Kathy's Family Honeymoon
Chapter 1: Shared First Night

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Shared First Night - Kathy has always struggled with latent nymphomania. Now her new husband forces her and her 14 year old daughter to go naked and have unprotected sex with family and friends. The nymphomania of both girls is surfaced, preparatory to life of porn movies and prostitution.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism  

From teenage years, Kathy was to say least, over-sexed. In spite of a strict religious upbringing, the genie was let out of the box when she was raped at 15 by an uncle. Within two months she had fucked four more boys. Her life thereafter went through regular phases. For some months she would be the total slut, fucking anybody and everybody, loving been dominated by boys or men, replaying the rape scene. And then the religious side would surface, she would repent and immerse herself in church activities until the next phase of nymphomania.

The amazing thing, perhaps, was that she was nearly 18 before falling pregnant. One of her lovers at the time was a 22-year old youth worker at the church. They were forced into marriage, but her new husband deserted her before daughter Jenny was born.

As a single mom, she stayed for a while with her parents, but found this stifling. She managed to get secretarial training and soon found a good enough job to support herself and baby in a small flat, leaving the baby at a crèche through the day.

But the nymphomaniac phases soon started again. The first was when Jenny was about 15 months old. Kathy met Greg at a pub on a girl's night out, having left Jenny with her mother. She spent the night with him, and was immediately under his control. For the next 5 months, she dressed as he wanted, pretty outrageously, and submitted to being shared with a couple of his friends.

And then she was jolted back to her senses when she discovered he was charging the friends for her services. As suddenly as it started she broke it off, repented of her deeds and vowed to be a good chaste mommy to Jenny in future.

These phases repeated on roughly two year cycles. Somehow, she could suppress her sexuality for around 18 months, but then it would burst through again. The last phase prior to the main theme of the present story ended about three months after Jenny's 12th birthday. The trigger for Kathy's repentance in this case was when her current boyfriend suggested that Jenny was old enough to join them in a threesome. Kathy was aghast, and vowed again to protect her little girl, now nearly as tall as she was, and exhibiting evident curves.

Little did she know it, but Jenny was rapidly getting beyond protecting. Like her mother, she was fast developing strong sexual urges, and was perfectly aware of what her mother had been up to over the past few months. In fact, on a couple of occasions she had managed to peek in on Kathy in bed with her boyfriend. Jenny had rubbed herself as she watched her mother welcome the man between her widely splayed legs in evident enjoyment. The memory of seeing her mother in action fuelled her fantasies over the next 18 months, and by not long after her 13th birthday she was regularly playing games such as strip poker, and had let boys fondle her fast-developing tits.

Still Kathy vowed again to be a good example to her little girl, and kept to it for some 18 months. But as before, Kathy's vows could not survive her suppressed desire for sexual dominance by males.

It was about 3 months before Jenny's 14th birthday. Kathy was looking for a new car, and ended up at Barry's second hand car emporium. She was immediately swept off her feet by his smooth charm, and that same night she was in his bed.

At this time, Kathy was 32, not fat but with a sexily round belly, obvious love handles on her hips and D-cup breasts that bounced enticingly. Jenny, by now, was slightly taller than her mother, quite skinny but with perky conical tits. Like her mother, she had large nipples that were easily aroused to prominent points. Mother and daughter both had darker blonde hair, but tanned easily.

Within a week of meeting Barry, Kathy was fully under his control and entirely neglecting her maternal duties to Jenny, leaving her mother and sister-in-law to look after her daughter. She left Jenny with one or other of them for entire weekends as she went off with her new lover. He had her wearing see-through negligees when acting as hostess for his poker nights, which both embarrassed and aroused her.

Barry had two sons, Jared and Ken, who at this time were aged 18 and 16 respectively. Jared was working in Barry's business, but Ken had a year of high school left. The boys stayed mainly with their mother, but spent many weekends and holidays with Barry. On a number of occasions, Barry tied Kathy naked to a bed from early in the evening while the boys were visiting, coming into fuck her when the mood took him and then returning to drink and watch TV with the boys. Kathy was particularly aroused by the thought that one or other of the boys might walk in on her, as they seldom knocked.

Jenny's 14th birthday arrived about half-way through the summer vacation. Barry offered his large house, pool and garden for the party which Jenny enjoyed enormously. Jared and Ken made her feel grown-up by flirting with her, and over the next week Jenny visited a few more times, relishing the attention from the two older boys, and occasionally some of their friends.

Jenny had convinced Kathy to let her buy a quite skimpy bikini. It was watching the boys eyeing her daughter's figure, and horsing round with her in the pool, that triggered what might easily have become Kathy's next repentance phase.

Barry and she were watching the three teenagers in the pool and it was clear that the boys were catching intimate feels from time to time as Jenny giggled in delight – But suddenly her mother felt a cold feeling in her stomach as to what she was exposing her little girl to.

Her fears were heightened when Barry slipped a hand inside her bra, and commented while feeling her tit: "Jenny and my boys get on well. We should all go away for a few days to my beach cottage so that they can see more of her. I'm sure they can entertain each other very well while we entertain each other."

Kathy felt herself going cold. What was intended by the double meaning? Was he suggesting that she should let Jenny get involved with the boys?

She pulled back from Barry with a suggestion that it was time to go home. Barry immediately sensed her discomfort, and the reason for it.

He smiled disarmingly at her, and said: "What are you scared of? Perhaps I had not made myself clear. I am asking you to marry me, as soon as possible, so that we become one big happy family."

Kathy's fears vanished instantly. "WHAT!!!!" she said

"Come on. We're not children. We're good together aren't we? Let's make it permanent."

All Kathy's fears vanished. She would have a permanent man and family for her daughter. "YES!!" she screamed, bringing the kids running to hear the news.

Within days, Barry had convinced her to resign her current job in order to work for him, to terminate her lease on the apartment, and to fix the wedding date two weeks before the end of school summer vacation. She also accepted his suggestion that instead of a conventional honeymoon, all five of them should go for about 10 days to his beach cottage some three hours drive from their city.

Their apartment was packed up the day before the wedding, and all their goods were transported to Barry's house. This included Jenny and Kathy's suitcases for the 'honeymoon', which Barry would pack in his car. But Kathy did not want to spend the night before the wedding in Barry's house, so she and Jenny slept over with her brother and sister-in-law, who took them the next morning to the hotel where the ceremony and reception would take place.

Barry had taken control of all arrangements, including securing the services of a priest and organizing the reception.

The reception was a luncheon that ended around 2pm, and the five of them hit the road to the beach cottage. Kathy had worn an off-white calf-length dress, with a hint of a slit up the side. The top was halterneck style, with quite a high neckline but low cut at the back. She wore a strapless support bra which drew attention to her substantial bust. Jenny's pale blue dress was mini-length, and supported on top by spaghetti straps. Both were barelegged and wore high-heeled sandals.

Initially Barry drove. Kathy sat next to him, while Jenny sat at the back in between the two boys, and was conscious of their legs and hands continually brushing against her bare legs. She felt twinges of excitement at the contact. After a halfway refreshment stop, Jared took over driving. Seated at the back now, Barry slipped his hand into Kathy's top to cop a feel of a tit. In embarrassment, she pushed his hand away, hissing that the children could see. Jenny, in fact, was eyeing the caresses quite intently, and was conscious of a juiciness between her legs.

Eventually they arrived at the beach house. It was quite a way outside the nearest town, with open land on either side. It was surrounded by high walls, and the gates opened electronically, so that they drove straight in and parked next to the house.

Kathy was quite impressed, and gazed in admiration at the nearly deserted beach just to the other side of the house, and the rocky outcrops stretching out into the deep blue sea. She sighed in contentment.

Barry stood next to her with his arm over her shoulder. And then once more his hand slipped in at the side opening of her halterneck to cup a tit.

"No, please, not here while the kids are watching" she whispered to him. "I feel uncomfortable."

He laughed. "Come on, doll, we're on honeymoon and they aren't babies. They know why we are here. We can give them a bit of a voyeuristic thrill, can't we?"

Flushing hotly, she pulled away. "Let's get unpacked and into the house."

Barry conceded. "OK guys, start getting the bags out of the car".

Soon, three backpacks and assorted smaller bags were on the doorstep. But something was missing...

"Where are our suitcases?" wailed Kathy.

The two boys looked at each other.

"You said you were packing their cases!" accused Jared.

"No! I said I was leaving them in the hall for you to pack in" countered Ken.

"Everything except our purses were in the suitcases", shrieked Kathy. "We have absolutely nothing with us, not even toothbrushes. We'll have to go back".

"Not a chance! I'm sure we have spare toiletries, and for the rest, this is a quiet beachside cottage in a warm summer. You don't need anything. In any case, I like my women naked!"

"NO!!!" howled Kathy, but Jenny felt a tingle of excitement running through her body as she absorbed the implications.

"Oh, yes. You're mine now. You promised earlier to obey. And I'm telling you you're going naked".

Kathy tried to pull away, but Barry grabbed her arm. He then produced a fisherman's clasp knife from a pocket.

"What are you doing?", now a full-blooded scream.

Barry sliced through the clasp of the halterneck which fell loose. Kathy tried to grab the ends, but the knife next sliced all the way from the top of the zip to her bottom. Barry pulled her hands away and the garment fell to her feet, leaving her in the push up bra and thong panties. Two more incisions of the knife and Kathy's useless clothing lay at her feet, leaving her naked in front of three boys/men and her fascinated daughter. Barry picked up the clothing and dumped it in a trashcan. Her took her by the arm, and led her inside, followed by Jared and Ken, escorting Jenny between them.

Under less trying circumstances, Kathy might have been dismayed by the layout of the cottage. They entered straight into a large living room area, with an open plan kitchen/dining area to one side. Barry half dragged her through to the single door at the other side which opened into a large bedroom with two king-sized beds.

Barry pushed her down on to one of the beds. As she fell, her legs splayed wide open to reveal her gaping pussy to the three teens. To her embarrassment, Kathy realized that they'd be able to see how soaking wet her pussy had become. Her mind was resisting, but her traitorous body was surrendering to a male invasion. But she had to break away in Jenny's interest.

Barry had no problem holding her down, but he told Ken to get ropes from the outhouse. When he returned, they soon had Kathy's wrists and ankles tied to the four corners of the bed. She struggled futilely, knowing the inevitable. Jenny sat on the other bed between the two boys, looking with big eyes, and torn between fear and arousal at the thought of the sex acts she knew she would soon witness.

Barry quickly stripped, and was soon rubbing his swollen prick along her juicy slit.

Kathy fought her own arousal to plead: "Please, not now. Send the children out, and I'll give you what you want."

He laughed: "No way. This is Sex Ed 101, Lesson 1"

Then she realized he was about to enter her bareback, and she pleaded again: "At least let me put my diaphragm in", she wailed.

"Where is it?"

"In my purse, in the car".

"Go fetch her purse" he told Ken, who ran out and was back within seconds.

Barry opened the purse, and two little plastic containers fell out. "You really take precautions!", he laughed.

He opened one container, and pulled out the contents. "Please untie one hand so that I can put it in properly" she wept. But Barry examined it, and said: "There's a bit of dust on it, let me clean it first", and with that he pulled out his clasp knife and probed at the rubber membrane.

"Careful", she screamed, but too late. His "Oooops" coincided with the knife slashing the diaphragm.

"Never mind, you have the spare!" he chuckled. But, of course, the knife slipped again, and he threw both useless diaphragms to the ground.

"I think I forgot to mention. I like my women not only naked, but pregnant!"

He climbed back on top of her and his thick rod slid effortlessly to the hilt. As he started to hump furiously against her, she at first tried to resist in spite of her bonds. But the combination of the helplessness, totally in Barry's control, the humiliation of being raped in front of the teens including her own daughter, and the physical stimulation of a fat cock in her pussy brought her to rapid orgasm, and she screamed now in orgasmic bliss. As repeated climaxes wracked her body, she lost all inhibitions, and urged him now to fuck her, yes put a baby in her, keep her barefoot and pregnant.

Jenny, sitting between the two boys on the other bed, felt her own pussy juicing and her nipples hardening as she watched.

Then with a satisfied groan, Barry shot his sperm deep into Kathy's womb. He lay a while in post-coital bliss, before rolling away.

He gestured to 16 year old Ken. "Come on son. Time for your practical class. Show me what you've learnt".

Kathy still in post-coital sleepiness, had resigned herself to being fucked by her husband in front of the kids, and quite looked forward to being fucked by him again. But she was suddenly jerked back to consciousness and the realization of what Barry had said penetrated her foggy brain. It would get much worse. She was about to be fucked by a young teenage boy.

"NOoooooooo", she screamed, tugging again at her bonds. "You can't do this. It's wrong. It's sinful."

"Relax darling. Forget your cultural inhibitions. You know you like to have that hole between your legs filled by as much man-meat as you can get, probably more than I can provide. Enjoy it. I have taught my boys well!"

Ken certainly wasted no time. He dived between Kathy's legs and started licking her pussy with enthusiasm. Against her better judgement, Kathy found herself becoming aroused again, and once again almost forgot about her daughter intensely watching her as the arousal took over.

As he lay eating out his now stepmom, Ken worked his trousers and underpants loose and kicked them away. He moved up Kathy's body, leaving a wet trail of kisses across her belly, up to her nipples, eventually to kiss her full on the mouth. She was now on such a high of passion that she unthinkingly parted her lips to allow his tongue to explore her mouth. At the same time, his naked and unsheathed prick found its way to the opening of her nether lips. Kathy just groaned into his mouth and made no protest as he plunged deeper into her unprotected pussy. Once more her sexual desires conquered all other feelings. She wrapped her legs round his young body and drew him deeper into her with moans of satisfaction.

In the meantime, a still naked Barry had sat next to Jenny who was gazing in goggle-eyed fascination at the increasingly noisy sex act on the other bed. Kathy was by now screaming to Ken: "YES, YES, DO YOUR STEPMOM. MASSAGE MY UTERUS WITH YOUR PRICK. FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED. I DON'T CARE IF YOU MAKE ME PREGNANT!!"

Barry put an arm round Jenny and cupped her teenage tit. "Are you still a virgin darling?" he asked.

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