie herself held similar thoughts.

Nicole was the first to speak, "Let's get out of here."

That brought a flurry of activity as the girls helped Faith walk from the temple of evil, abandoning everything as they hurried out, Jamie closing the door behind. The dull boom followed them as they fled upstairs to their rooms. Kelsey and Nicole hurried to their room, Gina and Erica to theirs and Jamie helped Faith to theirs. Faith dashed into the bath and Jamie heard the shower. She fell back into a chair, crying and wondering how she let this happen.

Faith washed herself time after time, digging her fingers deep inside, trying to wash all of the evil the demon had poured into her body, out of her. When the water ran cold, she got out and dried off. As she came out, Jamie was still crying, "I'm sorry."

Faith continued drying herself as Jamie's eyes got wide that her friend was showing her nudity, the towel never covering much. Jamie wondered what was happening. The answer would soon affect all six girls; Faith was the most changed since the demon had taken her directly. His seed was eating away at the Apollonian civilized veneer and exposing the wild barbaric Dionysian inner self of each girl. Faith was already showing in her behavior.

She had already put from her mind the horror of the evening as the wild untamed inner core came out. "Actually, I liked it, what you did," she said.

Jamie sat with her mouth open.

Faith continued, tossing the towel aside, standing openly naked in front of her friend, "I mean, that part felt good. I just wish we had a chance to kiss or something like that. It was so rushed."

Jamie blushed, realizing Faith enjoyed their lezzy incident. Faith came to her and putting her hand on Jamie's cheek, led the girl up from the chair and pulled their lips together. They kissed. The demonic broke through Jamie's Apollonian veneer and she moaned in pleasure. The beast was in charge. Faith heard the surrender in that moment and pushed Jamie's blouse off. She unhooked the bra as Jamie unbuttoned her skirt and pushed of her panties. They came together, naked, breast against breast, tongues lunging into each other's mouth, pudenda mashed against pudenda. "Yes..." Jamie moaned, as Faith pushed her back onto her bed, the girls falling together, their bodies meshing, legs scissored together, pussy against pussy, lips pressed against lips, tongues dueling. Faith fucked her friend. They collapsed together after mutual orgasms, crawled under the covers and fell asleep.

Faith woke early and seeing Jamie in her bed, began softly touching her. Jamie woke from a wonderful dream to a better reality; Faith was softly touching her breasts and nipples. As her eyes opened, Faith leaned down and they kissed. As she pulled back, she said, "Your turn to fuck me."

Jamie was momentarily offended by the vulgarity, but the beast burst from the inner hidden core and she quickly laughed and returned the kiss pulling Faith down. Their legs locked again, pressing pussy against pussy as Jamie rolled over and began fucking Faith.

The other four girls woke from their uneasy sleep. They hurried to be ready for the day. Nicole and Kelsey were up first followed shortly by the other two. They gathered in the hall, wondering about Faith. Curious and nervous, they opened the door to Faith and Jamie's room, for the nuns believed nothing should go on behind locked doors. They gasped at the two girls fucking on the bed.

In the hours of the night, the demon had infiltrated their wills. Normally the girls would have been appalled by the sight of two girls having sex. But the demonic perversity was seeping into their souls. All four girls felt the heat of desire in their loins. They closed the door quietly and headed back to their rooms. Cute Kelsey stood before Nicole and said, "What did you think?"

"I think it was hot," Nicole said.

Kelsey needed no further invitation and the demonic control asserted itself as she leaned forward and kissed Nicole. Before they knew it their clothes were scattered around their room and they fell onto the bed, sweet blonde Kelsey and dark Nicole, white and black, salt and pepper were quickly locked together fucking each other in lesbian bliss. The same scene played itself out between Erica and Gina, six girls all fucking, their moans filling the morning so that other girls could hear in the hall. There was much giggling that morning.

Faith and Jamie emerged from their room and hurried off to class. As they hurried down the hall, one girl laughed and made smooching sounds at them. Madness surged in Faith, as she wished the girl hurt. Just then the girl tripped on nothing and falling awkwardly, broke her wrist, crying out in pain. Every girl present had seen her trip and no one was near. They all saw the look in Faith's eyes, the look of satisfaction and all were equally sure that somehow she had been responsible.

As two girls helped the victim to the dean's office, the others hurried to class. But the rumors quickly spread. Gina and Nicole both heard distorted versions, for they were not yet known to be allies of Faith and Jamie.

No other girl said anything, even though the rumors of lezzy sex by the six spread, along with the belief that Faith had caused the accident. Like all live-in girl's schools, there was plenty of girl on girl sex, everything from 'practice' kissing to what would boys do stroking to labia against labia 'practice' sex to 'just to see what it feels like' pussy lapping. The unwritten but inviolate rule was nothing said, nothing noticed. What happened behind closed doors was to be silent and discrete. The six had violated the basic rule.

And they didn't care anymore. The devil in them hated civilized rules and wanted them all violated. After dinner, the six gathered in Jamie and Faith's room. Gina asked, "Faith, what happened?"

"Oh the little bitch made smooching sounds. I was so mad and I thought, 'I hope she trips.' And sure enough. right then. she fell and broke her arm."

Gina said, "I heard it was just her wrist."

Jamie said, "Wrist arm, who cares. You know what this means? We got power!" The room went deadly silent as each girl registered the implications.

Erica was first, "What are we going to do?"

Faith said, "We are going to take over this school." Another long silence as they thought about that idea.

Erica had been feeling guilty, mixed with hot abort the morning. In the lull, she looked at Faith and Jamie and said, "Um, this morning, the four of us opened your door..."

Jamie said defensively, "So?"

Erica traded a look with Gina before saying, "Well, me and Gina, we kind of found it hot and we went back to our room..."

"And did it too," Faith finished. Erica nodded. Kelsey blushed bright red. Faith sitting next to her said, "You too?"

Kelsey turned even redder and nodded.

Smiling, the beast came into the room. Faith was first to throw off her clothes and the other girls quickly followed. There they sat all naked in a circle.

Faith put her hand on Kelsey's face and pulled her into a lip locked kiss. Jamie turned to Gina and pulled her into a kiss. Nicole and Erica shrugged, turned to each other and fell back locked in a passionate embrace. Soon six girls were locked in three copulating couples. The sound of wet pussies and heavy breathing filled the room. The beast reveled in the lustful outpourings of the girls.

After climaxing, the girls switched partners. This time, each couple lined up face to pussy, lapping at each other's pussies until the girls orgasmed. And around the circle the girls moved until each had given all, and been given a cum. Exhausted, even if the beast was not sated, for the beast would always lust, the girls went back to their rooms to fall asleep dreaming of lezzy sex.

The next morning, after a quick bout of pussy lapping, Gina and Erica headed off to their first class with the dour Polish nun, Sister Maria. Sister Maria was known for her conservative bent and stern discipline and mountains of homework in Algebra. Her prize possession was a picture of her and the pope before he became pope.

Bound together by the beast as they were now, the girls had begun to be able to sense the other's intentions. Erica was looking at Sister and thinking, wouldn't it be funny if she fell. Gina said a loud in her mind "No." Erica looked at the other girl, a quizzical look in her eyes. But the beast wasn't quiet. It fixed a thought into both girls at the same time. They concentrated and a spark leapt on sister's habit. A small flame started. Luckily, one of the girls in the front row, who was lost in thought, happened to be looking down instead of the board and shouted, "Sister," pointing at the habit. The flames were quickly growing. Another girl, thinking quickly, grabbed the fire extinguisher from the front, just as they had been drilled each year, and turned it on Sister Maria.

In the ensuing chaos, no one noticed Gina and Erica quietly smiling. An ambulance came and carted off the protesting sister. She had been burned worse than this on the beach. But Mother Superior wasn't taking any chances. The inquiry turned up nothing that could explain what happened.

Thus began a reign of bullies. The other girls soon noticed how the six began acting like they were in charge. Any girl who chose to cross them, well, something happened to her and it was never pleasant and always creepy. It soon came to the attention of the teachers and sisters that something wicked had this way come. The dean was soon apprised of the happenings. He didn't really believe it, but too many of the girls, and now the staff, had begun to believe. He knew he needed to do something. The six girls were called to his office.

"Ladies, some unusual things are happening in the school and there are some who feel you are involved."

"Who?" demanded Jamie.

"That isn't important at the moment," he said.

Faith interrupted him, "It's important to me. I want to know," she snarled.

"Excuse me, I am the dean, not you," he said.

"We'll see about that," Jamie said, standing and leading the girls out of his office.

The dean was shocked. No student had ever behaved like this. He thought about his choices and decided this had gone far enough. Obviously, the girls would have to be suspended. Then their parents could talk to the girls and let them know how serious this was.

At the same time, the girls had convened in Jamie's room. "What are we going to do?" Kelsey asked. "What if he calls our parents?"

Jamie said, "Sit in a circle and join hands." The girls did. "Okay, we have to stop him, all agree?" The girls nodded. Jamie began to concentrate. The beast inside let them connect and use their combined power... "Out, out, out..." The girls began to chant. They felt it, the beast, the power flowing through them, channeling itself to their desire, their wishes.

In the Dean's office he suddenly felt tired, weak, like he hadn't slept in months, his eyes closed. Now his body stood and went to the window, opened it, and crawled out, and jumped. At that moment he woke, saw himself falling and screamed.

The girls felt a giddy satisfaction flow back to them. In their satisfaction, a lusty desire filled their bodies and clothes were flying as an all girl orgy broke out.

Luckily for the dean, he had been in the army and trained at Fort Benning. Training took over. The fall from the second story window wasn't great although it would have been dangerous to an untrained man. Feet together, arms at his side, he hit and rolled, absorbing the force of the fall all along his body. It was a text book landing, except for the sprinkler head. His luck ran out as his crashed against it, sending him to sleep.

Several girls heard the scream and ran outside to find the unconscious dean on the grass below his office. They ran screaming back in. Once again, the town's ambulance came roaring out to the convent and hauled away another victim of what had become a reign of terror.

Part II

Something had been bothering me but I couldn't quite scratch that itch. It hovered around my consciousness, sort of like a fly buzzing around, annoying. I got an e-mail from my master. No, I'm not a slave, I'm a wizard of the ancient Celtic rights, a druid, and the Master whom I mentioned was the one who recognized in me the power and trained me. I owe him much.

The email was simple. Do you feel it too? Call me.

This was the first time he had sent me an e-mail since I had left his training many years before. This did nothing to allay my feeling that something wasn't right. I grabbed my cell phone and called his shop. He picked up. Across the distance our minds recognized each other and he said, "Do you feel it too?"

"Yes, but I have no idea what it is," I answered.

"It is the first time since you have been trained. A demon has opened a gate into our world. What you feel is the evil pouring into our world through the gate. Now, you must earn all of the prerogatives you have as a wizard. You have to fulfill your duty and destroy the gate," he said ominously.

Had it been anyone else, I would have laughed. But he had never joked about such things. I felt my stomach clench. "How?" was all I could manage.

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