The Ritual

by maxmarieuk

Copyright© 2010 by maxmarieuk

Sex Story: A husband gives his wife to a mystery group for their pleasure

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Wife Watching   DomSub   Orgy   .

She was lead, blindfolded and caped, into the huge hall and as she walked, the cape opened enough to show that beneath it she was scantily clad and tanned. With the cape closed they could all see that she was tall and that she walked firmly, especially considering that she did not know what was ahead of her. Most of the women who were brought to them in here walked very uncertainly, not really sure that they really wanted to be here now that it had started, but this one seemed unusually confident.

Her escort handed her arm to the Clan Chief who took her by the elbow and led her forward to the centre where all could see and it started.

"Who gives this woman to the Clan?" he called and her escort stepped forward to give the reply "I do, Chief." "And who are you?" "I am her husband and her lover" came the reply. Sometimes the reply was husband, lover, or even, on rare occasions, father.

"And do you give her freely, for the Clan to do with her as they please, without let or hindrance?" "I do."

At this the eyes turned again to the woman who stood so still and erect and they wondered whether she in fact realised what was going on around her and, more to the point, what would happen to her over the next few days or weeks, depending on how long she was to be left with them.

At this the Chief turned to her and intoned "you have heard that your husband has given you to our Clan, to do with as they wish, without let or hindrance, from him or from you. You are not to speak, just nod your head when I ask you the questions.

Do you now understand that you are to obey every order, command and request that is given to you while you are here?" She nodded.

"And do you understand that if you delay or hesitate or disobey then you will be punished?" Another nod.

"And that you are not to speak unless spoken to or unless you are specifically given permission to speak?" Another nod.

"Then I pronounce you gifted to the Clan for our pleasure and gratification. Now let the Clan see just what has been gifted to them."

With that he lifted the cape from her shoulders and pulled it away from her body.

There was an appreciative gasp from the assembled group of men as they saw the body that stood in front of them. She wore a thin filmy loose blouse and a short tunic type skirt but they could all see that she was tall and tanned all over. Firm thighs and buttocks, slim waist with breasts that hung gracefully, not enormous but nor were they too small, swaying under her blouse as she moved. Her nipples stood out in large brown aureoles, visible through the thin blouse and even from a distance it was obvious that her nipples were large and firm.

The husband looked on with great pride, seeing his woman so admired, knowing what was to happen to her and knowing that she would surprise them all by being even better than they imagined when they looked at her.

The Chief turned her around so all the group could see her from every side. He lifted her short skirt to show that she was shaven as were all their women, for reasons that she would understand later but for now, she felt a cool draught against her thighs and shaven lips, not used to being so exposed.

The Chief raised his hand and a measuring tape was put into it. He spoke to her again. "We keep a record of every gift that comes our way so I shall now measure you."

With that he put the tape around her bust and called out "Thirty eight and a half inch tits."

Somehow this made her proud but the crudity registered with her and the butterflies in her stomach made their first stirring.

The tape went round her waist. "Twenty four inch waist, very slim" he added.

Next to her hips. "Thirty six inch hips so plenty to get a hold of" he laughed as he called to his men and there was a chuckle from the group.

Next a series of cups was put into his hand and he stood in front of her. She did not know what to expect now and instinctively backed off as he reached into her open blouse, lifted out her breasts and a very cold cup was put against each one. Someone behind flicked her left buttock with a crop and the Chief reminded her "remember to obey at all times." She was about to protest that she had only flinched from the unexpected cold when she remembered the silence rule and realised that she had almost fallen into the first trap.

"A C cup for them both" the Chief called and this was added to her record sheet.

"Now lets see how big her cunt is" he called to them, adding, "if you remember the briefing her husband gave us, she has a good sized cunt and big fleshy cunt lips so lets check her out."

Her stomach churned again - what briefing, what had he told them? What had he lined up for her? She felt more exposed by the thought of her husband briefing them on her body, her sexual appetites, her likes and dislikes, than ever she did when the Chief had lifted her breasts out of her blouse for all to see. After all, she had sunbathed topless and naked but she had not had her inner secrets given away before.

The Chief turned to her and gently pushed her back against the edge of a large table. She felt the table top against her thighs where they met her bottom. He continued to push until her bottom rested on the edge and her feet had swung up from the floor.

She felt her ankles being held and then her legs were roughly pulled open and her brief skirt lifted to reveal her cunt and its large, juicy lips to the assembly. She did not know how many there were. Were they old, young, mixed, were they all men or were some women there as well? She presumed that her husband was there as he had been so keen to see her being taken by the group and she wanted to prove her love for him by taking all they could do to her and showing what a woman she was, that she could take it all and still come back for more. She would make him proud of her. She knew that she had a good cunt - it was large, juicy and set in a fleshy mound with larger than average sized lips.

In her mind she shouted "look at this cunt - fuck me if you want - this is the best cunt you will ever fuck" as she was held, exposed to the men in the room.

She felt someone, presumably the Chief, take hold of her lips and open them then she felt something being inserted into her cunt. She was pushed back so her back lay on the table and then her feet were pushed back towards her bottom so that her thighs opened and her cunt was opened to them all. They were manipulating her like a piece of meat on a slab, her cunt wide open, and she realised that he was turning something to expand it. Her legs were pulled wider apart as it grew thicker and she had to wriggle her bottom on the table to adjust her hips and angle to take the growing thickness.

She was totally under their control, to do with as liked and they were taking full control of her. They were using her as a sex object for their own pleasure. She felt the tool being slid right up her, deep inside until it became painful, pushing against resistance inside. A hand felt around her stomach to feel from the outside just how far up her it had gone, felt the tool inside her, inside her belly but still visible from outside as it swelled her flat stomach. It felt rigid and hard inside her, both to her and to the hand that felt her stomach.

The Chief called out "fifteen inches deep" and there was clapping from the crowd so she presumed that this was good and felt proud, as if from that undignified position she had somehow scored over them, proven herself. Next she felt whatever was inside her begin to widen, to stretch her cunt without her even being able to see what they were using on her body.

As it stretched and filled her, it felt good, reminded her of the feeling she had had with larger cocks inside her and she adjusted her hips, trying to accommodate it, but it then began to be painful and she gritted her teeth until she could take it no more and moaned. At this, he stopped stretching her and called out "a mighty seven point eight five on the scale, gentlemen."

At this there was a loud cheer and the pain disappeared as she felt their approval of her body. She knew that she would not disappoint them.

She had had a number of men and never once had any complaint. Quite the reverse. They always declared her the best fuck they had ever had and she knew that if they allowed her to use her skills, she could satisfy even the most difficult to please, but would they allow her to use her skills or would they just use her like some sort of animated sex doll?

As the tool was removed from her now aching cunt, she started to lift off the table but was held down. She heard, sensed and felt the movement of men towards her and the butterflies got into a higher gear as she realised that they were now coming right up to her. Fingers explored her, pushing deep inside her still wide open cunt and she was surprised to feel so wet. Somehow she feared that she would be insulated against what was happening to her but the physical pressures on her cunt combined with the atmosphere and the feel of exploring fingers had switched her natural reactions back on. She lubricated easily at any time but the men were expressing surprise at just how wet she was.

"She's dripping wet" said one surprised voice and she felt some of them wipe their fingers against her stomach to remove her sticky juices from their fingers.

Again the crudity of this excited her. She knew that she would be fucked at some point and she wanted it now.

The Chief seemed to sense this and he called out "who was it who won the prize draw?" and there was a cheer as a man stepped forward.

She heard the Chief say to him "she seems ready to be fucked now so I suggest you get on with it. How do you want her?"

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