What a Wonderful, Wintry Feeling!

by comix

Copyright© 2010 by comix

True Sex Story: Two friends get together for Christmas. All one of them wants is an erotic, man-to-man blowjob, so that's what he gets.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   True Story   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Oral Sex   .

When I'd asked him what he wanted for Christmas he had only one answer.

"You," he'd said.

So I decided that was what I'd do. I'd give him a part of me. As the snow fell outside

I had him get ready and when I entered the bedroom he was already prone on the bed, laying on the drawn back sheets, his uncut erection already drawing my attention. I went into the bathroom to get ready.

I looked at my reflection in the bathroom as I brushed my teeth. Not too bad looking for an 83 year old man. I stood there, completely naked, looking at my body as I brushed. I still tipped the scales at 135 pounds. Not a paunch anywhere to be seen.

While I can't claim a 'six-pack' I can truthfully tell you that I'm still slim. I stand just over

6 feet tall, with a head topped with short-cropped white hair and a full beard and mustache, both salt-and-pepper in appearance. My blue eyes stare back at me from the reflection.

I'm also as nervous as hell.

I turn slightly towards the bathroom door, knowing what's waiting for me in the other room. My best friend of over 50 years is in there. Lying naked on my bed, waiting for me to get finished in here so we can get 'down to business'.

I took one last look as I rinsed my toothbrush and then replaced it in the holder on top of the counter. I turned out the light before leaving to enter the other room. There is no light on in the bedroom, either, as we both agreed.

Not a word will be spoken, upon mutual agreement. We want to enjoy the moment without anything being said, if we're able to that is. I'm not certain that we can, but we've both agreed to give it a try.

I go over to my bed and sit down, feeling the weight of the body waiting for me there. I reach out and caress my hand up and down the legs, feeling them spread wide for easier access of my hand. We both shift around on the mattress, trying to get into a better position for both of us, so that we'll be able to get the full benefit of what's about to happen.

I move onto the mattress fully, opening the legs further until I'm able to get into place between them, on my knees. I place my hands on the mattress next to the hips and lean forward, lowering my head until I feel my lips against the stomach, which tenses with the contact. I begin by sticking out my tongue and running it upwards, stopping at the belly button, probing it with my tongue, feeling the body beneath me squirm with each swipe. I feel movement as arms are shifted around to get comfortable.

I gently nibble at the flesh of the stomach, and the belly button, gently pulling it into my mouth and caressing it with my tongue. I move upwards, not stopping until I reach the nipples, already stiff with anticipation of my oral ministrations, sucking on each one and biting, without hurting, and feeling them get harder in my mouth.

My hand are still positioned on each side of the body beneath me, unmoving.

I'll be using them later though and the anticipation alone already has me rigid, much more then I've been in ages. I can feel my pre cum already starting to drip from the end of my cock and I know that if I were to turn on the light and look between those two legs, I'd find a pool already collecting on the drawn-back sheets. I don't care though. It'll wash out in the laundry when I do it tomorrow.

Again, movement on the bed beneath me, as an arm is raised and a hand swipes up and down my right arm, not stopping until it reaches my shoulder and then moves up towards my face, caressing my beard-covered chin, reaching fingers out to stick them into my mouth, where I suck on them, covering them with my saliva. I suck my own juices off them then, and the hand returns to the mattress, leaving a wet trail back down my arm.

I return my attention the body and move upwards to the neck, licking that area just below the chin, gently sucking on the nape and softly nibbling the side, moving still upwards until I feel an earlobe in my mouth, on which I suck and lick, sticking the tip of my tongue into the ear, probing and licking around the delicate shape, feeling the body squirm beneath me. I know that it's hard not to moan out loud, but I have to admire the way nothing is said, keeping to our agreement.

I pull back then. Once again resting on my knees, between the legs, still open wide. I back up a bit and lean forward once more, this time dipping my head until I feel the skin of the legs, and then I lick up the right one, stopping just short of the crotch. I'm not ready to get to that part of the body just yet. I can feel the frustration as I move away from that goal and trail my tongue down the leg, which I slightly turn to the right, giving me access to the soft skin behind the knee, where I swipe my tongue against that area, feeling muscles tense up with the first contact.

But again, no sound is made.

I swirl my tongue on the underside of the knee for a few minutes before I move away once more. I continue to trail down the lower part of the leg, licking around the ankle and moving on to the foot. I caress the instep of the foot and move to the toes, gently biting each toe and probing my tongue between each one. I lick the ball of the foot and feel it pulled back slightly. I know the person is ticklish and, while I'm trying not to tickle, I know that it's unavoidable, but they're enjoying this attention I've giving, and I know it.

My hardness is throbbing once again and as I impossibly seem to be getting harder, I feel the lose foreskin slip back, slowly uncovering my cock head for the first time tonight. I want to reach down and jack off, but control that urge as best I can. I don't want self-gratification tonight, I want to feel the same thing I'm giving right now, so I know I'll have to wait for my turn. It's hard to do, but if they can do it, then so can I.

I turn the leg the other way and work on the outside of the foot, again paying attention to the toes and the ankle, then move up the outside to the knee and then up the outer side of the thigh. At this point I move to the other leg and repeat the same process, down to knee, then to the ankle, the foot, the toes, and up the outside to the thighs once more.

Again, I skip over the crotch, but this time I do brush the pubic hair ever so slightly, causing a stir beneath me. I feel the stomach move in and out with each deep breath, trying their best to remain calm and still, and quiet.

I move up the side, nibbling at the tender skin covering the ribs and don't stop until I get to the underarm, where I push the arm up over their head and bury my fact into the armpit, taking a long lick over that shallow part of the body, feeling them move about, but not overly getting to busy doing it. I lick around and can taste the sweat that's collected there. The room, while not stuffy, is warm. I pull the arm back down and move up to the neck once more and on toward the other ear, where I repeat the same process I did to the other one.

Once I'm through there I move over to the chin and suck on that slightly pointed protuberance, licking the area between the chin and the bottom lip, then move upward until I take both lips into my mouth. That mouth opens and I stick my tongue inside, feeling around in the oral cavity, caressing the resting tongue there, stroking my tongue along the teeth and between the teeth and lips, pulling each lip into my mouth and gently sucking on them for a while. I move up to the nose and give it a soft kiss, continuing to the eyes, which are closed, and gently probe the eyelids, the eyebrows and continue to the forehead, licking that sweet sweat from the skin. After a very passionate kiss I move back to the chest and those delicious nipples, just begging for more attention, which I happily apply to each one.

I trail down the front of the body once more, stopping again at the belly button to probe there before sitting back up on my knees. I scoot back towards the foot of the bed then. I use my hands to turn the body over and then coax them to their knees, with the butt sticking up in the air. I place my hands to those supple butt cheeks and massage them slowly, gently kneading my hands into that flesh, feeling it ripple with each movement of my hands. The feel of the skin is almost like velvet. Very soft. Very loving. Very inviting.

I lean forward and kiss each cheek, licking and nibbling each one. I pull those cheeks apart and slide my tongue between them, starting at the top of the crack and work my way down, eventually reaching the rosebud, where I probe into it with my stiff tongue. The sweat is dripping down that crack now and I eagerly lick it up, too. The taste of the sweat is almost like a fine wine to me. It's intoxicating and flavors my taste buds like nothing else can. I move slightly lower, but still I avoid the vee of the legs, choosing to save that for last.

I push a finger slightly into the rosebud, not too far though. I know they don't particularly like that, but I like it. I don't even get to my first knuckle though, only trying to get them worked up to a level they've never been to before. I know it's working for me, so I'm pretty sure it's also working for them as well. At least I hope it is.

Once I finish licking the butt cheeks I move back once more and let them turn back onto their back, again spreading their legs with my hands, getting them as wide as I can. Now it's time to get to the 'meat' of my desire.

I push the legs backwards, not stopping until the knees are touching their nipples, giving me full access to the desired areas of their body. The ass is looking right at me, and I lean forward and lick and probe that rosebud one more time. I then move up, licking all the way, until I get to that area just below the hanging ball sac. That area just below the balls that is very tender to the touch, especially when that touch is with the tongue. I lave around that area for a few minutes and then pay attention to the balls themselves, sucking each one into my mouth and probing around the with my tongue, feeling them move around in the sac with each lick.

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