Haywire 2

by Forgotten Idol

Copyright© 2010 by Forgotten Idol

Science Fiction Sex Story: A young girl wants to lose her virginity to her mother's service robot. It does not go as planned.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Robot   First   Sex Toys   Size   .

The weekend that I had been waiting for had finally arrived. I know this is going to seem strange, but it was the weekend I knew that I would lose my virginity ... to a robot. My mother went away for a three day weekend, and left me alone. Alone except for her personal service robot. Though my mother would have never mentioned it, I knew that "personal service" meant more than cooking and cleaning, and I was determined to try it out.

It may seem odd to you to hear this, but ever since I found out what the true capabilities of the robot was it seemed so erotic to me. I would have dreams of strong, robotic men stuffing my pussy. It got me so hot.

I had recently turned fifteen, and over the last year my body and mind had bloomed into young-womanhood. Not to mention my hormones. I got a gently curved figure. My breasts, which still had plenty of growing to do, were firm. I was about five feet, three inches tall. Though I may not have won beauty contests with my juvenile appearance I certainly got looks from the boys, as well as from some older men too. The later always seemed to make me blush.

When my mom left she left me with the normal instructions, like not to tamper with anything. I nodded, knowing I would not listen.

I waited for some time to make sure she was gone. I felt butterflies in my stomach. When I thought about what I had planned I could feel my pussy tingle with excitement. When I order my mom's robot to go to its charging station, I could barely speak.

My mom's robot was a SXT5000. It was a humanoid model. Though undoubtably a robot, it was covered in a semi-transparent skin. It was about six feet tall, so it towered over me. When it got to it's charging station, it shut down. I scrambled into my mom's room.

I knew she had to have had a manual for it, and I eventually found it in a box in her closet. It was huge. I lay on her bed and thumbed through the index until I found the part on the robot's sex module. I giggled softly and read the small introductory paragraph about how the company is not responsible for misuse. I giggled again and kept reading until I got to more interesting stuff. The butterflies in my stomach fluttered more when I got to the part about the robot's penis.

"Your SXT5000 is equipped with a state-of-the-art self-lubricating penis. The unit contains thousands of micro tubes used to evenly distribute lube along the entire shaft for supreme comfort and pleasure. The penis is made of the same latest-generation synthetic skin that covers the body of the SXT5000. The penis contains two-dozen bladders to dynamically control size and rigidity. The XT model provides for more variance, allowing for a programmable penis length anywhere from 6 inches to 13 inches, and allows for a penis width from 1 to 3 inches across..."

I jumped a bit as I read. Thirteen inches?! I tried to imagine it! My pussy was getting wet. I imagined the robot's cock being as long and thick as it could get. I knew my pussy would never be capable of taking it, but I got so wet just envisioning the robot standing there with that huge of a cock standing in the air. I couldn't wait.

I got up and went over to the charging unit that had a built-in interface for the robot. I turned it on. I was confronted by a long list of options, one of which was an option for the Sexual Intercourse Module (SIM.) I clicked on it and it said that it was password protected. I smiled. My mother always used the same password. I punched it in and got in. I selected the option to create a new profile for a user. I selected my name from the list of people the robot could recognize and a screen popped up.

"The profile of the person selected indicates that it belongs to a minor. We are legally required to inform you that allowing any robot to engage in sexual acts with a minor is illegal and you will be held solely liable for any damages or misuse. Click OK to continue."

I clicked ok. I smiled and started to breath heavily. I was so excited. The next screen had dozens of settings. It all seemed too complicated to me and I left everything what it was already set at. I saved the profile, and I got another message pop up.

"An internal process has indicated a problem with a recent update within the SIM. An update to the system has been intercepted by another process. This has caused several settings to be changed from their defaults and reprogrammed to possibly unsafe or undesired values. This can be caused by a potential infection by malicious code. It is recommended that you reset all software for the module. This will wipe all settings and return the software to it's factory versions. Continue? Yes or No."

I freaked. "Dammit," I thought. If I wiped everything my mom would know that I had tampered with it. I had planned on deleting my profile when I was done but I didn't want to get rid of her's too. It was a bad idea, I thought. Maybe I could just leave it, delete my profile and forget it even happened.

I selected No, and another screen popped up:

"You have selected not to wipe the software for this module. Undesired affects may result, which the makers of this product can not be held liable for. For a current list of settings, please refer to the SIM Log file and Config file."

It brought me back to the main menu and I tried to get back into the SIM settings, but my mother's password didn't work! I panicked again for a moment. Then the screen for the interface just completely went off. "Shit, shit shit shit..." I muttered over and over again.

The screen suddenly came back on and said "System Updates have been applied, resetting ... Please wait..."

I sighed. It had been updating itself. Maybe what I did never got saved and the error message was just from the update, I thought.

Though I was relieved I decided to just leave it as it was and let the thing do what it was going to do and fully recharge. I was still feeling hot and my pussy was wet. I went into my bedroom and closed the door.

"Stupid technology..." I muttered, "so complicated!" I giggled, reassured that I had not broken it. "Maybe tomorrow I'll check it again, and I can get my cherry popped." I smiled softly at myself.

For a moment I let my hands drift down my body and into my shorts. My fingers felt the light covering of hair on my pussy and the heat resonating from it. I let my fingers play with myself for awhile as I leaned against my door. I let out a loud sigh. I knew my fingers would have not been enough. I felt I needed something inside me, so much more than ever before. Just then, I felt the door knob turn.

I turned and backed away from the door. I watched as the door opened. The robot looked at me with it's always-present blank stare. It walked forward.

"Mistress..." it said. It had never called me that before. " ... my sensors indicate that you are in need of sexual fulfillment..."

It walked closer to me, " ... I will tend to this matter immediately..." It took hold of my arm, with more force than I was expecting. It was so strong. My pussy instantly quivered.

I panted. This was my fantasy, but I was still so nervous. It pushed me towards the bed, and gave me a hard shove down onto the mattress. "Hey!" I yelled. It was being far more rough than I anticipated.

I bounced a couple of times on the mattress. The robot hovered over me, and pinned me down by my shoulder.

"Ow!" I yelled as his hand gripped my shoulder. " ... that hurts!"

It's other hand quickly pulled at my legs, forcing them to lay straight off the bed. As I looked down, a hatch in the robot's crotch opened and it's dick came out. It was the same silky, semi-transparent material as it's skin. I could see all these small tubes running inside it like veins. Just as it came out it started to expand.

The robot then pulled at my shorts. It dug it's hand roughly inside my waistband and took hold of my panties as well. Brutally, it pulled at them. The button popped free.

"Ahh!" I yelled as the robot tore my shorts and panties down my thighs and legs, scratching me in the process.

The machine was so rough with me. There was a part of me that was terrified, but another part of me was so turned on. I felt my pussy get hotter.

As the robot finally got my panties and shorts pulled from my feet, it tossed them aside. As I watched I got a glimpse of it's penis again. It was big and still expanding.

"Oh shit!" I yelled, and tried to push myself free from it's grasp. It pushed against me harder, almost violently and I screamed.

"Please Mistress," it said coldly, "do not resist."

It pulled me down the bed, closer to it. In the process, it yanked my legs apart. It's hands then gripped around me, lifting my hips and my ass into the air. It pulled me against itself. My legs spread around it's wide thighs, it's ever-growing dick hovering over me.

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