The Other Group

by Prince von Vlox

Copyright© 2010 by Prince von Vlox

Sex Story: Devlin tries anotehr swinger's group.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Swinging   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"What other differences are there?" Almunda asked. She was a dark-haired woman who looked to be in her late 20s with pale tan lines across her breasts and hips. She was perched on the edge of the hot tub, a drink in her hand.

"There are a lot of things," Devlin said. "The party's spread through the whole house, not confined to the downstairs like it is here. I think the kitchen's the only place that's considered off-limits."

"Any reason for that?"

Devlin shrugged. "I think that's just to give people a place for a time out. That doesn't mean you don't hook up with someone, you just don't get too carried away when you're there."

Almunda nodded. "Okay, makes sense."

"Emma has a place to dance; that's in the basement." She chuckled. "There are some mattresses right next to the dance floor in case the dancing gets a little too carried away."

Almunda laughed. "I like that. I can remember dancing with someone, slow dancing of course, and things got ... well, you'd get a little worked up feeling their body."

"Which is why the mattresses are there. It's a great way to meet someone, and if things get a little out of hand, you can take care of it right away."

"A dance floor, and more room to party." Almunda ticked those off with her fingers. "What else?"

Devlin looked around, and then lowered her voice. "Everyone uses a condom here, but at Emma's it's a matter of choice."

"Really? But what about disease?"

"You have to have a current health certificate."

Almunda nodded. "That makes sense."

"Personally, I find things a bit wilder. Sure, these parties are every week, and having them in the middle of the week is kind of cool, and Emma's are every other weekend, but that gives you two days, not one."

"Which is another reason we may go."

"We have to leave in another hour," Devlin said. "Before we go, why don't I give you Emma's number. Tell her I suggested you call her."

Almunda finished her drink. "Let's do that now. Then we can both finish the evening without trying to remember what we were going to do."

She followed Devlin back inside. After Devlin gave her the phone number, Almunda spotted someone across the room. "Have you been with George?"

"Um, the name's not familiar."

"His wife's name is Torn, if that helps. Anyway, there he is. I think you two should hook up before you go."

"Sure, why not?"

George was a barrel-chested black man with close cropped hair and a little bit of a paunch. Devlin snuck a look at his cock, not sure if she was disappointed that it looked like a normal-sized one. Clearly the rumors she'd heard weren't always true. Two of the black men at Emma's did have large cocks, and rumor had it that they all did.

"George likes big boobs," Almunda whispered.

Devlin had already noted where he'd been looking. "Yeah, I can tell."

"Especially natural ones. We don't have a lot of that around here."

That was something else Devlin had seen. Some plastic surgeon was making a fortune from the women at this party. She'd grown hers all by herself, a junior in high school shouldn't be able to afford a big bosom, at least in her opinion, but most of the women at the party were in their 30s and 40s.

"They told me you're new here," George said after Almunda had introduced them.

"We thought we'd look at other clubs," Devlin said. "I think it's a curiosity thing."

George chuckled. "I think you'll find they all do basically the same thing."

"So far that's been true." She shrugged. "But who knows? We may find something that we like." She really didn't believe that, but it sounded nice. There were too many things about Emma's that both she and Danny liked.

"Have you seen the second room?" George asked. He took Devlin by the elbow and led her into the larger room. There were at least six couples there, all involved with each other. It reminded her of some of the times at Emma's, the bodies, the bobbing heads and asses rising and falling rhythmically, the sighs, the moans, the slap of flesh meeting flesh, and the very distinct liquid sound of cocks sliding into wet channels.

She slid her arm around his waist. "This is enough to get anyone going."

"I think so, too."

She used her other hand to fondle him, and his cock obediently came up. Her guess was right: it wasn't as long as those of the black men she had seen at Emma's, but if there was one thing she'd learned at these parties, it was that there were more important things than length.

George found a mattress that wasn't being used, and that didn't seem to have a wet spot, or at least a large one. Like the others, it had a fitted sheet, light blue in color, and a small pillow. Devlin knelt on it, and began to lick the head of George's cock. It quivered, and seemed to get harder.

A lot of men put their hand on her head when she blew them, and she wasn't terribly fond of that. But George kept his hand on her shoulder. Somehow that seemed more intimate than what she was used to. She smiled, and ran her tongue down his length so she could nuzzle his sack.

George made a sound as she sucked first one ball, and then the other. Some men had hair growing there—she was afraid of getting it in her teeth—but most of his hair was on his groin, a thick black matt that was more of a turn-on.

She nibbled her way back down his length. She'd never appreciated how much a cock changed color until now. It was almost as if stretching the skin as he got hard brought new flesh into view. His cock was darker near the root, with the skin lightening the closer she got to the bulbous head. She smiled. There were white guys whose cocks were darker than this black man's.

Eventually George pushed her away. He kissed her, and then worked his way down her body, stopping for quite a while at her breasts to appreciate them with his tongue and lips. She wanted to push her female softness into his mouth. He kept nipping and sucking in a playful way that made her aware of her peaks like few men at Emma's ever did. Danny was the only exception, but he'd had a couple of years to get to know her boobs and learn what she liked.

After George left her breasts, and he kept returning for another lick or suck, he pushed her legs apart. Devlin propped herself up on one elbow to watch. His first touch was fantastic. This was definitely a man who knew what he was doing down there. Devlin lay back down, convinced that she was in good hands. She didn't know what Danny was up to, but as far as she was concerned, this entire trip to Peoria was worth it, just for George's tongue.

He didn't finish her. Instead he crawled back up her body, dropping a kiss here and there. At Emma's a guy doing this would slide right into her. Here George stopped to sheath his length with a condom. It wasn't a mood-breaker, but it was definitely an unwelcome break in the action.

When his face was level with hers—she ran her hands over his marvelous shoulders—he reached between them. She shivered slightly as he ran his length up and down her slit. Then he positioned himself properly, and pushed.

She caught her breath. She loved the feel of a man entering her. He always felt so big, and she was never quite sure if she could open enough to take him. She knew she would, but that momentary doubt was part of the thrill.

"God, you feel so big," she murmured. "and so good."

"So do you," he replied." He paused with just the head of his dick in her. Then, after a kiss, he thrust again.

Devlin moaned slightly. After the build up, this felt pretty damned good. She could feel him sliding deeper. That was one of the things she couldn't seem to make other people understand. Oh, Sabrina and other girls who'd had sex knew, but it was one of those peculiar things: if you'd done it you knew, and if you hadn't, you couldn't. And George was sliding deeper and deeper. It was taking several thrusts, but he was getting there.

"I—I think it's all the way in," she murmured when she felt his balls against her bottom. He was holding himself above her on his arms, and she ran her hands up them and across his marvelous shoulders.

George paused, as if savoring their joining, and then began to move. After a few thrusts Devlin hooked her ankles on his thighs and began to push back. Sabrina had once asked her if there was any part of sex she liked more than another. She'd tried to think of one. The foreplay. The insertion. The thrusting. The climax. The relaxing. The only part she didn't like was when the guy took it out, but that seemed like a long way from the moment. George was touching every fiery point in her channel, and her whole body was coming alive.

Now he lowered himself against her. She clung to his back, happily caressing his entire body with hers, both inside and out. And when he hit a particularly sensitive spot she involuntarily grabbed him with her tummy muscles.

At first he didn't seem to notice, but then, as they moved faster, she began to tighten up on his in-stroke. He grunted, and pushed a little harder. So she squeezed back. It made him feel much bigger, and every guy she'd known had told her how much tighter she felt.

George's eyes widened when he realized what she was doing. "Jesus! She's got a snapper!"

He began to move faster, uncontrollably so. Then he reared back. His cock popped out, and he whipped away the condom. "Coming!" he gasped even as the first surge of white shout from his tip. He groaned again as his come spattered Devlin's face and hair. She felt his other spurts land all across her heated skin, a warm rain of white fluid that left her covered from face to the base of her tummy.

George gave her a sheepish grin. "Sorry," he gasped, "but I couldn't help it. I should have warned you, but when I felt you squeezing me..."

Devlin gave him a weak smile. "I hear that a lot. I can't help it, either." She was kind of irritated that he'd come so quickly. His cock had drooped right away, and if her experience was anything to go on, he was done for the night. A women's internal muscles, she knew, squeezed when she came. He probably thought she was coming—she wasn't going to tell him otherwise, not now—and his body was reacting. She'd been told that by a woman at Emma's who was a gynecologist, and she had no reason to disbelieve the woman. She knew her muscles were strong, a byproduct of taking ballet classes since she was eight, and she loved the way things felt when she squeezed a guy. But if she'd known beforehand...

Devlin got up slowly. She could feel the come oozing down her body. She'd give him this much, he'd really unloaded on her. She started to go when she saw a splash of white against the wall.

"Did you do that?" she asked. That spot was at least a foot off the floor, and a good ten feet from where he'd been kneeling.

He nodded sheepishly. "That usually happens when I come. A lot of the women here like it. They say they can feel it, even through the condom."

She nodded. No wonder she had his stuff in her hair, and that was from the second spurt, which was always weaker. Some of his come had probably landed on the couple that had been between them and the wall. She'd had that happen just once at Emma's. She'd been next to the dance floor doing it with a guy when someone had practically sprayed the whole room. That had been surprising, if a bit unexpected.

She didn't say or do anything else to George. Instead she picked her way around and across the writhing bodies, looking for Danny. She found him standing next to the buffet table. The last two years had taught her how to read his body language. His cock was its normal color and hung straight down. That meant he hadn't gotten as excited as he did at Emma's.

"Let me get cleaned up," she told him without preamble, "and we can go. We have to get the babysitter home."

He took in her mess. "I'll get our things together."

She heard him make excuses to the woman he'd been talking to. Maybe he was going to find an empty mattress to share with her, but if so, tough. She was through here, and she didn't want to come back.

She gave herself a quick rinse and jumped into her clothes. Danny was waiting for her by the front door. She gave him a smile as he held the door for her. When they were in the car and putting the lights of Peoria behind them he finally cleared his throat.

"You look mad."

"Let's not come here again."

"If you say so."

"Well, since it takes both of us to get in..."

"You didn't enjoy yourself."

"Did you?"

"In a mechanical sort of way. You know how I feel about condoms."

"Never met one that you liked. After tonight I have the same opinion."

"That bad."


When they got back to Danny and Sue's house in Toluca, Sue was surprised. "I didn't expect you two back for at least an hour."

"We're not going there again," Devlin said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I want to borrow Danny for a bit."

Sue laughed. "You just told me more about what happened than if you'd given me a blow-by-blow description."

Devlin got Danny upstairs, and wasn't surprised when she couldn't taste a condom on his dick. He'd used a condom when they'd first started, back when she was 14. She'd learned that he had a hard time keeping himself hard when wearing one. Right now she wasn't interested in him drooping. She wanted him as hard as she could get him, and she was happy when her first lick brought him all the way up.

"Give it to me," she said. "Put it in."

"As my lady wishes."

She stopped him right there. "I thought you knew: when a girl's naked and on her back with her legs apart, she isn't a lady."

He laughed and put the head of his cock right where she wanted it. She hissed in pleasure as she felt him sliding in. "That's good."

"It only gets better." He started thrusting.

They'd been having sex for better than two years, and she loved how he could sense her moods. He didn't start slow. He slammed it in, making her whole body shake. And again, even harder, and getting a yelp from her.

"Harder, damn it! Harder!"

"Such language." He grabbed her hips and thrust as hard as he could. "Take it!"

This was what she needed. Ordinarily they took their time, building up to a body-wracking climax. But now she wanted all of that urgency George had left unfulfilled taken care of. The bed creaked rhythmically, Danny grunted at the end of each thrust, his thighs slapped against hers, and everything shook, even her boobs.

Danny knew one other thing George hadn't: when she grabbed a cock with her internal muscles that meant she was enjoying herself. It didn't necessarily mean she was coming.

She began to moan with each thrust. She grabbed her breasts, her fingers twisting and tugging her nipples. She felt so hot, so utterly wanton, and he was doing nothing to calm her down. She could feel the rising that always meant she was going to come.

"Fuck me!" She snapped her hips up against his. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep!"

He bared his teeth, clearly trying to hold back. That spurred her on. She pushed her fingers between them, pressing her clit. She could feel the gathering storm. Some nights she tried to hold it back, but not tonight. Now she rode it up, feeling the tension, feeling the overwhelming need, feeling...

She cried out as the moment took her. She peaked in one long, endless moment that burst her into a million pieces. She felt Danny hesitate, then speed up, only to shake. He was coming, too, and that made things stretch out.

When she finally came down, and she didn't want to, she felt utterly drained. It was as if all of the tension from the evening had been worked out. Danny was sprawled half across her, breathing hard. He gave her a sleepy look, and a kiss.

For a few minutes Devlin clung to him. This was what she'd wanted, what she got at Emma's, as well as here, and what she'd missed at that swinger's club in Peoria. It was a soul-surrendering release that complemented the rest of sex.

She still had things to do: she had to wash George's come out of her hair and dry it before her mother came over; she had to pull clothes onto suddenly sensitive skin; she had to put her books into some semblance of order so it looked like she'd been studying. But first, she had to move.

"I'm going to have to move," she said. "Time to get off."

"You're going to hate it."

"I know, but..."

He nodded. The worst part was when he pulled back. His cock hadn't gone down all that much, and it looked distinctly like it was capable of another round. But not tonight, as they both knew. They'd have to put this off until tomorrow.

Getting herself in presentable shape for her mother took a little more time than she expected. She gave up washing her hair, instead of brushing it out so the strands didn't stick together. She had to hope her mother didn't sniff her hair or something. As for the rest, she did manage to get dressed in suitably modest fashion.

Her mother looked tired when she knocked on Sue and Danny's back door. Devlin felt suitably grateful, and after a brief talk about their weekend visit to her aunt and cousins in Peoria, she went to bed.

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