Their New Life

by JetBoy

Copyright© 2010 by JetBoy

Incest Sex Story: Connie and her 13-year-old daughter Becky spend quality time together at the end of a long day, where they cuddle and reminisce about how their very special relationship came to be. (This is a sequel of sorts to an earlier story of mine, "A Daughter's Seduction," though it can be read on its own without loss of clarity.)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Incest   Mother   Daughter   .

"Mommy?" thirteen-year-old Becky called as she entered the house; dropping her school satchel to the floor with a thud, then kicking off her shoes.

"I'm in the bedroom, honey," Connie called back.

"Hey, Mommy," Becky chirped as she padded into her mother's room in her stocking feet. She sat on the bed and watched as her mother, naked and still damp from her evening shower, briskly toweled her body.

"Hi, kiddo," murmured Connie, hanging her towel on a nearby chair. "How'd the rehearsal go?"

Becky shrugged. "We worked on my big scene with Jimmy. It went okay, I guess." She sighed, folding her arms. "Sure wish I didn't have to kiss him, though... yuck!"

"Well, you wanted to be an actress," Connie laughed. "That kind of thing happens when you're the prettiest girl in the Drama Club."

"I'm not the prettiest." Becky muttered, embarrassed but pleased. She continued to watch her nude mother as Connie sat before the mirror, running a brush through her damp hair. "How was work?"

"I've had better days." Connie placed the brush on her vanity table, flexed both elbows, then winced. "Ooof. We were down two interns today, so I had to sterilize two pallets of test tubes by myself. Now I'm all sore."

"Want me to rub your shoulders?" piped the girl, a meaningful smile on her lips.

Connie grinned at her daughter's reflection in the vanity mirror. "Well, I wouldn't say no..."

Becky pushed herself up from the bed and moved over to where her mother sat, standing behind her chair. Placing both hands on Connie's shoulders, she began to knead them gently.

"Oooooohh, that's lovely," Connie moaned, relaxing into the chair. "How'd you get such strong hands for a sweet little thing of thirteen, anyway?"

"Arm-wrestling boys!" retorted Becky. "I usually win, too."

Connie opened one eye. "Please tell me that you aren't really--" Then she laughed wearily, shaking her head. "Never mind, don't tell me. That way I can plead ignorance when the principal calls."

"Yeah ... what you don't know won't get me grounded." Becky snickered. Now she was rubbing her mother's neck, working the tension away with her thumbs. "I don't know if I like your new hairdo, Mommy ... I think you got it cut too short."

"I sort of need it to be short, hon ... I've got to keep my head covered when we're in the laboratory, and it's just too uncomfortable for me with all that hair." She gave a contented sigh. "God, that feels good..."

Becky glanced at the image in the mirror, feeling a rising excitement deep within as she admired her mother's bare body.

Connie sighed once again, languidly trailing her fingertips across her belly as Becky's massage gradually relaxed into soft caresses.

Finally Becky leaned in close to nuzzle her mother's neck ... then the eager thirteen-year-old began placing feather-light kisses and playful little bites around Connie's ear, cheek, neck and shoulders. Then she wrapped both arms around her mother's body to cup Connie's firm breasts, her thumbs gliding over the stiffening nipples.

"Ohh, that's nice... very nice," Connie sighed. "Give me a kiss, babe."

She turned her head and was greeted by Becky's hungry mouth, which pressed eagerly into hers. The 32-year-old single mother whimpered as her daughter's tongue darted between her parted lips, the young girl's kiss filled with more passion than Connie had ever received from a lover.

"Do you want to, baby?" Connie asked as she gently broke away, gazing into her daughter's eyes.

Becky nodded, taking her mother's hands in her own, fondling them for a few heartbeats before placing them on her chest.

Connie palmed the budding breasts of her daughter, smiling as she felt Becky's nipples grow taut through her clothes. Fingers made clumsy with sudden excitement, she unbuttoned the child's top and slipped it off, quickly followed by the cotton undershirt she wore underneath.

Becky's upper half now bare, Connie lowered her head to lick and nibble playfully at the girl's breasts, one after the other. Becky moaned, welcoming the touch of her mother's lips.

"Get up here, honeybunch," Connie crooned, raising her face to Becky's as she patted the nearby bed.

The half-naked thirteen-year old clambered onto the bed and stood, gazing down at her mother as Connie unzipped Becky's skirt and pulled it, together with a tiny pair of light blue panties, down to her ankles.

Becky stepped out of the clothes pooled at her feet and posed, proudly nude. Her lightly-downed slit tingled and her nipples throbbed in anticipation of the pleasures she would soon share with her sexy mother.

"You're so beautiful, Becky," Connie whispered, reaching out to stroke the soft belly of her little-girl lover with trembling fingers. "A wonder to behold ... a dream come to life. Do you know how important you are to me? And why?"

Becky hugged herself as she gazed adoringly at her mother. "Tell me why, Mommy."

Drawing her little girl near, Connie allowed her parted lips to lightly brush her daughter's nipples, then placed a trail of kisses that led, one after the other, down to Becky's tummy. "Because you came to me, honey." she whispered. "Because two marvelous weeks ago you offered yourself to me, without any coaxing or urging on my part. Because you knew that I wanted us to be lovers. Without me saying a word." She pressed her cheek against her daughter's angel-soft pudenda as Becky swayed to and fro, her face alight with rapture. "That was the most wonderful day of my life, baby."

"Mine too, Mommy," sighed Becky.

Connie briefly touched her lips to the girl's mound, then wrapped both arms around her waist. Staring up at the dreamy-eyed girl, she smiled. "Want to lie down with me and get comfy?"

"Okay," Becky giggled.

Soon mother and daughter were nestled together on the bed. Her arms wrapped around Becky, Connie placed a few soft kisses on the child's neck. "Tell me something, honey ... you mentioned it after we made love for the first time, but now I want to hear the whole story. Tell me about -- well, how you knew for sure that I wanted you."

Becky's eyes fluttered open. "Right now, Mommy? Aren't we gonna fool around?"

"We are, honeybunch, but first I'd like to hear about how you decided that you wanted us to be lovers. Pretty please?" Her hands wandered over the young teen's silky-smooth frame.

"Mmmm ... this feels so nice, though. Sure you don't wanna have sex first, an' then I tell the story?"

"Do it for me, honey. I'll make it worth your while, I promise." She teased her daughter's sticky slit with a stroke of the index finger, and Becky moaned. "There. That's a down payment."

"Okay," the girl murmured, taking a deep breath. "Well, we were in the kitchen, cleaning up after breakfast ... an' all I had on was my underpants and a t-shirt. I was washing the dishes when I kinda noticed that, well, you were sort of looking at my butt."

"Mmmmyeah," Connie murmured dreamily. "That's what made me start having sexy thoughts about you in the first place -- this cute little bottom." She ran a hand over Becky's firm rump.

"Well, I thought it was strange... 'specially the way you were looking at my butt. It wasn't like, y'know, I had a rip in my panties or something -- it felt more like you were checking me out. Like a couple of weeks before then, when I wore my bikini to the beach for the first time?"

"Oh, yes, that day. You were quite the star, I recall -- strutting around like the Queen of Sheba!"

"I never had boys looking at me that way before, an' it was kind of cool ... even if I already knew I liked girls better. Well, anyhow, the way you were acting that morning made me think of what it was like on the beach, being watched by guys."

"Uh-huh ... but you didn't know why I was checking out your butt, did you?"

"Not yet, but I was kinda wondering. So the next morning, I wore panties and a t-shirt -- but this time, I picked a littler shirt, one that didn't go down so far. And you were looking at my butt again!"

Connie grinned sheepishly. "Oh, I'm sure I was..."

So then I started thinking, maybe Mommy likes girls too... an' you were only checking my bottom out 'cause it's cute!" She giggled. "I couldn't even imagine you wanting to, to actually do sex stuff with me!"

"I wanted to, though," Connie sighed. "You'd be surprised at how many times I was stretched out in this bed, touching my pussy and dreaming of you." She placed a gentle kiss upon Becky's mouth. "Anyhow, go on with your story. What happened then?"

"Well, like I said, I already kinda knew that I was gay, 'cos me and Cheryl had kissed and made out ... after that, boys just seemed boring. So when I started thinking that you might be the same way, I was dying to know if it was true or not! So, um ... I sorta started watching you when we went places, like to a restaurant or the mall, to see if you looked at the girls there."

"My goodness, you were quite the little detective, weren't you?" Connie replied. "So how'd your ... investigation turn out?"

"God, Mom -- you were totally watching. You tried to be all sneaky about it, but once I figured out what to look for..." Becky giggled. "I remember when we were at the Cinnabon, an' there were these two cute girls in line ahead of us -- 'bout my age, wearing these tight little shorts ... you couldn't stop looking at 'em!"

"Oh yeah ... I remember those two," marveled Connie. "I made myself come that night, thinking about them."

Becky giggled. "I thought they were hot, too. Anyhow ... that's when I figured I oughta check out your computer, to see if you had lesbian stuff hidden there. So I waited till that Saturday when you went to the flea market."

"Oh, okay," Connie nodded. "God, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why you didn't want to come along. I had no earthly idea that you were planning a little freelance espionage..."

Becky gave a snort of laughter. "Yep, that's what it was, all right. Anyhow ... I logged on your computer soon as you left, an' sure enough, I found the files with all your lesbo pictures and stories in, like, a couple of minutes!"

"It took me hours just to learn how to set up files. I never knew you needed to hide them, too!" Connie shook her head, grinning wryly. "I'm afraid that your poor mother is definitely not a child of the digital age."

"Nope. So anyhow ... I was looking through your photos, an' I saw that all of 'em were of teenage girls. No women!"

"Well, you'd already figured out that I was attracted to young girls, right? Because of that day at the mall."

"Yeah, Mommy -- but I figured you liked grownup women too. You didn't have any naked pictures of them, though..."

Connie shrugged. "It's the way I am, honey. I've always been aroused more by girls ... ever since I began to develop. Mmmm, s'pose I just never grew out of it." She was stroking her breasts, teasing the swollen nipples with her fingertips.

"Okay, so ... I started going through the stories, and guess what I noticed then!"

Connie's voice was thickening with desire. "Don't tease me, child... tell me."

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