Sibling Love: Sophie and Cody

by TabooJenny

Copyright© 2010 by TabooJenny

Incest Sex Story: Sophie catches her brother Cody masturbating a couple of times and after finding that he is doing it over pictures of her, she takes it upon herself to intervene and take advantage of the situation.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

My whole body tingled and I felt my pussy grow excited as I watched my 17 year old brother stroke his rock hard cock. The silly sod left his bedroom door open ever so slightly, allowing enough room for my eye to see inside.

My name is Sophie and I'm an 18 year old student. I'm five foot four, I have shoulder length brown hair, 38 C breasts, and size five feet.

My brother, Cody, was layed completely naked, his hand slowly pumping his cock. I stood there on the landing watching him, wearing nothing but my pink panties and a white t-shirt, my hard nipples easily visible as I wasn't wearing a bra.

I hadn't had sex in a good nine month since I broke up with my boyfriend and I had been noticing my brother more and more since then. I found myself staring at his bulge whenever I had the chance and whenever I touched myself, I solely thought about my brother. Standing in his doorway watching him tugging away was the first time I had seen his dick since being really young.

My brother was a real hearthrob. He had shaggy brown hair, he was 6 feet tall and the most beautiful eyes. As I watched him touch himself my hand found its way into my panties and I began to slowly carress my clit. The sexual excitement was beginning to get the best of me. I had to stop and so I did.

The next morning, I was sat on the sofa downstairs in my panties and t-shirt when my brother entered the room wearing only his breifs and socks.

"Hey, Sophie." He said, his voice low and grumpy due to just waking up.

"Hey." I replied.

He walked across to the other side of the room and sat on the chair which was opposite to where I was sitting. Instantly, I felt like pouncing on hin when I could see his cock and balls through the legs of his boxers as he sat down. He wasn't looking at me so I took it upon myself to stare at his genitals, getting excited as I did so.

He suddenly turned to look at me, noticing that my vision had dropped down to his cock. He instantly covered himself up and went back upstairs, leaving a very embarrased me sitting there on my own.

I waited ten minutes before following him up and wandering to his bedroom door again. I peaked inside again, noticing that he wasn't laying on his bed. I pushed the door slightly to increase the range of my view, finding him sat at his computer desk, with his right hand pumping away at his cock. His boxer shorts were dumped on the floor beside him along with his rolled up socks, making him completely naked. I got the shock of my life when I saw what he was wanking over.

I focused my view on the computer screen only to find that he was on my Facebook page, looking through my pictures with his left hand and tugging his cock with his right. I turned away from the door and felt the butterflies in my stomach. Is it true? Does my brother feel the same way about me?

I didn't want to wait any longer. I slowly pushed his door open and approached my brother as quietly as possible. I wanted to make sure that I was too close for him to shut off the screen and pretend it was nothing. I was finally stood behind my brother after a slow approach, looking over his shoulder at the picture of my best friend Stephanie and myself in our pj's.

As Cody pumped his cock, he turned around to see me standing there. Shocked and in a state of panic, he cupped his hands over his cock, leaving the image on the screen.

"How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough. You like what you see on that picture?"

He paused and looked back at the screen. Two minutes of silence had passed before he turned back to me and said "I was wanking over Steph."

"No you weren't. You've been looking at pictures of me."

He wasn't denying it. If it wasn't true, he'd immediately say so but he sat in silence.

"It's okay, Cody. I watch you quite often."


"Well, I need my excitement too. What? You don't think I've ever touched myself over pictures of you before?"

On that note, I grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it off over my head. I now stood there with my naked breasts in perfect view. His eyes opened widely and he began to slowly carress his cock as I rubbed my hands of my tits. I was getting extremely turned on now. I was stood right next to my brother as he wanked, I had a perfect view of his gorgeous cock.

He spun around in his chair so that he was facing me, opening his legs and letting his balls drop down. He squinted his eyes lustfully and stared at my tits as I rubbed them. I grabbed the waistband of my panties and pulled them down to my ankles, then stepping out of them. I now stood completely naked in front of my completely naked brother. It was my turn to touch myself.

I ran my right hand across my breasts and down my stomach until I reached my trimmed pubic hair. I rubbed my hair in circles before moving down to my clit. I began to slowly carress my clit and pussy lips whilst my brothers hand was now a fist, sliding up and down his cock. After rubbing my pussy for a few minutes, I couldn't take the temptation any more.

I got real close to my brother and straddled him on his computer chair. Our lips met and we kissed passionately, closed lips at first. His hands ran down my back, finally stopped at my ass when he gripped my cheeks. After holding the kiss for a few seconds, I introudced my tongue into the equation, pushing it into his now open mouth. I felt as his tongue gently ran itself along mine as I did the same back to him simultaneously. As we made out, he ran his fingers down my asscrack, teasing me by playing with my little poohole.

I giggled as he rubbed around my asshole before slowly pushing his finger inside. I moaned and ran my fingers through his messy hair, puckering my asshole to give him entry. He was now pulling his finger out of my ass and pushing it back in, over and over again. It felt heavenly. I pulled away from him and unmounted him. I dropped down onto my knees and ran my fingers up the length of his rock hard cock. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes as I gently touched his dick. I wrapped my hand around the tip of his dick and then began to work my way down to the base and then back up again.

He moaned as I did so. I leaned forward, pulled the foreskin back and put the head of his penis into my mouth. I began to lick his head like it was a lollipop while it was in my mouth, my hand still tugging up and down his shaft. As I continued to lick and tug, I pushed my head down, taking in more of his cock, bit by bit before coming back up to the top.

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