Kathy's Family Honeymoon
Chapter 2: The Sharing is Widened

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2: The Sharing is Widened - Kathy has always struggled with latent nymphomania. Now her new husband forces her and her 14 year old daughter to go naked and have unprotected sex with family and friends. The nymphomania of both girls is surfaced, preparatory to life of porn movies and prostitution.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism  

Jenny was the last to stir the next morning. She felt something behind her on the bed, and turned to see Barry spooning up against her, his hard prick pushing against her bottom. Looking to the other bed, she saw that it was now Ken and Jared sandwiching her mother, with Jared enjoying her pussy, as Ken's prick filled her anus.

"It's about time to get you used to back entry as well" Barry's voice murmured in her ear. She immediately felt greasy fingers probing her rectum and she felt a thrill of anticipation mixed with some fear run through her body. Sure enough, as she continued to watch her mother, now writhing ecstatically on the bed from the double penetration, Jenny felt Barry's fingers being replaced by the thicker feeing of his rigid cock.

She willed herself to relax, and thrilled to feel how easily Barry entered her back passage ... and the feeling was just exquisite. His one hand fondled her young tit, tweaking the nipple, while the other slipped down to massage her prominent clit. This drove her to a wild climax as she shouted out "Ahhhhh ... Yes, Yeeeeeeees. Fill me. Look Mommy, I'm also being fucked in my arse. It's sooooooo good, I want to have two at a time as well."

All five came at much the same time, and then collapsed for a while in exhaustion.

When they recovered, Barry would not let them shower again, and sent them to make breakfast with cum running down their thighs, while the three men showered.

After a leisurely breakfast, Barry announced that they would be going down to the beach, and instructed the girls to fill cool boxes with beers and sandwiches.

"But what to we wear to the beach" asked Kathy.

"Go as you are!"

"But it's a public beach isn't it. Won't there be other people around?" Kathy anxiously wanted to know.

But Barry just laughed. "It's mainly local residents and there are no beach cops. You may get some dirty looks, and also some ogling from men mainly, but you won't be arrested for public indecency!"

And so armed with towels and two coolbags with beer and sandwiches they set out across the beach. Two couples passed them, and the men stared while their female partners pulled them along. Barry settled the group down just at the edge of a reef of rocks jutting out into the sea, on which a number of men could be seen fishing. It was obvious that any fishermen coming and going to the rocks would pass right by them, and would be very aware of the girls' nudity.

Only when they arrived did Kathy realize that the only liquid refreshment they had was beer, so that she and 14-year old Jenny would have no option but to get sloshed if they were to avoid dehydration.

As soon as they were settled, Ken and Jared dragged Kathy and Jenny down into the surf where they splashed around. If the fishermen had not seen them earlier, they did now!

They lay in the sun for a while afterwards to warm up, and quenched their thirst with the first of many beers of the day. The boys offered to rub some sun-block on the girls, and would not take "no" for an answer. Soon Jared was boldly massaging Kathy's tits, thighs and bum in full view of any passers-by, and Ken was soon doing the same with Jenny.

And then: "I'm getting horny" announced Jared. His trunks fastened at the front with a Velcro strip which he yanked open to free his blood-engorged penis. In spite of Kathy's squeals of protest, he rolled her on to her back and lay on top of her, and within seconds he was stuffing her vagina with his rod. Once again, Ken quickly copied his brother by rolling on to Jenny.

"Get them off", Kathy screeched in panic. "We can't have sex in the open. People can see us". But Barry just sat watching them with a smile, sipping a beer and making no attempt to intervene. In fact the thought of being seen having sex in a public place embarrassed Kathy but also aroused her in a strange way so that she did not struggle as much as she might have to dislodge Jared. The situation had the same effect on Jenny, who had also already downed two beers by then and was quite giggly. It was she who saw two fishermen with binoculars aimed at them.

"We have an audience; let's give them a show" she squealed, wrapping her legs around Ken's buutocks.

Seeing her daughter's uninhibited performance triggered something in Kathy as well. As arousal outweighed embarrassment she thrust back more enthusiastically. Something at the back of her mind put up a last resistance: "What am I doing? What have I become? What about my little Jenny?" But the exhibitionistic excitement and the stimulation of all her sensitive sex parts drove these thoughts away as she climaxed there out in the open. She wrapped her legs tight round Jared's thrusting bottom, and pulled him ever tighter into her as he came gallons.

The scene was to repeat itself a few more times. Ken and Jared had each girl twice during the day, although Barry just watched with a smile, saving his energy for the night. On the last occasion, a group of three fishermen passed by within a few yards and stopped for a while to watch, rubbing their crotches. As the couples rolled apart, Jenny and Kathy lay on their backs, spread-eagled to show their gaping pussies leaking cum.

Back at the cottage, Barry stripped off and had the two girls come into the shower with him, to wash him and themselves down. Once dried, he ordered them to lick and suck his cock and balls, before he put Jenny on her back and penetrated her. As he fucked her daughter, he had Kathy kneel behind him to continue licking his balls and ass-cheeks. They lay for a while after he had cum, but after some twenty minutes he reversed the position by mounting Kathy as Jenny sucked on his balls.

That night it was Jenny's turn to experience double penetration, first with Ken and Barry, and then the next morning with Ken and Jared. Through both experiences, Jenny uninhibitedly screamed her pleasure, urging both partners to get deeper and deeper, and to fill her with cum.

"God, I'm so pleased you married Barry", she told Kathy. "Now we can both have as much sex as we need when we want ... and I want it all the time. I think I'm a born slut just like my mom. Do you think they'll share us with their friends?"

In fact the sharing was to start sooner that they thought. The second day (Monday) had largely been a repeat of the first, but on the Tuesday morning, Barry announced that they would need to go into the local town to replenish supplies.

"But we have (literally) nothing to wear", Kathy pointed out.

Barry turned to the boys: "Do you still have those old basketball vests that were left by the American students who visited last year?"

The vests were found and given to the girls. They were meant for tall basketball players and hung down nearly to mid-thigh for the girls. But in front, the scooped neckline revealed a considerable portion of the swells of their breasts, especially Kathy's D-cups. Furthermore, the armholes were so wide as to create openings at the side just about down to their waists. If they raised their arms at all, the sides of their breasts and even some glimpses of nipples would be exposed to any watchers.

"We can still be arrested for public indecency" was Kathy's view, but she felt a tingle in her pussy and nipples at the thought of the likely public exposure.

"Don't worry about that ... some of the women may frown on you, but generally the local community is quite broad-minded".

The vests were all the girls wore, as Barry had them go barefoot. They walked with him and the two boys around the supermarket, continually conscious of many eyes on them. Their nipples erected to rigid points which showed clearly through their thin tops.

As they had lunch, Barry said: "I think we should spend some time at the local beach here ... it's very nice. I suppose that we had better get you girls some swim suits".

He drove a few blocks to a speciality lingerie store, and guided them to a rack of 'wicked weasel' swim suits. He had them try on a number of the bikinis and monokinis. All barely covered aureolae and cunt slits, and nothing more, and were of thin unlined material. The girls realized immediately that when wet the suits would effectively be transparent. Even when dry, the outlines of their nipples and slit were quite evident. But they also noticed a more immediate problem with all the suits which Kathy expressed.

"We'll have to find somewhere to shave our pubic hair. It sticks out all round!"

But Barry disagreed. "Not only do I not want you to shave now. I don't want you ever to shave body air in future, either of you."

Neither Kathy not Jenny had more than fine fluff on arms and legs, so that this would not cause much problem, but they had quite thick bushes between legs and under arms.

"B ... B ... But, if we walk round in these suits, with all or pubic hair showing, won't it be considered to be obscene exposure. We can get arrested!"

"I don't think so. But if an official warns you, we'll let you put the basketball vests back on. But for now, that's what you'll wear."

Barry selected two suits for each girl. Each of them were given a bikini (Blue for Kathy and pink for Jenny), which had a narrow strip of material over their vaginal openings, and small triangles covering their aureolae. The rest was just string. Jenny's second suit was a white bikini, the bottoms more-or-less as the other, but with a narrow boob-tube wrapped round her top (allowing both the upper and lower swells of her breasts to be bare). Kathy's other suit was a lime-green monokini. A thin strip ran between her legs, and then separated into two slightly broader strips that ran across her breasts, leaving the sides exposed, and then tied to a thin collar round her neck.

Barry had them wear the bikinis in the store as he went to pay. They were terribly conscious of all eyes in the busy store on them. Both felt again the by now familiar conflict of emotions between embarrassment at being stared at by strange men and women, and arousal at the forced exposure.

Barry took his time settling up, after which they walked out to his car. A short drive took them to the beach, where they had to walk from the car park down to the quite crowded beach, one again continually aware of the exposure.

As soon as they found places to sit, Jared and Ken took them to splash in the surf for a while, to ensure that their suits were totally see-through. Kathy was just relieved that they did not attempt to have sex with them at this time.

Kathy and Jenny had both dozed off lying on their stomachs in the warm sun, when they were woken by a male voice saying: "Hey, Barry, I wondered whether you would be visiting your cottage ... How's the fishing?"

Both girls rolled over and simultaneously gasped at the speaker, a man of about Barry's age, accompanied by a teenage boy of about 16.

Kathy knew the man as Jack Stanford. She had for a couple of years been a secretary in the financial company where he worked, and also know him from school PTA meetings.

Jenny recognized both Jack and his son Mike who were father and brother of her best friend Julie at school. Julie and she had shared many boy fantasies, and in fact Jenny had had a bit of crush on Mike.

As the girls rolled over, Jack and Mike's eyes popped out at the near-nudity of the two girls, and Mike let out an involuntary "Wow!", their mouths gaping open.

Barry laughed at them. "You seem to have lost interest in fishing suddenly!"

Jack stumbled over his words: "N ... n., Um ... m, Your ladies took my breath away, but we'd still like to take in some fishing at your place."

"I'm afraid that the girls will not be wearing their bikinis if you visit" said Barry with a slight grin, knowing that the ambiguity would be lost on Jack and Mike.

They looked a little crestfallen, but in good grace Jack confirmed their interest in a visit, and an arrangement was made for them to come at about 8 the next morning.

Half an hour before Jack and Mike were expected, Barry told the girls that he and the boys were going out.

"Tell Jack and Mike that we have gone to look at property or something. But make sure you seduce them both."

"Wha ... Wha ... What??!!" stammered Kathy, not daring to believe what she had just heard.

"I need to get him indebted to me, and what better than to catch him in flagrante with my wife and/or underage stepdaughter!"

"You mean you're selling our bodies for your own business interests?"

"That's right darling. But don't look so offended. You know you and Jenny will enjoy it, just as you get turned on by fucking to an audience!"

And in truth, although Kathy did not want to admit it to herself, deep down she knew Barry was right. She was becoming addicted to the thrill of exhibitionistic and illicit sex. She would never be able to go back to a conventional life style. And as much as she had wanted to protect Jenny, her daughter had inherited the same nymphomaniac genes and was beyond protecting.

And so twenty minutes later, she opened the door to Jack and Mike, whose mouths gaped open at the sight of two totally naked women inviting them in. Mike was especially entranced by the sight of Jenny, whom he had seen so often visiting his sister. He whipped out his mobile phone and muttered: "I must get a picture ... Julie will never believe me".

"Please don't tell Julie ... it'll be all over the school in hours" wailed Jenny, suddenly realizing the reputation she would get at school.

"Yes, she is a gossip, but she would also never forgive me if she found out that I had seen you naked and didn't tell her."

In the meantime, Kathy took Jack's arm, let her naked breast rub against him, and offered him a drink. Kathy was still surprised to find herself getting aroused just at the thought of being naked with another man and seducing him. She got a thrill out of seeing the obvious bulge in his pants, aware that she had caused it.

Before long, Kathy and Jack were sitting on the one two-seater couch and Jenny and Mike on the other. Jack warned his son: "If you tell your sister about Jenny, keep me out of it ... and not a word to your mother about anything that happens here!"

"Sure dad!"

Jack turned and kissed Kathy full on the mouth and she responded enthusiastically, opening her lips. "I guess Barry knows of this and has no hang-ups. He probably wants some loan for one of his wild schemes, and is using you to get to me. But who cares! I might as well enjoy this beautiful woman."

His hands were by now caressing Kathy's tits, and she was stroking the bulge in his jeans. In the back of her mind she was aware that she had crossed a line ... she had become a whore ... selling her body for some sort of commercial gain. But somehow, even that thought enhanced her arousal. She opened her lips and sucked Jack's tongue into her mouth...

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